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Hamlet William Shakespeare's the Tragedy Essay

… Hamlet

William Shakespeare's the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: The Role of King Claudius within the Drama

William Shakespeare (believed to have lived between 1564 and 1616) is without any doubt one of the most important figures in international literature. Within Great Britain, he is the most reputable writer and throughout the world, he is recognized as the greatest dramatist. Much controversy has been raised by the author of Much Ado about Nothing, a Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet or others, revolving primarily around the authenticity of the writings, in the meaning of their provenience and the actual writer. The debate has not yet been settled, but what it has done, was to have increased the popularity of the author and his work,…. [read more]

William Shakespeare Should Shakespeare's Work Essay

… Laura wrote,

"One night three men were keeping watch outside the homestead of the great chief, when suddenly they saw the former chief approach them.'

'Why was he no longer their chief?'

'He was dead,' I explained. 'That is why they were troubled and afraid when they saw him.'

'Impossible,' began one of the elders, handing his pipe on to his neighbor, who interrupted. 'Of course it wasn't the dead chief; it was an omen sent by a witch. Go on."It is clear from this excerpt that in native Africa, Witch crafting and black magic are accepted arts and are considered as part of regular lives. The very idea of a soul has been replaced by the work of witch. Laura further wrote, "Slightly shaken,…. [read more]

Homosexuality in Shakespeare's Tragedies Elements Term Paper

… He may hate her most of all because she has stolen his fancied lovers, Cassio, and particularly Othello.

Later on, in Act III, comes the famous (or infamous) homosexual scene in which Iago purports to have engaged in sexual behavior with Cassio. His ostensible purpose is to convince Othello that Cassio was talking about Desdemona in his sleep and convince Othello that Desdemona is cuckolding him.

I will go on. I lay with Cassio lately;

And, being troubled with a raging tooth, could not sleep. There are a kind of men

So loose of soul that in their sleeps will mutter

Their Affairs. One of this kind is Cassio.

In sleep I heard him say, "Sweet Desdemona,

Let us be wary, let us hide our…. [read more]

William Shakespeare's Macbeth Term Paper

… William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Introduction to Shakespearean Tragedy

William Shakespeare has worn the crown of the greatest dramatist of the world for many decades. Shakespeare used his words to bring characters to life; characters that lived within a common reader, from regalities like kings, princes, queens; vices like murderers and drunkards, to common men like mindless fools and court jesters. He meticulouslyembroidered these characters into his diverse but truly life-like plots that entranced people far and wide.

Shakespeare'svaried subjects and plots clearly indicate his knowledge of happenings around him and the working of governmental statutes. Shakespeare amalgamated actual history with his imagination and changed minute details of historical events; this produced a yet more interesting drama. The Tragedy of Macbethis no exception to it. King James,…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Othello Essay

… The story of Othello may have happened as history, i.e. As direct retelling of tale and event. Dramatized, however, in a visual way where we see the events unfolding, the story -- as Aristotle pointed out -- has a greater impact on us, since it moves us, makes us relive the tale, and the fear and pity that we feel for the man evokes in us a catharsis of escaped emotion.

Sometimes, explains Aristotle, the hero is unaware for the calamity until the very end. This is what happened to Oedipus, and this is what occurs in Othello too. Only with Emilia's revelation of the handkerchief is Othello aware of his grotesque error and then he injures his enemy and kills himself. The tragedy is…. [read more]

Tragedy and Comedy One Popular Term Paper

… In his now immortalized soliloquy, Hamlet reveals the extent of his tortured soul: "To be, or not to be - that is the question: / Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer / The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, / Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, / And by opposing end them?" (3.1.57-61)

If Shakespeare used a grave digger for comic relief in Hamlet, in Macbeth, he achieved it through the unlikely character of the porter in Act 2, Scene 3. In a satire appropriate to the plot of Macbeth, the porter imagines that he is in attendance to the gates of Hell, and very tellingly proceeds to make sardonic remarks about human nature by describing the number and variety…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Hamlet Research Paper

