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Economic Integration of GCC Countries: Latest Developments Since 2010 Essay

… This indicator is inopportune when focusing on other indicators.

There is also a dangerous debt in non-oil producing countries. They have no choice but to implement the policies. Countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman are facing pressing challenges when it comes to labor. In these countries, national workforce has been rendered inopportune to deliver since foreign labor (with better services at cheaper rates) especially from India and Africa have recently flocked the labor market. Therefore, GCC is currently pursuing policies, which will seek to replace foreign workers with local workers. To accomplish this, GCC is advising member states to pursue a combination of mandatory of market-based and as well, policies which will seek to promote non-oil economic growth.

Although the population of the GCC…. [read more]

Economic Systems Term Paper

… Resource allocation issues in market or free enterprise economic system are addressed without any governmental intervention and determined by demand, supply, and competition ("Economic Systems" p.1). Furthermore these issues are handled by the unfettered interaction of individuals and firms in the marketplace that determine resource allocation and distribution of goods. While governmental intervention is minimal in this economic system, the government plays certain roles such as enacting appropriate laws, issuing money, and providing certain services.

Mixed Economic System:

This economic system can be described as an economy with a combination of command and market economic systems to provide goods and services for the benefit of all individuals. Therefore, a mixed economic system is an economy with a mixture of private and government ownership. The main…. [read more]

Economics the Keynesian Economic Theorists Term Paper

… The economic policies imply that the U.S. is ready to reduce trade deficit, find new markets for locally produced goods, increase industry, and manufacturing, increase foreign exchange, increase income through job creation, and reduce unemployment. This leads to a trickle-down effect as a reduction in budget deficit implies a reduction in trade deficit, which in turn will reduce and end currency manipulation by other major currencies like Chinese Yen. The changes in economic policies imply the U.S. will increase regulation and stringent policies on trade, public budgets, jobs, and investment with the aim of ending currency manipulation that is the cause of the decline and near death of American manufacturing.


Protectionists theory on trade policies argue that international trade contributes to the increase of…. [read more]

Economics Total Revenue Essay

… On the other hand, average costs are the total costs divided by the total quantity of goods. Marginal cost curve cuts the average costs curve at the lowest point because if the average costs are falling, the costs of producing extra unit of output will be falling. As being illustrated in fig 4, if the average cost is falling the marginal costs will be less than the average costs. Thus, the average costs curve will be above the marginal cost when the average cost is falling. On the other hand, average costs curve will be below marginal costs curve when average cost is rising. Thus, average costs and marginal costs will be at the same level when average cost is constant. If the average costs…. [read more]

Economic Crisis the Revelation Research Paper

… 25%. The attraction for the prospect non-prime buyers evicted from the market perhaps during the first half of the year 2006, the Mortgage Bankers Association discovered the value, and total number, of subprime mortgages that had now gone down 30% on the second half of 2005

4: the fourth that contributed to the bubble burst was the adversity that, as personal saving from disposable income reached up to the level below zero, fewer households had the requisite finance to support increases in debt and the standard of livings of the residents.

The ever expanding consequences of the bubble burst that funneled down to the household of U.S. And ultimately the senate and state. Giving the strong evidence the senate the William Black asserted (Johnson, 2010):…. [read more]

Economics Major First and Foremost Essay

… It is also during this time that I developed a keen interest in working as an economic consultant either for the public or private sector. As an economic consultant, say for the government, I could use my knowledge of economics to develop and influence the adoption of policies that could make an impact on the lives of common people so as to avert social problems such as homelessness. Hence in that regard, in addition to using my understanding of economics to create personal wealth through investing, I could also make a meaningful contribution at the societal level.

In addition to being engaged in community service, I also have some experience as a server at a sushi restaurant. As a server, I was promptly ushered into…. [read more]

Economics Mexico How Interest Rates Term Paper

… By March 2013 the inflation rate had neared the government target and growth in some economic sectors was slowing, so the government made a bold move, decreasing interest rates earlier than expected as a result of the decline in certain sectors, with the aim of limited the slow down in growth; they balanced the need to support growth and constrain inflation.


CIA, (2013), Mexico, [online] accessed 29th April 2013 from

Howells P.G.A, Bain, K, (2007), Financial Institutions and Markets, London, Longman

Hughes, E; O'Boyle M, (2013, April 27), Mexico Holds Interest Rates, Watches Capital Inflows, The Globe and Mail, [online] accessed 30 April 2013 from

Index Mundi, (2013), United Kingdom GDP, [online] accessed 30th April 2013 from

Index Mundi, (2013), Japan…. [read more]

Economic Indicators Assessment

… Economic Indicators

Savings Rate

Economic Indicator- the savings rate is the income that is not spent and is instead differed for consumption. In some instances, saving can also include reducing recurring costs such as a cell phone, or cable bill. In essence, individuals preserve money now, for a predetermined use in the future. This money is usually deducted from an individual's disposable income to use for future investment. The savings rate is an economic indicator of individual's propensity to save. This has implications in regards to the overall indebtedness of the nation. It can also indicate the purchasing power available for discretionary purchases.

