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Hispanic Women Leadership for the New Millennium Term Paper

… Hispanic Women Leadership for the New Millennium

Hispanic-American women have struggled for centuries to get their respect and acknowledgment. Hispanic women have been at their helm, whether it is in the home, workplace or in the society. (Observation focuses on women leaders) in the struggle for restoration of social, political and economic righteousness, the women of Mexican Revolution with the rifles on their shoulders, commonly known as Adelitas, were equally devoted to the cause of the revolution and were jeopardizing their lives at the war front equally with their men. Presently, the same fortitude of Adelita remains to exist on the eve of the Hispanic women's struggle for equality and their status in the society. While the Hispanic community emerges to attain success in the…. [read more]

Data Collection Tool Aggregate Objective Essay

… The United States and United Kingdom have high teenage pregnancy rate compared to other countries, and the outcome of the early pregnancy among the teenage is adverse health effect and social outcomes. Typically, the UK teenage pregnancy is the highest in Europe, and social disadvantages associated with early parenthood and pregnancy includes poverty, unemployment, and discrimination. However, teenage pregnancy is distributed unequally based on the socio-demographic characteristics.

The authors use the statistical meta-analysis for the quantitative data collection tool. The authors also undertake the themal-synthesis of qualitative studies that provides investigation of early childhood of young people in the United Kingdom. The authors collect data from 12 electronic bibliographic database reference lists from qualified journals, and five key journals. The five qualitative studies are part…. [read more]

Hispanic Aggregate Term Paper

… Community Advocacy

One major challenge medical professionals today are facing is the growing incidence of kidney disease, not only in the general population, but especially among Hispanics. This population is one of the fastest-growing racial groups in the country. This group is also twice as likely to develop kidney failure as other racial groups. For a community nurse, this is of particular concern, especially in terms of strategies to help this population prevent the prevalence of kidney failure and its causes.

The disease among this population is of particular interest, since the researcher has worked in this area for a considerable period of time. During the initial stages of the project, in-depth research must therefore be conducted in order to determine the exact nature and…. [read more]

Perinatal HIV Transmission Aggregate Population Essay

… Maternal drug and alcohol abuse also has a negative impact on neonatal immune health (Wang and Ho, 2011, p. 976). Neonatal macrophages were found to be more susceptible to HIV infection than maternal macrophages, and this susceptibility is enhanced when the cells were exposed to opiates. Fetal immunity has also been shown to be compromised when the pregnant mother abuses alcohol.

The mode of maternal-fetal transmission is not well understood, but in light of the evidence showing maternal viral load has a dosage effect on transmission susceptibility, the placenta probably plays a major role (Wang and Ho, 2011, p. 976). Studies examining the impact of maternal alcohol consumption on placenta function have shown a number of negative effects, including a smaller placenta size, impaired blood…. [read more]

Renal Failure Essay

… One important preventative measure could be education. According to DaVita Healthcare (2014), diabetes creates a high risk factor for developing renal conditions. Since diabetes has been on the increase among Hispanics, it is important to educate this population regarding the link between the two conditions. Especially in persons over 50 years of age, diabetes pose a significant risk and is found to be the number one cause of chronic kidney diseases among the Hispanic population. On the other hand, only one out of three among this population know that they have diabetes, which makes education and testing for each person highly important (DaVita Healthcare, 2014).

As discussed, a major factor in the prevalence of the disease among the Hispanic population is unequitable access to healthcare.…. [read more]

Data Collection Tool Part Four Essay

… Q10. What are the health care concerns of the Hispanic immigrant gay men community?

Because of the homophobia that is still rampant in the Hispanic community, many Hispanic men are still reluctant to talk about health concerns pertaining to HIV and AIDS. There are also basic health concerns that affect the Hispanic gay community that affect all immigrants, such as an inability to obtain health insurance and a lack of basic, preventative care.

Healthy People 2020 Goals

Q11. Goal: "Prevent human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and its related illness and death." What needs to be done?

