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Diabetes Evidence-Based Practice Essay

… At the same time, EBM has garnered critiques, particularly from social scientists, who question its underlying assumptions, impact on professional practice, and broad reinforcement of medical authority. Little empirical work has been done, however, to explore these concerns (Gabbay, 1999).

The term "evidence-based medicine" was formalized at McMaster University in the 1980s as part of a new approach to problem-based learning in medical education (Gabbay, 1999). Its philosophical roots, however, can be traced to the mid-nineteenth century when medicine began aggressively to position itself as a science. The concept has spread widely beyond medicine and is often referred to as evidence-based practice to encourage its adoption by diverse health disciplines such as nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, psychology, and dietetics (Bogdan-Lovis and Sousa, 2006).

The founders of…. [read more]

Diabetes the Global Prevalence Essay

… Around the world, there exist many misconceptions regarding nutrition. Accordingly, scientific literature is integral in educating the population about how to take care of their body and eat in a way that aids successful processing of nutrients. Moreover, nursing is a crucial component in relieving the problems associated with diabetes. The nurse-patient relationship provides the diabetic with an interpersonal dynamic that can provide the patient with the needed motivation to improve their condition. Nurses can also assist to make sure that the patient is taking their required doses of insulin and regulating their blood sugar level at all times. However, it should be noted that just because a diabetic takes insulin, this does not allow them to indulge in foods with high sugar or saturated…. [read more]

Diabetes Type II in Adults Term Paper

… Diabetes Type II in Adults


Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas to bring glucose to the cells so the body can use it for energy (University of Maryland Medical Center 2008). If this does not happen, the body has nothing to use for its functions. Diabetes develops. There are many types of diabetes. The most common are type 1 insulin-dependent, type 2 non-insulin-dependent and gestational diabetes. Type 2 is lifelong and characterized by high sugar levels trapped in the blood instead of flowing into the cells. This type develops when the body does not respond correctly to insulin. It is often accompanied by obesity and insulin resistance. Because the cells are not getting the needed insulin, the pancreas produces…. [read more]

Type 2 Diabetes Research Paper

… Diabetes mellitus is a disease that results from body's cells inability to absorb glucose once it has entered the body (American Diabetes Association, 2013). There are multiple types of diabetes: Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes. Although the overarching idea behind each of these types of diabetes is the build-up of glucose in the blood, the way that each type affects the body is different from one another. Type 1 diabetes was once known as juvenile diabetes because it was thought to be an autoimmune disorder that occurred in only children (American Diabetes Association, 2013). However, type 1 diabetes could also develop in adults. This type is characterized as insulin-dependent because it requires that the individual inject multiple dosages of insulin in…. [read more]

Diabetes Mellitus Fact Sheet Term Paper

… Diabetes Mellitus Fact Sheet

Diabetes mellitus is a term that refers to a group of diseases, all of which are related by the common root cause of a disorder in the way the body processes glucose present in the blood (Mayo Clinic 2010; WebMD 2010). All types of diabetes essentially lead to a buildup of glucose in the blood, which can lead to a number of serious health difficulties that may cause other symptoms and complications (Mayo Clinic 2010). These symptoms can initially include increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, sudden and inexplicable weight loss, fatigue, and an increasing frequency of infections (Medline 2010, WebMD 2010). If left untreated, diabetes can eventually lead to other debilitating conditions such as blindness, kidney failure, and peripheral artery…. [read more]

Diabetes Why Study Diabetes? Term Paper

… Diabetes

Why Study Diabetes?

There are two kinds of diabetes, Type I and type II, and they both tend to be a problem for many people throughout the world today, but for Americans it is especially alarming. The major concern with the American people is that Type II diabetes tends to occur at a very young age (Gilliland, Carter, Skipper, & Acton, 2002). Traditionally, Type II diabetes was assumed to be an adult onset disease. However, research shows that the development of Type II diabetes in Americans tends to decrease as population ages, therefore it is especially important to educate young Americans about the risks (Gilliland, Carter, Skipper, & Acton, 2002).

