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Scarface Latin American Culture Term Paper

… Scarface- Latin American Culture

Scarface (1932) film is an American gangster movie, written by Ben Hecht, directed by Richard Rosson and Howard Hawks, and produced by Howard Hughes. The film is founded on the 1929 novel written by Armitage Trail (White 30). The film stars Paul Muni as Antonio, Tony' Camonte. Brian de Palma remakes the film in 1983 in different setting in the Latin American and Miami drug cartel, with Al Pacino, Tony Montana, as the star (Myers 335). The Al Pacino Scarface film retells the story of an immigrant into the United States who attain wealth and power because of his indulgency in drug trafficking.

Al Pacino, acting as Montana, is a Cuban refugee who traffics drug from Colombia to Miami in the…. [read more]

History of Film in Latin America Thesis

… History Of Film In Latin America

The countries of Latin America have experienced a constant fall with the coming of the second half of the twentieth century when concerning their economy. Things had gotten worse and people steadily began to feel the soreness of poverty. The poor people of Latin America lived in ghetto-like neighborhoods where life had been a living hell, many of them turning to crime in order to get food.

Matters seemed to become better with the Americans building factories in some of the countries in Latin America because of the cheap working force. However, after moving their businesses in Asia where the wages paid were even lower, the Americans involuntary made life worse for the Latin Americans that lost their jobs.…. [read more]

Latin American Studies (by Philip Swanson) Essay

… ¶ … Latin American Studies" (by Philip Swanson) by answering questions 1-12.

Travel writing in Latin America was imagined in such a way to create certain stereotypes of both the inhabitants and physical geography when it was reported back to readers in Europe. Latin America was imagined to be more dangerous and less productive and civilized than Europe. These travel writings helped Europeans distance themselves from Latin America, and make it an even more "foreign" and "exotic" location, without even a true understanding of the realities of each country. As for consumption from Latin America, there is no doubt that Latin America has impacted the way people in North America consume and think about products. The book gives the example of just looking at one's…. [read more]

Latin Music Many Are Unaware Research Paper

… Other scholars would disagree mentioning that Mexican-American music has currently turned into a device to vent frustration, displeasure when working through inconsistencies of life in America. These scholars would make the point that the music is the key to the perseverance of this subculture, and would go even further to say that it is the "complex matrix of interdependence, cultural survival and ethnic identity." Even those that grew up on Mexican-American music agree that all of their music has some kind of a unique story behind them that talk about their struggles either in the U.S. Or in Mexico.

Mexican Music in Texas

Some Americans argue that the Mexican-American music in Texas is not unique enough. However, other experts would say that in southern Texas,…. [read more]

History Book Video Term Paper

… History Book Video

The History Book": major themes and patterns that characterize the development of the modern world

The History Book" is a series of documentary cartoons that dramatize modern Western history as a series of economic paradigm shifts. Most of these shifts result in the enrichment of a smaller percentage of the population that owns property or has aristocratic titles. This upper class uses its power to oppress and profit off of the labor of the lower classes. The upper class gains money and power by oppressing the vast majority of the lower-class population, until there is a class revolt, after which the class system reorganizes itself, with a different membership, but an equal level of exploitation.

The History Book" begins during the end…. [read more]

Conquest of the Americas Term Paper

… Why is the New World American religious, but socially oriented, why is he also pragmatic or practical, why is he inclined to be scientific and individualistic?

It is presupposed that the American has gone through an experience where respect for the dignity and freedom of the individual and for the equality of all men have been ingrained into his consciousness and the very roots and his being.

Fr. Vitaliam Gorospe, S.J, (American philosophy, 1975) in an article written for student leaders poses four questions which American philosophers have asked time and again - and which I believe could be the explanation of whether one would consider an event as successful or simply a matter of plain defeat:

The first question is: what is the whole…. [read more]

History of the Media Essay

… "Take some of the call letters of stations at the time. The call letters KFWB, for instance, stood for 'Keep Filming Warner Brothers,' and KTAR's call letters stood for 'Keep the Arizona Republic.'"

