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How Is Nation Building Depicted in Yakup Kadri's the Alien? Essay

… Yakup Kadri's Yaban and the Depiction of Nation-Building in Turkey

Yakup Kadri Karaomerlio-lu's novel, Yaban, is considered a modern classic by the people of Turkey and international observers of the Middle East. Its author, Karaomerlio-lu, came from a famous political family of the late Ottoman period and was a privileged, committed member of the Turkish Republic elite. His novel, Yaban, though fictional, is highly inspired by his experience as a bureaucrat investigating the Anatolian countryside during the early days of the Turkish Republic.

Nation-building in the Turkish countryside was performed mainly by displaced urban elites, who understood little of the true concerns of the peasants. Nation-building was achieved through the rhetoric of "liberation," "development," and "enlightenment," most of which the Anatolian villagers felt no need…. [read more]

Alien Chestburster Scene Analysis Term Paper

… One of the most interesting things about this sequence is that the camera is never at eye level; the camera is, for the most part, slightly below eye level or looking down at Kane on the table. Not only does the lack of eye level shots create a feeling of unease, much like a Dutch shot would, but it also appears as though the director wants the audience to anticipate the action that is going to occur. This anticipation is also created with a slight zoom on Kane as he is serving himself food and before he goes into his initial seizure. This is the only zoom used in the sequence and helps to guide the viewers' attention to Kane. One of the most visually…. [read more]

Alien and Sedition Acts Essay

… When the "Alien and Sedition Acts" were passed, they were justified as being necessary to control the actions of dangerous, and possibly disloyal, foreigners who resided in the country at a time when the United States was preparing for war. The French Revolution was in full swing and the Federalists feared that Democratic-Republicans, who supported the revolution, would attempt a similar one against the Federalists in America. And while the Federalists used this to justify their passing the acts, their real purpose was to use them as a tool to stifle political opposition to their policies. In response, the Democratic-Republicans could do little until public opinion swayed against the Federalist and they were voted out of power.

In the election of 1800, the Democratic-Republicans, under…. [read more]

J.D. Salinger: How the Characters Essay

… The characters as they are portrayed in Salinger's work are contentious and uncaring about society, the impact of their behaviour or interaction on society as a whole and worried even less about the state of affairs due to their having withdrawn and abdicated from society. Society is a swarm of unethical dealings in the view of Salinger and his characters. However, Salinger believes that each individual is able to find their way through the ongoing deceptions that are presented in today's world.

Salinger presents characters that fail to develop to their full potential and this seems to be reflective of the manner in which his works have ultimately failed to have been published on a large scale. While 'Catcher in the Rye" was largely published…. [read more]

Taxation an Alien Essay

… This is through the application of limitless marital deduction. Resultantly, if your partner is not a USA citizen and you do not have a plan ahead, every asset in your property shall be subject to estate taxes over the amount of tax exemptions on the estate. A qualified domestic trust or QDOT can bar such an occurrence.

Assets transferred to such a trust are not subject to taxation on imminent demise, thus the entire estate is present to provide for your partner. The trust is the owner of the assets and not the spouse. The spouse can receive earnings from the trust and can receive principle with trustee's approval (Fellows, 2012). Without a QDOT, the estate taxes are mandatorily payable but with a QDOT, there…. [read more]

Journal of Leisure Essay

… He cannot possibly think himself a man of valuable because of his lowly station and this, Thoreau derides because if he thought better of himself, then he would be able to get more out of the life that he leads. He says, "Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion" (203). If the man thought more of himself, he could transcend his station despite the insult and discouragement of those around him. By believing himself of minimal importance, he relegates himself to little importance in the grander scheme of the world around him.

The major issue with Thoreau's work is that he absolutely assumes that his personal view of the world is the right one. Men and women who work in…. [read more]

Aliens Are Living Amongst Us Today Essay

… Aliens are Living Amongst Us Today!

