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Free Are American Media Events Essay

… More often than not, these pressure groups and civil society activists have accused the American media of broadcasting information in order to achieve and support coveted goals and that too with support of sensitive and coveted agencies (Entman, Robert & Kimberly, 20). In general, such notions about the American media are perceived on grounds of the past trends in their reporting practices. Channels such as Fox, CNN and NBC have been frequently accused of working in liaison with the American Intelligence agencies and reporting in biased ways.

The 9/11 tragedy and the American media

In the contemporary history, the infamous 9/11 tragedy and the way it was reported around the world, emerged as an important case study of how information is relayed and controlled to…. [read more]

Historical Fiction Term Paper

… ¶ … Fic

Historical Fiction and U.S. Slavery

The unit described herein will focus on the issue of slavery in the United States while also exploring the role that historical fiction can play in developing critical thinking, forming connections between people, ideas, and other times/cultures, and even in better understanding the modern world through an understanding of past technologies, capabilities, and limitations. Multiple technologies will be used throughout the unit to aide in the exploration of a specific text from multiple perspectives, identifying ways in which this text relates and ties to the lives of the fifth-grade students immersed in, and allow learners to make more immediate and direct connections between the text and the experiences embedded in it and their own life experience. Comparisons…. [read more]

Timeline Historical Development of Nursing Term Paper

… 1968: Dorothy Johnson's theory of nursing developed. "Dorothy Johnson's theory of nursing 1968 focuses on how the client adapts to illness and how actual or potential stress can affect the ability to adapt. The goal of nursing is to reduce stress so that the client can move more easily through recovery" (Development of nursing theories, 2012, Nursing Theories). Johnson's theory was a milestone in terms of the way it acknowledged the psychological state of the client could have an impact upon the patient's health to the same degree as his or her physical state. In Johnson's system, a "human being" is seen as "having two major systems, the biological system and the behavioral system. It is role of the medicine to focus on biological system…. [read more]

Nursing Science the Historical Development Essay

… " The authors further note that as a discipline, other commentators view the same from two major dimensions; that is, as a science and as a profession. In a way, nursing practice actualizes the reciprocal relationship between the nursing profession and nursing science (Andrist, Nicholas and Wolf, 2006).

As Omery, Christine and Gayle (1995) note, nursing literature has in the past half century been littered with the search for the professional identity of nursing. This is indeed what has largely informed the development of research in nursing as well as nursing science as far as doctoral and masters programs are concerned. Hence on this front, the professionalization of nursing has furthered the agenda for nursing science.

One could also state that as far as the…. [read more]

Historical Criticism of Man's Fate Term Paper

… Man's Fate

Historical criticism: Man's Fate

In La Condition humaine (Man's Fate), Malraux discusses an important political episode in 1927 Shanghai. This was the time of Chinese revolution which was instigated by the communists and actively opposed by the nationalist forces of General Tchang-Kai-Shek. Originally published as a report, the book was based on facts but was still largely a work of fiction. George Manue, a friend of Malraux's, supplied the much-needed material for the book in the form of newspaper clippings. He was a reporter covering the communist uprising and helped Malraux write this book which covered a great deal more than the episode itself. "La Condition Humaine (1933) [was] assumed to be a faithful rendering of the spirit of the Chinese Revolution, in…. [read more]

Criminological Event Racism Term Paper

… Black children are over nine times more likely to have a parent in prison than whites, and three times more likely to live in single-parent families, and the high number of these is one of the major reasons about half of them live in poverty (Ihewulezi, p. 43). Of the minority women in prison, over 80% are mothers, and their children often end up in foster care. Less than half of black single mothers receive child support "due to unemployment or the incarceration of the father of their children," and this also means that a shortage of marriageable black males exists (Ihewulezi, p. 44). All of these factors together lead to higher levels of poverty among blacks, and a higher likelihood of being racially profiled…. [read more]

