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Hitler's Youth and Politics Perhaps No Person Term Paper

… Hitler's Youth And Politics

Perhaps no person in modern history is directly responsible for as many deaths as Adolf Hitler. By 1939, Hitler had converted Germany into a full scale military power.

In the process, Hitler also launched World War II. Through his use of propaganda and his formidable oratorical skills, he was able to build the Nazi Party into a mass movement, based on a strong foundation of anti-Semitism. His idea of ensuring the racial purity among the German people ultimately led to his "final solution," where Hitler instituted the mass murder of millions of Jews, as well as the Sinti and Roma tribes, Slavic peoples, homosexuals and other groups of peoples that were considered racially inferior.

Many themes remained steady in his writings.…. [read more]

Sociology of Youth the Structural Essay

… The ceremony's European influence is most evident when the birthday girl performs the traditional waltz. She and her male escorts, the chamberlanes, may also perform Broadway-style twirls and poses that are rehearsed for weeks beforehand." (Sevcik, pg. 41, Becoming A Woman Around the World, 2003)

The indoctrination of youth even in European culture is evident of the control of youth and their exploitation for the use of adult services. Adults have continuously exploited children throughout history for a number of reasons. Economic or social, political or artistic, sexual or emotional, children have been a vice of control and contradiction through the manipulation of adult authority and appeal to authority on behalf of the youth.

These children are under the impression that adults have their best…. [read more]

Hitler Youth Thesis

… Hitler Youth: A Primary Cultural Agent for the Nazi Party

The entirety of the Holocaust was precipitated by a hard-line ideological predisposition toward German nationalism, at least as such a concept was defined by the National Socialist Party. Though World War II and the upswing of Hitler and the Nazi regime are events which revolved around military confrontations and international proxy battling, the European continent played host to a far more unconventional wartime operation. As the Nazi party portrayed it to a surprisingly receptive population, the quest for German national pride and success was to be defined not simply by victorious emergence from the war but by a purification of the people. While this provided an impetus for the larger war, wherein conquered nations would…. [read more]

Propaganda in Hitler's Nazi Germany Term Paper

… Hitlers' Germany

The role propaganda plaid in Nazi Germany over 12 years, between 1933 and 1945 is the role propaganda plaid in any totalitarian state in modern times and more. The fact that the Nazis even established a special Ministry called the Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, by a decree signed on the 12th of March 1933 shows how important this tool was to the Nazi party that came to power as a unique party on his way to identify itself with the state. The declared role this new Ministry had was: "dissemination of enlightenment and propaganda within the population concerning the policy of the Rich Government and the National reconstruction of the German Fatherland"(Welch, p. 25) the appointed Minister was Joseph Goebbels. Furthermore,…. [read more]

Hitler Youth Thesis


The Hitler Youth or the Hitlerjugend was a group comprised of German youth and while the Hitler Youth was "not in essence a military organization" from this groups origins "as the youth department of the brown-shirted Sturmabteilung, or SA, the Hitler Youth expanded to become an all-encompassing institution of the Nazi state…" with the express purpose of indoctrinating children in Germany in Nazi ideology, and to prepare them physically and ideologically for lives of service to the Volksgemeinschaft (national community)." When the war broke out in 1939 membership to the Hitler Youth became "compulsory for all German children between the ages of 10 and 18." (Dearn and Sharp, 2006) the war breaking out resulted in the induction of more German…. [read more]

Hitler's Early Life Term Paper

… During this time, Hitler displayed great organizational skills and a mind for planning battle as well as strategy. Hitler created an elite force of soldiers called the Storm Troopers. In a very short time, this secret army gained a membership of 15,000 and a considerable arsenal. The main objective was to fight anyone against the German way of life. While Hitler was great at organization, he was even a better public speaker and writer. He wrote of his ideologies "that Germans represented a superior form of humanity. They must stay pure by avoiding marriage to Jews and Slavs" (World Book, 2003). Hitler blamed the Jews for the evils of the world. He gave many riveting speeches to the German public and gained popularity.

Germany was…. [read more]

Nazi Youth Prelude Mein Kompf Term Paper

… "For a decade they had propagated a militant spirit within the Hitlerjugend that could only be realized in combat. At the same time they sensed the end of the cherished cultural and political activities that had given them unheard of prestige. Now they would be soldiers like everyone else and have to surrender the comfortable life to which they had become accustomed." (Rempel)

Some other groups that were available before Hitlerjugend became the only game in town are: the Gun-Club, Jewish Youth Groups, and Die Falken (The Falcon). This movement was very successful and their large amounts of money yet hey still enrolled over 100,000 boys.

What has Hitler's involvement?

