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History of Education in Kuwait Research Paper

… The ratio of national to expatriate teachers over the years of reformation has not remained stagnant. Significant fluctuations have been noticed and are described below (Ministry of Education, 2008).

In 1982, public schools employed 24,367 teachers in total, of which only 6,478 belonged to Kuwait. On the contrary, in academic year of 1997-1998, public schools employed 27,359 teachers in total, of which 17,357 were Kuwaiti citizens. Therefore, the ratio of national to expatriate teachers increased from 1.3:7.6 in 1982 to 1.7:1 in 1998. This indicates that although assistance of foreign teachers was sought in the early days of development, this dependency reduced largely when Kuwaiti citizens were in a better position to perform these services. However, the ratio is just a statistical analysis and a…. [read more]

Education Addams, Jane. ) Term Paper

… Karier, Clarence J. (1967). A History of American Educational Ideas. Illinois: Scott, Foresman, and Co.

Chapter 11 of Karier's book is entitled, "The United States Supreme Court and education," a section that deals with issues that have involved the U.S. Supreme Court with controversial decisions that changed several aspects of the country's educational system. The author's main thesis in this section is that educational reform throughout the history of U.S. education is inevitably tied with the judiciary and legislative systems of the U.S. government, as evident in the cases that have dealt with controversial issues on education. These issues include the right of private schools to be independent from state intervention, discussions on the use of religion in public schools, and policies that encourage nationalism…. [read more]

History Social Science Textbook Controversies Term Paper

… History/Social Science Textbook Controversy

History and Social Science Textbook Controversy

The controversy with textbooks has been plaguing our education systems far longer than many people realize. Beginning as far back as the 40s there have been disagreements over content and editing of textbooks, especially in the areas of History and Social Science (Zimmerman 2004). These disagreements have generated a tug of war between educators, politicians, parents, and historians that seems to have little chance of reaching a solution that satisfies everyone concerned.

The majority of textbook controversies are centered around religious and political issues. Often, religious groups speak up against certain textbooks because of a bad or biased representation that affects the reputation of the religious group, or, worse yet, perpetuates stereotypes or presents skewed…. [read more]

Developing a Timeline on History of Education Research Paper

… 1911 -- saw commencement of sex segregation in schools that fizzled out in 1915

1918 -- saw the National Women's Trade Union League, having been formed in 1903, hold a conference that empathized on educational equity and the need for each student, regardless of the gender, to access the co-education in all the trades hence the female students would have the same access as their male counterparts (University of Michigan, 2014).

The "Collegiate Ideal" and Black Colleges

1878 The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute began admitting Native Americans.

1881 -- Foster helped in the establishment of the Negro Normal School in Tuskegee, and was authorized to operate separately from the state of Alabama.

1887 -- there was establishment of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and…. [read more]

Education in China Research Paper

… Education in China:

History of Chinese Education:

The history of education in China can be traced back as far as the 16th century B.C during the era of "Xia Dynasty" that is 1523-1027 B.C. As many scholars believe, education in China was the privilege of the elites throughout this period of time. During the spring, autumn and Warring States periods in 770-221 B.C., the teachings of Confucianism were mainly founded on the Four Books and the Five Classics. All through Chinese history Confucianism is probably the biggest influence in the education of that country.

Confucianism employed the basic concept of the gentleman (Chun Tzu) and the peasant (common man or average citizen). Studying Confucianism was restricted to very few people in ancient China because not…. [read more]

Education Term Paper

… Conclusion

NCLB educational policy came into effective in 2002 with the aim of enhancing educational levels in the context of district schools receiving low funding from states and local entities. NCLB educational policy should focus on integration of new qualification standards for teachers, concentrate on the improvement of schools, as well as include higher-thinking and problem-solving skills. These recommendations will enhance the ability of the federal and states governments in improving educational levels across the United States.


Tavakolian, H., & Howell, N. (2012). The Impact of No Child Left Behind Act. Franklin

Business & Law Journal, (1), 70-77.

Daly, B.P., Burke, R., Hare, I., Mills, C., Owens, C., Moore, E., & Weist, M.D. (2006).

