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Marriage Over the Past 50 Introduction

… If Bowen's theory holds true, using those emotional connections and integrating them into a marriage could benefit both parties. This study will look to include these emotional ties into the educational program in order to enhance the viability of the overall study. After all, as Bowen states "a change in one person's functioning is predictably followed by reciprocal changes in the functioning of others" (2011). Adding an individual to the family mix is a definite change of function; employing that change in a positive manner will likely lead to positive changes in reciprocal fashion.


Amato, P.R., & DeBoer, D. (2001). The transmission of marital instability across generations:Relationship skills or commitment to marriage? Journal of Marriage and the Family, Vol. 63, pp. 1038 -- 1051…. [read more]

Marriage Counseling Book Review

… ¶ … Secrets of a Great Marriage

In the last few decades, there has been seen a constant decrease in the rate of people who are getting married. This shows that people are therefore waiting longer to get married. Many would wonder what the reason for this is. There is a lot of doubt and confusion regarding what is right and what is wrong. The major confusion is that whether I will or will not be compatible with the person that I am marrying. In a nut shell, no two people are compatible with each other. Every relationship, whether it is with a friend, parent, sibling or spouse requires compromise and understanding. It should also be noted that the divorce rates have increased. However, marriage…. [read more]

Marriage and Divorce Interview Term Paper

… As Liz explains, "When I was in my 20s I thought of only the romance and having a family. It was a perfect world and we were going to live happily ever after. Today a woman in my 40s I think of marriage as a partnership, security, a companion to share my days with. Two people that have the same values and basic ideology." She clearly has a companionate view of marriage.

Even though Liz has gotten a divorce herself, she still feels it should be the last option and reserved for relationships which are physically and mentally unhealthy.

Unlike Philo, Liz believes that the culture of divorce has impacted relationships in current society by becoming more acceptable. "It was acceptable for us to divorce…. [read more]

Marriage Is a Social Institution Essay

… Another issue that is important in a working marriage is intimacy, both emotional and sexual intimacy. In The Seven Principles that Make Marriage Work, Gottman & Silver, 2012) point out the importance of emotional bonds and intimacy. Almost all the literature on marriage emphasizes the importance of intimacy, which prevents the individual members of the marriage from finding the need to seek that intimacy outside of the relationship (Toler, 2012). Intimacy must be cultivated genuinely, and over the long run. One of the seven principles of making marriage work, according to Gottman & Silver (2012) is nurturing fondness and admiration throughout a long-term relationship. Fondness and admiration are signs of respect, and remind the individual of why they were attracted the spouses in the first…. [read more]

Marriage Enrichment Program Term Paper

… Marriage Enrichment Program is a 5-day workshop focusing on the issue of "empowerment." The Program will cover a range of topics in relation to marriage such as love and romance, openness and communication, accepting help from a partner, appreciating positive changes that lead to forgiveness, and the showing of love through touch, sex, rituals, activities, faith and prayer. The Program is designed for married individuals who are hearing impaired and thus communicate through American Sign Language.

Hearing-impaired individuals in marriages suffer the same kinds of communicative problems as everyone else does, although the nature of communication is different. This Marriage Enrichment Program, which takes place over five days, is an enrichment program designed especially for hearing-impaired couples between the ages of 30 and 65 years.…. [read more]

Marriage and the Family Term Paper

… Marriage and the Family

The institution of marriage and the family is a contentious topic in contemporary society for a number of reasons. One of the most important issues under debate is the decline of marriage and the family in society. Research studies clearly show that the institution of marriage as well as the cohesion of the family is seriously threatened in modern society. The very ideals of marriage are being questioned by many young people who feel that marriage no longer serves a necessary purpose in society. The institution of the family is also being affected by this questioning and by various arguments which suggest that the conventional structure of the family is socially or culturally relative and not a necessary ideal to strive…. [read more]

Marriage - After the Ritual Research Paper

… Overall, marriage is something that can be far different depending on culture, religious beliefs, age, ethnicity, intelligence and education levels, and upbringing (Edge & Corrywright, 2011). Each person who is part of a couple that is married or that is considering marriage will generally find that there are differences of opinion between he or she and his or her partner. There are also differences between that person and other people who are in relationships. No two people are alike, even if they share many common traits. Beliefs about marriage can be related to many factors, and that is important to note. The reason that it is so significant is that there is not only one reason why individuals have problems in their marriages. The 11…. [read more]