Since American youths are getting Type II diabetes at a high rate, the mortality…. [read more]

Diabetes the Diabetic Epidemic Essay

… Diabetes

The Diabetic Epidemic

The issue of diabetes and particularly type 2 diabetes has reached alarming proportions in many developed societies today. As one study notes; "…approximately 4,110 people are diagnosed every day with diabetes. In 2005, 1.5 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people age 20 years or older" (Galvin, 2006, p. 157). However, while there is a radical growth in the prevalence and the extent of this disease, there is also a concomitant growth in knowledge and this form of diabetes and methods of managing and treating it.

There are two forms of diabetes mellitus. Type 1 is insulin dependent while Type 2 is non-insulin-dependent. In Type 2 sufficient insulin is formed in the pancreas, but the body has difficulty in…. [read more]

Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … diet and exercise. There are sixteen references used for this paper.

Americans are becoming more and more obese, which can lead to serious and potentially fatal health risks. It is important to explore diets and the role that exercise plays in them, as well as how age affects a person's metabolism.

Understanding Diet

Diet is "food and drink regularly consumed for nourishment. Nutritionists generally recommend eating a wide variety of foods; however, some groups of people, such as Eskimos and vegetarians, survive on a very limited diet (Unknown, Columbia)."

Until refrigeration was developed, availability was the factor which decided most people's diets. Diets were dependant upon growing seasons and the migrations of animals. Culture and religion also played an important part in an…. [read more]

Change: Helping a Friend Become Healthier Term Paper

… I wouldn't have done anything differently. In fact on our first walk, two days after she agreed to walk with me, I reported on a 20-year study ( that showed the lack of exercise, not our tendency to overeat, was causing many of us to gain weight. She smiled, because she did not want to hear me urging her to give up her meals (that are mentioned earlier in this paper). She even talked about buying a new pair of walking shoes, which made me very happy because she was buying into my suggestions.

In conclusion, how do I respond when someone asks me to change? I admit I may be hesitant to try something new, but it depends entirely on who asked me and…. [read more]

Health and Quality Improvement Term Paper

… I have seen programs based on dancing, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and intensive aerobic workouts.

Since I am out of shape and have little free time, I think I should choose a program that is not too long and starts out slowly, building up as I become more fit. I will look for a program that is 30 minutes or so, and has different options for me as I progress through the program, something like the "Power Half Hour" workout I researched online. I think the best way to check these out is to rent a few from a video store, and then choose the one I like the best. It also needs to utilize the basic principles of beneficial exercise. Another author notes, "In order…. [read more]

Teaching Learning Plan by Nurse Practitioner for Type 2 Diabetes Professional Writing

… Nurse Teaching

Teaching learning plan by Nurse practitioner for type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a significant, pressing and continually worsening public health problem. General research has drawn close connections between this public health problem and certain gender, racial and cultural factors. Additionally, research has recognized that diabetes is today one of the fastest growing public health problems due to the negative health behaviors which have become increasingly culturally prevalent in America. The 'junk food' culture that inclines Americans to consume fatty foods with limited nutritional value and to engage relatively sedentary lifestyles is creating a culture of heart-disease, obesity and diabetes. The result is that a particular strain of diabetes is proliferating amongst juveniles and overweight adults such as the 43-year-old woman who…. [read more]

Jonathan Kwan This Study Identifies Essay

… Conclusion

The research finds that fast food is correlated to obesity and overweight in children and adolescents. However, the study does indicate that this correlation does not exist for all individuals. The study finds that the risk of fast food causing obesity and overweight in children and adolescents is associated with different risks factors. The first is fast food advertisement, which has a direct effect on children exposed to fast food products. The research finds that a need to understanding how this works will allow a better insight on the correlation of fast food to child obesity.