Rate of Value -- 3.4% as of October 2012

Source of Information -U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis,

"United States Personal Saving Rate."…. [read more]

Economics Scenario Essay

… The commercial loan is the same except that it's a loan. These investments are the best because the government of the developing country will have a choice of spending the investment wherever they think appropriate. In this way, the government is able to keep a balance between foreign and international firms in their country. However, these investments have a setback, they put a burden on the developing country as they are a loan. They also disturb the balance of trade between countries. (What Are.., 2003)

These investments will increase the aggregate demand due to increase in investment. These investments will cause the aggregate supply to rise as more efficient ways of production will be evolved. So, the GDP of the economy will increase and the…. [read more]

Economic Analysis: The International Trade Essay

… Political and Financial Risks of International Marketing

Within the realm of international marketing, major political and financial risks often rise to the forefront. Such risks are similar to those that are taken on by traders in domestic markets, but in viewing the risks on an international playing field these risks become far more apparent with the capacity to have significant financial impact should something go wrong. For instance, countries engaging in trade in the foreign market may see such financial risks as buyer insolvency (purchaser cannot pay for the goods set up for exchange), non-acceptance (buyer rejects goods as different from the agreed upon specifications), and credit risks (allowing the buyer to take possession of the goods prior to payment) (Dutta, 2010, p. 320). These…. [read more]

Economics Government Regulations Term Paper

… The "perfect market" that is fully self-regulating relies on perfect information and no externalities, two assumptions that do not hold in the real world. Moreover, the process of self-regulation takes time, and will never really be achieved -- equilibrium only exists in economics textbooks. In the real world, markets trend towards equilibrium, but as circumstances change they can never fully achieve it. The degree of regulation that is optimal depends on the will of the society, which must decide when choosing its elective representatives where it wants to balance itself on the regulation continuum -- to provide greater protections and perhaps slower growth or to accept a more free market approach, which is inherently volatile. A society needs to choose for itself what its risk…. [read more]

Economics: Application of Concepts Essay

… These are the reasons that prompted the government to step in.

Had the monopoly succeeded, competitors would have been edged out of the market. Those who would have been affected in this case include carriers like MCI and a host of telecommunication-equipment suppliers. With no competitor to watch out for, AT&T would have been tempted to charge prices higher than those possible in a competitive market. It is also likely that the quality of services offered by the company would have suffered.

Methods of Identifying Customers to be Offered Discounts

In some instances, an attempt by a given company to offer discounts to some groups of customers could have the effect of alienating some of its consumers. To avoid this, business entities should embrace fair…. [read more]

Japanese Rise to Economic Power Term Paper

… Japan's Economic

Japan and the Rise to Economic Superpower

Recession & Economic Rise

Globalization and the economic boom experienced by Japan as well as other countries located in the region of the Pacific Rim has culminated in problems that were not previously experienced in the region. Specifically the interactions and relationships of interdependence are new leaving each country feeling somewhat vulnerable due to their dependence upon one another. It is critical that these countries find a way to cooperatively and collaboratively find cohesion in economical pursuits in order to heighten their productivity. This can be accomplished through creation of inter-networks and intra-networks within the economical structure and framework in this region, however, due to sensitivities that are left over from the Cold War it is…. [read more]

Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq Literature Review

… Role of Private Investment on Economic Development in Iraq

Private investment in developing countries

An overview on early Empirical studies

In 1980s, the developing countries encountered some increment in their development behaviours with debt crisis, which affected the formation of capital. Concurrently, the affected countries were transforming from the post-era to a structural reform efforts. In mid 1980s, the developing countries adopted the reform programs within the new paradigms (Serven&Salimano, 1993) & (Jaspersen, Aylward&Sumlinski, 1970). Consequently, this led to the formation of environmental private sector that highly relied on the existing market. The formation and implementation of the new policies affected the availability of response to the private investments. The debt crisis lowered the private investments within the developing countries and this disheartened them. The…. [read more]

Economic Systems of South Korea Term Paper

… The government also fostered development by allowing South Korea to be a destination of several global manufacturers. The government also provided impulses for foreign and local investors through expansion of its network of free trade agreements. This brought change to the country and allowed the economy to grow.