Family Systems and Marriage Preparation Literature Review

… Family system theory does not only include aspects of dealing with the family of origin of eth couples but it also deals with the structure of the new family that the couple will want to engage in . Hence, another important aspect of the family systems theory is the recognition of the responsibilities that the couples feel they will like to fulfill as husband/wife and mother/father. Usually this preparation is initiated with recognition of the socially standardized distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the husband and wife. Then the couples relate their own opinions about how they would like to approach the tasks they need to fulfill and what responsibilities they would want to take on or pass on to their partners. This is a…. [read more]

Marriages in Taming Essay

… Marriage in Taming

Shakespeare and the dramatic media in which he worked were both stark social commentary that was meant to be humorous and highlight social issues that demonstrate concepts and concerns associated with social change and social problems. The period, when the play, Taming of the Shrew was written and possibly performed was a period of social transition in marriage, among all classes and yet was most prominent in its characteristic change among the classes of people who might have viewed rather than been objects of the dramatic presentation. The upper classes were going through a much slower transition from economic marriage to companionate or affectionate marriages for the simple reason that there was more to lose among that class. Shakespeare's social commentary in…. [read more]

Marriage and Courtship in Modern Essay

… In this story, Mr. Fan is representative of all males in Asian countries, China in particular. The women are so determined to have any suitable person marry their daughters that they literally offer up one and then the other when the first one is not accepted by the man in question (Chang 123). Because he has the money and because he is an eligible male, then the community fall all over him and try to force him or coerce him into taking their daughters off of their hands. Knowing that being male gives him automatic power and having money even more so, Mr. Fan has become a product of the patriarchy, indulging and dwelling in on the ability to dominate.

Liusu does not actually seem…. [read more]

How to Build a Successful Relationship and Marriage Essay

… ¶ … Build a Successful Relationship and Marriage

Every relationship, whether it is a marriage or just a friendship, can at one point in time or another develop conflict. Workshops and practical exercises are good way for people to build more successful relationships in spite of the conflict. The workshop enables one to rapidly appreciate how their relationship works, and offers them with the tools they need to fix relationship conflict. People often find their marriage relationship improved and strengthened if they persist to work on their communication skills through courses and workshops. There are many occasions for married couples to improve their marriage relationship through marriage retreats, workshops, and other educational programs.

Research has shown that on average, couples wait almost six years from…. [read more]

Harriet Tubman Essay

… [6]

6) Her ingenuity in inventing a horse drawn buggy from "bare bones' materials.

When she rushed back to bring her parents back out, just before her father was to be arrested for sheltering fugitives, she had to improvise a way for them to travel, as they were too old and slow to walk by foot, as others had. This was no challenge for the genius of Harriet, who had the two wheel axles fitted with a make-shift seat on one axle and a foot rest on the other, and then made a harness out of straw for the horse. [7]

Her genius in practical matters was unparalleled by either man nor woman on this venture.

7) Her advice as head of household was sought…. [read more]

Immigration Myths Essay

… There are certain people who enter without inspection. These are known as EWI and it is suggested that if the costs to enter a country in this way are increased, it may be able to limit and minimize the number of illegal immigrants. Stricter rules and enforcements will also help put a stop to this practice.

5. Immigrants do not want to adapt to or become a part of the society

A commonly held myth regarding immigrants is that they aren't necessarily interested in becoming part of the society or integrating their way through. The Americans especially believe that the immigrants that come into their country do not want to learn English, develop an accent or be called Americans. They are not there to merge…. [read more]

Work - Family Conflict Term Paper

… (Thomas; Ganster, 1995) (Duxbury, Higgins,1991). The research by Frone has showed that Work-family conflict has shown clinical distress and depression. (Frone, 1992) A large part of the last 20 years of research has been focused on the role of mothers in their work. Research has dealt with the negative effects, which derive as a result of the employment of mothers, the effects of daycare, and the effect on marital relationship when women are employed outside home and the effects on children when mothers are working. This is because of the traditional beliefs, which are still prevalent in society that men should be the ones who should earn for the family and women are to discharge family duties.

Another important aspect of work-family conflict relates to…. [read more]

Groups, Networks, and Organizations A-Level Coursework

… It states: We advocate sharing information, opinions, and feelings when facing significant choices while also respecting privacy and confidentiality. (in Andersen 142). In any given environment, to be assured that individuals are subject to confidential benefits, provides the reassuring of subsequent values such as respect, integrity, trustworthy, etc. which form ethical basis. Furthermore, a successful outcome is possible insofar as members of a group manage information accurately and appropriately which comes about as the result of shared information.

