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Hong Kong Freight Industry Essay

… Despite hurdles in terms of competition within neighboring areas and a palpable economic downturn that affected the entire world in terms of international trade, Hong Kong has continued to hold a top position in an area of economic industry that it has continued to set the standards for. While relatively small downturns have been noted in terms of freight transport and capital in recent years, the fact remains that Hong Kong's numbers are miniscule in comparison to the cuts and setbacks other freight industries around the world have seen. Such a factor can be only attributed to Hong Kong's long-standing knowledge of the industry and continually-proven excellence in its freight dealings domestically and internationally.


Business Monitor International. (2011 July 1). Hong Kong freight transport…. [read more]

Financial Crisis 2008 Threat or Opportunity for Banks in Hong Kong Dissertation

… Financial Crisis: Threat or Opportunity for Banks in Hong Kong

Impacts Of Financial Crisis To HK Banks

It was reported on March 15th, 2010, that Hong Kong shares "rose early Tuesday, shaking off fears about monetary tightening by China that dragged down the market in the previous two sessions as banks and resource stocks advanced after broad overnight gains on Wall Street." (Market Pulse, 2010) in 2008 the banking environment in Hong Kong was characterized by government assistance directed toward backing bank deposits totally $773 billion through 2010. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority had stated at that time that it was "prepared to provide capital to the territory's 23 locally incorporated banks, following the example of the United States and Britain." (Bradsher, 2008)

Hong Kong…. [read more]

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants Hong Term Paper

… Recommendations

In the light of above analysis and discussion, it can be recommended that Kimpton Hotels should first analyze the external environment of the target market and then look at its own competencies and strengths which it can use to avail the attractive opportunities from this market and encounter the potential threats, unfavorable industry patterns, and competitive pressures which can negatively affect its business operations. It should transform its boutique hospitality concept from American style to Hong Kong style in order to attract and satisfy the local customers. It should not only provide hospitality services, but should also invest in related businesses to extend its service line and strengthen its position in the industry. It should give major focus on the quality of its customer…. [read more]

Hong Kong Healthcare Essay

… The government should promote the establishment of low income outreach facilities that can be of value in reducing medical costs.

In conclusion, these broad proposals in relation to gender inequality and poverty are ways to stop a downslide in the Hong Kong health system in the decade ahead. But more important than these particular steps is the imperative to see our problems clearly and to shape our political and economic arguments around them in the coming years. If Hong Kong wants to maintain its global edge it cannot afford to neglect its less fortunate citizens. Strong families -- and the commitments and habits they teach -- are essential to both a market economy and a working democracy. More than ever before, the health of Hong…. [read more]

Financial Market in New Zealand Essay

… Financial Market in New Zealand

As the forces of globalization opened up boundaries, economic agents took the opportunity to transcend geographic borders and benefit from the comparative advantage of countries. While the generally discussed advantages refer to an abundance of the natural resources or a more cost effective labor force, it must not be forgotten that market liberalization also encouraged the movement of capitals. Investors quickly seized the opportunity to increase their gains.

A major part in the ultimate success of foreign investors was played by the national financial market. The financial market is a broad concept, referring basically to place in which trade between commodities and financial securities occurs; the purpose of the trade is a dual one -- investors look for new ways…. [read more]

Financial Management in Multinational Organizations Essay

… Financial Management in Multinational Organizations

The contemporaneous business community is marked by a wide series of features, such as an increasing emphasis placed on customer satisfaction or on employee on the job satisfaction. Aside these however, two crucial elements define today's business community -- globalization and competition. With the emergent forces of globalization and market liberalization, more and more economic entities have found opportunities to expand their business across other countries. The process has allowed them to benefit from the comparative advantage of the respective countries (such as cost effective labor force or an abundance of natural resources) and to exponentially increase their revenues by addressing a wide market. Yet, this also materialized in the presence of more and more players within the international industry,…. [read more]

Hong Kong Financial Market Research Proposal

… ¶ … financial market of Hong Kong in the airline transportation arena. Our central question is whether or not this a good time for an airline based in Hong Kong to issue its IPO. While the Hong Kong and market has just went for a downturn, it is turning around have weathered nicely and is turning around.. Major Hong Kong airlines such as Cathay Pacific Airways have counted upon this pending recovery and went forward with their own IPO recently in order to expand its Executive Business Class Service. For this reason, we will list the reasons and the advantages for this option and the key points for a successful move to an IPO.

