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Public Admin Problems Case Study

… Analysis

The environment of the 21st century requires that novel and creative ideas are implemented within the general framework of society to combat the challenging problems that arise on a constant and consistent basis. When making decisions of this type it is important that all necessary data and information that can be gathered, is used in a refined and purposeful method. Analyzing this problem requires wisdom, empathy and common sense that must transcend the smaller picture and envision a future of success and growth.

One option is to significantly increase tuition fees for MRCC to help cover the cost of the depleted resources. Other options include reducing staff by offering early retirement. MRCC could also reduce course offerings and diminish the overall quality of the…. [read more]

Government Constitution Essay

… States also have authority reserved to them. This separation of powers does overlap and from time to time leads to problems which then have to be resolved according to the other components of the Constitution (Kelly, 2012).

What is public policy? Explain. What purpose does it serve?

Public policy manifests the general sense and universal conscience of the citizens as a total that extends throughout the state and is applied to matters of public well-being, security, and welfare. It is universal, well-settled public opinion relating to the responsibilities of citizens to their fellow citizens. It brings in something that varies with the changing economic needs, social customs, and moral ambitions of the people. Public policy enters into, and influences, the performance, implementation, and understanding of…. [read more]

George Washington's Farewell Term Paper

… Government

George Washington's Farewell Address

Washington's Farewell Address 1796 Major Points:

Washington's main point to this address comes in the first two paragraphs, when he notes he will not seek reelection and why he has made that choice. He asserts he cares about the country and the government, but he really hopes to retire and lead a quiet life, and he feels he is past the age of great usefulness, (the "weight of years" he refers to), and the country would be better served by another, younger leader. He also thanks the country and the people for the many honors they have given him, and that he will remember them the rest of his life.

He also is adamant that the Constitution should be "sacredly…. [read more]

Political Philosophy Research Paper

… Government

Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy: Government

The role and function of government has over the centuries been at the centre of debate and even conflict among various political theorists and activists. The question of what the "job" of government should be, hinges to a great extent on the underlying philosophical trajectory that determines the shape, form and function, the extent of powers and control and how the government is expected to act in certain circumstances.

In other words, the central question of the job or function of government is predicated on a range of prior questions, which relate to the way in which the nature and function of government is perceived. For example, the ideal of government in an elitist and aristocratic model will differ…. [read more]

Interest Groups and How Their Essay

… As an alternative, interest group donations in-uence (although weakly) which committee associates the groups will foyer which in turn effects how the committee members will vote (Van Geest, 2003).

By contrast, Hall and Wayman (1990) argue that interest group charities should have little direct or indirect effect on the voting judgments of committee members. Concluding on the intuitions of other experts claim that it is in deciding how to contribute in the proper group profits and the other behind-the-scenes group actions, and not in determining how to elect on lawmaking, that members are the ones that are considered to be most subject to the effect of interest group campaign offerings.

Having examined the contribution arrangements of House committee members on three bills in three different…. [read more]

Public Administration and Considers Term Paper

… S. He has helped explore in depth the specifics of public administration and offers much in depth analysis of the factors affecting the decisions of policy makers. His works touch upon a variety of relevant issues, the policy making process and new policy discussions on welfare, tax, civil rights, federalism and terrorism. He also highlights controversies plaguing modern day America such as crime and guns, poverty, 'RICO vs. liberty', educational reform, healthcare, class domination, bureaucratic mismanagement and war. Dye has a unique and scholarly presentation to his work through which he stimulates the thought process of the reader through fact, analysis and proposition. He offers insight on eight analytical models in political science: Rationalism, incrementalism, elitism, interest group conflict, institutionalism, game theory, public choice, and…. [read more]

Comparative Public Management Essay

… ¶ … Public Management

The dynamic changes which impacted the world up to the 21st century have materialized in a series of outcomes. Within the business community for instance, managers are required to develop and implement strategies which increase the firms' competitive levels, which increase operational efficiency, which better serve the needs of the customers or which better allocate the resources, to create cost efficiencies. While the general conception is that these requirements impact solely the private sector, it has to be noted that similar demands have become more common within the public sector. In other words, the governmental and not for profit agencies strive to reduce their operational costs while maximizing their results, they strive to hire and retain the best staff members and…. [read more]

British Policy Style? Term Paper

… This assures that they learn the proper attitudes and positions and gives traditionalist some security that the next administration will not undo what has already been done. This system assures that continuity and tradition prevails.

