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Team Management Creating a State-Of-The-Art Essay

… The second phase of the project plan needs to concentrate on inclusion and bringing a strong sense of belonging, team communication, task ownership and shared team accountability (pg. 5) for the team to become cohesive today and into the future (Ammeter, Dukerich, 2002). These first two phases of the plan will deliver significant gains in team cohesion.

The individual differences between and among team members also must be dealt with as the latest round of meetings are showing that despite the time pressures increasing, team members are still resisting becoming a fully functioning group. These differences are most evident in situations where they need to learn how to trust each other. In the initial phases of the team projects today they are making progress, yet…. [read more]

High Performance Work Teams Term Paper

… ¶ … teams to undertake many operations and projects. Creation of teams and team building are important first steps that the management has to recognize. There are many advantages and benefits to using teams in the modern workplace. Teams of any nature go through different stages of development and capabilities. Management then has to ensure that the focus and the dedication of the teams are maintained whenever and wherever teams operate.

This study addresses the impact of High Performance work teams. Research in the field of understanding self-managed work teams and their effectiveness in improving productivity and performance indicates that there are two schools of thought. (Tata & Prasad, 2004) Research on the first indicates that high performance work teams can be influential in improving…. [read more]

Teams Term Paper

… It is at this point that they will evolve with new challenges and personalities of the various members. (Jones 2001)

A good example of this can be seen with observations from Jones (2001) who said, "Groups rarely remain as static entities. They may change over time in structure, activities, and membership in order to adjust to internal changes or external demands. For organizational groups in particular, changes in membership are frequent as current group members' move to other organiza- tional units or leave for other jobs. New members are added to work groups as new employees are hired, new skills become necessary to the group's functioning, or an employee is motivated to gain experience in a particular work group." (Jones 2001)

This is illustrating how…. [read more]

Groups Teams Term Paper

… Group Decision-Making

What are the advantages and disadvantages to group decision-making?

The term 'group think' is often a negatively applied, a pejorative term used to describe conformist thinking. Thus, one of the primary disadvantages of a group as opposed to a team is that the dynamics of group interaction can stifle individual creativity, stifling the different potential contributions from a potentially diverse collection of people. The strengths of human diversity and multiplicity are lost when only the opinions of the most vocal and extraverted, are heard. However, one potential group advantage is that a group can be greater than the sum of its parts, pooling diverse experiences, impressions, competencies and ideas of many people from different backgrounds. No single individual in today's complex and demanding…. [read more]

Team Implementation - General Motors Research Paper

… Some suggestions as to how this recommendation could be implemented include the promotion of honesty or the elimination of conflicts of interest (U.S. Office of Personnel Management).

The clarification of the roles played by each tem member. Some suggestions in this sense include the frequent revision of the roles within the team, the clarification of the responsibilities within the team or the correlation between expectations and overall purpose (U.S. Office of Personnel Management). The application of these suggestions would support the team environment by creating flexibility and efficiency and would as such increase the company's ability to attain its overall objectives.

The support for open and effective communication, through actions such as clear goal setting, establishment of leadership or communication of expectations (Lumsden, Lumsden and…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation Essay

… Performance Evaluation

Explain three points of concern with the given company's current evaluation form.

The three points of concern with the company evaluation form include: the way constructive criticism is provided, the role of managers in the process and how this is influencing the engineer on the project. The combination of these factors has created an adversarial environment during the evaluation.

Define the most commonly-used sets of criteria which should be evaluated in a performance evaluation.

The most common sets of criteria that should be used during any kind of performance evaluation include: the ability of the person to work with other people, their performance on the job and their capabilities of adjusting to a host of problems. These different elements are important, because they…. [read more]

Incentives and Performance Kopelman, R Research Paper

… In order these include: faith in people, charismatic leadership, working through family conflict, movies and television, and then reading as part of their continuum scale. Interestingly, most were not overly motivated by fiscal means, after a certain level of expectations and comfort was achieved.

All in all, the study is robust, understandable, and in general appropriate for the audience and topic. The authors realized that more work needs to be done; there are some holes in the study. For instance, do work groups that have managers who score higher in the XY range engender certain behaviors that become part of that group's culture? Or, is it the managerial assumptions that tend to synthesize the group into further generalizations on the continuum? Whatever the case, the…. [read more]

Group Project Participated, Effective Essay

… The positive contribution of members involved in the discussion need inclusion while drawing of conclusions.

Difference between constitution of a project team and a problem solving team

The composition of a project team heavily relies on the expertise and experience each member has. As such, project team members exhibit more and related professionalism in carrying out their works (Susan, 2010). On the other hand, a problem solving team involves members with an understanding of situations and circumstances most relevant to the occurrence and solution of a problem. This implies that problem teams thrive on circumstantial occurrences as opposed to planned activities in project teams.