In general, the present is still a good time for the…. [read more]

Human Resources Management: How to Improve Minimum Wage Policy Management in Hong Kong Essay

… (Lovells, et al., 2012, paraphrased) In terms of record keeping, beginning May 1, 2013, employers are required by law to keep records of the employee's total worked hours where the employee's wage during any wage period total less than $12,300 which has been increased from HK$800 and when an employee is averaging more than $12,300 per month the net wages of the employee may be reduced by the exclusion of unworked time that is paid is less than $12,300 however, the Ordinance required record keeping will still be in effect. Therefore, it is necessary that employers keep good records of the number hours that each employees work. (Lovells, et al., 2012, paraphrased) It is stated to be critical to note that the calculation method and…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Hong Kong Healthcare Organization Term Paper

… Marketing Plan for Hong Kong Healthcare Organization

Marketing Plan for a Healthcare Organization in Hong Kong Today

One of the most interesting and economically successful places in the world today is the "Special Autonomous Region" of Hong Kong. Indeed, the region is "special" for a number of reasons, particularly its ability to navigate between the laws of its parent nation in mainland China while continuing many of the traditions inherited by virtue of its British legacy. One of the fortunate consequences of the region's unique history has been the development of a healthcare system that is equal or superior to virtually any country in the world today, but some problems with accessibility and affordability remain firmly in place for a significant percentage of the region's…. [read more]

Comprehensive Study of Offshore Financial Centers and Their Effects on Global Economy Dissertation

… ¶ … Offshore Financial Centres and Their Effects on Global Economy

The past 3 decades or so have witnessed the proliferation of offshore financial centres that have drawn both criticism and praise for their cumulative effect on the global economy. These offshore financial networks included 36 jurisdictions by the end of the 1970s that involved three main types of geographical locations, inland enclave states, coastal enclave states and island states. The enclave states have established a global pattern of so-called satellite clusters that are compatible with four main business time zones with linkages to the major global and regional capital markets. The Western Hemisphere is generally served through the New York epicenter by the Caribbean and the Central American Basin; European enclaves, coastal enclaves and…. [read more]

Korean Financial Crisis Research Paper

… They also conclude that a larger foreign bank presence associates with a lower profitability and a higher provisioning for bad loans by domestic banks." (Jeon and Miller, 2005)

V. The Asian Financial Crisis Impacts on Korea

The Asian financial crisis is reported to have "product the dramatic domestic economic crisis in Korea" (Jeon and Miller, 2005) however it is stated, "more fundamental factors also added to its severity." (Jeon and Miller, 2005) Specifically too much investment and borrowing overextended the corporate sector and commercial banks are reported as having "overused short-term foreign lending as a source of funds." (Jeon and Miller, 2005) Lastly, the "lack of transparency of balance sheets, income statements, and management practices all led to a crisis of confidence in Korean institutions."…. [read more]

Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 Essay

… This process of stability helped to fortify the intra-regional financial sector policy coordination, proof of which is consistently seen in the ongoing development of regional cooperation and plans for the macroeconomic screening and overall liquidity support (Park, 2013). Even so, there are significant variations in the amount in which the area's domestic capital markets have grown and meshed with others in the area (Park, 2013). Essentially, this means that stability and maturation have reached the area with finality and that there are yet a ways to go. That's still feasible: as long as the area commit to consistent development, integration and maturation, the region will evolve in an organic manner.