Since the mid-20th century, reports of strange-looking aliens living in the United States have been commonplace and scarcely a day goes by when a newspaper headline does not trumpet yet another sighting by reliable witnesses, including military officials, airline pilots and law enforcement officials across the country. In fact, recent surveys indicate that more than half of Americans believe that the United States has been visited by aliens (Minerd 2000:16). Skeptics continue to denounce these countless alien sightings, preferring instead to hide their heads in the sand in hopes that the whole thing is really just some bad practical joke gone astray and will blow over in the future. In this environment, it is little wonder that Americans want…. [read more]

How Secure Is the Northeastern US Border of the United States From Maine to Michigan Research Proposal

… Government

How Secure is the Northeastern U.S. Border of the United States from Maine to Michigan

The North East border of the United States is made up of mainly under patrolled borders and huge areas of waterways. The area covers the nation from Maine to Michigan and includes the majority of the Great Lakes. Due to the openness of the border it is very possible for drug trafficking, alien smuggling and other criminal activities to occur (Northeast Regional Support Team Quick Review, Date).

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the Northern border of the United States has become very important to our national security. As we have planned programs that have afforded greater protection against unlawful entry, members of Congress and homeland security experts have called for…. [read more]

Pro Bono Resources Term Paper

… The board staff also provides support for the Friendship Public Charter School to offer the academic programs offered by the management companies (lowe et al., 2006).


The public charter schools also require marketing services and no organization no matter commercial or non-profit oriented can effectively operate in the current environment without having a clear marketing strategy. The nonprofit organizations also have to take advantage of the advertising and marketing services in order to effectively raise their donations. Similarly the charter schools also need to be communicative towards their mission, goals, aims, and objectives. The charter schools need to inform their target audience regarding their achievements, the developments in their ranking, number of seats availability, as well as their significant growths. Marketing is the primary…. [read more]

Personality: How Are "Place" and the Self Related? Essay

… She mentions that "she would have preferred to stay in Kingston," because of the memories she held on, among other things, the library, the Congressional Church where she attended scouting forums, and the town's general intellectual feel (Lahiri 105). Peace Deal was, by then, nothing but an alien land to the author and her parents; but which later became a place for them, after they had been there for a period long enough to enable them build social relations and fond memories.

Three core qualities responsible for transforming space into place can be deduced from the information presented above: i) time, which is what provides people with the necessary experiences and memories; ii) the availability of social interactions -- experiences are gained through interacting with…. [read more]

Anti-War Sentiments Vonnegut and Sassoon Thesis

… In this poem, a priest is cheering on some soldiers, telling them what a brave group they are and what a glorious cause they're fighting for, that they are fighting the Anti-Christ himself. He tells them that they won't be the same when they come home because they will be full of the honor and bravery and glory of the cause for which they fought and they will know this and it is implied that the priest believes this will make them nobler men.

One of the soldiers, though, knows better. He points out that yes, they will be changed when they come home, but not in the way the priest believes. The soldier says they will be changed because of how damaged they will…. [read more]

Should Aliens Have the Same Rights as U.S. Citizens Term Paper

… Alien Rights

Should Aliens Have the Same Rights as U.S. Citizens?

The issue of illegal aliens in the United States has been a topic of much heated debate for several decades. Advocates of illegal alien rights mark several claims, including that illegal immigrants actually contribute to the U.S. economy rather than being a burden upon it. However, critics cite substantial evidence that illegal immigrants are draining the United States of social resources, including depriving the middle-class of employment opportunities.