Enhancing No Child Left Behind -- School Mental Health Connections.…. [read more]

History of Personal Computer Ceruzzi Essay

… By 1997, the use of computers in the field of art history was still relatively new, but art historians were beginning to understand that databases, electronic bibliographies, storage and retrieval systems and high-quality digital images were often time-consuming and difficult to create and use, yet they offered great potential for organization and research. Personal computers at this time were still largely used for word processing programs, and it was problematic to organize art and ideas with the terminology and software of the day. The author reported on the creation of search terms useful for art historians and the creation of a framework of multimedia databases. Database software such as Lotus and D-base were popular at the time Lavin wrote his article, although there were still…. [read more]

Education and National Security Essay

… Obesity and criminal records are not necessarily the fault of the education system, but the lack of a diploma and not being able to pass aptitude tests show inefficiencies in the system. The lack of technologically qualified students to address cyber threats also shows inefficiencies. If youth do not have the appropriate education that trains and prepares them, it will affect the country with deeper security issues as the generations go by. "Only New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, and Mexico have lower high school completion rates" (Reagan, 2010). Federal control continues to threaten the creativity and productivity of schools.

One answer to the problem that is proposed is to remove the bureaucracy, equip schools with the financial resources they need, as well as the trust and…. [read more]

Education and Sociology Essay

… These changes will take place based upon new information that is presented, the opinions of others (such as: a boss or colleague) and the situations they are dealing with. It is at this point when these challenges can lead to dramatic transformations, which are resulting in a continuing reevaluation of social beliefs. (Kendal)

Clearly, education plays a central role in determining social attitudes and insights. From an early age, the experiences and concepts will provide the individual with a sense of who they are and how to interact with the world around them. As time goes by, these views will change based upon new ideas that are presented from other educators and the way they interact with different social groups.

What Kendal determined, is that…. [read more]

Education and Learning Term Paper

… Additionally they are forced to nod in a certain way to express the fact that they are paying attention to what is being said. Students have to immediately look at their peers when they are speaking. When this is viewed by an outsider it was mentioned that it seems like a rather odd phenomenon. Additionally, the students are made to chant motivational speeches and do other things of this regard such as songs and games.

Critics of the charter school movement cite the fact that they are generally selective in their recruitment efforts. This results in the fact that the charter schools may not actually have a fair sampling of those on the bottom of the barrel in terms of the achievement gap. Though their…. [read more]

American Education System Term Paper

… American Education System

The history of education in America is founded on two basic theories. One is a religious theory or belief that its people have a "manifest destiny" to fulfill in relation to the rest of the world. This theory, which later evolved into a political and military theory, assumed the rest of the world as inferior and savage since the landing of the first pilgrims in Plymouth 19th century. The view molded their ensuing principles of education. With the inclusion of successive waves of immigrants into the colonies, the union of states established for itself a history of destiny and redemption from outside political or religious force they disapproved of.

During the colonial period, education was a means of restoring the civilization left…. [read more]

History and Laws of Special Education Term Paper

… ¶ … history of special education and the laws associated with the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We will discuss current and future challenges the act has had in the past, is having now, and will probably have in the future on the area of special education.

History of IDEA

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a American federal law that governs how that states and public agencies are able to provide early special education, interventions and other such related services to children with disabilities. The IDEA fits into the category of "spending clause" legislation. In this vein, it only applies to those States and local educational agencies that accept federal funding under the act. The IDEA Act rose from the family…. [read more]

History of Federal Aid to Education Term Paper

… ¶ … history of federal aid to education in the United States. The reader will gain sound knowledge about the history of this federal aid program through a detailed account

Education is the primary responsibility of a nation. It is the nation that established educational institutions along with the private and public sectors putting in their part. For the school year 2004-2005 it is estimated that the State, private and local sources contribute 90% of the total value spent on education throughout the nation which amounts to approximately $909 billion. This shows that the contribution by the federal department was approximately 10%.

The Department of Education came into existence in 1867 whose role was to collect information and compile data on the schools and the…. [read more]

History of Assessment/Testing Research Paper

… In 1980's emphasis was on school and district accountability. This was through the introduction of high stake testing programs which had serious consequences to educators and students. High stake tests are important since their outcomes determine important things such being promoted to the next grade, graduation, school rankings and merit pay for teachers.

