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HIPAA Confidentiality Essay

… HIPAA and Confidentiality

HIPAA, Confidentiality, and HIV / AIDS Patients

The Health Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by Congress in 1996 to improve health-care access for Americans. While HIPAA contained provisions about health insurance and administrative simplification of those programs, it has become most widely known as a patient privacy bill. The Privacy Rule established in HIPAA gives the patient certain rights over his own health information and sets strict rules and limits on who has access to patient health information. These privacy concerns are especially important if a patient has a disease to which stigma is attached, such as HIV / AIDS. Despite almost two decades of intensive public-health efforts aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of HIV / AIDS and how…. [read more]

Privacy Issues in Mcdonald Essay

… This is particularly in cases where the information may be beneficial to privacy of employees, customers, franchisees or competitors ("Standards of Business Conduct," 2008). The other ethical consideration in maintaining confidentiality and data protection at McDonald's is the potential harm the information may cause to the company if publicly revealed. To avoid such harm, the company has adopted measures that help its employees to take precautions against the public disclosure of such information. These measures include sending confidential information through means that are secure and safe.

Legal Concerns at McDonald's Corporation:

One of the major legal concerns at McDonald's Corporation is the need to ensure that confidential information is secure and safe from others as stipulated in the Privacy Act. As a public agency, the…. [read more]

Legal or Ethical Health Issues of HIPAA Term Paper

… ¶ … Privacy Rule

HIPAA Ethical Health Issue


A number of federal initiatives were attempted to protect the privacy of confidential personal information in the past many decades (HIPAA Specialists, 2005). The House of Representatives formed a Special Subcommittee on Invasion of Privacy in 1965. The former Department of Health, Education and Welfare published "The Code of Fair Information Practice Principles" in 1973 to set up a base for information privacy in the U.S. The principles became the basis for the ensuing federal Privacy Act of 1974. These principles would regulate government use of personal information by limiting disclosure; allow users access information about themselves; require federal agencies to specify the purpose for collecting personal information; and impose civil and criminal penalties for…. [read more]

Privacy Laws Are a Big Research Paper

… Privacy laws are a big part of Business Administration in ensuring the business is in compliance with law and ensuring the privacy of sensitive information, both for customers and employees. Businesses have a legal obligation to protect sensitive information of their customers and employees[footnoteRef:1]. It is important to be aware of all areas of privacy law that pertain to the business operations as well as privacy laws that pertains to employees. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, the Red Flags Rule, the California Public Utilities Commission General Order 107-B, case law, Safe Harbor, Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, data breach laws, and for some businesses HIPAA and the Gramm-Leach Bailey Act are some privacy laws that affect businesses. [1:]

The Fair and Accurate…. [read more]

PHI Security and Privacy Essay

… The clients normally feel coerced when releasing their PHI consequently there should not be authorization on the client.

Code of conduct

The use of a code of conduct would be useful in implementing the management plans. It is important to create a code of conduct within which the involved subjects, associated with the hospital would have to comply with them. Any individual who go against any of the code of conduct would be subject to punishment by the administration. Any individual who goes to have association with the hospital must be aware of the code of conducts. This means that the management would make available the code of conducts to every individual who visit the hospital. Everyone having association with the hospital must have knowledge…. [read more]

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability Term Paper

… In a nutshell, the new Privacy rule has established national standards that must be adopted as of April 14, 2003 that set the following boundaries related to health information:

Patients are afforded more control over their health information, and must provide consent for medical information to be shared (HHS, 2003).

Establishes guidelines and boundaries for disseminating health records and private health information files in medical offices and employer offices (HHS, 2003)

Maintains that violators to the privacy rule will be prosecuted (HHS, 2003)

Gives patients and employees the right to examine their health records, "request corrections" and obtain copies of medical information when necessary (HHS, 2003)


The new HIPPA provisions were enacted to protect the rights of employees and other recipients of…. [read more]

Health Care Law Privacy and Confidentiality Research Paper

… Health Care Law, Privacy and Confidentiality

Imagine studying the Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) from the perspective of a consumer. How are various agencies accountable to this law? What are the rights of the individual? Are businesses obligated to it? One will discuss the various avenues in which health care privacy needs addressed through the benefits and setbacks of it.