At the beginning of radio's Golden Age, from 1930 to roughly 1953, radio stations competed for stages of both stage and film to perform in radio plays. CBS was able to get a young producer-director-actor named Orson Welles to host one of its dramas, the Mercury Theatre On the Air. It only lasted five months, but it was the most famous production in radio history.

NBC introduced Americans to soap operas on the air around the same time and by 1930 there were roughly 38 soaps broadcasting on a daily basis.

There…. [read more]

History of Rosicrucian Order Thesis

… History Of the Rosicrucian Order

Despite being one of the oldest esoteric societies, the Rosicrucian Order remains one of the most mysterious and least well-known of the various groups that arose in Europe over the course of the second millennium. Although Rosicrucianism was one of the key influences on the development of Freemasonry, and, as will be discussed in the findings chapter of this study, has played an important role in the development of Western culture and society, its history, symbols, and legacy have frequently been overshadowed by more popular alchemical and metaphysical movements. For example, while most Americans know that many of the founding fathers were Freemasons, fewer likely know that the first governor of Connecticut was deeply interested in Rosicrucianism from an early…. [read more]

American History Final Exam Stages Term Paper

… Turner lived at a time before a large middle class existed or the U.S. had become a consumer society, so he naturally thought of pioneers as farmers and ranchers who moved the agricultural frontier to the West. In his era, even though the country was rapidly industrializing, the majority of people still lived on farms and in small towns. For this reason and was always the main goal of Manifest Destiny, while industrial capitalism required a different type of imperialism that acquired markets and raw materials overseas rather than colonies. Eastern capitalists since the time of Alexander Hamilton and the early Federalists and Whigs had always had a very limited interest in expanding the agrarian frontier, and even less in the expansion of slavery. They…. [read more]

Spain's and America's History Thesis

… Spains and Americas History

The Matador

Because I could never understand the bull fights and Spaniards' delight and fascination to watch them, I chose to watch first the Matador. I knew the chances I would become a fan after that were close to a minimum, but I hoped to understand it better. The end of the film left me with the same impression about the topic: I will never be a spectator in a real bull fight when I will go to Spain, but I will respect people's hard work and efforts put into this form of entertainment.

Maybe the Romans left some of their passion for the gladiators fights in these parts of Spain and then, the locals learned from the locals how to…. [read more]

U.S. Latin America Relations State Departments Leading Essay

… U.S. Latin America Relations

State Departments leading expert on the Soviet Union, George F. Kennan, sent his famous "long telegram" to the state department from his post in the U.S. embassy in Moscow in February 1946, wherein he enunciated his realist views of U.S.-Soviet relations in the Cold War. What was needed, in his view, was a "long-term, patient, but firm and viligant containment of Russian expansive tendencies." He went onto outline the importance of Latin American countries to U.S. empire: "the military significance to us of the Latin American countries lies today rather in the extent to which we may be dependent upon them for materials essential to the prosecution of a war, and more importantly in the extent to which the attitudes of…. [read more]

Latin Music Industry Problems Term Paper

… (Cobo, 2003)

CDs by popular U.S. And Brazilian artists sell for $2 apiece on the streets of this gritty frontier city, but not all the buyers know the illegal bargains might be helping to finance international terrorism. But diplomats from several countries said Ali Khalil Merhi, an alleged "bigfoot" in Paraguay's criminal underworld, sold pirated CDs in neighboring Brazil to raise money for al-Moqawama (Resistance), an extremist arm of the militant Islamic group Hezbollah (the Party of God) in southern Lebanon.