Historical Accuracy of the Film Valkyrie Starring Tom Cruise Research Paper

… Valkyrie


The 2008 film Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise is a Hollywood version of actual historical events. As with any Hollywood rendition of a true story, the screenwriters and filmmakers feel they must extrapolate from and embellish actual historical fact to make for a compelling on-screen narrative. Even with a story as remarkable as that of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, filmmakers like Bryan Singer are not producing a documentary but a drama. Therefore, the central questions in this investigative research report are as follows: To what degree does Bryan Singer's 2008 film conform to historical fact? How accurate is the film in conveying not just the events of the foiled plot to assassinate Hitler but also the character of Claus von Stauffenberg? What elements did…. [read more]

Higher Education in U.S. Historical Essay

… During the University age, almost all higher education institutions benefited from a surge in attraction to benefactors and prospective students. The university ideal took roots and flourished during this time, but the historic colleges of undergraduate also enjoyed support, popularity and growth. Also, as a result of unprecedented period of industrial and commercial expansion, a new era of philanthropy necessitated the establishment of well endowed colleges and universities (Goldin & Katz, 2008).

Creation of the AAU (Association of American Universities) which included Yale, Colombia, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago Universities, Catholic University, Clerk, Cornell, John Hopkins, Princeton, California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan university. Other young Midwest state Universities and private Universities such as North Western, Brown, Vanderbilt and Massachusetts Institute of Technology gained acceptance into AAU (Mestenhauser,…. [read more]

Historical Progression of African Americans Thesis

… Progress of African-Americans

Historical Progress of African-Americans

"Progress of African-Americans…"

"Progress of African-Americans Through Time"

The historical progress of African-Americans has been peppered with both successes and obstacles. Yet, as we have seen through the development of this course, broken down in units thusly, Unit I 1865-1876, Unit II 1877-1920, Unit III, 1921-1945, Unit IV 1946-1976 and Unit V 1976-Present there are consistent themes of progress political, economic, social/cultural and literary in each of these periods that have brought the culture to where it is today. This work will address one of these themes in each of the units of time and discuss ways in which each led into the other in a system of progress.

Unit I 1865-1876

During the period between the close…. [read more]

Europe After World War II Essay

… The Commission was believed to be in a unique position to manipulate both domestic and international pressures on national governments to advance the process of European integration, even where governments might be reluctant. This contrasted with realist explanations of IR, which focused exclusively on the international role of states. Neo-functionalists used the concept of spillover to explain how, once national governments took the initial steps towards integration, the process took on a life of its own and swept governments along further than they anticipated going.

This statistical analysis taken from ( shows the "Fixed Investment and GDP Growth" on a 5-year moving average. Results show that China and India has been far better than Europe and U.s, in improving their GDP growth. Basically Europe has…. [read more]

Historical Context of 1984 Research Paper

… 1984 is one of the most visionary, compelling novels of the 20th Century. It still holds tremendous influence today among a broad swath of the liberally educated. 1984 resonates with fiction writers, politicians, and journalists alike. Fiction writers are drawn to its visceral, compelling image of a dystopian future, politicians to its various political messages, and journalists to its focus on the state's control of information.

The least visible fanbase for 1984, however, are historians. A discussion of history is often included in evaluations of the novel, especially by journalists and politicians. However, 1984 deserves an evaluation focused primarily on its historical context. Thesis: 1984, inspired by Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, illustrates the most disturbing political trends of its time, the forces that dominate…. [read more]

Historical Detection Research Proposal

… ¶ … Detection

Historical methods: After the Fact

One of the most perplexing questions that still divide historians and social theorists alike is why the community of Salem, Massachusetts had an epidemic of mass hysteria, and condemned many individuals to death or imprisoned them as witches. Often, the allegations were made on the basis of children's testimony. In After the Fact, authors Davidson and Lytle present a case study of this period to highlight how the approach of historians Boyer and Nissenbaum provides some possible answers to this question. Boyer and Nissenbaum's demographic analysis revealed definite geographic patterns in the pattern of witchcraft accusations. These trends seemed to suggest that there was a bias against the newly emerging merchant classes of the community. The accusers…. [read more]

Risk Management Events Essay

… 6. In 1982, the pharmaceutical industry was thrown into chaos when Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol was the victim of tampering, with seven people dying of cyanide poisoning from ingesting the medicine. The result would be a streamlining of tamper resistant packages throughout the industry as a way of reducing product safety risks.