Hitler and his Nazi Youth Corps represented indomitable strength amid a sea of weakness." (Stein)…. [read more]

Hitler's Ideology and Propaganda Term Paper

… (234)

Hence Hitler advocated repetition and the importance of synthesizing complex ideas into their least common denominator to make propaganda reach the biggest audience and be effective. ("Only constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea on the memory of a crowd." 237) Hitler also advises the propagandist to lie big: "When you lie, tell big lies" believing that "in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility." His philosophy on the effectiveness of the big lie rather than a small lie is that most ordinary people (the "masses") are so used to resorting to "small lies" themselves in their everyday lives, that they easily recognize them as such when uttered by their leaders; "big lies" are unfamiliar territory for them.…. [read more]

Nazi Germany Nazism Is a Form Term Paper

… Nazi Germany

Nazism is a form of socialism, featuring racism and expansionism ( 2006). It was the philosophy of the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party, also known as the Nazi Party (Suffolk Community College Department 2006). The Nazi Party was formed in the city of Munich in Bavaria after World War I. Its initial membership consisted of former German soldiers who believed that the War was lost because of the rebellion of Jews and Marxist traitors in October 1918. They also held that the Versailles "Diktat" must be rejected. The Germans' universal condemnation of the Versailles Treaty and the economic decline of Germany rendered the Germans vulnerable to the appeal of Nazism. The hyper inflation of 1923 and the massive depression, starting in 1929 characterized the…. [read more]

Nazi Germany: Gleichschaltung, Gestapo, and Schutz-Staffel Term Paper

… Hitlers Germany

Hitler's Germany - the Nazi, the Gleichschaltung,

The Gestapo and the Schutz-Staffel

More than 60 years after the fall of the Third Reich, the world is still terrified by the atrocities that went on in Hitler's Germany. The entire globe has condemned the Nazi regime and their actions. Today, even the most forceful advocates of German social-nationalism are appalled at recollecting that dark period in the country's history. However, back then, most Germans praised the new regime and were proud to be part of it. "In March and April (1933), there were long queues outside Nazi party offices of people applying for membership. By May, a temporary block had to be put on the acceptance of further applications."

What raises curiosity about it…. [read more]

Silent Film and How Critical Research Paper

… A good example of the first movement would be Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." (Blakeney, 2009) Blakeney write that the films' atmosphere and plot are through visual means almost entirely revealed through use of sets that are "wildly abstract and dramatically exaggerated makeup." (Blakeney, 2009) The film is reported to unfold "in an enthralling completely artificial environment where even the movements of the actors echo the distorted angular shapes of their setting." (Blakeney, 2009)

According to Blakeney (2009), Bazin is correct in the statement that films such as the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari are "an entirely separate art form. The story is conveyed through the intricate interactions between images, lighting, composition, and movement. If The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was suddenly flooded with…. [read more]

Serial Killers Early Signs Term Paper

… The obsessive behavior can also extend to finding out details about previous serial killers. While some people may have some fascination with this, serial killers will often carry the obsession much farther. They will want to out all the details of the crimes, the killing, the victims, and more than anything, the serial killer. This is largely because their own tendencies mean that they identify with the serial killer. The serial killer become like a role model to them.

The final quality that is seen in serial killers in their youth is a lack of empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand another person, identify with them, and recognize that the person has feelings. For many serial killers, they show a clear lack of empathy…. [read more]

Children Spiritual Development Rationale Essay

… That specifically is the area of exploration in this study and the questions examined relate to the impact of the church congregation on the child's spiritual development and whether that impact results in a higher level of spiritual development for the child. In other words, it would appear to be reasonable to believe that the church congregation has the potential to impact the child's development of spirituality in a manner that would 'culturally' affect the child rendering the child's in their development of a higher level of spiritual understanding about themselves and the world around them. This work examines how that impact and effect in the life of the child develops their ability to make choices that are more spiritually informed and that are based…. [read more]

Hitler's Germany Term Paper

… Eugenics and Complicit Professionals of Hitler's Nazi Germany

The objective of this work is to review what the philosophical, racial, political, and economic goals of German doctors, lawyers who were ardent supporter of the Nazi regime have in common with the Nazis, and how the Nazis used these two groups to coordinate their policies in the respective areas. This work will provide evidence to support the answers asserted in this work, which is concerning eugenics and the philosophy of racial superiority.


The work of Sally M. Rogow entitled: "Hitler's Unwanted Children" that "Childhood in Nazi Germany was cast in the mythic illusion of a super race. Children who did not meet the social or biological criteria of 'perfect' children were removed by…. [read more]

Ensured the Success Essay

… As in the Soviet Union, thousands of books, plays, and films were banned, but an entire body of pro-Nazi culture was created to take their place. (Shirer, 241-243) The active promotion of this culture, which glorified Germany and the Aryan worker, served as both entertainment for the masses and propaganda for the state.