Thus, the Asian Financial Crisis was a caused as a result of a variety of…. [read more]

Soros International Currency Markets Capstone Project

… Are there any risks involved in the international currency markets that currency traders should be aware of? Yes or no.

International currency trading on the foreign exchange market, which is usually known as "forex" or "FX," is the largest financial market in the world. Compared to the measly $22.4 billion a day volume of the New York Stock Exchange, the foreign exchange market looks absolutely ginormous with its $5 trillon a day trade volume. Placing a trade in the foreign exchange market is simple: the mechanics of a trade are very similar to those found in other markets (like the stock market), so if you have any experience in trading, you should be able to pick it up pretty quickly (Baby Pips, N.d.).

The object…. [read more]

Hong Kong Real Estate Research Proposal

… , 2007).

In general, real estate companies listed in Hong Kong make a significant contribution to the real estate industry in the country, as well as the national economy (Newell et al., 2007). This may be in part due to the fact that the international community recognizes Hong Kong as one of the most dynamic and volatile real estate markets in the world, ranked, and it is regarded as the most highly transparent real estate market in Asia (Newell et al., 2007). The transparency and maturity of the Hong Kong real estate market, especially in comparison to China and the rest of Asia, contributes to the attractiveness of Hong Kong for international real estate investors (Newell et al., 2007). Furthermore, the real estate market in…. [read more]

E-Commerce, Efficiency Research Paper

… For the purpose of marketing the segment starts from people of 15 years of age and above. Since these people belong to the income group that have a high purchasing power, a large number of this people from this segment are smart phone users. iPhone and Android are especially gaining popularity among youngsters. This provides immense scope for Brokerage house to use a smart phone application as an integrated marketing tool. It will be easy for the administrators and corporate clients to identify what kind of information a customer would be looking for. This can be done byassessing the kind of interests the users indicate on their profiles. The new strategy used by these apps is focused on the integrated marketing strategy. User accounts for…. [read more]

Financial Rewards: Performance Related Pay Motivation Essay

… Financial Rewards: Performance Related Pay

Motivation, job satisfaction and pay are closely related to each other. Individual or team achievement can not just be rewarded by giving due credit for a job well-done but must be adequately rewarded in order to provide motivation, keep the momentum going, or egging on employees to surpass themselves in their work. Traditionally, the objectives of rewarding employees were to "attract, retain and motivate" them. The usual salary was intended to attract potential employees to an organization, benefits were employed to retain them and incentive and bonus schemes were used to motivate them. Rewards are believed to consist of three separate components: remuneration or compensation, benefits, and perquisites or "perks." Remuneration is based on salary structure, incentive schemes and job…. [read more]

Integration of Hong Kong and China's Economies Term Paper

… Integration of Hong Kong and China's Economies

In 1997, control of the British colony of Hong Kong was officially transferred to the People's Republic of China, politically and otherwise officially integrating two entities which had, for years, been enmeshed with one another in many ways. In accordance with the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, administrative and certain other controls shifted to mainland China, and many of the vestiges of colonial British rule were removed.

Small and symbolic changes included the removal of British flags, currency, and national holidays; however, significant changes regarding the economic and political structure of Hong Kong were hotly debated and examined in integrating the province with the mainland of China.

This paper will examine the shift in…. [read more]

Competition Laws in Hong Term Paper

… Businesses in the latter part of the nineteenth century were able to completely dominate and industry and set prices wherever they wanted. Standard Oil and certain railroad cooperatives were the main targets of early law, but they were also applied as recently as the 1970's to the breakup of American Telegraph and Telephone (AT&T). Such high profile cases did benefit consumers and others who wanted to move into these industries (the price for a telephone call dropped more than 60%), but they did not have the overall effect of encouraging all business people to be honest. The recent global financial crisis was, in large part, caused by the continued greed of large financial institutions.