A prime example of a change in policy is the recent policies regarding the Coal and Steel industries. The 1951 Treaty of Paris establishes the market structure of this industry. This treaty formed a basis for maintaining market stability among the treaty countries (Dudley and Richardson 1999). The Treaty of Paris provided a frame work for outside intervention into the industry by the concerned parties in order to regulate prices and assure stability of supply and demand. Recently there has been a shift from this conservative prospective and a trend…. [read more]

Ethnic Conflict II How Does Mertus Research Paper

… Ethnic Conflict II

How does Mertus explain ethnic conflict in Kosovo/a? Identify the bones of contention in ethnic conflict. What is the KLA? Discuss why its role was significant in Kosovo/a during the 1990s.

The conflict in Kosovo in the 1990s is still mired in mysteries, as scholars continue to debate the root causes of the conflict. Julie Mertus spent years covering the conflict in Kosovo and found out, as she says in an article she wrote for OpenDemocracy (2006), that the conflict was based on nationalism, more specifically myths. "To explain the ethnic animosities in Kosovo required exposure not of truth, but, rather, truth as myth," she says. "Serbs and Albanians based their behavior on what they believed to be true, not on what…. [read more]

New Public Management and Democracy Term Paper

… New Public Management Reforms

The Implications of New Public Management for Democracy Today

Among the plethora of issues arising out of the preeminence of New Public Management (NPM) reforms over the past decades is the question of democracy - the changing nature of Public Administration under managerialism is said to be altering the concept of governance and affecting democratic politics. According to Lane (2000), "NPM as managerialism focusing upon contract making and enforcement seems to take government once and for all out of the Weberian framework of bureaucracy" (6). Although NPM enthusiasts continue to laud their efforts to move the ordinary citizen closer to the public administration machine and thus provide them with greater choice and input in the delivery of public services, a closer…. [read more]

Public Opinion and Voting Behavior Term Paper

… ¶ … Solution to Bad Speech is More Speech?

Go ahead. Go over to your TV. Or your laptop. Turn on some news. Watch what's going on the health-care debate right now -- after more than a year of debate. And think about the prompt that we are asked to consider here: Democracy is well-served by the pattern of ideological differences that exist in the United States today. Can there be any answer other than "no"? And yet -- and this is a very big "yet" -- how can American democracy ever be served by anything other than a diversity of opinion? How can any democracy exist much less flourish without a free marketplace of ideas?

The answer to the above question, and the response…. [read more]

Public Opinion How Is Public Opinion Formed Term Paper

… Public Opinion

How is public opinion formed and what are some of the influences that go into public opinion? According to a scholarly sociological study in the journal Political Behavior, there are four central concepts related to the forming of public opinion. The first is heuristics: they are "common judgmental shortcuts that people use to draw complicated inferences" and hence, make decisions; typically, those shortcuts are endorsements, affiliation with a certain party, polls, and the demographics the candidate reflects (Druckman, et al., 2009, p. 491). The second concept is media priming: a person is environmentally active, and by seeing the president on television promoting environmental causes primes that person to vote for the president; in other words, the media presents candidates' positions and voters form…. [read more]

Bureaucracy Power in Its Various Institutions Essay

… Bureaucracy According to Weber and Foucault

The word 'bureaucracy' typically carries with it a negative connotation to many Americans. The immediate reaction for most is to characterize an agency described thusly as slow, outmoded and inefficient. Lipsky (2010) indicates that bureaucracies often appear to channel certain prejudices that are inherent biased systems. This is, however, an impression fostered by the quality of the governmental umbrella under which a bureau operates. The bureaucracy as a form of government itself, as we have in the United States, bears certain virtues of effectiveness that may not be found in their absence. From the capacity for procedural standardization to the specialized but interceding areas of focus for a diversity of cooperative agencies, the bureaucracy is the segment of our…. [read more]

Semantics a Tool for Shaping Public Opinion in the Age of the Internet Thesis

… Semantics: A Tool for Shaping Public Opinion in the Age of the Internet

What People Are Talking About on the Internet

A quick Google or other internet search engine search of "forums" returns not hundreds or thousands, but millions of sites related to internet public forums for what has become known as internet chat. This begs the question: What are people talking about? They are talking about topics of public interest: weight reduction, hobbies, like art and photography; but there are literally millions of political forums. People are, more than ever before in history, talking about and sharing ideas on their political representation on a world-wide scale. Discussions, debates, even heated arguments about political leadership are going on between people who have never met one…. [read more]

Federalist Relevance Madison's Relevance Today Essay

… This faction might be a majority (and might not), but even so it is this type of influence that the Federalist No. 10 says the Constitution is meant to limit.