… Yorick's skull could very well be Hamlet's "lady's" and Caesar now lacks any resemblance to the human at all, only to dust. (5.1.179-199; 1744-1745) "If there is any release for Hamlet," before the senseless bloodbath that occurs almost at random, to close the play, "it comes from an unflinching gaze at a skull" It comes from "the skull of the jester Yorick, but also, by extension, his father's skull and his own," writes Stephen Greenblatt in his introduction to the play for The Norton Shakespeare edition. (1666)

Thus, Hamlet in the graveyard seems to be viewing the world from a clearly different theological stance than the one Hamlet expressed when he refused to kill his uncle at prayer for fear that the murderer's words to…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Play Macbeth Essay

… By looking at matters from this perspective, one might be inclined to consider that the witches and Lady Macbeth simply activate concepts that Macbeth had concealed for most of his life (Bloom & Marson 181).

Lady Macbeth practically replaces the witches and goes even further by making Macbeth feel that he is unable to assume the position he deserves because he cannot go through with murdering the King. Shakespeare does not necessarily attempt to criticize women in general through this play, as he emphasizes that not all women are inclined to put across immoral thinking by presenting Lady Macduff as a virtuous individual who is primarily interested in honest ideas (Brown 197).

The fact that the witches are physically unattractive contributes to seeing people who…. [read more]

Homosexuality Japan in Japan's Progressive Term Paper

… Homosexuality Japan

In "Japan's Progressive Sex: Male Homosexuality, National Competition, and the Cinema," Jonathan M. Hall (2000) connects the "gay boom" in Japanese cinema with Japanese gender construction, gender norms, and Japanese nationalism. By framing male homosexuality as a reflection of heterosexual female desire, Japanese filmmakers reflect but also substantiate cultural values and social norms. Gay male sexuality is appropriated, manipulated, and marketed in ways that are meaningful within Japanese culture but also reflective of globalization.

Gay male imagery and themes permit the exploration of female heterosexuality and female gender identity within a patriarchal society. For instance, the heterosexual female assuages fears of male sexual predation, as the gay male is a safe friend and even safe bed partner. Hall (2000) notes that the gay…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Many Same-Sex Couples Annotated Bibliography

… Many gay-rights activists, however, argue the status of civil unions nonetheless causes the public to perceive their commitments to be less than those of married people. Supporters, on the other hand, defend them as the best deal gay couples are likely to get in states resistant to gay marriage (Mach and Stepney: 2f.). Grant nearly all or some state-level spousal rights to unmarried couples (domestic partnerships): While similar to marriage, a domestic partnership does not necessarily grant the 1,138 rights afforded to married couples in the U.S. By the federal government, as tallied by the United States Government Accountability Office. Furthermore, domestic partnerships are determined by each state or local jurisdiction, so there is no nationwide consistency on the rights, responsibilities and benefits afforded to…. [read more]

Shakespeare Never Read Aristotle? Term Paper

… Harbage agrees that Shakespeare can be interpreted as fulfilling Aristotelian models. However, even more than Mehl, Harbage tries to focus on the ways in which Shakespeare was not in debt to Aristotle. It is important to note where Harbage explains that Aristotle's works regarding tragedy were not widely read or distributed at that time. Keeping in mind that Shakespeare would not have been familiar with those "rules" might explain part of why he broke them so readily. He explains that while Shakespeare may have had certain elements in common with Aristotle's theater, Elizabethean theater in general "it adopted no formal conventions such as the chorus or the 'unities,' or even simplicity of design... As episodic as a History or as complicated as a Comedy. It…. [read more]

Tragedy of Haste: William Shakespeare's Play Essay

… ¶ … tragedy of haste: William Shakespeare's play the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

The characterizations of William Shakespeare's play the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet as a 'tragedy' may at first seem confusing to conventional definitions of dramatic tragedy. Is not a 'tragedy' by definition a play about the fall of a great person with a single, tragic flaw? However, this romance does have the characteristics of a tragedy, even though it does not depict the fortunes of a single individual. Instead, the two main protagonists of the play have the potential for greatness, or at least great love, but that potential is destroyed by their mutually shared tragic flaw of hastiness and impetuousness. Shakespeare implies that Romeo and Juliet learn this recklessness from…. [read more]

Macbeth Revised Shakespeare's Tragedy Thesis

… In other words, Macbeth is able to foresee the eventual disaster that will befall him, before he even makes the decision to manipulate circumstances and kill his sleeping houseguest.