This lesson is echoed in a country that has a much…. [read more]

Find a Popular Model of Electronic Newspaper in Hong Kong Research Paper

… User Perceptions and Online News Sources:

An Empirical Analysis of the Lazy User Model in Information Technology in Explaining User Preferences for Selecting Online News Sources in Hong Kong

Information Technology and the Internet

Technology Acceptance Models

Lazy User Model

Theory of Reasoned Action

Technology Acceptance Model

Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology

Cognitive Fit Theory

Technology Task Fit Model

Diffusion of Innovation

Evolution of Online Media

The Digital Marketplace in Hong Kong

Methodology and the Lazy User Model Survey

Rationale of using a Survey Questionnaire

The Survey Questionnaire

Data Design Analysis

Final Results

Suggestions for Future Research


Online news media is a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of print media, encompassing and embracing the advance of the internet, and the…. [read more]

Management of Marketing Department in Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong Case Study

… Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is a part of the Ritz Carlton hotel. The Ritz Carlton hotel is a five star hotel established in 1983. The company starts from one hotel to 76 hotels scattered worldwide in 25 countries. As part of the global expansion, Ritz Carlton hotel is making further expansion in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and South America. Since the formation of Ritz Carlton, the company has won several awards in more than two decades in luxury hospitality. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is operated under the division of Marriott International.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong was established in 2009. The hotel dominates the city of Hong Kong with 490 metres high. The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong makes a significant magnificent contribution to the city of…. [read more]

To Improve the Marketing of Hong Kong Disneyland for Domestic Tourist Research Paper

… Disneyland Hong Kong

Opened on September 12, 2005, Disneyland Hong Kong initially failed to meet the expectations of Walt Disney Company's executives and planners for visitor counts and profitability. The park occupies just 55 acres compared to Disneyland's 160 acres and the entire Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California encompassing 500 acres that includes California Adventure, Downtown Disney and two hotels. Disneyland Hong Kong therefore failed to literally measure up to the expectations of Hong Kong residents as a replacement to the original Disneyland (Marr, Fowler, 2006). With just four lands compared eight at Disneyland and just 26 rides compared to 55, Disneyland Hong Kong also failed to meet the minimum expectations of the cities' residents who sought a comparable experience to visiting the original in…. [read more]

Toy Industry in Hong Kong Essay

… Among other future plans, Silverlit plans to continue its manufacturing operations in Dongguan since there are sophisticated products to be produced. This will be dependent of the other upstream manufactures in the country and therefore contributing to the overall uplift and dominance in the industry. Also, the Silverlit strategizes to invest in the production of toys for other targeted customers; the children with an age range of 10 years or more. This will generally improve other sectors of the Chinese economy, and eventually uplifting the level of toy industry to other levels.


The prevalence of the toy industry as depicted by the Silverlit Company has shown its importance not only to the Chinese economy but also to the larger global market. It has been…. [read more]

Leadership Hong Kong Leadership Developments Essay

… " (Choi, 24)

For the Hong Kong-based business, Choi argues, a charismatic leader is a crucial figure that can be the difference between a productive or an underachieving team of employees. As the research denotes, the charismatic leader is to be considered inseparable from the relationship orientation distinct to Hong Kong business culture and identity. By functioning in such a manner as to stimulate both commitment and a sense that one's contributions are valued by the organization, the charismatic leader can simultaneously have a determinant impact on a company's internal morale and on its productivity.

Still, our research shows that it is not enough to be a charismatic leader in today's Hong Kong business realm. Given the vast number of changes which have occurred both…. [read more]

Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 Term Paper

… Closer Look at The Causes

Financial Sector Weaknesses

In order to attract foreign capital flows the financial services sectors were liberalized rapidly in the Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. Due to the haste, inexperience and lack of expertise adequate systems for proper regulation of financial institutions were not developed in time. Singapore's former PM Lee Kwan Yew also terms inadequate systems as the primary reason for the Asian crisis when he says: "The primary weakness was inadequate systems to absorb this huge inflow of funds in the last three years, during a period of euphoria about the Asian miracle."