Greater education amongst the Hispanic gay community is required regarding the fact that AIDS is still a real and viable threat. Although the development of antiviral drugs has been…. [read more]

Role of Nurses in Dealing Essay

… However, it can be seen that attitudes are slowly but surely changing, as people have started to look at the HIV / AIDS infected as members of the community and not a disease.

Often, HIV / AIDS combines with other STDs and diseases like tuberculosis (primarily in homeless males) which exacerbates the condition of the person infected with HIV / AIDS and will continue to do so unless the 'cure' is administered and the patient is removed from the environment that helped foster conditions leading to the infection.

In order to tackle the growing problem of HIV / AIDS, the White House initiated the National AIDS Strategy (NAS) in July 2010 with three basic necessary goals of lowering infection rates, allowing increased access to care…. [read more]

Nursing Community Assessment Research Paper

… 5 and 0.9% respectively. However, the rate of Campylobacteriosis and Girdyasis is higher as comparatively. The region also found high number of cases of Chlamydia and Lead Poisoning in past years.

78% of the people in Astoria between the ages of 18 to 64 have health insurance and access to primary care provider. However the rest of the 42% are uninsured. This high percentage of uninsured residents of Astoria cannot access the primary care provider usually because of the reason that they were not born in northwest Queens. This is one of the major causes of death in Astoria. Moreover, every fifth person does not evaluate its health appropriately. They consider themselves healthy even if they are suffering from health problems.

Though, the death rate…. [read more]

Data Collection Tool Essay

… What government programs are currently in place to assist with the education and treatment of HIV / AIDS patients in the Glades and what improvement is needed?

4. Have you ever been tested for HIV?

(According to Healthy People 2020, HIV is a preventable disease. Effective HIV prevention interventions have been proven to reduce HIV transmission. People who get tested for HIV and learn that they are infected can make significant behavior changes to improve their health and reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to their sex or drug-using partners. More than 50% of new HIV infections (Marks et al., 2006) occur as a result of the 21% of people who have HIV but do not know it.)

3. Have you and/or your partner enrolled…. [read more]

American Democracy Voter Turnout Essay

… It was observed that the involvement of African-Americans in the elections started few years back and its affects started increasing year by year. In the year 1996, the registered white voters were around fifty-nine, black were around fifty-three, Hispanic were forty-four and Asians were forty-three. The lowest registration was only of the Asians.

Several surveys were conducted and it the results came out that the voters prefer those candidates who are similar to them in demographic terms. Besides this, some people often do not prefer to register in the voting process if he candidates are not similar to them demographically. This factor influenced the voter turnout of the 1996 elections in the United States (Janda, Berry, Goldman, & Hula, 2012).

Voter Turnout in the Presidential…. [read more]

Physical Activity in Contemporary Society Term Paper

… Physical Activity in Contemporary Society

In the cartoon "The Answer to Youth Obesity," the artist makes an obvious statement regarding the nature of one America's biggest problems. He portrays an extremely overweight child sitting at his kitchen table with his skinny mother. He has a distressed look on his face signaling his annoyance at the healthy foods which sit in front of him. His mother is attempting to soothe his distress by explaining that "so you'll make a smaller target at school." This represents the idea of curbing unhealthy ways of raising our children, not for their health, but for social acceptance. It is an ugly truth that obese youth have to deal with being ostracized by their peers.

The problem of youth obesity can…. [read more]

Justice Implications of a Social Policy Research Proposal

… Healthcare Propsal: Are Immigrants Left Behind?

The Healthcare Proposal: History and Background

One of the platforms upon which Illinois Democratic Senator Barak Obama campaigned for election in the 2008 presidential race was healthcare reform. Obama promised Americans that if he were elected president, all Americans would have access to affordable healthcare. After he was successfully elected president by an overwhelming voter turnout and margin, Obama reiterated his promise in numerous town-hall meetings around the country to provide all Americans health coverage. Contrary to his campaign trail speeches and promises about healthcare, Obama and his supporters of a national healthcare plan were assailed with questions, and they came face-to-face with angry Americans who were suspicious of Obama's plan and who held that, like the financial bailouts,…. [read more]