Though South Korea can be seen to rely greatly on exports it makes to emerging countries, the country also reduced its reliance on exports to Japan. This can be seen in the decline of exports to Japan from 11% in the year 2000 to just about 6% in the year 2010. South Korea also decreased its reliance on imports from Japan though they still stood at roughly over 15% in the year 2010 which indicate that Japan…. [read more]

How Economic Factor Influence Couple's Relation Essay

… Economic Factors and Relationships: Correlation and Analysis

The quality of a relationship is based upon many multidimensional and rather complex interactions, expectations, and behaviors, all governed by an equally complex set of personal perceptions and functions. Friction can be introduced into a relationship through various avenues, and one of the most common is through economic factors. These factors, which range from income to family roles to a couple's previous experience working through hardship can highlight and exacerbate both the positive and negative aspects and outcomes within the relationship. The various types of economic factors also effect different couples in different ways, and cannot be used as a predictor of relationship success. However, economic factors do significantly affect relationships to the extent that they should not…. [read more]

Disrupting America's Economic System Term Paper

… The U.S. Treasury, led by Andrew Shaw, subsidized these gold flows by offering to temporarily place public deposits in banks if they imported gold from abroad.

The policy lowered the gold import point by offsetting the interest lost while gold was in transit. Goodhart [1969], however, notes that the gold import point was often low enough to have justified specie inflows without the subsidy. In the fixed exchange rate world of 1906, such large gold outflows were a significant threat to a country's ability to maintain the par value of its currency, which, for the pound sterling, was $4.867.

Faced with its lowest ratio of reserves to deposits since the 1893 crisis, the Bank of England nearly doubled its discount rate, from 3 1/2% on…. [read more]

How the Economic Factors Influence the American Presidential Election Dissertation

… U.S. Elections influence

There are several different factors that influence U.S. elections, in particular at the presidential level. Economic issue are usually among the most important influencers for any national-level election, but there are other factors as well. Among the President's duties are not only stewarding the economy, but handling foreign policy, so both of those issues will come into play. The economy of course in recent years has become so highly globalized that foreign policy plays a role in how the economy develops. This paper will take a look at the factors that drive U.S. elections, and in particular will examine how certain areas of the economy and foreign policy influence the election. Of note will be the relations with China, as that nation…. [read more]

Impacts of Types of States on Economic Development in Southeast Asia Term Paper

… ¶ … economic development in Southeast Asia

The Impacts of the Types of States upon Economic Development in Southeastern Asia

Southeastern Asia is a term that encompasses several countries geographically placed on the southern region of the Asian continent, delimited from west to east by Western Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia. The actual countries of the southeastern Asia are geographically placed in the south of China and the east of India. The region is globally characterized throughout the large number of inhabitants: 1.6 billion people, which comprise one fifth of the entire global population.

Along the years there have been numerous disputes as to whether or not all countries in the region ought to be included all together in the same group.…. [read more]

Economic of South Korea Term Paper

… Economic of South Korea

The economic growth of Republic of South Korea over the past decades has been prominent. Per capita Gross National Products (GNP) was only $100 in 1960s but is now close to $20,000. Currently, South Korea is the seventh-largest trading partner of the United States and is one of the leading global economies. In the early 1960s, the government established sweeping economic policy changes that emphasized exports and labor-intensive light industries. These changes lead to a speedy industrial expansion.

The government made a currency reform and fortified financial institutions and later brought in a flexible economic planning. Korea began channelizing fiscal and financial policies toward elevating heavy industries, electronics, automobiles and chemical industries in 1970s. Manufacturing industry of South Korea has continued…. [read more]

Economics Unemployment as a Constructive Term Paper

… Economics

Unemployment as a constructive aspect of economic life

Unemployment is a negative economic phenomenon that refers to that part of the active population that is willing and able to work for pay, but is unable to find employment, due to an unstable relationship between economic development on the one hand, as a source of labor demand, and population's evolution on the other hand, as a source of labor supply.

On a long-term, unemployment is undoubtedly considered to be a negative phenomenon, with great costs for both the directly affected persons and the economy and society as a whole. In the United States the unemployment rate for 2006 reached 4.6%, with an unemployment level of 7,001,000. Puerto Rico has the highest unemployment rate, 9.9% in…. [read more]

Economic Development Is a Key Term Paper

… System of incentivizing workers to increase productivity was also introduced.

(Chenery) in a comparative framework for assessing performance of China in comparison to other developing countries says that China has achieved the adequate industrial structure and investment structure of a middle-income country. The author says, "In the case of China, industrialization has proceeded much further than is typical for countries of its income level." The author also attributes slow population growth in the country as a factor to achieve economic growth. Moreover he gives credit to the autarkic policies followed over three decades in China for its industrial growth.