In 1990's the system of standards-based accountability was created. This continued to the beginning of the twenty first century. These served as both a rejection and an extension of reforms that had been previously done (Cobb, 2004). This movement rejected traditional curricula especially rote activities it called for development of a curricula that was more challenging and its main focus being reasoning, conceptual understanding and the ability to apply knowledge. The movement…. [read more]

Schools and Education Term Paper

… (Rury 2013)

This is because the country was continuing to evolve based upon shifts in attitudes and beliefs in society. At the same time, the economy was continually adjusting. This meant that in order for the nation to remain competitive some kind of changes had to occur within the system itself. The results were that more people became a part of the educational structure and were offered the opportunity to receive access to the same solutions as everyone else. (Rury 2013)

These ideals were supposed to provide everyone with better support and the ability to understand critical ideas. However, the reality is that these solutions are continuing to impact student performance. This is based upon the role that various social factors will have on an…. [read more]

Education Advocacy Issues Massive Institutional Research Paper

… • Developing a strong democracy through a truly innovative and progressive curriculum that will empower the students and assist more of them in moving on to higher education. This curriculum will emphasize civics and active participation of citizens in political and economic life, as well as the history and contemporary struggles of the poor, minorities and the working class.

• Changes in pedagogy that will move-away from the teacher-centered to the student-centered classroom and more active participation of students and parents in the learning process, as well as the school administration and the development of the curriculum.

• Seek more state, federal and private funding for improved textbooks and other learning resources, computers, school supplies and laboratory equipment.

States paid about 50% of the budgets…. [read more]

Education for Social Justice Article Review

… This spirit of independence and activism is pervasive in their writing. The tone of the writing is not forceful -- they are not pressuring the reader to adhere to their agenda, yet it is clear this is an issue, which they and their colleagues are quite passionate -- so passionate to move toward action.

Hytten and Bettez are also very much aware of the history of the issue. They continually refer to movements in culture from decades past and how the victories and challenges of those times inform the state of social justice in education in the modern moment. In fact, the issue of culture is primary to their thoughts concerning social justice in education. Cultural studies and cultural histories are key, for them, in…. [read more]

Education Has Evolved Substantially Term Paper

… ¶ … Education has evolved substantially over the years, from an almost strictly oral tradition in the Greek era, from the beginning of what is recognized as the Greek classical period to the end of the Hellenistic period. (500-30 BCE) the next educational period to be discussed is the Renaissance from roughly 1400 to 1550 CE, with an education based almost entirely on a revival of such rhetorical thought and an emphasis on speaking and listening once again but with careful assimilation of the newly codified written works of both the Greek and Roman great thinkers. Lastly to modern 1970's educational tradition with many of the traditional oral lessons being emphasized while a myriad of new ideas came to be a part of the system.…. [read more]

History as Myth Essay

… This is seen in many national civil wars, which are often particularly bloody affairs, given how well the opponents know one another, and the level of hatred and animosity between the two sides.

This was certainly true of America's own Civil War. Many of the generals on both sides had been educated at the same schools. They all had similar backgrounds, yet North and South were as bitterly divided as Atreus and Thyestes, and would do anything to win the conflict. The battles were particularly bloody and acrimonious: "In two days at Shiloh, on the banks of the Tennessee River, more American men fell than in all the previous American wars combined. At Cold Harbor, some 7,000 Americans fell in twenty minutes" (The war: The…. [read more]

History of Free Blacks Essay

… History Of Free Blacks as Compared to Slaves in the Late Antebellum South

A common aphorism states that history is written by the victors, making it clear that disadvantaged or misused groups rarely have an opportunity to shape written histories. That was certainly the case for American history, which neglected the stories of black Americans until a few decades ago. That neglect was unfortunate, because African-Americans made huge contributions to American society. Moreover, when American history began to reflect the historical antebellum black experience, it did so in a way that equated all American blacks with slaves. That characterization is inaccurate and fails to fully describe the role that African-Americans played in shaping America. While, as a group, it is true that antebellum free blacks…. [read more]

Philosophical Influences on American Education Essay

… Education

Philosophical Influences on American Education

Name & time period

John Dewey/Progressivism

Jean-Jacque Rousseau


Jean Piaget


Main beliefs

Progressivists think that individuality, progress, and change are essential to a person's education. These basics of progressive education have come to be known as social re-constructionist and child-centered. Both of these essentials allocate an interest in the individual which enables educationalists to progress past the notion of children as robots (Wiles, n.d.).

Made the first all-inclusive attempt to explain a system of education according to what he saw as nature. This theory stresses completeness and agreement, and an apprehension for the person of the learner. Central to this is the idea that it is possible to preserve the original perfect nature of a child, by…. [read more]

History of John Adams and His Role With the Declaration of Independence Term Paper

… History of John Adams and his role with the Declaration of Independence.