If Macbeth was tempted to his act of manipulation by the "prophecy" of the witches, we must recall that Banquo received "prophecy" as well. For that reason, Macbeth's guilty mind now cannot stop dwelling on the prediction that Banquo will be father to kings. By obsessing over the consequences of his action, Macbeth wishes to stop any disaster -- instead, he sets up the assassination of his best friend. But again, the manipulative action is not an end in itself: the murderers fail to kill Banquo's son Fleance (who was the subject of the prophecy) and…. [read more]

Shakespeare and Insanity an Analysis Term Paper

… If Shakespeare represented the demolition of the old world and the old world Christ (of whom Cordelia may be said to be a symbol -- the dutiful, truthful, obedient, self-sacrificing child), Johnson may be said to represent that genteel and intellectualized age that followed the Anglicization of England: a period of Enlightenment -- but a period removed from the medieval religious spirit. All of this is represented in King Lear.

Insanity in Lear, however, is both real and feigned. Lear goes mad, when his daughters (whose love has been feigned) reject him and he leaves their dwellings rather than suffer their insults. Madness is feigned, on the other hand, by Edgar, son of Gloucester. Edgar realizes that his illegitimate brother Edmund has devised a plot…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Ghost as a Character in Shakespearean Adaptations 17th 18th Centuries Term Paper

… Shakespeare's Ghost as a character

Shakespeare is perhaps the most famous playwright of all time. It is hard to imagine that in the seventeenth century, Shakespeare was just another playwright alongside others such as Marlowe and Webster, to name only two. In fact, his works were not truly appreciated until the nineteenth century when "the Bard" became worshipped not only in England, but throughout Europe. In the eighteenth century, Shakespeare was beginning to be awarded increasingly more recognition for his work. However, Britain's "national poet" also became a dramatic character in several of the adaptations of his plays in order to serve certain political goals.

The gap that existed between the new and the old theater was bridged by William Davenant, the first Restoration adapter…. [read more]

Shakespeare Play Macbeth Showing All the Characteristics of Angle Saxon Period Term Paper

… Macbeth Showing all the Characteristics of the Anglo-Saxon Period

Anglo-Saxon Culture in Macbeth

The tragedy of Macbeth took place in Scotland at the end of the medieval period of Europe. It was based on real accounts of a Scottish Thane who murdered his Lord. William Shakespeare was known for his poetic language, which helped framed the dramatic and tragic story of Macbeth, (Nostbakken 14). By highlighting elements of the Anglo-Saxon culture which existed in that area and later influenced future generations, Shakespeare creates a world torn by war and ruled by fate. Several aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture are prevalent in the tragedy, including religious implications, the unique interpretation of the idea of faith, and the social customs which ruled over the people of early Britain…. [read more]

Edward Bond's Lear vs. Shakespeare's King Research Paper

… Later, the daughters are able to come into power after overthrowing their father from his place of status. They throw him in jail and then prove him to be crazy. Insanity is validated by a would-be-trial as in the situation of the crazy King Lear in Act III of Shakespeare's drama. Like Shakespeare's Lear, Bond's Lear as well displays a lot of wisdom when he is being tried like a man that was crazy. The daughters who made a decision to turn against their father did not take long to do the same against their husbands in addition to against each other. Both start coming up with these methods of getting rid of their husbands and then wed Warrington who was Lear's assistant. Discovering that…. [read more]

Shakespeare Is Often Revered Essay

… This is a common concept in modern day norms as relationships are often corrupted due to sexual means. The line, "therefore I lie with her, and she with me, / and in our faults by lies we flattered be," indicates that the man in play continues to have sexually charged relationships with the dark woman even though he sees faults within her. This is appealing to the general population for numerous reasons. Many individuals have experienced or been exposed to adultery. In many instances, they have participated in the activity realizing the faults of doing so. As such sonnet 138 reveals the natural desire to adultery and its temptation.