The problem areas were identified as lax lending standards, weak supervisory rules and procedures, inadequate capitalization, excessive inter-connected lending, and a general lack…. [read more]

Economic Growth in Hong Kong Business Plan

… Economic Growth in Singapore:

In addition to the robust economic growth in the recent past, Singapore has been characterized by various structural changes. Some of the methods used to stimulate economic growth for these firms include & #8230;

Technological Progress:

With the rapid structural changes coupled by the depreciating rate of human capital, technological progress is used as one of the methods of stimulating economic growth for firms in Singapore (Thangavelu & Wei, 2006). The country has been trying to increase its technological progress rate because it has realized that its level of economic growth cannot be sustained by increasing inputs into production. Since there is creation of new jobs that require different skills from the traditional jobs, the development of technology-specific skills through technological…. [read more]

Asian Financial Crisis and How it Affect the International Monetary System Term Paper

… ¶ … Asian Financial crisis and how it effects the international monetary system

International monetary system or IMS is a structure of rules and principles, which manages international finance. It has major distributive consequences on the authority and the well being of states in the international system. IMS does not maintain a non-aligned status either economically or politically. IMS deals with three technical issues. Liquidity of supply of money to fund business and monetary assets; Fine-tuning of appropriate short-term imbalances and; Bringing back trust in the national currency and avert weakening swing in the currency of the country. Gold standard was the foremost modern global monetary system. In force during the late 19th and 20th century, the gold standard gave for free movement among countries…. [read more]

Stock Market Crash of 1987 Term Paper

… Stock Market Crash of 1987

It is not without reason that October 19, 1987 is known as Black Monday. The day saw the biggest one-day decline in recorded stock market history in the United States as well as the rest of the world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 508 points on the day, losing 22.6% of its total value, which was twice as bad as the previous worst fall of October 29, 1926 -- the trigger for the Great Depression. Other stock markets around the world mirrored the fall in the U.S. And by the end of October stock markets in Australia had fallen 41.8%, by 22.5% in Canada, 45.8% in Hong Kong, and 26.4% in the United Kingdom. What makes the Stock Market…. [read more]

International Capital Markets Term Paper

… International Capital Markets

Capital markets provide the means to raise capital for all ventures. The investments in the products available in the capital markets help generate funds and stabilize interest rates. It is also an indicator pertaining to the status of the economy as also the fluctuations in the capital market and lending rates creates far reaching changes in the economy in the short run. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when most countries were the colony of the European countries particularly Britain, the capital markets were institutions of international nature. After the first and Second World War, the fragmentation and independence of nations created institutions in each nation with regulators within the nation. The modern era has seen the emergence of the international capital…. [read more]

U.S. Financial Market. To Start Term Paper

… (The Federal Reserve Board: Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan)

Bankers who had avoided risks had the backup of certain lines of credit that had been made in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank, and these served as the backstops to the financing business. All this served to reduce the impact on the real economy of the capital market, because business could go on as usual; firms could still sustain production, and consumers and businesses did not lose the confidence in these institutions. The normal occurrence of a vicious cycle in which a major disruption would lead to major losses, and this in turn would lead to a major erosion of the financial sector did not happen at this time, and this was indeed fortunate for…. [read more]

Leading Indicator of Financial Crisis or Financial Catastrophe Term Paper

… Crises

The costs of financial crises are, in short, catastrophic. Shocks to financial systems often result in increased government debt, plummeting stock markets, and increased joblessness at the least. At their worst, they can cause regime change, and wipe out life savings. Massive changes in exchange rates can also occur, necessitating shifts in the way the country interacts with the world, and hurting countries dependent on fuel and food imports in particular. Oh, and investors lose a lot of money, too.

Crises are, depending on who you ask, the natural result of capitalism's cycles or they are market failure brought about by government intervention. If either view was correct in its entirety, we would not only know what causes financial crises but would also be…. [read more]

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