There are an estimated 12 million illegal aliens living and working in the United States. None of them have any real fear of ever being detained or deported, because it is doubtful anyone is even looking for them (Seper 2004). Explains one veteran Border Patrol supervisor…. [read more]

Could Aliens Have Built the Pyramids Research Paper

… Aliens

The Egyptian pyramids at Giza are among the most perplexing monuments on the planet. As with the ziggurats and the pyramids of ancient Central America, the Giza structures seem practically impossible to construct without modern machinery. As one Web site points out, "a group of modern scientists attempted to build a pyramid out next to the real one using modern technologies, and after something like 100 days, succeeded in building one about 1/40 of the size of the real one," ("Aliens Built the Pyramids"). Furthermore, the pyramids seem to have been constructed according to ancient astrological alignments that may have implied communion with extraterrestrial entities. The architects also seem to have advanced knowledge of engineering and geometry that could foreseeably have been imparted from…. [read more]

Effect of Illegal Aliens on California's Healthcare System Term Paper


The Pew Hispanic Center estimated in March 2005 that the illegal alien population in California was 2.4 million in 2004. The impact on business, public schools, criminal justice system, and health care has been enormous. Statistics show that 63 California hospitals closed in the ten-year period between 1993 and 2003 because half of their services were unpaid because of services required under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). (Cosman, 2005; paraphrased) These statistics show that many clinics and general practitioners do not have a hospital dedicated to their area of service. Because of the diseases that the illegal alien immigrants are bringing to the United States, it is imperative that private practitioners develop some…. [read more]

Alien Life on Earth Scientists Essay

… For example, a mysterious sheen has been found on boulders and rock faces in deserts around the world. The so-called "desert varnish" may be attributed to an alternative, invisible biological world. The idea was first proposed by Professor Carol Cleland of Colorado University, who outlined her vision of the shadow biosphere in a 2006 article for the International Journal of Astrobiology. She believes the "desert varnish" may be an important clue.

Charles Cockell, Professor of Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh, believes the notion of weird life upends more than three hundred years of research in microbiology (McKie). Cockell does not disagree with the concept of weird life, only with the idea that the unexplainable is too easily explained without the backing of good science.…. [read more]

Ilegal Aliens Impact in California on Business Thesis

… ¶ … Ilegal aliens impact in California on Business, Public Schools, Criminal Justice and health care



Constantly increasing over the last couple of years, despite some measures to curb this trend

Encouraged by economic processes and the need to counter competitiveness on the market with cheap labor

Hard to control, especially at the land border

Hard to control once entered in the U.S.

21,911,918 illegal immigrants in the U.S. At this point (

382,286 illegal immigrants incarcerated

1,489,287,084 - cost of illegal immigrants incarceration

698,012 illegal immigrant fugitives

10,839,080 skilled jobs taken by illegal immigrants



Constant increase from 1992 to 2007, according to all three types of statistics (INS,…. [read more]

U.S. Immigration Policy After 911 Term Paper

… Additionally, a crackdown on illegal immigrants is anticipated as Homeland Security begins to close the borders to such immigration (Pluviose-Fenton, 2003).

Currently, members of the House Committee on the Judiciary are scrutinizing H.R. 2671, the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act of 2003 (The CLEAR Act). This bill, authored by Republican Charles Norwood of Georgia, would mandate that state and local law enforcement more aggressively enforce federal immigration laws. By granting the power to local and state police officers to enforce federal immigration laws, the CLEAR Act would expand the police powers of government and provide much needed on-the-scene assistance to beleaguered federal law enforcement agencies (Pluviose-Fenton, 2003).

Overall, changes in immigration policy and immigration law in the aftermath of September 11, 2001…. [read more]

Fruits Sweet Sour, Specific Taste? Essay

… Even with the fact that humans are commonly blamed for their involvement in activities that have negative consequences on the natural world, they also play an important role in assisting seeds disperse and in helping plant species survive.

In addition to assisting plants disperse their seeds through farming, humans also contribute through other means. Individuals need to acknowledge that humans are very important in the process of seed dispersal and that they are even capable of assisting non-native species as they invade foreign territories. To a certain degree, it is probable that humans are more important than wind power when considering seed dispersal. Seeds can apparently travel for long distances as a result of being attached to hikers' boots. Similarly, seeds can stick to people's…. [read more]

Synthesis Comparison of 2 Stories From Julie Orringer's How to Breathe Underwater Essay

… Transitions in "How to Breathe Underwater"

Orringer, Julie. (2003). How to Breathe Underwater. Knopf.