China now has a per capita gross national income of about U.S.$4,260 (World Bank). It stands in the queue of upper middle-income countries. Now the country…. [read more]

Economic and Trade Development Thesis

… Economic and Trade Development

The economic situation of Western Europe was faring extremely well in the first thirteen years of the 20th century following the Industrial Revolution. However, the growth of Nazism and Fascism followed by the World Wars and the Great Depression plunged most of the major European states particularly Germany and France into a seemingly irretrievable economic situation. What happened in Western Europe after the Second World War was an exceptional case of economic turnaround with a remarkable and swift pace of transformation to an industrialized society. This exceptional growth lasted only until 1973 but in this short span of time, it placed the Western Europe economy at par with other industrialized economies of the world despite the phenomenal destruction of men, materials…. [read more]

Economics Observing the Influences Essay

… The lettuces were being sold by the same two suppliers as the week before, with the same level of stock, so the supply remained the same. With an increase in the demand the suppliers knew that at the same price as the week before they would sell out quickly, so they increased their price. An increase in demand without a similar increase in supply will increase the prices (Baye, 2007). The impact of an increase in the demand is shown in figure 3.

Figure 3; Increase in demand

The supply line stays in the same place, but the demand line moves to the right to reflect the increase in the demand. This creates a new point of equilibrium shows the ability to charge a higher…. [read more]

Economics in the Mexican American Culture Essay

… Mexican Economy

Economics in the Mexican-American culture

Economics in the Mexican -American culture

As traced since the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo for instance 1940s to mid 1970s, the economy of Mexico experienced a strong average growth of more than 6%, single digit inflation, as well as comparatively low external indebtedness. However before the end of 1970s, this was no longer the case for expansionary government policies turned to generate higher inflation in addition to relentless external payments problems and continue to fail to facilitate sustained growth. Because of the government spending, revenues became outpaced facilitating steep budget deficits and raising debts from external forces. Moreover, low real interest rates made domestic saving go down.

There was a signal from the 1976, financial and economic crisis…. [read more]

Economic Development Term Paper

… Economic Development

The objective of this work is to define precisely what economic 'development' is through making an examination of the relationship that exists between economic development, economic growth and income. The question that will be answered are those of: "How would one characterize the importance of UNDP's Human Development Index (HDI) and the UN Millennium Goals (MDGS) This work will also discuss and analyzes some of the characteristics that are inherent in rapidly growing economies.


Economic development is the term used to refer to the "development of the economic wealth of countries or regions for the well-being of their inhabitants." Economic development is evidenced when an increase in living stands is sustainable which "implies increased per capita income, better education and…. [read more]

Economics Explaining Market Equilibrium Essay

… Economics

Explaining Market Equilibrium

It is essential that business managers understand the concept of market equilibrium and how it is reached. Understanding the concept can help with decision regarding pricing for specific goods and services, as well as whether or not to supply those goods or services and the level to supply. To understand the concept and how it may be used it is necessary to first look at what is meant by market equilibrium, and then look at the factors which may influence the way equilibrium is reached.

In any market there will be buyers who want to purchase the goods or services, and sellers who want to supply the goods or services to the market. If there are a large amount of people…. [read more]

Economic Development and Crises Term Paper

… Economic Development and Crises

The modern day economy is currently confronted with the most challenging contexts since the 1929-1933 Great Depression. The contemporaneous crisis commenced within the United States real estate sector and gradually spread out across the rest of the industry sectors, as well as across the rest of the world.

Thomas Palley recognizes the role played by the real estate bubble and the excessive debts of the American population, but argues that the crisis was also generated by a series of macroeconomic forces, such as the inadequate economic model implemented at the basis of the U.S. economy growth, or the inadequate policies which regulated the economic community. At a general level, it is observed that the modern day financial crisis has been based…. [read more]

Economics - Macroeconomics Economics Various Economists Essay

… Economics - Macroeconomics


Various economists, both theoreticians and practitioners, have developed and applied concepts and principles designed in order to explain the economic laws that govern the society at some point, and to drive economic growth. Some of these principles include the opportunity cost concept, capitalism and socialism, and the invisible hand principle. The following pages will focus on addressing each of these principles, by explaining them and relating them to the economic situation that currently characterizes the U.S. society.

Opportunity Cost

The opportunity cost concept was developed by John Stuart Mill in order to decrease the level of difficulty in the decision making process. The concept is usually applied in situations where scarce resources must be used as efficiently as possible. Basically, when…. [read more]

Economic Miracle Post War Term Paper

… Economic Miracle: Japan 1946-1973

Japan lies in the Eastern Coast of Asia between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2007). Its total land area is roughly 378,000 square kilometers. It consists of Hokkaido in the North, Honshu at the center, and Shikoku and Kyushu in the South (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Japan at present competes for world leadership in terms of GDP per capita and wage per hour with the United States (Luu et al. 1996). In comparison, Japan's GNP at about $34,000 is higher than the U.S.A.'s only $25,000. Japan's wage per hour is roughly $16 compared to only $12 of the U.S. These figures demonstrate that Japan is 35-45% ahead of the U.S.A. (Luu et al.). This…. [read more]

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