Cause-and-effective relationship

The behavior and character of managers and those in leadership positions cause other staff to behave and carry out…. [read more]

Performance Management System Term Paper

… ¶ … Performance Management System within Sun Microsystems Limited Ensure High Organisational Performance?

Whenever we try to understand the possible responses of an organisation to the application of a management system to the organisation, one has to first study the organisation and its historic culture. In the case of Sun Microsystems the first step that we will take is the study of its top manager currently. The new head of UL operation is Trudy Norris-Grey and in the earlier assignment, was a Vice-President at Oracle UK. This is due to Leslie Stretch being promoted to handle an international role at the head office. It is well-known that UK has been one of the most successful regions for Sun Microsystems at the time when the company…. [read more]

Starbucks and Team-Building One Company Essay

… Focus is the final portion of team-building that needs to be fostered and developed over time. Focus is different from purpose and it's different from objective: it "…revolves around the idea of conquering the incremental tasks that you need to reach the broader goal" (Groth, 2012). So many teams aren't focused but are rather besieged with talks about efficiency but there isn't a strong presence of mission and purpose (Groth, 2012). The best arenas of teamwork encourage creativity and seek to rekindle that level of courage within people (Groth, 2012).


Thus, the long-standing success of Starbucks is no fluke. The success of this company has been a manifestation of hard work and sacrifice but with a strong business plan in place, a business plan…. [read more]

Sports Management Facilities as a Sports Events Research Paper

… Sports Management


As a sports events organizers there is a lot of responsibility that is involved. First would be able to find out the condition of the facilities being used for the baseball game. It would be to look for the best baseball fields. It would be important to make sure that facilities and cleaned for the use and also that they are safe. For example, the benches that the fans will be sitting on have to be secure a clean it there is tall grass on the baseball field. Them it will be my job to make sure that Th baseball field is manicured. The next thing to do would be to make sure everything is prepared such as the preparation (for instance…. [read more]

Performance Management a Comparison Case Essay

… Cokins (2009, p. 59) found that many performance management strategies had either weak theoretical foundations, or "do not take full advantage of existing theories of work motivation." Buchner continues to say that most performance management systems assume to take the black-box approach to the employee motivation, because this approach assumes that with regardless of an individual specific motivation, the end results will still be that same (Cokins, 2009).

Planning is the first important tool used by this company to carry out performance management. The company first has to set goals with all the stakeholders and the employees. The employees are made aware of the performance expectations and goals they are to achieve within a specified period of time. This gives the workers a direction to…. [read more]

Performance Reviews on Facebook Research Paper

… Performance Reviews on Facebook

Agree or disagree with this statement and provide reasons for your response. If you have regular conversations with people, and they know where they stand, then the performance evaluation is maybe unnecessary.

Performance evaluations are rapidly becoming anachronistic and unnecessary, and often counterproductive, given how rapidly organizations are changing over time. There are many arguments for relying on annual or even quarterly performance reviews (Wilbanks, 2011). In reality, the external environment is changing so rapidly that many companies are having trouble keeping up not just with their competitors, but their customers as well. The concept of developing a performance review process is predicated on a relative level of stability over the long-term (Messmer, 2004). Yet if there is a single, resonating…. [read more]

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning) Assessment

… ¶ … Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning)

How does a paradigm differ from a theory? Include information from Kuhn regarding a paradigm so that you demonstrate your understanding of Kuhn regarding a paradigm.

In his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1970), Thomas Kuhn first used the term "paradigm" to describe the process that takes place on science when one major research paradigm is replaced by a newer one. According to Dobel, "For Kuhn, a paradigm is both an intellectual and a sociological construct. It provides a framework of basic assumptions about the nature of knowledge, rules of evidence and inference, and maps and directions for what constitutes important and vital problems" (2001, p. 166). While theories remain unconfirmed, it was Kuhn's perspective that paradigms provide…. [read more] a Strategic Assessment Essay

… The focus in the case study often reverts to the customer loyalty aspects of Amazon and its web design. The case also makes the point that the accuracy, speed and precision of the experience are contributing factors to profitability (Amazon Investor Relations, 2012). These are two strong contributions to Amazon achieving its revenue, profit, sales and service strategic plans on an annual basis. Without the build-out of the e-commerce infrastructure, Amazon would not have been able to deliver such an exceptionally positive and consistent level of customer experience. In aggregate, the e-commerce infrastructure strategies all contributed to this significant contribution (Lindic, Bavdaz, Kovacic, 2012).