Merhi, 32, who has a police record for assault and piracy, was arrested on Feb. 25, 2000 and charged with selling millions of dollars worth of illegally copied music and software. He fled Paraguay in June 2000 after Esteban Aquino, a prosecutor in Paraguay's…. [read more]

Baseball America's Pastime Term Paper

… America's Pastime: The Importance of Baseball to United States Life and
Culture: in Film, Society, and in Everyday Life
That now timeworn clich?, 'baseball is as American as apple pie' may
in fact nowadays ring (and actually be) less true than in past years;
notwithstanding the views (of perhaps especially) diehard baseball
enthusiasts. The strongest reason may be that in 21st century America;
'apple pie', literally and metaphorically, has become today no more (nor
any less) 'American' than a sushi roll; stuffed calzone or Macho Burrito.
Such changes notwithstanding, I will explore how the long held national
sense of baseball as 'America's pastime' first came to be, and how and why
this sense of baseball remains strongly with us today. Also, I shall
describe how…. [read more]

Evolution of Image Identity Essay

… This symbolizes the age and cultural difference between Rosa, who was raised in the old ways and Maria, who has incorporated the freedom offered by urban lifestyles. In addition, Rosa's shyness is an indicator of personality and education differences between her and Maria and women's limited social mobility.

Maria's residence is dark and lonely compared to Rosa's whose lobby is lively with staircases outside, decorated with pleasant blue-white tiles. Moreover, Rosa is depicted as lonely, sad and contemplative in her kitchen dotted with peeling ceilings, dirty walls, and windowless bedroom (Zambrano, 1998). The interior setting of her house is a representation of her physical and spiritual collapse; this is a sign of her past alcohol sessions and self-destructive behavior.

As depicted by the director in…. [read more]

Maid in Manhattan Film Analysis Term Paper

… Maid in Manhattan as a Portrayal of Cultural Influences

The overt message of the film Maid in Manhattan is that "love conquers all." In real life, however, cultural differences between people are often complex and difficult to overcome. Maid in Manhattan is a not-too-interesting take on the old Cinderella story with hotel maid Marissa Vendura, a divorced Puerto Rican woman -- with a son Ty about seven or eight years old -- who meets her "prince" in the person of a Republican candidate for Congress, Chris Marshall, who comes from an old, established and rich family. The film has a very similar theme to Pretty Woman and Working Girl, so similar you know from the start how the story will end (Noh, 2003; Koehler, 2002;…. [read more]

Viacom Term Paper

… Viacom is one of the world's most valuable media and entertainment company, with operations spanning 164 countries and territories worldwide. Viacom owns two broadcast networks, 79 cable networks, 40 owned-and-operated television stations, 180 radio stations, a leading outdoor advertising company, three television production and syndication units, a major motion picture studio, and more than 1,000 movie screens, a worldwide publishing company and five regional theme parks. Some of Viacom's well-known brands include CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, UPN, Comedy Central, and Showtime. This paper will provide an overview of the Viacom company, discussing its' historical background, a brief overview of financial data, mergers and acquisitions, competition, foreign interests, and its' future expectations. It concludes with an explanation of whether or not stock should be bought in…. [read more]

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Thesis

… The irony of the Coens' career is that, out of the marginalized business of "independent" filmmaking, they have so often striven to re-create such period pieces of the golden age of Hollywood's studios. Although Peter Biskind points to the Coens as an example of the larger symbiotic relationship that exists between "independent" filmmaking and Hollywood studio filmmaking, in the way that independent filmmaking "emerges at the bottom to inject new vitality into the system: the Oliver Stones and Coen Brothers of the 80s, the Quentin Tarantinos and Atom Egoyans of the 90s" (Biskind 429), the fact remains that the Coens seem most influenced by Hollywood product that was not independent in the first place, and represented in many cases the quickest cheapest sort of commercial…. [read more]

American History Role Term Paper

… The Truman Doctrine

As early as 1945, the United States began to recognize a threat coming from Moscow. The United States felt the threat was enough to cut reconstruction funding for Russia immediately after World War II. The Truman Doctrine essentially declared that communism and any other philosophies posed by the Soviet Union were serious threats to not only Europe but the United States and eventually the entire world. The Truman Doctrine stated that communism could no longer go unchecked. The United States took on a responsibility of helping the world either obtain or maintain democratic freedoms.