7. The fatal plane crash of Comair Flight 5191 in 2006 would produce an Aircraft Accident Report that would detail the conditions of the facility, the events leading up to the event and the behaviors of personnel during the event. Such reports are designed to produce an explanation for tragic events such as this so as to prevent repeat incidences.

8.In 2007, the TJX clothing and retail company learned the hard way that…. [read more]

Collective Memory in the Aftermath of Mass Violence Essay

… Collective and Historical Memory

Collective Memory In The Aftermath Of Mass Violence

Conceptions of collective memory

According to Maurice Halbwach, collective memory is the information that is shared between two or more people who belong to the same group. Collective memory contains events that were caused by other people of the society to an individual. This means the thoughts are not personally experienced by the individual. Collective memory is passed on from one group member or community to another, and that is how history dates are recalled. The representation of the past by a group or community and sharing this information can be understood to be collective memory Halbwachs & Coser, 1992.

Just like autobiographical memory, collective memory is almost like it in that it…. [read more]

Higher Education in Nursing: Three Essay

… 2010 p 37). This is what makes Nightingale's push for a more theoretical foundation in nursing education so long ago so crucial to the evolution of advanced nursing practice today.

Programs for Advanced Nursing

The next event took place during the Industrialization era, during the period where modern nursing practices were just taking shape. Mary Adelaide Nutting began making progress in terms of creating opportunities for providing nurses with more advanced educations beyond bachelorette training and degrees. Nutting is "well-known as an advocate of higher education for nurses" (Klainberg 2011 p 27). After initially graduating from John Hopkins University in 1891, she became one of the most influential superintendents the facility had ever seen in terms of its improvement on higher education programs for nursing…. [read more]

Historians Study Historical Sources, They Must Account Term Paper

… ¶ … historians study historical sources, they must account for varying interpretations. Those who documented an event or topic at the time (primary sources) and other historians (secondary sources) are affected by choice of sources and bias. From the time period of the course (1865-1945), and explain what you believe are some of the notable problems of researching and writing about the event. Can such problems be avoided? How?

During the 80-year period between 1865 and 1945, the United States fought three major wars and won two-and-a-half of them, but there are no Civil War survivors alive today to tell their side of the bloodiest conflict in American history and historians are left to the historic record to develop contemporary views about what happened. Unfortunately,…. [read more]

Schindler's List -- Historical Accuracy Numerous Events Research Proposal

… Schindler's List -- Historical Accuracy

Numerous events in time have gone over the stage where they would be mentioned in historical documents, and, as a result, writers and film directors have decided to make movies and books related to them. In order for a certain motion picture or book to impress their audiences, the events in history that they present need to be accurate. Steven Spielberg's movie Schindler's List has been inspired from the real-life events of Oskar Schindler.

The Holocaust has provided script materials for a great number of movies that have been done subsequent to the event. There are virtually no words to describe best the horrors that the Jewish people have been subjected to during the Second World War. In times when…. [read more]

Albert Einstein: Historical and Scientific Icon Science Research Proposal

… Albert Einstein: Historical and Scientific Icon

Science and celebrity rarely coexist but somehow, with Albert Einstein, they found a way to live together and make the man just as iconic today as he was in his own day. Rarely do individuals live to see their impact upon society but Einstein lived to see how his theories could literally change the world in which he lived. While most people may not be able to explain Einstein's theories, they can identify the face of Einstein. While not everyone knows how Einstein's contributions to society work, almost everyone benefits from his knowledge. Historically, the man left a lasting impression on how we understand aspects of the universe. His ideas opened the door to more discoveries that have yet…. [read more]