A variety of businesses are required to obey HIPAA. These include "health plans, most healthcare providers and healthcare clearinghouses" (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). The insurance plans are those that are set forth by places, such as Coventry or Blue Cross and Blue Shield (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). Some of them are covered by the government, which…. [read more]

Portability vs. Privacy Electronic Medical Essay

… The security of medical records

Various groups opposing electronic medical records have expressed worries over EMR security and privacy because of the threat of phishing. Their arguments are based on the issue that increased online data availability makes electronic medical records more prone to phishing attacks. However, in light of this matter, industry practitioners have erected several measures to curb this (Thede, 2010). The most effective measure is data encryption. This technology safeguards electronic patients medical data while being transferred thus ensuring only the intended recipients view the records. In addition, health providers and hospitals have created firewalls across their computer networks. Firewalls refer to a strong line of defense placed in front of the medical records security. They are helpful in blocking unwarranted access…. [read more]

Employee Privacy Torts Issues Relating Research Paper

… If they are unable to lawfully withhold the information asked for, the act allows a complaint to be lodged in federal court since the right to access is enforceable.

The exemptions to this act are documents that are classified as secret because of national defense or foreign policy, documents related to internal personnel rules and practices, documents exempted by other statutes, trade secrets, confidential or privileged commercial or financial information, privileged inter and intra-agency memorandum, documents that would clearly lead to invasion of personal privacy, documents complied for law enforcement purposes, documents related to SEC regulated financial institutions and those which contain exempt information regarding gas and oil wells.

The act, however, does not apply to records held by the federal judiciary or the U.S.…. [read more]


… Unsecure storage facilities would lead to leakage of patient information and can result in identity theft. The personnel charged with handling of patient information should also be made aware of the HIPAA rules, and the penalties. The personnel should be trained, and not all patient records should be availed to each personnel.

The HIPAA law has increased the number of paper work a patient has to fill out before they can receive treatment. The patient has to read and sign to indicate agreement with the privacy policy of each health institution they visit. The privacy statement provides information regarding how the institution will store the data, who has access to the data, and when they can release this data. The statement also specifies how the…. [read more]

Security Privacy in Health Care Essay

… This is when they are becoming more involved in: understanding these challenges and are working with everyone to deal with them. In many ways, one could argue that a sense of complacency from staff members is what has allowed the underlying situation to become worse. To address these problems requires: increased vigilance and cooperation (which will establish an effective system of checks and balances to prevent these kinds of abuses). (Alguire, 2009, pp. 337- 343)

Code of Conduct

To deal with these issues, a code of conduct will be created that highlights the expected employee behavior when it comes to patient safety. This will help to prevent any kind of misunderstandings and ensure that everyone knows the policy at the facility. As a result, there…. [read more]

HIPAA and Diseases Essay

… Passed by Congress in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects the privacy, security, and confidentiality of patients in the American health care system. As Biel-Cunningham (2003) points out, "There are four parts to HIPAA: portability, transaction, privacy and security." Portability prevents preexisting conditions from being impediments to receiving coverage. Transaction refers to the Department of Health and Human Services method of managing data and processing claims and payments. Central to HIPAA are the privacy provisions that protect patient confidentiality. Issues like informed consent are addressed by HIPAA. As the United States Department of Labor (n.d.) points out, HIPAA "includes protections for coverage under group health plans that limit exclusions for preexisting conditions; prohibit discrimination against employees and dependents based on their…. [read more]

HIPAA and the Medical Profession the 104th Term Paper

… HIPAA and the Medical Profession

The 104th Congress of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or HIPAA to improve the Medicare program under the Social Security Act, which was the Medicaid program, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the health care system (Public Law [HIDDEN] ). The setting up of standards and other requirements for the electronic transmission of health information was the perceived means in attaining these objectives. The Act amended the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 in aiming to improve portability and continuity of health insurance coverage for group and individual markets, control waste, fraud and abuse encountered in the delivery of health insurance and health care, encourage the use of…. [read more]

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Record Essay

… This process of differentiating the marketing of this product and its usefulness to both the physician and the patient is essential given the ever-rising friction that exists between many physicians and Big Pharma reps.

It may be the case that a single application will not prove to be sufficient to cover all of the possibilities that physicians will come up against. The software designers do not believe that this will be the case; however, if it becomes necessary for different versions to be proposed, a close connection between physicians and the company will facilitate this process.

Conversion Effectiveness and Valuation Methodology

Despite potential problems that may be encountered by physicians, company officials and software designers are confident that the application will be welcomed by members…. [read more]

High Insurance Portability Health Term Paper

… While the HIPAA rule states that the patient's health information must not be used and disclosed without consent, it does not enable individuals to prohibit transmission of their PHI for such purposes. In addition, some have noted that the Privacy Rule allows parties who obtain authorizations for release of information from patients to obtain limitless amounts of data rather than restricting the contents of disclosures to information that is actually needed by such parties because it is business-related. Thus if an employer requires applicants to sign authorizations for release of all their medical records, the employer can gain access to intimate details about candidates that will have no impact on job performance (Buckovich, 2000)

Impact of HIPPA on Healthcare

The proposed regulations recognize that not…. [read more]