The true effect of the Truman Doctrine back in the United States, however, was one that systematically altered the American way of life in an almost subliminal way.…. [read more]

Sports in American History Term Paper

… However, over time, sports would become a significant arena in the battles that were against segregation and racial refinement.

The Negro National League had been discovered in 1920 by Rube Foster, and this organization was like a hub for blacks going through racism on the field. This league did survive for a while but racism in this recreation of baseball went on for a very long time. The Negro Southern League operated consecutively from 1920, usually at a lower level. Up until, until 1946 professional baseball in the United States was performed in two racially separated league organizations, both that were on each side of the so-called color line. During a lot of the time there were two high-level "Negro major leagues" that were having…. [read more]

Eisner Michael Eisner: A Lesson Term Paper

… Eisner was immediately offered a position as Diller's assistant at ABC. He was 24 years old and finally, for the first time, he had his own office -- and it was next to Warren Lyons, head of casting at ABC. One year after his arrival at ABC, he was given his first big break. After everyone else had refused to go to San Francisco to oversee the construction of a new theme park called Marine World, Eisner took the lead and volunteered to go. He flew into Pebble Beach, California and convinced Bing Crosby to give ABC the rights to his annual golf tournament in exchange Crosby ABC agreed to revolve their marine park theme around Crosby and some of his Hollywood friends. His next…. [read more]

Murdering Mckinley the Making of Theodore Roosevelt's America Term Paper

… Murdering McKinley: the Making of Theodore Roosevelt's America

On September 6, 1901, Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was on vacation, on a camping trip in the Adirondacks in New York State. News that President McKinley had been shot in Buffalo reached the vice president, and he "rushed to Buffalo and took the oath of office there on September 14 after McKinley died," according to an article in USA Today.

An article in History Today claims that McKinley was "killed as much by botched surgery as by the bullet, which the surgeons said they were unable to locate in the president's abdomen because he was so fat."

Meanwhile, no matter how McKinley really died, he did pass on, and he passed on to Roosevelt the presidency, an…. [read more]

Magical Reels Term Paper

… Magical Reels

King, John. Magical Reels: A History of Cinema in Latin America. Critical Studies in Latin American and Iberian Cultures. London: Verso, 2000.

Increasingly, scholars are focused on analyzing art, including cinematic art, not in the abstract, but as a cultural product or artifact. However, in doing so, an interesting question is raised: is the culture of a society to be studied as merely a 'national' product, when that construct itself is somewhat problematic, given the difficulty of determining national borders in a postcolonial world, where the former European imperial powers drew the border lines of those nations? Or is it too subsuming of local differences to speak of, for example, a 'Latin American' identity? As its title indicates, Magical Reels: A History of…. [read more]

Guantanamo Bay Term Paper

… An additional 16 voted for the Cuban independence measure and abstained from the Platt Amendment (Mellen, 2004). These votes from the hypocritical members of the Senate would have defeated the Platt Amendment had they not changed their position so drastically (Mellen, 2004).

The U.S. intent to use the Platt amendment as the means to legitimize control over Cuba was not a hidden agenda (Mellen, 2004). Congressman Corliss of Michigan stated: "I am construed to vote for the amendment with reference to the island of Cuba, because I believe that the adoption thereof will insure the continuance of our sovereignty. I am unalterably opposed to the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States over the island of Cuba" (Mellen, 2004). Congressman C.E. Littlefield of Maine…. [read more]

Art Violence and Social Engagement in Colombia Research Proposal

… ¶ … Colombia is the third-largest recipient of military aid from the United States and is at a critical juncture in its turbulent history. More than three million people have been displaced in Colombia during the past decade alone, and violent deaths and kidnappings remain alarmingly high. While violence is nothing new to the people of Colombia, their response to its sources and causes have been portrayed in the visual arts in various ways, with one of the most recent manifestations of this being portrayal such as the "The Skin of Memory," developed by the anthropologist Pilar Riano-Alcala and the artist Suzanne Lacy in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team in Colombia. Because art must also serve a social function and civic responsibility, this thesis evaluates…. [read more]

Operation Condor Term Paper

… Operation Condor is considered to be one of the most important actions directed towards the subversive forces in Latin America. A plan which took place during the Cold War, more precisely in 1975 aimed at eliminating the opposition of Latin American dictators from power. However, the leaders of the countries involved soon came to be associated with a circle of death, taking into account the way in which they acted against the so called resistance, and the results their actions had on the population.