Of course, all these social programs cost money. Rearmament required all spare state funds, so the government established programs of "voluntary" donation and wage deduction, through which the people could fund their own enlightenment.

With the Gestapo handy to encourage reluctant donors, participation in these programs was nearly universal. (Frei, 83)

Hitler's government had achieved nothing short of a public relations miracle. Not only had the Third Reich implemented an ambitious array…. [read more]

Stefan Zweig the World of Yesterday Term Paper

… ¶ … Stefan Zweig's book the World of Yesterday he refers to the "world of security" - his homeland of Austria - in reference to more than a geographic place. The place where Zweig was raised gave him a "feeling of security" (Zweig, 2); while at first only the wealthy enjoyed this sensation of security, in time the "great masses forced their way into it" (2). In fact this world was one where houses were insured against fire, there were funds put aside for old age, everyone had a safe home and "violence" seemed to be "impossible." In his own family the feeling of security was established because his father was very rich and his family lived comfortably though not pretentiously. But security also meant…. [read more]

Germany Research Project Research Paper

… The government even forced the youth to be a part of the army which led to Germany's s army a big and prominent one in the war. (Jarausch, 2006) Since this was the case, the entire population of Germany became highly aggressive. This aforementioned population did not include the anti-Nazis but as mentioned earlier there weren't a lot of those any way. The Nazi supporting population had been so brainwashed by the previous regime that they had completed been washed away of all their tolerance. Even though the Jews were victims the most, other races and minority groups were under threat as well. The Nazi supporting Germans did not like the idea of Jews or any other culture or race living in the country. (Jarausch,…. [read more]

Poetry Analysis Essay

… The children worked their way through the protective bodies only to find others looking for them. The dead bodies were "pulled apart with grappling hooks,/revealing these babes/whose second chances were/grasped like little ankles/in SS fists and smashed/like small skulls against the bleeding walls" (24-29) This last part of the poem speaks to the violent death that ended the hopeful youth that clawed for the air that ad always been there before. All they found was the soldiers searching for survivors and the smashing death that awaited them.

The final poem to be examined is called "Bread of Life." This is an allusion to both the bread that could give the sustenance they needed, and the God, who through manna had once sustained their people, who…. [read more]

Interdisciplinary Methods One Weakness Research Paper

… 169).

Young Hitler also hated school or any type of organization or routine work, and lived in an escapist fantasy land in which he was a great artists or a cowboy fighting Native Americans in the Wild West of the American frontier. All of these traits of "indolent lifestyle, the grandiosity of fantasy, the lack of discipline for systematic work" stayed with Hitler for the rest of his life (Kershaw, p. 11). Even in his youth, he was fascinated with Wagner and nationalistic myths of Nordic gods and heroes, and imagined himself as a great leader or an artistic genius. As Albert Speer observed, Hitler had a talent for drawing buildings but never the human figure, which is why he was not admitted to the…. [read more]

Franklin D. Roosevelt Term Paper

… ¶ … life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt [...] his life, his presidency, and his accomplishments while he was president. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was one of the nation's most memorable presidents for a number of reasons. He was the first and only president to be elected to an unprecedented four terms in office, he died in office, handing over the presidency to Harry Truman, he reacted to the national emergency of Pearl Harbor, which entered the country into World War II, he resurrected the country from the Great Depression, and he was the nation's only disabled president. His presidency accomplished much, and many of the programs he implemented while in office are still in place today.

Franklin Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York on…. [read more]

Goddard's Masculin Feminin Research Paper

… ¶ … Goddard's Masculin Feminin

As a prominent and influential part of "La Nouvelle Vague" or "The New Wave," Jean-Luc Godard has tried to depict, in'MasculinFeminin', the political and social youth counter-culture that was present and developing in the 1960s in the ideal way as the medium of cinema allowed a perfect combination of contemporary perception and original wit of that time.

Godard was an enemy of the French cinema's "Tradition of Quality," which he believed destroyed creativity and growth as it "emphasized craft over innovation, privileged established directors over new directors, and preferred the great works of the past to experimentation" (Grant, 2007). Because of this belief, Godard's films contain all those elements that defied the established literary narrative; they focused on the idea…. [read more]

R.R. Tolkien: The Lord Term Paper

… This is pastoral England restored, the land that Tolkien believed had, in reality, succumbed to the advance of machines and the modern world:

The country in which I lived in childhood was being shabbily destroyed before I was ten, in days when motor-cars were rare objects (I had never seen one) and men were still building suburban railways. Recently I saw in a paper a picture of the last decrepitude of the once thriving corn-mill beside its pool that long ago seemed to me so important. (FR, 13)

One of the most potent influences on The Lord of the Rings, then, is not any land that actually ever was, but an idealized version of they way the author liked to think it was. The description…. [read more]

Normal I Offer. Why? Essay

… Even with the fact that it would be difficult to determine why a powerful community would be interested to organize a false flag event during the London Olympics, it is only safe to assume that these individuals are concerned about securing their position in society by coming to possess important resources and by focusing on influencing the international public in supporting their actions. While these actions seem absurd in the present, they are probable to seem less irresponsible as matters progress and as the masses come to concentrate on punishing imagined terrorists.