Thus, when information is shared, members can discuss upon the latter, bringing personal insights and contributions that benefit the outcome of the mission. Malone has stated that ?the free-flowing communication means that all kinds of financial and market information […] are shared widely throughout the company? (49)…. [read more]

Addictive Paradigm Essay

… At least from our outside perspective. Still, we can clearly see that the universe of options is greater and it becomes more difficult to simply accept that this person or that person is suffering from a disease or pathological condition when so many others seem to be following similar courses with far fewer consequences.

Two issues become very evident and shed light on what happens in our personal lives. First is the fact that we are literally surrounded by people who use and even create far different examples of their personalities online. Even the most seemingly normal of people use everything from Facebook or Twitter to develop an alter-ego who acts different from our understanding of the way they are. At the same time, online…. [read more]

Work First Family Assistance Research Proposal

… This is because the aim is to encourage citizens to get knowledge and learn (SFA Awarded Scholarships, 2013). The citizens will not be asked to repay the amount since it is not loan. After the scholarship aid, the state should ensure that the student completes the educational qualification. The recipient of the funds should be encouraged to maintain a certain GPA and to enroll as full time student. The student should be offered counseling so that the scholarship is rightly and effectively used. The scholarship grants should never be paid in cash rather the fund program should pay the scholarship in form of student fees directly to the university. The teachers should update the administrators about the performance of the student as well. The scholarships…. [read more]

Is Marriage Beneficial to People's Lives? Essay

… Marriage Happiness

Is Marriage Beneficial to People's Lives?

Are married people happier than unmarried people? Discuss the research on this, and whether the data show that getting married can increase happiness levels in the short or long-term.

The effect of marriage on an individual's happiness is difficult to study. It is not sufficient simply to compare people who are married to people who are not. If the currently-married people differ from the other people -- in happiness, for example -- we cannot conclude that they are different because they are married; people who are married and people who are not married may differ in all sorts of other ways (such as financial resources or experiences of stigma -- getting stereotyped, excluded, or discriminated against), and…. [read more]

Kung San Trial Marriages Term Paper

… Nevertheless, "!Kung adults are cooperative, generous and hardworking" (Shostak, 2000:45) and sometimes these equalities are not always found within American society -regardless of if they are men or women.

There are many exterior influences that have come into play for the modern American man and woman - like greed, money, fame, and materialism. These factors play a role in our development from an early age as we progress more and more away from the simple pleasures and into a more technological ego-filled world.!Kung adolescents grow up in an environment that is not hindered by materialism and possessiveness, rather they must rely on each other for their survival, and co-exist dependant on each other to do their part within the tribe.

If 'trial marriages' were taken…. [read more]

Gender Marriage Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… The brides regarded spousal's as an important part of the weddings. It provided recognition of economic in dependability. Another notable reason for lower applicability of Spousal's is remarked as emergence of giving daughter their portions at the time of their adulthood. It is also stated that the symbolic value of the economic independence was required to be replaced by actual actions with correct timings as required in an individual's age. The German weddings are considered as diverse; however, later development also influenced English marriages. The revolutionary changes are regard as welcoming and had been observed as having a positive impact on the attitudes and significant role of gender.

The research articulates that marriage had brought changes in the women's life rather than men. The women…. [read more]

Monogamy as a Rational Social Term Paper

… Financially, it may be a strain to be taking care of more than one household at a time and the economic times that prevail now are a clear example of how this can be a very difficult task. This is also the most appropriate type because of the level of promiscuity that might occur in society, had things been more open and widely accepted. Also, elements of trust, loyalty and sincerity are something that every human being expects in a relationship and are the values one must possess in order to have a healthy relationship and keep the society stable. For a stable family and to give the children a clear idea of what healthy relationships are, monogamous relationships prove to be the best example…. [read more]

Added for a Few Term Paper

… That means a lot about what might happen in the future as we hear of other successes. But it also cannot be forgotten that even in the most repressive of societies, gays and lesbians have reappeared after campaigns were waged to eliminate them (Hunter, 1994). This resiliency has the potential to be a very loud voice in its own right and will likely be heard more across the world as men and women are able to be freer in our interconnected world.