In addition, the study finds that The extent to which parents' eating habits can be engineered through education, changing the environment (such as limiting the number of fast…. [read more]

World Health Organization. Many People Essay

… The government can help by either funding or even educating the citizens on how they can avoid suffering from the disease of obesity which is now rampant in the United States of America.

The appropriate initial steps in to handling this epidemic, is to make sure every member of the society is aware about the risks of overweight and obesity as well as the risks associated with being obese.

We also need to make sure that individuals suffering from obesity have a positive perspective towards their situation and they are willing to get assistance / help that can make them live a normal life like other people do. This could only be possible with the assistance of local government officials and health officers who will…. [read more]

Pregnancy and Diabetes: Risk Factors Term Paper

… This test is used along with home glucose monitoring to make treatment adjustments. Other tests such as a urinalysis to screen for diabetic kidney complications, cholesterol and triglyceride blood tests, and an eye exam to screen for glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy may also help prevent the development of diabetic complications during pregnancy.

Pre-conception counseling is also another necessary step to prepare for pregnancy. A preconception appointment typically includes:

An evaluation of weight with the goal of reaching an ideal body weight before becoming pregnant.

A discussion of lifestyle such as smoking and drinking habits.

An evaluation of diet and a discussion of appropriate prenatal vitamins.

Managing diabetes medicines during pregnancy (Generally, more insulin is required during pregnancy, especially during the last three months).

Meal planning…. [read more]

Healthy Individual Is Infected Essay

… The mechanism of the antimuscarinic drug is that it decreases the urgency to increase bladder capacity. The role of the nurse educator is to assist the health specialists in carrying out the treatments. Moreover, the nurse educator roles are to educate patients on the appropriate method to take medication.


Pellati Mylonakis, Bertoloni, et al., (2008) reveal that infertility is a disease that affects reproductive system, which impairs ability to perform essential function of reproduction. Typically, obstruction of male or female genital tract can cause infertility. The alteration of genital tract occurs when there is a partial or total blocking of free flow of seminal fluid. Some of the abnormalities may be present at birth or due to unrogenital tract. Other factor leading the defective…. [read more]

How to Avoid Diabetes Through Healthy Eating and Exercise Chapter

… Diabetes: The Rise and Potential Fall of a Non-Communicable Disease

One major global health issue that many researchers link to improper diet and lack of exercise is diabetes. Diabetes is a non-communicable disease that affects approximately 9% of adults around the world (World Health Organization, 2015). In the U.S. alone, 20 million people are diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes (though there is a third form -- gestational diabetes -- that can affect women during pregnancy) (National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014). According to the International Diabetes Federation, in the entire world 387 million people are impacted by the disease, and over the next twenty years that number is expected to climb to nearly 600 million (IDF Key Findings, 2014). But what is…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity Research Paper

… 629).

In conclusion, there are no known benefits for a child that is overweight or obese, but as this paper points out, there are many negatives associated with overweight and obesity. The fact that so many young children in the U.S. are obese is of great concern to healthcare professionals, because obesity during childhood often means greater health negatives later in life. The costs of treating people with diabetes, heart conditions, and other problems that result from obesity is enormous and puts an additional burden on the healthcare industry. While researchers are trying to find out what steps to take to reduce the crisis of obese children, parents should encourage their children to play outside and get plenty of exercise, and to eat healthy foods…. [read more]

African Americans and Diabetes Research Paper

… All of that is highly significant for the future of people with diabetes. The more education they have and the more they are able to put that education to use by seeing their doctor and accepting treatment, the more these people will be capable of living longer, healthier lives (Vaccaro & Huffman, 2012). Type II diabetes can be managed, but it takes commitment and understanding to do so.


