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How Facebook Is Influencing Human Resource Practices Today Specifically Recruitment and Selection Research Paper

… Human Resource Management -- Facebook in Recruitment

Since the turn of the 21st century, the online medium has radically changed many aspects of modern business. Today's business organizations must compete in an increasingly global environment for revenue streams as well as for employees. Traditional processes for employee recruitment have had to adapt to the growing popularity of the online social networking phenomena such as Facebook, in particular (Alessie, 2008; Leader-Chivee, Hamilton, & Cowan, 2008). In some respects, this evolution of modern business has contributed obvious benefits to professional organizations.

However, there are also challenges and potential downsides to the increasing reliance of prospective employees on online job searching. In particular, established human resource management theory suggests that employers who are capable of establishing a unified…. [read more]

Guest Service Presents for Human Essay

… ¶ … guest service presents for Human Resources.

HR and guest services: The challenges of HR at hospitality organizations

Although HR is an important component of all modern organizations, this is particularly true of guest services in the hospitality industry. In sports venues, hotels, or any other type of customer-focused organization, an organization is truly only as good as the services it can offer its patrons. Employees are the face of the organization, and without the correct types of standard operating procedures, even the most luxurious entities will falter. However, one of the great challenges of hospitality HR is that there is often extremely high turnover within the industry at its lowest levels, as employees regard employment merely as temporary or do not take their…. [read more]

Impact of Technology on Human Resources Literature Review

… ¶ … Technology on Human Resource Management

By any measure, innovations in technology have affected the manner in which companies of all types and sizes compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace, but perhaps no other discipline has been so profoundly affected by technology as human resource management. Indeed, the traditional "personnel department" of the mid- to late-20th century has been fundamentally transformed by information and communications technology. To determine the various impacts of technology on human resource management, this paper provides a review of the relevant juried and scholarly literature concerning traditional human resource tasks and responsibilities and how the introduction of technological innovations have affected these traditional activities. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.

Traditional Human Resource…. [read more]

Overarching Goal Essay

… ¶ … overarching goal of this study was to develop an improved understanding concerning assessing and developing the survey research methodology within an educational setting in general and the use of the survey research method to determine attitudes and behavioral intentions of the students in a university setting regarding their acceptance of e-learning in particular. The first part of the study presents the breadth component which is used to identify the differences between three important research paradigms which are defined, compared, and contrasted with various types of research methodologies with a particular emphasis on survey research methodology, using a selected bibliography to evaluate the methods.

Identifying Constraints to e-Learning for Rural Nigerian Students

The Breadth Component


This study is organized into three parts. The…. [read more]

Change Management for Enterprise 2.0 Implementations Dissertation

… ¶ … Social Networking Technologies on the Collaborative Performance of Organisations

Today, there are growing numbers of large-scale organizations deploying Enterprise 2.0-based solutions for their information-sharing and collaborative needs. Although these solutions share some common features, every organization's requirements are unique and the manner in which they are adopting Enterprise 2.0 solutions varies. Moreover, the maturity levels of these Enterprise 2.0 implementations vary significantly. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to synthesize secondary and primary resources to identify critical success factors and maturity levels that exist along the Enterprise 2.0 continuum, evaluating the value of their social network-based communication and collaboration in the process.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Project Objectives

Background Research

Organization of the…. [read more]

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