Coca Cola Company Overview Coca-Cola Enterprises Business Plan

… ¶ … Coca Cola

Company Overview

Coca-Cola Enterprises is a multinational company with headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Coca Cola produces non-alcoholic beverages and operates in several countries such as Great Britain, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Coca Cola markets world top 5 soft drinks brands and produces more than 500 beverages brands. Among the top Coca Cola, brands include Fanta, Fanta Verdia, Krest, Calypso, Schweppes, and Coke. Despite the company international operations, 72% of its operating profits are generated from the United States. Outside the United States, Coca Cola maintains ownership interests with many canning and bottling companies. (Lagos, & Smith 2001). Employed nearly 139,600 people, Coca-Cola recorded revenues of $46 billions in the 2011 fiscal year with quarterly revenue growth of…. [read more]

Role of Diet in Weight Gain of Severely Mentally Ill Term Paper

… Role of Diet in Weight Gain of Severely Mentally Ill


This work intends to relate that all the problems of comorbidity and resulting morbidity and mortality of SMI may be problems, which are "combined to the one metabolic syndrome. (Kato, Currier, Gomez, Hall, & Gonzalez-Blanco, 2004; Toalson, Ahmed, Hardy, & Kabinoff, 2004) One of the causes is antipsychotic treatment (Ascher-Svanum, Stensland, Zhao, & Kinon, 2005; Chue & Cheung, 2004; Tirupati & Ling-Ern, 2007) Another cause is poor diet (Brown, Birtwistle, Roe, & Thompson, 1999) the problem. In order to help these SMI individuals that long-term educational program about dieting with clients with SMI and their families involvement. Nurses and dietitians will play the main…. [read more]

Community Nursing Virginia Whooping Cough Term Paper

… 6% of people are either Hispanic or have Latino origin. In addition, 93% of the people speak English and 3% speak Spanish in Richmond 38% of people married.

The population is about 1.3 million, and it has a growing international community, which adds to the areas cultural diversity and its cosmopolitan character. 49% of the population is males while 51% represents the female, and 54% of people are the working class aged 25-64. In addition, the education attainment includes 80.6% of people with high school or higher graduates, 20.8% for some college, and 32.0% with some Bachelor's Degree or higher. The greater Richmond adds to the Richmond's MSA's population of 74% with the population rate being slightly higher, than that of Richmond's MSA growth rate.…. [read more]

Generation X Book Report

… Strategic Marketing Strategy for Whites: Identifying the Most Profitable White Generation X and the Most Profitable Consumer Product for These Consumers

Demographic Profile of the Most Profitable White Generation X

White Americans make up the largest segment of Generation X by far, with an absolute population of over 37 million consumer units (92.5 million individuals, approximately), which comprised 86% of the U.S. population in our age group 25-44 in 2008 and 70.6% of overall employment in 2009. With an annual average income of $63,916, we see a purchasing power for this sample of some $2.365 trillion dollars for 2008. If this seems like a vast amount, considering this group comprises 85% of the population in question, that population is in the prime of its work…. [read more]

Adults With Learning Disabilities Term Paper

… 58). Many people with LD have succeeded in the workplace, often as entrepreneurs, and recent legislation is intended to ease the process of disclosing a disability and obtaining on-the-job accommodations (Brown and Gerber 1994). Adults with LD are employed at the same rate as those with out disabilities, but many are underemployed in part-time, entry-level, minimum-wage jobs (Blackorby and Wagner

1997). Like other workers, people with LD must cope with workplace changes such as teamwork, productivity and skill demands, and technological advances (Brown and Gerber 1994).

In some of the literature (Kerka, 2002)3, on-the-job problems are framed in terms of individual deficits: persons with LD are said to encounter difficulties in establishing routines and processing information correctly (Ohler, Levinson, and Barker 1996); often exhibit low…. [read more]

Importance of Affirmative Action Term Paper

… Validity of Data

America considers herself the land of the free, home of the brave, and while the second component to this maxim is rarely challenged, the first has come under fire throughout all of the nation's history, particularly in the last 40 years.