Another debate that is similarly splitting the country, and largely along similar lines, is the debate over "women's rights" or "religious liberty," depending on who is framing the issue (Smith & Ferraro, 2012). The way the issues is framed by the politicians and by the media is also of utmost importance in determining the validity of the claims each side is making, and Federalist No. 10 helps use to see this, as well. If a faction is a group that is trying to impose their opinion on the government/society as a whole without accounting for…. [read more]

Party on Dude the American Public Term Paper

… Party on Dude

The American public is embarrassingly ignorant according to Matthew Robinson, author of the article "Party on Dude." Robinson claims that the current and upcoming generations of American voters know next-to-nothing about politics and cannot even name their congressional representative. Americans don't know the basics about the Constitution, about American history, and about the facts behind key political initiatives. According to Robinson, 99% of college seniors can identify Beavis and Butthead or Snoop Dogg but only 22% know where the phrase "government of the people, by the people and for the people" comes from (p. 2). Ignorance about basic American history and politics plays right into the hands of the pollsters and the media, according to the author.

Ignorance has major repercussions on…. [read more]

Bureaucracies Can Become Self-Justifying Systems Article Critique

… This correlation suggests the value of consulting citizens when measuring the efficacy of government programs. Subjective factors that could also affect the perceptions of street cleanliness such as race, ethnicity, and class were less of a factor than objective measures of cleanliness (Van Ryzin et al. 2005: 301). The correlation between objective reports of cleanliness and citizen's from-the-ground reports has been observed anecdotally on numerous occasions, not just in the article but also in recent New York City history, when the City's failure to adequately clean snow from the ground during the blizzard of 2010.

Although the input provided by the street-cleaning program is very valuable and heartening in terms of its alignment of citizen and government measures and values, it could be questioned because…. [read more]

U.S. Iran Diplomatic Relations and Military Cooperation Before and After the Revolution Research Paper

… U.S. Iran Diplomatic

Pre- and Post-1979 Revolution in Iran: Comparative Study of the U.S. Diplomatic Relations and military cooperation with Iran in the 1919-79 and 1979-2011 periods.

In this assignment we are seeking to understand the changing relationship between Iran and the U.S. This is accomplished through looking at the events from: 1919 to 1979 and 1979 to 2011. Once this occurs, is when we can offer specific insights that will highlight the future of the current issues facing both nations.

Over the last 90 years, the relationship between Iran and the United States has been one that is based on tremendous amounts of ups and downs. As the country, would go from being a brutal dictatorship that was backed by the Shah to becoming…. [read more]

Democracy in America: Analysis Term Paper

… "

We can thus conclude that while the government may claim to be taking all these actions to protect us, the fact remains that it is not letting us decide how we want to be protected. The government doesn't include the public in major decisions because it has somehow assumed that it can control the public opinion easily with the help of false media reports. The question is not whether the government is doing the right thing or not, but is it letting us think for ourselves. Are we allowed to decide for ourselves how we would want to be protected? Are we permitted to think for ourselves and decide what exactly is terrorism and who is behind it? Does the government give us enough…. [read more]

American Government Question One (Interest Groups) Term Paper

… American Government

QUESTION ONE (Interest Groups): There are a number of political experts and observers who believe interest groups - or, according to Democracy Under Pressure (Cummings, 224-241), also called the "power elite" - in reality are the forces that make public policy at the federal level. And so, with this system entrenched, it will not be easy to change the way power is wielded in American government dynamics. Cummings writes (225) that "...lobbyists for interest groups are able to exert influence by means of campaign contributions and fund raising" (229), how healthy is that for the average consumer who just wants fairness and honesty in government? it's unhealthy, and difficult to change.

What changes could be made to reduce interest groups' influence? First of…. [read more]

Americans Have Always Been Hesitant to Trust Essay

… Americans have always been hesitant to trust the government. The earliest political battles fought were over the perceived powers of federalism, and how a strong government can lead to tyranny too easily. However, Roosevelt's New Deal policies and an increasingly outward-looking, globally engaged America transformed public opinions. Americans started to perceive themselves and their role in the world differently, and strong central government institutions from the military to Medicare become more politically and socially acceptable. Several generations prior to the New Deal and especially World War Two, Americans would not have lent their support as readily to foreign intervention. The prosperity that characterized Middle America during the middle of the twentieth century made it seem for a time that the new approach was working. Yet…. [read more]

Canadian Canada Capstone Project

… They do this through by coming up with projects whose aim is to conserve the environment. Some of the investments made to promote biodiversity include the conservation of sensitive land. This is for the purpose of the protection of rare species that living in these areas. The other investment is the creation of areas for national wildlife and bird sanctuaries. The government also has come up with an action plan that would be able to maintain and protect the three coasts in Canada (De, la, p. 20). The investments for protecting the waters also make the Canadian authorities responsible for maintaining its heritage. These are only a few of the actions that the government has tried to implement in order to maintain the national heritage…. [read more]

Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt Research Proposal

… ¶ … Presidencies of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt were both presidents that changed the American presidency through legislation and actually made the presidency more powerful by doing so. Through legislation, both men illustrated how the power of the president can extend beyond 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and extend into the cities and towns across the country. Wilson and Roosevelt were able to pass many measures that allowed them to govern legislatively like no presidents before them. Both men had different ideas in mind but both men made giant steps in directing a new path for government to travel down. Government became bigger and more powerful under the leadership of these men, changing the role of the president forever.

