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History of Muslims in Europe and in the US Research Paper

… History of Muslims in Europe and in the U.S.

Islamophobia - the United States and the European continent

The Islam is at the moment one of the most important religious, cultural, and eventually political entities of the world today. According to studies made in 2009, it represents 23% of the global population of 6.9 billion people

Even so, there are numerous accounts in which the Muslim population is the subject of discrimination or political differentiation. At the moment, this entire phenomenon is defined as Islamophobia. The present paper addresses the issue of islamophobia from the perspective of the two most important regions where it developed and where is most visible. In this sense, the research takes into account the way in which the United States…. [read more]

Understanding a Personal Worldview Thesis

… Our vocational calling is a central part of our lives on this earth, and is a significant issue when it comes to how our lives are lived. Acting in a way that embodies the message of Jesus Christ can establish a firm foundation for success in both personal and professional life. Living life as Jesus did consists of maintaining values such as integrity, courage, selflessness, and more. Our Savoir can be referred to as the one in the control tower, steering us away from storms and trouble spots. We are called to be stewards of the talents, gifts, and opportunities that we have received from God, and to use those peacefully. As long as we are abiding by the example that was set by Jesus,…. [read more]

Asian Resources and Economic Research Paper

… State involvement in commercial transactions thus has little to do with contributing to the creation of sustainable economic growth. In fact, several commercial transactions have merely worked to sustain the 'shadow state', ensuring that income generation is not tied to economic development but to securing regime survival (NATO, 2009).


Although United States has been acting as the sole power governing the economic scenery of the world. However, past two decades have shown few major changes. The burden of world economy is now on the shoulders of under dogs like China and India whereas U.S. And Europe are struggling hard to retain their old positions. Economists globally are predicting these Asian countries to be the leading global economic powers in near future. The World Bank…. [read more]

Cyprus Problem Ancient History Establishment Dissertation

… This agreement forestalled actual admission as a British possession for a time; Cyprus remained under Turkish control while the British occupied the island for military purposes. The British performed the duty of protectorate nation until 1914 when, at the advent of the First World War, the island was "formally annexed" (U.S. State Department, 2011) by the United Kingdom. The island officially became a crown colony in 1925. During this time period many ethnic Turkish inhabitants left Cyprus for Turkey.

After the Second World War, there was great turmoil regarding who was to gain possession of the island. There remained a large number of Greek Cypriots who were the earliest inhabitants of the island, a smaller number of Turkish Cypriots who had remained during English occupation,…. [read more]

Arab Spring Was a Revolution Research Paper

… The rights they have; whether it be political, economic, environmental or legal are equal. The overall alteration thus was a halt to discrimination of any sort. As of now the changes are merely seen on the constitution. The work however is just in form of laws and on paper. The implementation of the laws is much needed.

The barrier in the implementation of the new rules is the lack of knowledge among many women in Morocco. (Belhorma, 2011). The culture tends to restrict their movement and thus make them unaware of the rights that they have. The men in household are known to have more control and right over the women. The major aims of the constitutional reforms are to spread more knowledge in the…. [read more]

History of Mosaic Art Term Paper

… ¶ … history of mosaic art: A brief overview of an ancient art form

Mosaic art seems so simple, yet is so compelling when executed well. Almost every child has attempted to excel in the medium by pasting stones to a piece of cardboard. But this vehicle of artistic expression has existed since the beginning of artistic craftsmanship. It has been used by some of the greatest artists who ever lived. Extant mosaics suggest that the technique extends as far back as 4,000 years in human history, "with the use of terracotta cones pushed point-first into a background to give decoration" ("History of mosaic art," Joy of Shards, 2008). The Greeks began to craft more artistically and technically complex mosaics around 400 BCE, usually on…. [read more]

Lithium and I Am a Glowing Soft Term Paper

… ¶ … Lithium and I am a glowing soft, silver-white metal (alkali), nicknamed Li and living under atomic address 3. My group, my period, and my block is 1,2,s. When cut open (and I am soft enough to be cut with your classroom scissors), I appear metallic, but contact with moist air soon makes me tarnish. I am commonly obtained from brines and clays; commercially, I am isolated from lithium chloride and potassium chloride. My children were christened helium and beryllium. Of all my family, I am proud to say, I am the lightest metal and the least dense (approximately 0.534g/cm; my standard atomic weight is 6.941(2)g.mol-1) -- but, I warn you, do not mess with me! I am flammable and apt to tear you…. [read more]

Office, There Has Been a Problem Essay

… ¶ … office, there has been a problem with employees visiting sites that they are not authorized to. For basic firm research, the three following periodicals in print have been essential in the history of the firm. The management decision to get these tools in print form will keep the firms partners on track with their work and unoccupied with unnecessary subjects that are a liability in any case (Shymkus, 2010). In some cases, they are actually less expensive than the online versions and will therefore save the firm from the above problem, but also money on subscriptions.