A second major contribution e-strategies have made to the company is the wealth of analytics, business intelligence (BI) in addition to…. [read more]

Team Norms, Author Karten ) Case Study

… These communication norms will respond to the need of team members to not feel detached and isolated from their own team, considering the nature of virtual teams (Kirkman, 2002:par. 25). Technology must be optimized to include applications that would make interactions among the members of the virtual team more interactive and real-life. Managers or leaders of these virtual teams must use efficiently simulated technologies to facilitate the smooth transmission and enactment of these communication norms. Without an efficient technology running among virtual teams, communication norms that seek to recognize the team members, their performance, and their issues will be rendered weak or at times, meaningless.

Task norms must be implemented as well as a complement to the communication norms of virtual teams. Not unlike communication…. [read more]

Group Cohesion Term Paper

… Group Cohesion

Discussing Group Cohesion

Cohesiveness is regarded as one of the crucial elements in the growth of a group and a prominent aspect for different groups and various kinds of group processes. In reality the expediency of cohesion, taken to be the negotiator for formation group, sustenance as well as productivity has given rise to certain social scientists to reckon it as the most significant variable of a small group. (Glass, Benshoff, 48) Cohesion is one element that is frequently linked to group outcome and has been interpreted as a sense of integration with a specific group and his or her sentiments linked with membership in the groups. (Turman 88) Cohesion has been indicated to be the complete field of forces that is exerted…. [read more]

Teams Provide Inducement to Work Term Paper

… No group is considered to become a team unless it has the necessary collective responsibility as that of a team. Next to common goal and common strategy the mutual responsibility is also felt to be essential. (Katzenbach; Smith, 1993)


To conclude, a high-performance team is identified more meticulously and is having a definite and clear objective and a tradition that favors high performance. The high performance teams are regarded as the edifice of the many successful companies. Creation of high-performance team necessitates meticulously identified team members, inculcation of a thriving team tradition, promotion of obligations, a sense of purpose and delineating clearly-prescribed objectives. Implementation of such strategies makes us capable of leading the team members to the brilliance. (Skill Soft Course Catalog)


"Building…. [read more]

Team Performance the Success Term Paper

… All of these factors are integral to effective team management and leadership. A group is also transformed into a team when they must overcome challenges together, and while this occurs over time, it can greatly increase the reliance shown by team members on each other. All of these factors contribute to and breed a very high level of trust.

The one step a project manager can take to improve performance is create a strong understanding with each team member relative to their role, responsibilities and the value of their contribution to the team. Each team members needs to also understand how their contributions and efforts support every other team members, in addition to making the overarching objective accomplishable. All of these factors are integral to…. [read more]

High Performance Team Term Paper

… High Performance Teams

Using Culture and Diversity to Make Work Groups into High Performance Teams

Team work' is one of those words in the modern workplace that is frequently used but seldom explained. Everyone understands that no corporation can work well if every individual simply functions as an individual worker, with his or her eyes only upon personal achievement. One must have general organizational goals in one's individual vantage point for the organization to succeed. One must be part of a diverse infrastructure of different corporate functions, and not try to stand aloof. The very definition of an organization or an incorporated entity is something that is made up or incorporated of many components. This philosophy of team work and 'many hands making light work'…. [read more]

Performance Review Term Paper

… Up to this end, the feedback on job performance of this generation can be done on regular basis. This also applies to the generation Y (United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, n.d.).

The statement "the biggest payoff of these social network style tools may prove to be better performance by the boss" justifies the time and cost of implementing the social media performance review tools because the use of web based and mobile-based technologies has taken performance review to the next level. It has literally transformed the performance appraisal process. The social media tools have proved to be handy in the sense that it helps in satisfying dissatisfied employees who are not happy with the duration it takes to get feedback on their performances. The…. [read more]

Group Dynamics Week 4 DQ Essay

… Group Dynamics

Week 4 DQ 1. Recently, a conflict came about in on a business trip. The conflict related to plans that were supposed to have been made, but were not. Clear lines of responsibility were not drawn, and the task was simply not done. The conflict became personal. Ultimately, the conflict was resolved the same day. The conflict arose because of a crisis. The resolution came about from the resolution of the initial crisis. This allowed the group leader to soothe the emotional damage to the parties involved. By tackling one issue at a time (solving the problem, then dealing with the damage) the leader was able to successfully manage the conflict. This accommodation strategy was the right one for this conflict, but future…. [read more]

Groups, Teams All Teams Are Essay

… Groups, Teams

All teams are groups, but not all groups are teams. The primary difference between teams and groups is that the former are highly focused and dedicated towards achieving a common goal. Groups generally looser gatherings of individuals that come together to brainstorm and share ideas but not necessarily to work on a collective project. Often with teams, individual members are "split into parts appropriate to each individual's talents," ("Teams & Groups" 1996). However, the individual's tasks are defined in part by the goals of the team. Tasks may even be shared or rotated to meet team objectives ("Differences between Work Groups and Teams" nd). In a group, task rotation rarely occurs because the individual is a self-contained unit. Tasks, roles, and responsibilities do…. [read more]