Author Julie Orringer (born 1973) is American, born in Miami, Florida. Her first book was published in 2003 entitled How to Breathe Underwater. The book contains nine short stories, all thematically tied to the idea of being submerged by some sort of loss and transition; whether that be a loss of a material thing, a friend or relative, or of something more ethereal like a relationship, a lover, or even a friend. Each story is thus thematically tied by the way the characters in the story cope with this loss, and how each of them sinks into a hostile environment that can be both joyous and frightening, and yet learn through…. [read more]

MS-13 Gang and How it Related to Terrorism Research Paper

… M-13 Gang and How it Relates to Terrorism

The M-13 gang, otherwise called Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is one of the most dangerous gangs in the world. Originating in the U.S., Los Angeles, it spread to other parts of the world, predominately Canada, Mexico, and Central America, and has recently spread to the Washington DC area of the Untied States1. Active in urban and suburban areas, the majority of the members are Central Americans. There are approximately 50,000 MS-13 members living in the U.S. today, and almost double that amount proliferating in Central America.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is actually quite a recent phenomena. Mushrooming in the Pico-Union neighborbood of Los Angeles, MS-13 was formed by immigrants from Central America whose original purpose was to protect Salvadoran…. [read more]

Holocaust, and How Primo Levi Term Paper

… Null cannot live in the dog eat dog world that assures survival, and not only is he a walking example of the drowned, he is a walking example of the traits it took to survive - he simply could not find them in himself. Even if it is selfish and dog eat dog order, there is an order to the chaos of the camp, and it is the order of survival of the fittest. The survivors must use their wits to survive, and if it means walking on someone else, so be it. This order may not be palatable, but it is necessary for survival, and so it endures, and those who adhere to it endure.

In probably the most ironic part of the book,…. [read more]

America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals Term Paper

… Since then, the western governments have been promoting both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin laden as extremely precarious and hostile crooks (taken from:


It is clear that the likelihood of a terrorist assault on American soil is not fiction, but an inevitable and imminent reality because the institutions and organizations along with the American government, which are supposed to protect the Americans from foreign enemies, have been miserable and unsuccessful in executing their tasks. However, it is important to assert that the American people cannot look forward to indigenous authorities to put a stop to every single assault on the American territory, so they have got to think intensely in relation to how best to decrease the loss of innocent lives once such…. [read more]

How China's Cultures and Politics Affect One Another and Ultimately Affect Social Change Term Paper

… ¶ … China's Cultures and Politics affect one Another, and Ultimately Affect Social change

China's politics and culture and how they came to affect the social order

In spite of the fact that it has experienced much economic progress in the recent years, China has managed to maintain it political ideology and many of its cultural values. Globalization has only had a limited effect on China when compared to other countries and this is most probably owed to the fact that the state focused on its background as a means to experience evolution. It is difficult to analyze China from the perspective of someone looking at recent events that the country has experienced. It is thus essential to consider China's history previous to communism in…. [read more]

How Do We Find Values in the Contemporary World? Research Paper

… ¶ … Values in the Contemporary World

Religion stands as one of the most important values in the contemporary society and it has always been influential in assisting people as they experienced progress. Even with the fact that it is also responsible for generating numerous controversies, religion is, as a whole, beneficial because of the moral values that it promotes, given that it influences people to perform moral acts. Most people who are against religion are fueled by its turbulent history and because of the fact that many individuals throughout history have interpreted religion and used religious teachings incorrectly. Present-day society has experienced much progress in the recent years and it appears that the world (with the exception of some communities) is heading toward a…. [read more]

How Does Daoism Zhuang and Laozi Influence the Polity of Song Dynasty? Term Paper

… Taoism

Bending towards the way of the Tao -- how the Taoism of Zhuang and Laozi influenced the polity of Song Dynasty