The Journal of Accountancy is the monthly flagship publication of the AICPA with basic breaking news in the field of accountancy. Since the firm is a member…. [read more]

Acute Care Has Been a Concern Essay

… Acute care has been a concern since the beginning of human history since acute care facilities existed, for there has always been a need to treat people as soon as possible after an accident or the onset of an illness. Acute care facilities are those that meet the first needs of a patient before s/he can be transferred to another site for longer-term care. The first facilities that in any way resembled modern acute care (and only barely) were battlefield way-stations where the most traumatic injuries were treated as well as possible.

The first permanent hospital that was designed along modern lines of acute care was probably St. Barththolomew's in London. Opened in 1123, it was designed to provide acute care to those in deadly…. [read more]

Globalization Term Paper

… Globalization has long been a topic of interest. Globalization is defined as the growing relationship of the people of the world and the integration of economies, technologies and some aspects of cultures (Bradshaw et al.). The purpose of this discussion is to thoroughly explore the ways in which globalization has affected the following regions- Russian Federation and Neighboring States, Southeast Asia, Africa and North America-in both historical and contemporary terms.

Russian Federation and Neighboring States

Bradshaw et al. (2004) report that the Russian Federation and neighboring states compose 12 countries including: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. After World War II the Soviet Union was a world power that competed with the United States for both economic and political influence. By 1991 the Soviet Union had been…. [read more]

Abortion Term Paper

… By any norms, this is not only a crime, but the lowest immoral act than one can sink to. If one adds the health risks than women having abortions have and the promiscuity among teenagers that abortion often encourages and there is a complete picture of what abortion is all about.


1. Physical Health Risks of Abortion. Scientific Studies Reveal Significant Risk. On the Internet at

2 H.L. Howe, et al., "Early Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk Among Women Under Age 40," International Journal of Epidemiology, 18(2):300-304 (1989)

3. Sharvy, B. The morality of abortion. A critique. On the Internet at

4. Abortion morality. Letters to the Editor. The Miami Herald. November 2004. On the Internet at

Sharvy, B. The morality…. [read more]

Gun Control Essay

… Congress first passed laws controlling firearms in the early 20th century. Throughout the past century, the issue has been debated frequently by opponents and proponents. Each side has used a different interpretation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, a provision giving citizens the right to bear arms, to boost its arguments for or against gun control. Background checks and purchasing limitations, trigger locks, and the use of assault weapons have been among the hotly debated issues."

The Gun Control Act 1968 was definitely a commendable step in the right direction but the problem arises due to a conflict between the federal and state laws which often let many slip through the loopholes. For example Washing Gun Control Laws make it easier for a person…. [read more]

Gun Control Research Paper

… For Sheley, there will never be any real answer to illegal gun violence unless government took serious steps to correct the urban "environmental and social settings" where most violent crime takes place. Not since the 1960s has the federal government even attempted to address these serious urban problems, which have only worsened greatly in the last thirty years.

John R. Lott asserted that gun ownership has a positive side, particularly for purposes of self-defense and prevention of crime that is almost never covered by the liberal mass media that favors gun control laws. Instead, "we are inundated with bad news about guns are rarely hear about the benefits," and even those self-defense cases that are reported only get attention when the potential victim shoots the…. [read more]

U.S. History Background Report Essay

… U.S. History Background report

The United States history dates back to the era of the voyage made by Christopher Columbus in the year 1492 during the prehistory of the native citizens. The involved aspects in the relative history of the United States considered a common increment following the elapsing of decades. The U.S. has grown prosperously with a rapid and development in the autonomous legal and apolitical systems

Its territory has experienced an expansion westward displacing the Native American populations across the continent. It has grown to become the most influential industrial power following the outburst of progressive entrepreneurship with the inclusion of workforce of the 20th century

. The dissatisfaction with the traditional politics and corruption also stimulated the progressiveness of the U.S. with…. [read more]

People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn Term Paper

… ¶ … People's History of the United States

Howard Zinn's 1980 publication a People's History of the United States offers an alternative perspective on American history. Rather than provide only the point-of-view of the victors as many traditional history books do, Zinn lends insight into the point-of-view of the vanquished groups such as the Native Americans, the African-Americans, the political dissenters, and women. Zinn's book also addresses incidents in American history that are usually underreported or not emphasized in most history courses, such as his thorough analysis of the counterculture movement and social rebellion of the 1960s and 1970s. A People's History of the United States shows that not all in American history has been honorable, and therefore the book is valuable in dispelling the…. [read more]