Woodrow Wilson…. [read more]

Political Framing in the US Term Paper

… Although the street game seems significantly vicious, this research cannot ignore the significance of stage speech in illuminating on the nature of politics. Box-Steffensmeier (2012) classifies Obama-Romney framing with a clear empathy for Romney side. The game frame emphasized the candidates' debate preparation strategies. In any case, the emphasis frames are treated as a contest against individuals and not a platform to present their ideologies. For instance, the announcement "Romney had to prepare harder for the debates than Obama" is a critical blow that seeks to explain that Romney was not prepared for the heat in the Oval Room. Conversely, Romney camp is responsive to the nature of criticism directed towards Romney as an individual. Romney is quick to bail himself out as an underdog…. [read more]

Public Policy and Opinion Polls Discussion Chapter

… Public Policy and Opinion Polls

Sometimes it appears that the government is completely unresponsive to the will of the baby. Public opinion may strongly favor a certain policy or law, without leading to any support for that law among Congress. On the other hand, when one looks at vocal fringe minority political groups, sometimes it seems like vocal public opinion can unduly influence public policy, with politicians pandering to extremists on either side of the political divide. These observations are both true, but they also fail to recognize the true impact of public opinion on public policy. Though American public policy may not reflect the exact will of the people, time and time again it has been shown that American government is extremely responsive to…. [read more]

How Governments Shape Public Opinion Answers

… ” Thus, one can see that the Anti-Federalists saw ahead of time that there would be a shift away from American democracy via judicial tyranny. It was just one more way for the wealthy class to call the shots as they would ingratiate themselves with judges and presidents by way of their wealth. As Brutus foretold, “One man, or a few men, cannot possibly represent the feelings, opinions, and characters of a great multitude. In this respect, the new constitution is radically defective” (Brutus No. 3).

9. Ch. 9: Describe how governments have attempted to shape public opinion in support of the established order. Also, how have politicians and private groups used different media formats to communicate their messages and market their programs?

…. [read more]

Intended for a Quantitative Public Essay

… Many believe it is hard to use financial innovation in the places where its application is sought, the places where its application is desired or the places where its application is needed. Financial innovation has traditionally been part of education policy. The individuals who seek to practically implement a financial innovative policy find it too difficult within an educational structure. These types of individuals are actually quite a few and varied across different posts in institutions, which range from schools to teachers to the policy makers themselves. These individuals think it is hard to help make the necessary changes in reaction to financial innovation or investment. There's a general opinion that these financial innovations lead to failure more regularly than they do to success. But…. [read more]

Society That the Public Term Paper

… (If you are starving a group of people in your care, it does not matter a great deal that you are allowing to starve a little more slowly than the others.)

The other essential issue that must remain central to any discussion of school funding in Pennsylvania is the issue of inter-district disparities in funding. While in terms of overall funding, Pennsylvania measures up quite well with the rest of the country, in terms inter-district disparity it has a poor showing indeed. (It should be noted that we are making the assumption here that inter-district funding disparities are a bad thing for education and for children, for the child of the poorest family deserves a decent education as much as does the child of the…. [read more]

Public Policy the Obama Administration's Health Care Essay

… Public Policy

The Obama administration's health care plan will dramatically shape the way that the health insurance system functions in the United States. At the heart of this plan is the public option, which will set up a government-funded health insurance program. Consumers will have a choice between their existing health care plans and the on offered by the public. Companies as well will have the option to choose between offering their own plans or paying a tax to help fund the public option. The health care plan is highly controversial for a variety of reasons. A substantial amount of opposition comes from the health insurance companies themselves, who stand to have their business eroded significantly. In addition to the debate about whether or not…. [read more]

Parties and Party Systems Essay

… 161). Mass populous support exists in both examples and drives political participation and populous voting, to determine the "platform" which will dominate the control function of the party (Sartori, 2005, p. 224). This popular support is reciprocal to governmental control and influence, in other words the popular support is fed by the perceived power of control and is the basis to some degree of that very control, through voting and economic support by members and non-members in agreement on issues.

Out of necessity mostly in response to funds needed especially for major election races as well as to maintain continuity and momentum in the party creates internal mechanisms to control infrastructure and funding. Funds are necessary for the party to function in and out of…. [read more]

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