After all, America is a nation of stark contrasts: On one hand, it is truly the only nation in the world in which a minority can literally immigrate one day, and be well on the way to a successful career and job the next, without the shackles of prejudice and discrimination.

However, this experience is not shared by all immigrants, and it is certainly not shared by the largest indigenous minority in the United States: African-Americans. Together with Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans represent…. [read more]

Family Home Ownership This Report Uses Term Paper

… ¶ … Family Home Ownership

This report uses both primary and secondary source material to investigate and present various aspects of single family home ownership in the United States. Single family home ownership can be considered one element of many that comprise the United States Gross Domestic Product. The Gross Domestic Product is a tool used to track statistics and affects on domestic economic trends, governmental policy and fiscal changes.

The effects of single family home ownership on America in an economic sense has dramatically changed in recent economic boom periods which occurred during the years of 1996 through 2000 and then economic downturn periods between the years of 2000 and 2004. These thirty-six quarters in our nation's history have provided us with a combination…. [read more]

Corrections Gius, Mark. ) Term Paper

… Under option four, the regional facility manages both pretrial and convicted inmates, however only portions of the participating jurisdictions continue to operate their own facilities. Under option five, local facility accepts referrals from other participating jurisdictions, including the state, for specified inmate types. Under option six, a single jurisdiction accepts pretrial and/or sentenced inmates on a set fee-for-service basis. Under option seven, total consolidation of city-county jurisdiction inmates, resources and governance.

The author notes that there is no one right answer, nor is there a quick and easy way to make the decision, and that success lies in careful consideration of a number of complex issues, and hinge on a number of factors, as leaders develop innovative and strategic collaborations that bring benefits to both…. [read more]

Fargo Diversity Within and Outside Research Paper

… Likewise credit is distributed intentionally across population and industry classes in the attempt to diversify risk. Since past credit delinquency is a major indicator underlying both FICO and Wells' eligibility criteria (Annual Report 136), if FICO ratings lower than 600 and the Wells appraisal indicate risk too high for retail lenders, or conversely if retail lenders would have to charge rates prohibited by law or too high for borrowers to pay in order to justify lending, the result is that the borrower is prevented from obtaining credit by their own historical payment performance and not by demographics of race, ethnicity, sex or age. While these social determinants may demonstrably affect past payment performance, delinquency could occur even at high wealth. Ultimately the bank does not…. [read more]

Increase in Incarceration Rates From 1980 Until Today Term Paper

… ¶ … Incarceration Rates From 1980 Until Today

There has been a relatively dramatic increase in the rate and levels of incarceration in the United States in recent years. According to the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics for 2005,

During the year that ended last June 30, the nation's prison and jail population grew 2.6%, reaching 2,186,230 inmates behind bars, the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced today. Two thirds were in state or federal prisons (1,438,701) and the other third (747,529) were in local jails. (NATION'S PRISON and JAIL POPULATION GREW 2.6% DURING 12 MONTHS THAT ENDED JUNE 30, 2005)

This incarceration rate amounts to an increase of 56,428 prison and jail inmates in a twelve-month period and…. [read more]

Immigrants Affect the Economy Term Paper

… Digest of education statistics. U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC: NCES.

National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) (1994). The condition of education: 1994. U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC: NCES.

Following a cohort over time is one way of asking about the progress of groups. By plotting the progress of three foreign-born Hispanic age cohorts who entered the United States by 1980 and three native born Hispanic age groups, it is possible to evaluate the extent to which particular groups are making progress over time. The evaluation compares the proportion of the 20-29 age group who were middle class in 1980 with the proportion of those who were middle class when they were 30-39, 10 years later. Similarly, it can show how many of the…. [read more]

High School Sports Impact on Student Academics Thesis

… But the NCAA reserves the right to overrule principals' decisions. The NCAA's modest response followed meetings with national education groups, including AASA. The Minnesota Association of School Administrators has submitted to AASA for consideration a resolution that states it is not the NCAA's role to dictate course content to high schools.