Health Care Ethics Confidentiality in Healthcare Essay

… Patient Privacy

The Ethical Dilemma of Patient Privacy Rights

The idea of physician-patient privilege has historically been associated with the mental health profession. It is here that consultation is said to be legally protected by a condition which demands confidentiality. Information passed to the counselor both verbally and medically are to be used only for the purposes of treatment and held in confidence by the physician. This is also a concept which has come to apply with increasing importance to the area general healthcare. Patient privacy is today considered a core right of patients in hospital, clinic or private care settings. But it was really only as recent as the last decade that this was given an overarching legal standard in the form a federal…. [read more]

Patient Confidentiality Case Study

… Patient Confidentiality

To determine whether or not a physician displaying graphic photos of a patient who attempted suicide is a breach of that patient's confidentiality, one has to examine the particular circumstances surrounding the display of the photos. First, it is important to examine the context. As described, the scenario is a physician showing a group of approximately 15 people graphic photos of a patient. There is absolutely nothing in the scenario to suggest that the physician is showing these pictures in the context of getting help for the patient; they are not being used to diagnose her condition, to elicit information about treatment, or even being shared with the police as part of a police investigation into a violent incident. Instead, it appears that…. [read more]

Employee Recruitment When Setting Up Essay

… The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was designed to protect the confidentiality and privacy of medical records of patients as well as other information. The law has impacted records management by providing the patients with the access of their medical records along with the significant control on how their personal health data has been disclosed. HIPAA is effective in discrimination prevention among the people who are living with HIV / AIDS by preventing other people from knowing their HIV status.

Legal, ethical, and diversity issues affecting recruitment and selection.

Making a diverse or ethical personal recruitment and selection requires a careful analysis of relevant data to enable decision making to be drawn wisely which tries to balance both the short as…. [read more]

Nursing Research HIPAA Proposal Patient Essay

… Protection extends to personally controlled electronic health data, contractors that work on behalf of health care providers and health plans and health care clearinghouses. The Act requires that individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or physically transported outside a health care unit, it requires encrypted or rendered scrambled unauthorized individuals. There are extra penalties for violations on the sale of individual patient information or its unauthorized use for marketing/fund raising and the Act strengthens enforcement and oversight (Manchikanti & Hirsch, 2009, 299).

A HIPAA violation is everyone's nightmare. Institutional reaction to and punishment of the principles involved is critical. Under HIPAA, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has discretion in determining the amount of the penalty based on the…. [read more]

Patient Privacy, Confidentiality Hippa Essay

… Simply not using patients' names online is not enough. Any other identifying details can also run the risk of violating patient-privacy laws, as well as the ethical guidelines of the American Medical Association (AMA). "Even without applying ethical standards, courts generally allow a cause of action for a breach of confidentiality against a treating physician who divulges confidential medical information without proper authorization from the patient" (Patient confidentiality, 2011, AMA). While laws vary from state to state, in general only patients in specific classified categories (such as the mentally incompetent, old, or young) can have intermediaries agree to release their information. The situations discovered online on Twitter and Facebook by the Journal of the American Medical Association's study do not comply with such standards. Additionally,…. [read more]

Health Care Organizations Are Guided in Their Essay

… Health care organizations are guided in their quest to make all of the health care information by the Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The Privacy Rule sets national standards for the security of electronic protected health information (, 2012). These standards provide the baseline, but there are other methods by which health care providers can maintain patient privacy.

The information systems themselves are essential to ensuring patient privacy. For example, if there are multiple systems handling data, there is greater risk of some sort of information leak, but there the leak might only contain a few piece of information. When all of the information is encompassed in a single system, the risk of leak would be reduced…. [read more]

Patients Privacy Term Paper

… Patient Privacy

Protecting Patient Privacy in an Electronic World

From both a moral and a legal perspective, patients receiving medical treatment have a basic right to have their privacy protected. Information such as diagnoses, test results, and other such information is considered confidential. Certain information is provided to other organizations for the purpose of statistical analysis regarding public health issues. However, serving both the needs of the public health organization, while still adhering to privacy protocols can be difficult. They employ many different types of protocols in order to achieve this end. This research will explore various methods for maintaining patient privacy, yet preserving the integrity of the data so that it can be used for research purposes. The purpose of this paper is to…. [read more]

HIPAA Giving Employees the Freedom to Gain Thesis

… ¶ … HIPAA

Giving employees the freedom to gain control over their medical records regardless of their employer is one of the greatest benefits of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) (Kibbe, 2005). The HIPAA Act, which formally went into effect in Aril 21, 2005 and concentrates on defining standards for administrative, technical and physical security procedures (Miller, 2006). The HIPAA Act required healthcare organizations to fundamentally re-order and re-define the processes they used for capturing, analyzing, recording and archiving healthcare records. The strategies healthcare organizations are relying on are not incremental, yet more strategic in focus, creating Enterprise Content Management (ECM) frameworks (Secor, Laplante, 2006). These ECM Frameworks are giving healthcare organizations more flexibility to serve patients yet also significantly…. [read more]