John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" provides a lot of information regarding how powerful international bodies try to remove unjust rulers from around the world and concerning how they put across benevolent…. [read more]

Faith and God in Elie Essay

… Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever. . . . Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes" (Wiesel and Wiesel 33-34). How could just God allow these inhumanities continue, Elie wondered? He began to think that God either did not exist or the existing God was unjust and cruel.

While Elie continued to struggle with his faith, another incident further shook his childhood faith in the goodness of God. During an allied raid in Buna, one of the prisoners tried to eat some food and the Nazis shoot him. Afterwards, accusing another boy of stealing food, the Nazis hanged him in the presence of other Jewish prisoners. Many others…. [read more]

Wrongful Life / Damages Debate Topic-Role Negative Assessment

… Wrongful Life / Damages

Debate Topic-Role Negative

In the most common type of wrongful life case, a doctor (or geneticist) fails to diagnose a very sever genetic problem in a fetus. In most cases, the problem is so severe that many parents say that, had they known about the problem, they would have aborted the fetus. When the parents, or the parents acting on the child's behalf, brings a claim to court alleging that the doctor or geneticist was negligent in failing to diagnose the problem, it is called -- or known as -- a "wrongful life" claim.

In Tort law, damages are usually compensatory in nature -- that is, they are given with the goal of returning the hurt party to the position her…. [read more]

Making of a Suicide Bomber Term Paper

… ¶ … Suicide Bomber

History of suicide Bombing.

The history of suicide missions can be traced as far as the days of Samson the Jew, retrieved from the Holy Bible in the book of Judges. Therein is found the story of Samson, a Jewish superman who killed himself by bringing down the philistines temple in order to kill thousands of philistines. This happened after he was subdued and grossly physically disfigured and even lost the eyes, this led to deep anger and when he was brought before a multitude to be teased and insulted more, he asked God for power to break down the pillars of the building and die with the Philistines. He killed in the name of God.

There are also episodes of…. [read more]

Postwar World 1 Effects Term Paper

… ¶ … World War I on Politics

World War I was one of the most traumatic times for the young men in the world and in particular, in the U.S. That was a time when people were simply not prepared for a war on this scale and the death of millions of young men during the war left an indelible mark on the youth of the era. Naturally, this resentment and disillusionment had an impact on the political scene. The shaping of politics actually started much sooner than the end of war. It started when America decided to join the war and this generated a wave of resentment in the people.

United States did not want to join the conflict that had been rocking the…. [read more]

Leadership Analysis Historical Context Saddam Hussein Term Paper

… Leadership Analysis

Historical context

Saddam Hussein short biography

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Alnahyan short biography

Leadership analysis of the two former Arab leaders

General leadership analysis

Leadership analysis according to Andrew J. DuBrin's theories..

s present an analysis between the leadership styles of Saddam Hussein of Iraq on the one hand, and Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Alnahyan of the United Arab Emirates on the other hand.

The two leaders are completely opposite. Saddam exerted an autocratic leadership style, while Zayed exerted a democratic style.

They present similar innate characteristics that helped hem gain leadership of two important Arab regions.

Their leadership styles are based on different values: Saddam was focusing on strategy, while Zayed was focusing on communication and human aspiration.

However, both of them…. [read more]

Social Work Narrative Henry Schein Term Paper

… Social Work


Henry Schein celebrated his 80th birthday last April, surrounded by his family. However, Schein's family is scattered across the United States, and none of his three children are on speaking terms with the other. The following facts about Henry Schein are useful to know:

Holocaust survivor; was interred in a camp until liberation, when he was 5 years old.

He was the only one in his family that he knows of to survive

Schein was reunited with an uncle who had already moved to the U.S.A.

Lived in New York until he was 35, then moved to Miami

Became a schoolteacher, then quit to follow a dream of starting his own business

Wife of 25 years died of breast cancer.

Believes in…. [read more]

Character Development -- the Yugoslavian Essay

… You know that in my country, we know more by time we are 15…more about History and culture and things like that than anybody going to Ivy League schools are learning here, you know? She don't care about that…only thing give shit about is where she telling her friends I graduated from.

And they are all dressing like sluts…like Paris Hilton…to be noticed…to be noticed by all other men. My girlfriend always was getting me into trouble…fighting…I mean what does she expect to happen dressing like whore? Huh? She flirt with other guys all the time and I want to kick shit out them, you know? I mean, why you gonna look at other guys when you have me? They look better than me? No.…. [read more]

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