Welfare History Chapter 7 List Thesis

… An accidental president, who came to power under what were widely regarded as suspicious circumstances after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Johnson nevertheless laid out an ambitious program of domestic reform which he was able to implement in 1964-65. Perhaps the most important legacy of the Great Society in social welfare was the creation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1964-65. FDR had been unwilling to make national health insurance part of the Social Security Act, while Harry Truman had been stymied in his attempt to pass it in 1946-48, while LBJ's programs came up short of the goal of universal coverage. Medicare was a purely federal program available to all those over age 65, while Medicaid was means-tested and jointly administered and funded by…. [read more]

American History X An Exercise Essay

… American History X

An exercise in and a meditation upon subversion, the film American History X is at once making a bold social and political commentary on the inherent destructiveness of racism and bigotry. At the same time, one could argue it's a tragic ballad for a family riddled with loss. Simultaneously, the film is a subversive series of photographs that illuminate a defiant culture and renegade civic identity. Just as iconic photographs can work to "reflect social knowledge and dominant ideologies; they shape understanding of specific events and periods…" (Hariman & Lucaites, 2002), the successive images of American History X works to reflect ideologies unwelcome to idealistic American sensibilities and rattle one's understanding of America today. If an iconic photo like the Flag Raising…. [read more]

Patient Histories Article Review

… The Calgary Cambridge Framework: The Calgary Cambridge Observation Guide (CCOG) provides a structured model for medical consultation and includes elements of explanation and planning, aiding accurate recall and understanding, achieving a shared understanding, planning through shared decision making, and closing the consultation.

Taking the Medical History

The bulk of the article describes the precise details of taking a medical history and what should be included. It includes finding out specific information about the presenting complaint, including things such as time of onset, how it occurred, how long it has been going on, the place of concern, anything that makes it better or worse, related symptoms, and whether or not the condition fluctuates or remains stable. Next it is important to address the patient's past medical…. [read more]

History of Understanding the Science Term Paper

… In the Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites (Norton, et al., 2008, p. 20) the authors claim that in November, 1799, a German naturalist, Alexander von Humboldt, and a French botanist, Aime Bonpland, had taken a five-year scientific expedition to South America when "unexpectedly just before dawn on the morning of November 11 the sky lit up with thousands of meteors." The meteors appeared to originate in the constellation Leo, Norton explains; research conducted with local inhabitants revealed that the meteor showers came about every 33 years or so. This was the first time, Norton asserts, that scientists understood there was a periodicity (other than annual) attached to a specific raining down of meteors. Indeed, in November, 1833, the meteor showers reappeared, Norton continues (20).…. [read more]

History of Building Construction Research Paper

… Finally, due to numerous firefighters' deaths in the towers' collapse, we are looking into systems that can predict the possibilities of a structure's collapse (Pennwell Corporation, 2003) before firefighters enter the structure.

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Office of the Vice President for University…. [read more]

History of Mardi Gras Term Paper

… History Of Mardi Gras

The Roots of the Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras or "Fat Tuesday" had roots in the Middle Ages and was later reformed when the Catholic Church adopted the event. The Europeans of the Middle Ages celebrates Mardi Gras as a festivity before the commemoration of Jesus' death. A "carnival" is traditionally related to a Mardi Gras celebration. "Carnival" which means "without flesh or meat" is being celebrated in relation to the religious event of the Lent. After years of Mardi Gras celebration, the Catholic Church decided to adopt the event as it relates to religious beliefs. The celebration was eventually passed down to other countries especially during those times when the Europeans were able to conquer some lands. One example of a…. [read more]

India, a Primarily Hindu Country Term Paper

… In another instance, John Calvert and Richard Francey's of the 22nd WEDC conference critiqued the current management of India's Public Health sector. Calvert and Francey state that the current managers in the Indian Public Health sector, while being excellent administrators in the strictest sense, are outdated. They have very little understanding of "strategic management, institutional development and the wider policies of environment, gender and commercialization." Basically, they Indian's managers, just like they technological level is playing catch-up with the western world.

The way to remedy this situation is developing programs to address these issues. The main issue is to expand the horizons of Indian managers. They need to see the bigger picture, the global view. They need to be completely up-to-date with technology and how…. [read more]

Guantanamo: A Complicated Issue Essay

… In addition to being a controversial topic in America, Guantanamo Bay and the practices used there have significantly damaged the U.S. reputation among other countries, both friendly and hostile. This is particularly dangerous in enemy countries, where detainees who are released return with tales of mistreatment and incite anger among those who are already distrustful of the U.S. Among our own allies, it undermines our standing as a protector of civil liberties. As Irene Khan (2005), the Secretary General of Amnesty International, points out, "by lowering the human rights standard, the U.S. has weakened its own moral authority to speak out on human rights."