The perspective of Sonnet 138 is interesting because the narrator analyzes his actions from a detached…. [read more]

Shakespeare Comedy to Tragedy Essay

… Romeo & Juliet

The Most Tragic Comedie of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is without a doubt one of the Western world's most well-known love stories, if not the entire world's most well-known love story, period. Almost every pre-pubescent and teenage girl has dreams of playing the innocent young lover onstage, and almost every sitcom with teenagers has an episode dedicated to such a production; the story, or at least its essential elements, are so much a part of the popular culture that most would be hard pressed to recall the first time they learned the basics of the story, or the identities of its tow titular characters. Yet despite the degree to which the outline of the story is known, the popular knowledge…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Foreshadowing in Tragedy Term Paper

… Critics are quick to point out that for the original audiences, who could draw on the current historical situation in England, this foreshadowing would have been even more immediate and visceral. Lear's division of the kingdom, at the historical moment when this play was written, would have most clearly and definitely predicted to the audience the eventual downfall of his fortunes and family.

A similarly visceral foreshadowing may be seen in Hamlet. The opening scenes of this play revolve around the appearance of a dreadful and menacing ghost, who comes in the very aspect and shape of Hamlet's dead father and namesake. As many have pointed out, however, the Old Hamlet is not a comforting father figure, for he speaks most terrifyingly of the tortures…. [read more]

Shakespeare William Term Paper

… Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights of the English literature and one of the titans of the Renaissance movement. His works gave way to new forms of literary creations, or the perfection of old ones. Nonetheless, controversy did not eluded him and today he is still one of the majestic emblems of the British people and one of the great representatives of his time.

Despite rigorous research made to complete Shakespeare's biography, little is known for certain about his life. He was born at Stratford-upon- Avon in April 1564. His family was rather prosperous and highly regarded in town. However, by 1582, he had married Ann Hathaway, a woman eight years older than him; a fact that especially at that time…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Tragedy "King Lear Essay

… "As flies to wanton Boys, are we to th' Gods, / They kill us for their Sport" (Shakespeare 58). It is as if Gloucester is perfectly aware of conditions in his society and does not hesitate to put across his feeling in regard to it. He wants people to realize that it is absurd for them to consider that the world functions in accordance with a higher authority's determination to impose justice. Edgar contradicts Gloucester's thinking, but the ending of the play makes it impossible for audiences to come to a resolute conclusion concerning the concept of justice. Goodness does not act on its own, as it is accompanied by madness and death, eventually demonstrating that people are wrong in considering that divine powers have…. [read more]

Shakespeare at First Glance, Shakespeare's Othello Term Paper

… Shakespeare

At first glance, Shakespeare's "Othello" and "The Tempest" could not be more unlike. "Othello" is a tale rooted very firmly in the here-and-now, the actual city of Venice, an important and central location for the Renaissance man; "The Tempest" is a fantasy taking place on a "marvelous" island. However, a closer look reveals that Venice, too, is marvelous, and is, moreover, the perfect link between the civilized and the savage. It is no wonder, then, that the story of the 'noble savage' in the character of "Othello" was placed there. Nor is it any wonder that the less noble savage, Caliban, is found on an island that, while not straddling the literal old and new world orders, nonetheless bears on its shell representatives of…. [read more]

Shakespeare Land of Enchantment Term Paper

… Shakespeare

Land of enchantment

From the very beginning the play imposes a visual spectacle. The actual representation of the storm and of the shipwreck comes as a challenge.Even if it is possible on paper, its incarnation on the stage requires a lot of effort. For the time when it was written, it stands as remarkably experimental. Shakespeare forces the limits of the theatre and those of interpretation.

Fiction in general is an overlapping of mythical and fabulous, a quest to know the word and to regain identity by means of imagination, perception, understanding. In this case Shakespeare writes a play about fictionalization.