Next to Confucianism, the most important philosophy of the Chinese has undoubtedly been that of Taoism." (DeBarry, Chan & Bloom, p.48) Taoism is a more elusive philosophy than the more concrete, ancestor-focused and rule bound philosophy of Confucius, as analyzed in the philosopher's famous "Analects." Instead of dictating right from wrong, Taoism emphasizes the ideal of so-called pure talk, stressing that people should only talk about the good side of everything, to create a sense of positive energy and harmony between the spirit and the universe. Rather than judgment, placing value upon the material world is de-emphasized, in Taoism and simplicity, austerity, and…. [read more]

Rape Culture and Spring Breakers Essay

… Rape Culture That Exists and How it Is Supported in the Media

Throughout the course of human history, male dominance over women has been continually utilized as a social norm (i.e. The rape culture). This has resulted in a gender biased social structure which is concentrating on depicting women as sexual objects in a male dominated world. Over the course of time, this has become an ideal that is designed to subdue women in order to reduce their levels of social significance. Once a woman is seen as sex object, is the point they are able to minimize her importance and any contributions that are made. (Rozee)

The movie Spring Breakers is the classic example of how these stereotypes are continually being embrace by modern…. [read more]

Blade Runner: A Marriage Essay

… Because replicants were not human, albeit they were perfect human substitutes, it was considered acceptable in this society to enslave them because it was believed that replicants were not capable of feeling emotions.

This segregation between man and machine ultimately leads to a schism within society with the conflict subsequently leading to rebellion. One of the main reasons that the replicants rebel against humans is because they have been oppressed; not only are they slaves, but they are also not allowed to cohabitate with humans on Earth with their mere presence on the planet being considered illegal. However, had the replicants not rebelled, there would have been no need to organize blade runner units to quell the rebellion. Oddly enough, the line between man and…. [read more]

Cost of Educating Illegal Aliens Term Paper

… ¶ … Educating Illegal Children

Is Educating the Children of Illegal Immigrants a Burden to the Public School System

2003 byline appearing in the Washington Times reported that the states pay 7.4 billion dollars annually to educate the children of undocumented parents, or illegal aliens in the United States (Dinan, 2003, p. A04). The article quotes figures supplied by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which probably gained the data by way of a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request, these numbers are difficult to find in the vast amounts of information published by the United States Government. The goal of the government is to mitigate the information surrounding the cost and risks to American taxpayers posed by the undocumented people in the United States.…. [read more]

Rights of Aliens in U.S. Courts Term Paper

… Rights of Aliens in U.S. Courts

Rights of Aliens in United States Courts

The Alien Tort Claims Act, ATCA, allows foreign nationals to seek relief in Federal court for actions that violate the "law of nations" or a United States treaty (International pp). American courts have interpreted these violations to include crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, torture, rape, and summary execution (International pp). The Torture Victim Protection Act, TVPA, permits U.S. Or foreign nationals to bring action against a person who, acting under "actual or apparent authority or color of law, of any foreign nation," subjects an individual to torture or extra-judicial killing (International pp).

The Alien Tort Claims Act was drafted in 1789 to deal with piracy and to allow sailors press-ganged into…. [read more]

Alienation in Kafka Franz Essay

… According to Freud, people live in two selves simultaneously: conscious and unconscious. By the conscious Freud means thoughts and actions the manifest content of one's life. He calls the unconscious the latent level. Freud says that there is a continuous effort to keep the desires unconscious or latent. Accordingly, there is a separation between a person and his unconscious mind, which is called alienation. Alienation generally suggests depersonalization, self estrangement, cultural estrangement, the sense of meaninglessness and powerlessness. (Kohzadi et al., 1602 -- 1603)

Gregor feels all of these things. He definitely feels depersonalization. Gregor does not feel valued as a person in his work or in his family. Gregor does not feel like a person, so he might as well not be a person…. [read more]

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