The Operation Condor "represented a striking new level of coordinated repression among the anticommunist militaries in the region, and its existence was suspected, but undocumented, until fairly recently. Condor enabled the Latin American military states to share intelligence and to hunt…. [read more]

Church and State Relations Term Paper

… Spanish Colonial Church and State

Spain and Portugal's Long Lasting Marriage between Church and State

Spanish and Portuguese rule in the New World has been a complicated affair full of tensions and relationships which seem unnatural to the modern American and democratic viewpoint. For generations, the Spanish and Portuguese crowns had intimate ties with the affairs and authority of the Church. However during early American settlement of the state had taken center stage, with undertones. After a reunion of church and state in the New World in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Spanish and Portuguese lands in the Americas had re-opened the divide between church and state. Throughout rule in the New World, the Church gave justification to the brutal conquest and control over its…. [read more]

Hugo Chavez the Propaganda Campaign Essay

… In an open letter to the Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch, over 100 experts on Latin America criticized the organization's recent report on Venezuela, A Decade Under Chavez: Political Intolerance and Lost Opportunities for Advancing Human Rights in Venezuela, saying that it "does not meet even the most minimal standards of scholarship, impartiality, accuracy, or credibility." The signers include leading academic specialists from universities in the United States, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and a number of state universities, and academic institutions in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the U.K., Venezuela and other countries.

Media Utilization Techniques

The media has utilized many techniques to discredit Chavez over the years. These techniques include exaggeration of many aspects of the Chavez presidency. For example, although Hugo Chavez…. [read more]

Radical Basque Nationalism Term Paper

… Radical Basque Nationalism

The objective of this work is to research 'Radical Basque Nationalism' with reference to the film "Yoyes" (2000) which is a Spanish political drama based on the life and death of real-life terrorist and member of the ETA, Dolores Gonzalez. This work is to be a cultural essay on the Basque Nationalism. This subject will be discussed through the prism of the film in highlighting relevant issues within this topic.

What Constitutes Nationalism?

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states that the term 'nationalism' is used generally for providing description of two phenomena, which are:

The attitudes that the members of a nation have when they care about their national identity; and 2) the actions that the members of a nation take when…. [read more]

European Colonies Across the World Term Paper

… European colonization across the world, from the 15th century on, was dominated by economic self-interest, and competitive desires for power, wealth, and influence. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work of Spanish missionaries who founded missions throughout California, from San Diego to the Oregon border, where they housed and taught numerous Native Americans, while also forcibly converting them to Catholicism and using them for slave labor. Payoffs, for the Spanish, were both religious and economic, with economic interests likely being first and foremost, not only for Spain but for other European nations as well. Economically-motivated aggressive actions of the Spanish included the use of forced Native American labor for their own purposes, and their claiming of lands occupied for centuries by others. Though…. [read more]

Efforts to Establish a Mexican Monarchy French Intervention in Mexico 1860's Area Research Paper

… ¶ … Mexican Monarchy (French intervention in Mexico-1860's area)

The French attempt to establish a monarchy in democratic Mexico

The French attempt to establish a monarchy in democratic Mexico

Every year, Mexicans -- and many Americans -- celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Yet celebrants outside of Mexico often have little idea of what event they are honoring. Cinco de Mayo is not, as is often mistakenly assumed, Mexico's independence day. Instead it honors the real but improbable feat of the Mexican conquest of the French forces at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the morning of May 5, 1862. 4,000 loyal Mexican government forces triumphed over a French army twice that size composed some of the most elite French units, including members of…. [read more]

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