We are confronted with an atypical beginning, the plays starts at full speed, in medias res:

the image of a storm, tormented waters,…. [read more]

Tragedy of Hamlet Was in the University Term Paper

… Tragedy of Hamlet

Hamlet was in the university when he received a message about his feather's death. As a legal heir to the throne, he needed to be home and perform his duty s the new king. He was so young and was still mourning about the inexplicable death of his father, and he still needed to face various issues particularly on who had killed his father. He became obsessed with proving that his own his uncle was the one who had planned for the killing of his father. He tried to show to his father's people (and eventually called as his own people) that in his own ways, he could solve the mystery of his father's death while maintaining a good governance.

Aside from…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Play Term Paper

… Helena's opening soliloquy conveys the plight of a woman trapped between active ("masculine") and passive ("feminine") modes of desire. She clearly expresses her desire to consummate a sexual love, calling herself a "hind" who wishes to be "mated by the lion" (1.1.85-92). At the same time, she adopts a "feminine" posture: she cannot mate but only be "mated." Furthermore, as a hind desiring a lion, she cannot mate at all. Helena thus naturalizes the culturally established distinctions of gender and class that make Bertram a forbidden object. In addition, Helena trains a desiring look on Bertram, submitting her "curled darling" to rapturous objectification, only to affirm a "feminine" helplessness, lamenting the impossibility of eliciting his returned look. That Helena imagines a sexual feeding here seems…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Othello and Merchant of Venice Term Paper

… Shakespeare

Othello and Merchant of Venice are arguably Shakespeare's most racially inflammatory plays. In Othello, a "black" Moorish (anti)hero is shown as killing his white wife in a fit of animalistic jealousy, while in Merchant of Venice a villainized Jewish Usurer is shown as trying to literally take the flesh of those to whom he lends. In both cases the racial themes hardly deserve the name of undertones, as the remain primary and active motivators for the characters and subjects of constant dialog. What is less obvious, and yet equally important in considering these plays, is the role which gender marginalization plays in the stories. Jean Howard wisely points out that characters such as Iago display a profound misogyny which informs these plays, and yet…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Discourses Term Paper

… Shakespeare's Discourse On Law, Mercy And Justice In The Tempest And Titus Andronicus

The Tempest and Titus Andronicus are two plays which are very distinct in substance and in meaning. The Tempest is one of Shakespeare's most appreciated works, impressive through its wondrous atmosphere and its profoundness. Titus Andronicus, on the other hand, is certainly the most violent of all Shakespearian tragedies, as it is filled with atrocities, murders, rapes and so on. In both of these plays however, one of the most important theme is revenge. While in Titus Andronicus violence and revenge seem to sweep over all of the scenes, involving all the characters in a ferocious game of life and death, in the Tempest, Prospero saves the lives of his treacherous brothers…. [read more]

Shakespeare and Orson Welles Essay

… William Shakespeare's Henriad And Orson Welles Five Kings:

Rewriting the role of Falstaff in the Shakespearean English history cycle

Orson Welles' Mercury Theater adaptation of Shakespeare, a saga entitled Five Kings, seems very calculating and self-interested on its surface. Welles shifts the focus of the history cycle from the rulers of England to Sir John Falstaff. This seems convenient for Welles as an actor -- physically he resembles Falstaff more than the lean Prince Hal. This rebalancing of the narrative also creates a more 'meaty,' sympathetic, and tragic role for Falstaff. Hal's rejection of his old friend is not seen as necessary for Hal and England's future success, but as a tragedy for Sir John. However, this shift in emphasis also suggests Welles hopes to…. [read more]

Shakespeare Two of Shakespeare's Comedies, a Midsummer Research Proposal

… Shakespeare

Two of Shakespeare's comedies, a Midsummer Night's Dream and the Tempest settings alternating from what appears to be reality to the realm of dreaming. In fact, both of them are swinging from a plan to another, creating the impression of absurd that is characteristic to the dream world. Regardless of the development of events, the audience is slowly introduced to the idea that it is witnessing a dream. Once everyone is aware that everything is just a dream, any outcome becomes easier to accept. Logic becomes redundant since dreams are known to follow strange rules, completely different from any logical explanation available in what the human senses are experiencing as reality.

The setting in a Midsummer Night's Dream is first Theseus' palace. He is…. [read more]

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