John Adams and his role in the Declaration of Independence

John Adams was the second President of the United States after George Washington and is also remembered in our history for the important role that he played in the Declaration of Independence. He was a participant in the majority the events leading to the founding of the new nation from the Seven Years War until to the end of the 18th century. (McCullough) as one commentator states, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that Americans celebrate would not be possible "... If it weren't for the actions of a frequently ignored Founding Father?

John Adams" (Leopold).

Historically we know a great deal…. [read more]

History of Meiji Empire and the Consequent Term Paper

… ¶ … history of Meiji Empire and the consequent role and influence that Meiji regime had on succeeding government and their policies. The article also supports Sugimoto's thesis on presence of cultural fragmentation and diversity within Japanese society, the western influence on the social, political and economic growth is also discussed. The role of Kata Factor and its adoption by the Japanese society are also discussed.

Meiji Era began after the 265-year-old feudalistic rule of Tokugawa Shogunate.

The Era was termed as 'enlightened rule', with the commitment towards giving maximum possible autonomy to the people of Japan.

The introductory reform was the proclamation of FIVE OATH CHARTER in 1868; the chartered was based on the concept of western state. The charter was the key towards…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Education Budget in Saudi Arabia Essay

… An estimated ninety percent of Iraq's education budget goes to salaries of these employees with negligible amounts allocated to maintenance.

Differences in the Education Budgets of Saudi Arabia and Iraq:

As the overview of the education budgets of both Saudi Arabia and Iraq reveals, Saudi Arabia allocated a record and huge amount of money to education as compared to Iraq. This huge amount of money shows a significant difference in the education budgets of the two countries. Additionally, there are other differences in the education budgets of both Saudi Arabia and Iraq which include & #8230;


This is one of the major differences in the education budgets of Saudi Arabia and Iraq given that the focus of the allocated amount for education is different…. [read more]

History Organizational Structure SWOT

… Evidence of this can be seen by the fact that 84% of consumers said they would continue to purchase Apple products if Steve Jobs were to step down.( Ho, 2011) However, as an employer the company does have some issues to include: middle management is engaging in very bureaucratic tendencies and they are slow to respond to employee issues. One possible strategy that can improve the work environment (i.e. social performance) is: to seek out those executives who share the same kind of passion and vision about the company as Jobs. This will help to: improve creativity and it would address some of the obvious frustrations that some developers are feeling. ("Apple is a Good Employer but Not as Amazing," 2007)

Comprehensive SWOT

When conducting…. [read more]

Education Reform a Paradigm Shift Research Paper

… Kozol (1991) quotes the former U.S. Commissioner of Education as saying;

"A caste society violates the style of American democracy…the nation in effect does not have a truly public school system in a large part of its communities: it has permitted what is in effect a private school system to develop under public auspices…Equality of educational opportunity throughout the nation continues today to be more a myth than a reality" (97/98).

This statement seems very harsh, and it was stated almost 50 years ago now. Kozol saw this as an indication that even people at the highest reaches did not believe in the reality of education reform, no matter what they wanted in reality.

People are well-meaning, for the most part, but they are also…. [read more]

Education for Diversity Thesis

… Education for Diversity

Were you surprised at the categories he chose to ground his discussion of diversity?

No, not really, the categories Spenser chose seem to be some of the most important and relevant categories of diversity in adult education, and some of them, as he notes, have been ignored for far too long. Women are an important element of adult education, often because they must continue their education while working and caring for a family, and so distance and adult education courses help them manage their time more effectively. It is interesting that women were some of the first targets for adult education, and that their options were so limited in the past, even though they were often the instructors, as well as the…. [read more]

Education of Abbasid Today Term Paper

… These palace schools also prepared children of rulers for higher education. Like the later town and palace schools in Renaissance Europe, they also taught students the arts of formal speaking and conversation, history, tradition, and ethics. The teachers of these schools were called mu'addi, which means "one who refines manners."

Arab women studied, practiced and taught medicine, mysticism, poetry, teaching, and oratory and even took active roles in military conflicts. However, due to false Arab stereotypes, women do not receive much credit for their accomplishments and contributions to Arab history.

In these early mosques, teachers did not follow a specific format or curriculum. Instead, teachers were allowed to teach freely and use a variety of methods of instruction. Some teachers would teach from a text…. [read more]

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