F. Scott Fitzgerald Historical and Modernism Analysis of Babylon Revisited Term Paper

… Scott Fitzgerald, historical and moderism annalysis of "Babylon Revisited"

History and Modernism in Babylon Revisited

Francis Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most prominent modernist writers. His life and career as a writer span two of the most tumultuous economical periods of the United States: the incredible economic boom of the twenties, followed by the tremendous economic crash during the Depression. Born in 1986 is Minnesota, Fitzgerald lived through the time that would later be called "The Roaring Twenties," or, according to the name he himself gave it, "The Jazz Age." The twenties were probably one of the most spectacular decades in the history of the United States. The period is best known perhaps for its economic inconsistency: the economic boom was fallowed by dramatic…. [read more]

Internationally Significant Historical Event Term Paper

… ¶ … Internationally Significant Historical Event

In my opinion the most internationally significant event in modern history has been the formal identification of the HIV virus. The official date on which this virus was officially recognized, June 18, 1982, marks the beginning of the HIV / AIDS epidemic. This was the date when the "U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report newsletter that unusual clusters of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia has been discovered in gay men in Los Angeles in the early 1980s." (Wikipedia: AIDS) This discovery was to result in the discovery of more clusters of Pneumocystis carinii in otherwise healthy men in various cities throughout the United States.

Why is this date and event of such…. [read more]

Film Spartacus, Its Historical Term Paper

… S. government action against communist rebels in Vietnam, its cold-shouldering of Russia, and its continued economic embargo against Cuba).

This can often be seen to happen, that Hollywood acts as a buffer between U.S. government policy and the American people: films have been shown for decades about U.S. involvement in Colombia, for example, where the U.S. regularly sends undercover troops to fight against drugs: films are made that show U.S. foreign policy in action (XXX recently); they are usually made to have a happy ending for the U.S., so that the American people then feel more comfortable that the actions of their government against a country are commendable and to be supported (even if the U.S. government's action, such as large-scale spraying of insecticides, in…. [read more]

Movies Explore Historical World Events Term Paper

… The story is divided into three parts the first part depicts a love triangle between Rafe McCawley Danny Walker and nurse Evelyn Johnson. The second part of the film is actually a reenactment of the actual attack on Pearl Harbor. The last part of the film depicts the 1942 raid on Tokyo.

The first part of the movie that shows the love triangle lacks the intrigue that the love story in Titanic did. It was a typical love triangle that has been seen in films and plays since the beginning of time.

The second part of the movies that shows the events that took place leading up to and during the attack on Pearl Harbor was exceptional. This part of the movie shows the carnage…. [read more]

People and Events in Pennsylvania Term Paper

… ¶ … People & Events in Pennsylvania

The history of how America was founded all starts in the land of Pennsylvania, where famous events such as the creation of the Declaration of Independence was written, the creation and signing of the United States Constitution, and a host of famous people contributed to the beginnings of our great nation. Before the discovery of the "New World," the Pennsylvania area was occupied by a number of Native American tribes, most of whom perished when the first settlers from Europe came to America (History, 1). Specific tribes included the Delawares, the Susquehannocks, the Shawnees, and different Iroquois tribes known as the Five Nations which actually expanded past Pennsylvania territory to present day New York (History, 1). It is…. [read more]

Sport Event Audit Assessment

… Sports Audit

Sports Event Audit: A Baseball Game at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA

Attendance of a sporting event carries with it certain expectations. The attendees recognize that they cannot be guaranteed the victory for the team which they support, but a host of compensatory guarantees are expected with regard to the experience. As the discussion here proceeds, it will do so from the perspective of one managing this experience. Therefore, emphasis will be placed on finding a balance between the need for the organization itself to remain profitable both in the long and short-term and the need for the organization to ensure that the attendee feels he or she has 'gotten their money's worth.' These are the considerations that will enter into my…. [read more]