Unlike some medical conditions that get progressively worse over time, type II diabetes can be managed and -- in some cases -- even reversed. Because the African-American population is twice as likely to acquire this condition when compared with those who are Caucasian, educating them on the risk factors, signs and symptoms, and treatment options is…. [read more]

Hypertension Is Defined as Systolic Research Paper

… It also provides treatment guidelines for hypertension. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005, recommends an intake of no more than 1,500 mg/day. (Seventh Report of Join National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment, 2003)

Despite various campaigns and an increase in awareness on the effects of hypertension, there still seems to be a deficit in the knowledge of, who is included in the high risk group. Effective legislatures need to be implemented to control the risk factors. Media and educational institutes can also help in building enough motivation amongst the public in avoiding these potentially harmful factors that prevent appropriate quality of life. Moreover, educational institutes can impart rules to prevent in campus smoking. They can also keep students focused on extracurricular activities, along…. [read more]

Heart Disease in Young Adults Term Paper

… Young Adults & Heart Disease

Research Considerations

For this paper, this writer chose to examine the subject of heart disease in young adults, with the aim to present information for young adults to help them increase their understanding of CVD. Many young adults consider heart disease as an old person's disease. From this paper, some of these young adults may become more aware that individuals of all ages, even their age, can have CVD. In turn, they will gain access to strategies presented to combat heart disease.

Questions this writer considered during the research of this paper included:

Why is heart disease a current concern for young adults?

What strategies can be implemented to combat heart disease in young adults?

The following figure (1) relates…. [read more]

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia 14 18 Aged Essay

… Saudi Arabia Obesity: Adolescent Girls

Obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. Although the patterns of obesity differ between developing and developed countries, obesity rates are generally on the increase worldwide. According to Speiser, et al. (2005), 250 million people, literally 7% of the world's current population is obese. In Canada, 40 to 60% of the population is obese while in the United States over 65% are obese and around 65% of the American population falling under this category (The Toronto Sun, 2011). The situation is not different in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. Elser Baxter (2010) indicated that more than half of the Saudi adults are obese with 34% being the middle aged males while 45% being…. [read more]

Caring for the Population: Assessment Essay

… People here are habitual of eating lots of junk food; this is in sharp contrast to other states where people also enjoy tropical fruits fresh from the gardens.


After the analysis of the data and research done, I have concluded that the problem obesity in our society is due to unhealthy eating habits and heavy reliability on automation. Intense dependence on machines reflects that we as a race have also become less active physically which in turn has led us to become weak. We can be less obese and more active if and only if we do our regular work with mindful eating. We for the sake of saving time choose fast food that includes burgers, sandwiches, cakes, cokes and they do save our…. [read more]

Cholesterol & Hypercholesterolemia Treatment Thesis

… Those with abnormal levels (total cholesterol more than 200 mg/dL or HDL less than 40 mg/dL), will go on to have a test called fasting lipid profile (in which the person being tested refrains from eating for 8 to 12 hours, usually overnight, prior to the test) (Anderson et al., 2001). The fasting test will indicate whether or not total cholesterol levels fall within the normal range (between 140 and 200 mg/dL), are moderately high (between 200 and 240 mg/dL), or if they are in the very high range (240 mg/dL or greater) (Anderson et al., 2001). This blood test also reveals the levels of LDL, HDL, and triglycerides; according to guidelines released by the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), the optimal level for LDL…. [read more]

Pediatric Guidelines - School Health Research Paper

… After all, if a person is trying to teach something to a child but that person refuses to model that behavior, it is much harder to convince the child that the behavior is important (Hoyland, Dye, & Lawton, 2009). School employees who eat healthy, are physically active, and are in good shape, are good role models for children who need to acquire the same behaviors to help themselves stay healthy for a long time (Hoyland, Dye, & Lawton, 2009). When schools provide wellness programs for employees they set good examples for both adults and children, and they can also lower their insurance costs because their employees will need less medical care with their new, healthier lifestyles (Hoyland, Dye, & Lawton, 2009). That is an important…. [read more]

Educational Intervention on the Balance Between Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Intervention on the balance between Diet and Exercise