Patient Privacy and Security of Information Research Paper

… Patient Privacy and Security Information

Over the last several decades, the way health care information is stored and retrieved has become an issue of heated debate. Part of the reason for this is changes that are occurring in the way health care services are provided. Where, there is greater accountability and more follow up from a variety of stakeholders to include: medical providers, insurance companies, consumers and regulators. The reason why is because many of these different stakeholders (especially insurance companies and regulators) want to ensure that the services are: cost effective and accurate. This is in response to changes in various health care laws over the years and the need to verify, the services provided to the patient. The problem is that the information…. [read more]

HIPAA Privacy and Confidentiality Thesis

… ¶ … Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has transformed several aspects of the health care profession. From an institutional perspective, the code creates the risk that employees will fail to adhere to the standards set in the act. If this occurs, the institution is subject to sanction from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). As such, institutions must ensure that all of their employees are aware of and follow the guidelines set up under HIPAA. However, these guidelines do not cover every specific situation. While in most situations the accurate response or course of action is clear, there will be numerous instances where the nurse is faced with an ethical dilemma. Under such circumstances, professional judgment can be used to "fill in the…. [read more]

HIPAA Effects on Radiology Practice Term Paper

… Health Insurance Portability and accountability Act (HIPPA) Effects on Radiology Practice

The paper provides an understanding of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and its concerns/effects on Radiology practice. The paper starts with providing background information on the HIPAA. Next the paper moves on to discuss about the objectives and important elements of the Act. After discussing about the objectives and elements of the Act, the paper discusses about the issues associated with the application of HIPAA by the radiologists in their careers. The paper goes on to discuss about the radiologists efforts in their responsibility to safeguard patient privacy and the safety of patient information and make this information known to their patients. The paper then discusses about the…. [read more]

HITECH Act: HIPAA Confidentiality Violations Research Paper

… , 2011).


All working within the healthcare profession have a responsibility to respect the information they collect and more importantly, the protected health information. Previously, under the HIPAA, the real owners of this information, the patients, didn’t have a right over the same, but the HITECH Act recognized this anomaly and rectified it by granting patients the right to request for restriction and/or access of protected health information. It is the responsibility of healthcare professional and cover entities to ensure these rights are granted. Failure to attracts political repercussions for state attorneys general and penalties and fees.


  1. Burde, J.D.H. (2011). THE HITECH ACT: An Overview. Virtual Mentor, 13(3):172-175.

  2. Cerrato, P. (2016). Protecting Patient Information: A Decision-maker's Guide to…. [read more]

Enterprise Security Plan Proposal Research Proposal

… Enterprise Security Plan Proposal

The objective of this study is to develop an enterprise security plan proposal which covers the ten domains of Information Security Common Body of Knowledge and includes the elements of widely accepted categories of information security; information security and the principles of success; planning procedures towards those goals, security policy and standards taxonomy; and policies complying with HIPAA Security Rule Standards as well as other policies relevant to information security and privacy currently defined by local, state or other regulatory bodies.

Information Security traditionally meant protect of corporate specific information such as trade secrets and other company-specific information. However, in today's business environment data protection means much more as medical service and health care providers store huge amounts of patient data…. [read more]

Knowledge Concerning Ethical Issues Involved in Counseling Research Paper

… ¶ … knowledge concerning ethical issues involved in counseling teenagers with alcoholism, including informed consent contents in psychotherapeutic settings, dual relationships and psychological testing considerations in personnel selection in organizational settings. In addition, the paper examines the rules governing sexual intimacy with clients and former clients as well as the value of personal psychotherapy as a requirement of a graduate training program. A discussion concerning deception in research is followed by an analysis of special concerns and particular benefits of an outpatient setting. Finally, a description of the relevant minimum HIPAA requirements is followed by a discussion concerning how psychologists become involved with fraudulent practices and an evaluation of professional responsibilities. A summary of the research and important findings are provided in the conclusion.

Ethical…. [read more]

Breach Notification the Confidentiality White Paper

… HIPAA Rule

In HIPAA rule, is therefore enacted by the government to regulate how health professionals handle information regarding the privacy of patients. The rule brought in away that victims can report any abuse, neglect or domestic violence to the relevant authority and that kind of information still remains trusted with them. It however creates a protocol in which patients can report any abuse of privacy by the healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, since September 23, 2009 when the Breach Notification became effective, it is difficult to access data of any patients or any individual without his/her consent. Even the authority is required to seek authorized acquisition, access, use or disclosure of such information from the court of law. This to emphasize that breach" being the acquisition,…. [read more]

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