Sallust in Historical Writings Thesis

… Sallust

In his historical writings, such as Bellum Jugurthinum, Caius Sallustius Crispus (Sallust) strongly criticizes avarice and ambition and the erosion of the Roman Republic and its earlier strong values. In fact, Sallust admits that he, too, was guilty of corruption and greed. By the time he retires from the political life, he says he recognizes his valueless and vain ways and has cast them aside to bring to light the same negative traits in others. Is this not a case of "doth protest too much?" Sallust rightly so goes down in history as being the first true historian, writing a concise record of the times and establishing a template for other historians to come. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten how…. [read more]

Jezebel the Historical and Biblical Name Term Paper

… Jezebel

The historical and biblical name 'Jezebel' has assumed a meaning in everyday usage that refers to all that is evil and corrupt in woman.

In common parlance the appellation 'Jezebel' refers to certain very negative qualities in the person described as a Jezebel. These meanings have their roots in the historical and biblical figure of Jezebel. This paper will attempt to delineate and describe both the biblical and the historical nature of this figure. It is also the intention of this paper to show that modern scholarship and opinion indicates a certain discontinuity between the biblical and historical interpretations of this character. These and other interpretations of the character and reality of Jezebel will be examined.

The Biblical and historical Jezebel

The central reference…. [read more]

Julius Caesar Was a Historical Research Paper

… As the senate wanted to deprive Caesar of all the opportunities of positive political growth, it designated him with the areas, the conquest of which had brought him no prestige and glory as a military man. Caesar, on the other hand, wanted more glory and prestige; therefore, he realized that he needed his associates and allies to overcome his adversaries in the Senate. (Julius Caesar biography, 1-2)

Caesar was able to find out an alliance that could overcome his enemies and opponents in the Senate. He, therefore, aligned himself with military general Pompey and a noble and powerful Roman politician Crassus and this alliance came to be known as 'the First Triumvirate'. This alliance brought both military power and strong political connections to Julius Caesar.…. [read more]

Clinton Presidency and Historical and Political Points Term Paper

… ¶ … Clinton presidency and historical and political points the book is trying to make. President Clinton's book is a look back at his life, and the events leading up to his election in 1992, along with a recounting of his years in the White House.

My Life" is the story of Bill Clinton's life, from his birth to the current day. He writes a lot of his childhood, and some of the people who influenced him, and it is interesting to note that even as an adult, many things he did in the White House reflect on his youth. For example, when he was President he gave Congressional Medals of Honor to the "Little Rock Nine," black students who defied white segregationists to integrate…. [read more]

Hate Crimes Historical Origins Term Paper

… Hate Crimes

Historical Origins of Hate Crimes:

The historical legal precedence of hate crimes and hate crime legislation, in a global sense contends that crimes committed in response to ethnic or physical differences and an individual or institutional hatred for that difference are intentionally more heinous than other types of crime as they are often in response to human conditions for which the barer has no choice or control of. One of the first and most heinous of such crimes was the holocaust, a government action perpetrated mainly against Jews in Europe but also other undesirable human populations including Catholics, Romas (gypsies) people of color and people with disabilities. The German occupied territories associated with these crimes, demonstrated elements of ethnic cleansing which began as…. [read more]

Religion on World Events Essay

… The events that led to this movement were many and varying and each nation had different specific reasons for venturing onto the high seas to expand their knowledge and power base. Essentially Western European nations had to grown and explore or face the risk of becoming overrun by those nations who were expanding their power through colonizing efforts and means.

During this 300-year period of history, different nations from Western Europe played significant roles in its development. The need and desire for new trade routes eventually began this fervor of exploration. Many products such as fine fabrics and silks, spices, teas, opium, artwork, literature and other consumables were in high demand in European nations from the Eastern part of the globe. Those traders who could…. [read more]

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