Energy Balance is the key to a healthy body

More and more people are becoming victims of obesity. While on one hand, the precise causes of this disease are still unclear, the general conclusion most scientists have agreed upon is the disparity between the energy consumed and the energy used. This is to say, obesity occurs when individual lifestyles lead towards excessive food consumption and little to no energy-utilization activities. Zakus (1982) in his study pointed out that certain ailments, namely, Frohlich's, Klinefelter's, Praeder Willi, Klein-Levin, Lawrence Mood Biedl, and Mauriac syndromes, are the underlying causes of childhood obesity. However, these cases, he points out, occur in less than 5% of children (Zakus, 1982).…. [read more]

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia Essay

… Obesity in Adolescent Females in Saudi Arabia

This paper examines the causes of obesity among the adolescent girls in Saudi Arabia. It endeavors to unravel the pre-exposing factors and the other related conditions that come along with development of obesity, e.g. High blood pressure, strokes, diabetes type II and coronary artery. In this study 1486 adolescent ladies were randomly sampled and interviewed on what their diets is, whether or not they engage in physical exercises, their family income and the history of obesity in their families. Body Mass Index (BMI) was also taken. All this were to expose possible areas of obesity causes. It came to be established that about 95% of obesity causes is the lifestyle regarding consumption of snack and products that contains…. [read more]

Weight Loss Term Paper


The United States has been criticized by doctors, researchers and government officials as being one of the fattest and unhealthy countries in the world. Our population currently faces numerous problems regarding health issues, weight loss, and now childhood obesity. Historian Harvey Levenstein (1988) contends that the most dramatic changes in the American diet occurred between 1880 and 1930. These changes were a result of many sociological factors and technological advances, including the development of the modern cooking range; the advent of new ways to preserve food; and the birth of our modern processed food industry. Levenstein (1988) also states that the greatly expanded food supply that resulted from the settling of the American West to be another factor, as well…. [read more]

Health Maintenance Issues Mrs. Gray Case Study

… 230). In combating such issues, in general, a glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) goal of <7% is reasonable for most patients.; a less-aggressive goal may be considered for patients at high risk of hypoglycemia or high risk of complications from hypoglycemia, as long as acutely symptomatic hyperglycemia is avoided (Fravel, McDanel, Ross, 2011, p. 502). Further, Chlorpropamide, glyburide, and rosiglitazone, which pose a great risk for hypoglycemia, should be avoided in the elderly as in the case of Mrs. Gray.

The management of the elderly patient with Type 2 Diabetes through medical procedures and intervention has different goals and objectives than does that of the younger patient. The patient's life expectancy, coexisting medical or psychiatric disorders, and the patient's willingness and ability to comply with the proposed…. [read more]

Policy Analysis Critique - Hong Thesis

… One of the reasons that these kinds of diseases (cardiovascular disease being among them) are so difficult to completely avoid is that people often fail to do their part to keep themselves healthy. It is vital that a person focus on what he or she can do to stay healthy - and teach that to his or her children - and exercise is a large part of that.


According to research that has been done in the past, heart disease is the leading cause of death in developed countries like the United States (Janus, 1997; Macfarlane, 1997). What the following graphs shows, though, is that an increase in exercise directly correlates to a decrease in deaths from heart disease. That is just one…. [read more]

Korkiakangas, E.E., Et Al.) Annotated Bibliography

… Any time a study is qualitative in nature, the more data that can be collected from the participants the easier it is to get good information (Korkiakangas, 2010). While there is often no need to completely inundate the researchers with information they may not use, having more data allows the researchers the opportunity to more clearly define and articulate what was important to those who were participants in the study. By doing that, the researchers ensure that they get enough good information and that they are able to draw strong conclusions from the collected data and the way in which it is analyzed. Conclusions drawn with too little data are weak, and they are often challenged by other studies. Because that is the case, the…. [read more]

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