Team Leader Term Paper

… Team Leader

Introduction good definition for a team leader might be "The person who understands the ultimate project objectives, each step of the way, and who guides the rest of the team down this path through clear vision setting and effective communication." (Finney, Russ (1999).A Team leader is an individual who enlightens a group of people with his/her proficient training, assistance, direction and leadership which helps the team in achieving a sole task or a result. The team leader examines the result as a whole which is to be achieved so that he can sort out the tactics to get the desired result. Leadership progress ideas today normally offer performance maintenance and usage of skills effectively through methods such as training programs, coaching and mentoring,…. [read more]

Group Protocol for Adolescents Term Paper

… Group Protocol for adolescents - addressing the occupational needs of the adolescent population

Occupational needs assessment

During the occupational assessment, a group of 12 adolescents are observed attempting to solve a complex mathematical problem for a science project. Functional skills lacking among the group include communications skills, collaboration and communication skills, leadership skills and the ability to identify and agree on a single problem and develop plans for a probable solution. The team as a group appears to have selected no leader; for this reason the each member of the group is attempting to solve the problem individually more so than joining in a collective manner. Whereas it may be appropriate to look at the project as a whole and brainstorm within the group to…. [read more]

Performance Management Total Quality Management -TQM Endeavors Term Paper

… Performance Management

Total quality management -TQM endeavors to produce an organizational culture that promotes constant development in everything by everyone at all times, and necessitates changes in organizational processes, priorities relating to strategies, individual beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. (Pun; Lau, 2003, p. 316) to decide the quality performance on projects, all companies use conventional hard measurements like cost, schedule and safety. Some other soft methods like customer contentment, guidance, employee participation, and cooperation; training, flexibility, awareness, etc. are used by the top companies. Most consider the requirement for clear work procedures and the interactive processes of planning, communication, and teamwork among all parties are main aspects in project achievement. (Quality Performance Measurements of the EPC Process: Current Practices)

An efficient measurement system combines proposal, arranges…. [read more]

Teams vs. Groups Research Paper

… There is no point to trying to pretend to be more confident than you are or in hiding your lack of experience because that will only set you up for blame if the team is unsuccessful under your leadership.

Key Suggestion #3: Be honest with the other members of your new team about your reservations being the leader. Try to establish that you deserve to be the leader based on your performance and subject-matter expertise, but acknowledge that the leadership aspect of your leadership role is something new to you and express your appreciation (in advance) for their patience about that. Try to earn and maintain their respect by being honest with them about your abilities and experience and indicate that while you are ultimately…. [read more]

Group Communication and Decision-Making Research Paper

… You can be an individual contributor or a "box on the organizational chart" and still act as a leader in your organization because of the communication strategies you apply, or fail to do so. Prepared Mind leadership is not limited by formal roles but is guided by decision making abilities and group communication strategies. In fact, the more we looked at acts of leadership, the more we realized the power, the responsibility and the risk of 'acting outside the narrow confines of your job description' and being mentally prepared to take the necessary decisions based on diverse circumstances. Furthermore, in this era of continuously shifting boundaries and relationships, and shorter job and strategy shelf lives, successful people learn to do just that, for their own…. [read more]

Team and Tension Term Paper

… The tendency of the rubber band, therefore, is to pull back to resolve the tension in the system. Creative tension however can be a double edged sword. On one end, it can inspire individuals. However on the other end, it could motivate the team to act with urgency to reduce the overall tension in a quick manner. A problem that could occur however is that the team will relieve creative tension by lowering its collective vision thus reducing the gap between their vision and their reality. This successfully reduces the tension, but it also reduces the groups overall motivation and creativity to make the teams vision a reality. As a directive leader, I would first want to address this problem in an urgent fashion. The…. [read more]

Group Behavoirs in Companies Research Paper

… So the connection of a group with considerable cohesiveness, in difference to a group with a lower cohesiveness are more cautious with their affiliation and more powerfully inspired by assistance to the group attentions, to the objectives and assist in any activities. The literal meaning of cohesiveness is the tendency to stay together.

Solutions: Managing Diverse Groups

Today we live in a society that is diverse in art, music, and literature also having an power of globalization we see diversity growing at its uppermost position. As companies are extending all over the world, the more diverse they are coming. It appears that it is becoming more meaningful for them (companies) to understand and execute that diversity (Alam, M., Khan, A.I. 2010). People of various upbringings,…. [read more]

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