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Future of CNC Machines (Computer Research Paper

… The reasons stated for this development include that "the total cost of a machining robot is 30% less compared with an equivalent CNC machine." (COMET, nd) In addition the robot can make the handling of the product, something that in CNC machines is done by an operator." (COMET, nd) Also stated is that the robot "has at least 6 degrees of freedom providing reach ability in difficult spots and can be mounted on a base or in front of a positioned expanding its working envelope thus giving the opportunity to enter new application in the machining process." (COMET, nd) However, the report states that there are still challenges to overcome if the robots are to be used in place of the CNC machine. The work…. [read more]

History of CNC Computer Numerical Control Research Paper

… History of CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

CNC Machines and How They Work

Computer-Aided Design

Future of CNC Machines

Spider-like CNC Machine

Laser Technology-based Micromachining

SSD technologies

Robotics Applications

This research paper will trace the history of Computer Controlled Machines from their inception to current sophistication levels. We shall also delve into their usage and benefits in various industries. The paper heavily references industry specific research from relevant eras to chronicle the evolution of CNC uses.

Rapid increases in the power of semiconductors and reductions in their costs made it possible to produce small, very powerful, relatively cheap minicomputers that could be used to control machine tools. The resulting computer-controlled machine tools (CNC) with a computer built into the machine tool allow for programming and editing…. [read more]

Strategy and Management in the International SME Term Paper

… Strategy and Management in the International SME

From its humble beginnings in the Porirua Harbor, Vega Industries has come to be the world's most reputed navigation lights manufacturer. The state-of-the-art provider of optical and technological lighthouse and beacon solutions have modernized port, harbor and shoreline safety across the world through supply of efficient, dependable and accurate beacons that are capable of functioning automatically through the use of VegaMAC computer system which is the pioneer in the computer monitoring of lighthouse systems. Under the able leadership of managing director John Rochfort, Vega has been looking forward for new and practical processes to meet the world's most challenging requirements of beacons. Having won numerous awards including the prestigious ISO 9001 Quality Management, Vega ably faces competition on…. [read more]

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