Despite these moral, legal, and political reasons for closing Guantanamo, President Obama has been unable to. One problem is that there…. [read more]

Diplomacy of Annexation Texas Oregon and the Mexican War Term Paper

… History-U.S. Before 1865

The Diplomacy of Annexation: Texas, Oregon and the Mexican War by David M. Pletcher

American History is a subject that, while relatively short in terms of all of recorded history, takes up millions upon millions of printed pages, online sources and the like. Among the written works about the various facets of American history, David M. Pletcher's "The Diplomacy of Annexation: Texas, Oregon and the Mexican War," written in 1973, is considered by many to be one of the most pivotal works on this topic, and continues today, decades after the book was written, to be discussed and cited by scholars and experts alike. In this research, the theses of Pletcher, as presented in his book, will be presented, and supported with…. [read more]

History of Pharaoh and Hatshepsut Research Paper

… " She supported her assertion that identified her as her father's designated successor evidenced from inscriptions from her mortuary temple's wall: Then his majesty said to them: "This daughter of mine, Khnumetamun Hatshepsut -- may she live! -- I have appointed as my successor upon my throne she shall direct the people in every sphere of the palace; it is she indeed. Obey her words, unite yourselves at her command."

Hatshepsut was commonly described as fairly conventional pharaoh in every other aspect. Majority recognized her as a peace loving pharaoh partly following her gender. Even though there were a number of military expeditions, they turned out to be dissent from Egypt's neighbors, (Tyldesley, Joyce, 1996). Hatshepsut managed to expand the temple complex at Karnak, expanded…. [read more]

Zebulon Pike Was a Soldier Essay

… Pike was to explore the Rocky Mountains, and the country towards the Rio Grande. This expedition was under the order of General Wilkinson. Pike's second expedition still puzzles many people two centuries later. The main purpose for this expedition is mixed as Pike states that he was to explore westward and find the sources for the Red River and Arkansas River, but it is believed that Wilkinson had other intentions. It is believed that this exploration was more of a spy mission and not for exploration purposes. Pike was also supposed to get captured in order to spy on the Spanish troops closely. This time round Pike had twenty three men including the son of General Wilkinson. There were also fifty Osage Indians who had…. [read more]

U.S. History Midterm Exam Essay

… 2. Describe how the United States went from isolationism to an internationalist and interventionist foreign policy. You should discuss the 1870-1945 period and focus on the following topics in your response. Why did America's stance change over time?

• Expanding into foreign markets

• Imperialism

• World War I, the Fourteen Points, and the League of Nations

• 1920s-1930s isolationism and trade

• World War II, getting in, fighting it, and planning the postwar world

Regime change is not new in U.S. foreign policy, and in fact it started with the coup against the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893. Its central thesis is that, far from promoting democracy abroad, the United States has reacted many times against the threat that democracy poses to American investments and…. [read more]

Mississippi's History, Main Industry Term Paper

… Hill's forecasts did not include the recession that began in 2008, which have ended up making the economy poorer in Mississippi now than it was before the hurricane.

For decades, Mississippi has been a very conservative Republican state. Another writer notes, "Mississippi has not sent a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 26 years and has voted Republican in eight of the last nine presidential elections. In 2000 and 2004, the state overwhelmingly supported George W. Bush by a nearly 60% margin" (Sherman). The State Legislature is made up of 52 Senators, 27 Democratic and 25 Republican. The House of Representatives is made up of 122 Representatives, 73 Democrats and 49 Republicans. Nationally, the two Senators from Mississippi are both Republican, and the four Representatives…. [read more]

Marbury v. Madison Essay

… b. The addition of Missouri as a free state would add 2 senatorial votes to the free states, which would destroy the even balance between free and slave state disputes.

7. List two ways in which those who supported making Missouri a free state in 1820 defended their position:

a. The addition of Missouri as a slave state would add 2 senatorial votes to the slave states, in which case a balance was necessary even out voting rights.

b. There should be a limit to the addition of slavery and slave states.

8. According to the 1945 Missouri Constitution, supreme executive power is vested in which of the following?

d. The Governor.

9. According to the 1945 Missouri Constitution, which of the following holds the…. [read more]

Histories of the World Essay

… This merely fanned the flames of discontent and the coffeehouse is cited as important gathering-place that motivated opposition to the government, which eventually cumulated in the French Revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy. "It literally began at a cafe" (Standage 170).

'Coke is it:' The cultural power of Coca-Cola

In contrast to the other beverages in Standage's book, Coca-Cola seems something of an outlier, in terms of what it represents as a beverage. Coke is a processed, manufactured food, versus the other beverages which have at least some origin in nature, whether in fermentation of grains or fruits, coffee beans, or tea leaves. But Coca-Cola clearly was one of the most innovative beverages of the 20th century (the 21st century remains an open question,…. [read more]

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