The U.S. Department of Justice also has challenged the NCAA for automatically rejecting courses involving special education services. Some students who had attained acceptable college entrance test scores despite their disability were not allowed to participate as freshmen because they had taken high school courses involving special education assistance. The NCAA argued in several court cases that it does not have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. After months of…. [read more]

Arrest Rates Against Race Literature Review Chapter

… However, the probability model will solely focus on the disparities among the whites, Hispanics and black arrest rates, assuming any possible bias within the judicial systems. This model will estimate the frequency differences in criminal activities between the whites and blacks. As well, it will take control for the correlated factors and frequencies of crime commitments against race. Under this estimation, if the correlation between the ratio of whites and blacks to the whites' arrests is greater than one, then that will elicit the evidence of racial bias within the policing methods.

As stated by Shah and Pease (1992), there exists a problem in studying the arrest data- overcoming the potential reporting bias against crimes. Several research results reveal that the whites report crimes more…. [read more]

African-American Incarceration African-American Race Research Paper

… Strongest evidence for racially differential treatment is found for some offenses and in some jurisdictions rather than at the aggregate level. African-Americans are at especially high risk of incarceration, given their arrest rates, for drug crimes and burglary. States with large white populations also tend to incarcerate blacks at a high rate, controlling for race-specific arrest rates and demographic variables. A large residual racial disparity in imprisonment thus appears due to the differential treatment of African-Americans by police and the courts (Pettit & Western, 2004).

The Effect on Black Communities (from Roberts 2004)

Measuring harms at the community level is more complex than aggregating prison's collateral consequences for individual inmates. Community harms affect more than the total number of residents who have been incarcerated. Indeed,…. [read more]

Seatbelt Laws: Matter of Choice Term Paper

… The risk to black children ages five to 12 dying in a crash are almost three times as great as that of white children." The same study also revealed that Hispanic children aged 12 and under is twice as likely to die in a car crash than that of other children of the same age group.

Familial Influences.

Children whose parents do not use seat belts are at a great risk. Children risk loosing their parents in a fatal car crash since it has been proven that if seat belts are not used one has a higher chance of dying in a collision. Further, children whose parents do not buckle up themselves are less likely to use restraints for their children. Ergo, children who are…. [read more]

Co-Occurrence of Substance Use-Behaviors Essay

… Essentially, the issue becomes not one of ethnicity, but one of socio-economic status, education levels, skilled or unskilled labor, and the like. Further, the samples include reference to African-Americans, not blacks, and whites, but not Caucasians. The lack of consistent categories is unsettling and results in inaccuracies (not all blacks are African-Americans, for example) and assumptions. Further, there does not appear to be a categorical analysis for Asians or Pacific-Islanders. This is a significant omission -- one that is no doubt difficulty to remedy in longitudinal studies.

Ethnic and racial status influence the decision made about youth at every step of the juvenile court process. Juvenile offenders who have several arrests are more likely to be involved in violent crimes and property crimes. This research…. [read more]

Organizational Culture This Chapter Presents a Recapitulation Research Proposal

… Organizational Culture

This chapter presents a recapitulation of the MLQ instrument's questions together with an analysis of the corresponding responses received. As previously stated in the earlier chapters, the purpose of this study was to examine the opinions, attitudes, and perceptions to develop a leadership-management culture model to which can be adapted as standard operating procedure in the organization with multi-cultural attributes the findings in this chapter are based on data analyses related to the following questions that were adapted using the well tested MLQ instrument; to guide and frame the research process in this study.

A cross-sectional survey was the main source used to collect data. This survey instrument was mailed to all supervisors/administrators and subordinate cafeteria manager/workers. One hundred twenty-nine surveys were distributed…. [read more]

Social Problems 8489 Three Essay

… Social Problems 8489

Three Problems in the United States of America which are derived from Population Growth

Whenever there is a discussion regarding population issues, a majority of people talk about Africa and Asia. However, it is necessary to understand that the United States of America is also challenged with this significant problem of negative population growth. According to the observers, population growth in USA is not only damaging the planet and causing resources' depletion but the Americans (more or less 275 million in number) are creating a massive impact on environment as compared to the Chinese or Indians who have crossed the bar of billion. If truth be told, despite the fact that America is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world;…. [read more]

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