There are going to be some very intense public fights about whether one type of relationship should exist or not. There are likely also going to be a number of other debates as well about what types of parents are better than others,…. [read more]

Arranged Marriages in India Term Paper

… With involvement of the society and the entire extended family, couples are under greater obligation to make their marriage work. Divorce is usually considered the last resort and is presented as an option only when they become unbearable and there appears no possibility of reconciliation. Unlike traditional American marriage, an arranged union in India has greater chance of surviving the trial and tribulations of early years of marriage because of the support of both families, and the entire social system, which is conducive to marriage than divorce.


1) Vijay Gupta, Consensual Marriage: The Indian system of marriage has a superior India Currents; 2/28/1994;

2) Diwan, Paras. Family Law: Law of Marriage and Divorce in India. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Private Limited, 1983.

3) Prakasa,…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Is a Complex Essay

… Victims actively seeking help need support in accessing criminal and civil justice responses, housing and other resources. Group work may be useful in helping victims 'move on' after they have left violent partners.

A first step for all victims in accepting help of any kind is to acknowledge and name what they were experiencing as domestic abuse. Hester and Westmarland (2005) report victims talked in interviews about how important other survivors of domestic violence had been to them in this continuing process of achieving recognition. Interviewees stated it was difficult to find the space to think things through and to realize that emotional abuse, intimidation and harassment are as much a part of abuse as violence. Victims had to learn to stop blaming themselves, and…. [read more]

Arranged Marriages v. Traditional Dating Essay

… It would be probably be false to say that partners who opt for an arranged marriage did not consider appearance a factor. A person does not need to be a supermodel, but hardly no one wants a person who is sloppy, dirty and otherwise unkept.

Mr. Asano assumes the reason for the high divorce rate among Americans is because marriages were entered prematurely. He further assumes that both partners are usually immature and just looking to have fun. Comparing divorce rates among different countries and cultures is like comparing apples to oranges. In America, if a relationship is unhappy, unloving and counterproductive both partners are more likely to dissolve the relationship, if counseling and other methods to keep the couple together fail. However, Japanese may…. [read more]

For Gay Marriage Term Paper

… ¶ … Gay Marriage

In many countries, marriage is a sacred entity. Opposite sex marriages and divorce is acceptable in the society with same sex marriages exceptionally condemned because they would reduce the sacred touch aspect of marriages. My interest in the issue of gay marriages is that, I find it intriguing that most countries gang up against same sex marriages but support opposite sex marriages, even in the instance of multiple divorces (Galli 30). It makes me to have questions regarding the authenticity of human rights, if they leave out certain groups of people. The other question that I would need answered if the right of bisexuals and gays with regard to voting for same sex marriages. Whenever people raise issues of gay marriages,…. [read more]

How to Make a Marriage Work Essay

… ¶ … Marriage Work

According to commonly cited statistics, at least half of all marriages end in divorce in the U.S., the average length of marriage is approximately 7-8 years, and sexual infidelity issues affect more marriages than not. Even if the definition of success in marriage is no more than duration and fidelity, more marriages are unsuccessful than successful.

Unfortunately, duration and fidelity are tremendously low standards for defining marital success because statistics about divorce and infidelity rates fail to account for all of the additional marriages that last comparatively long and in which infidelity is not a problem, but one or both spouses is unhappy most of the time. By that standard, the successful marriage would be quite rare.

To a large degree,…. [read more]

Marital Success the High Divorce Essay

… When the husband is criticized and he feels disrespected, it causes him to react in unloving and unaffectionate ways. As conflict arises within a marriage, the wife must acknowledge her husband is feeling disrespected, and husbands must understand the wife is feeling unloved. Honoring respective needs for love and respect is one of the most basic fundamentals for marital success.

Emotional intelligence within a marriage is another essential facet needed for marital success. In recent years, emotional intelligence has gained recognition for its predictive nature of a child's success later in life. Emotional intelligence refers to the degree in which one is in-touch with their emotions, has empathetic responses, and is emotionally aware. The more a child is able to understand emotions, the better a…. [read more]

Social Work Summary Assessment Term Paper

… My decision to follow a career in social work stems from my personal experiences, and from a determination and drives to serve others. Our community had a social worker who was overburdened with casework, but who had a compassionate approach toward our issues. I hope to be of assistance in the same way, but hope that more people are attracted to the profession and can work with native populations.

The most challenging aspect of social work is akin to what I witnessed as a child and adolescent: that of being overburdened and under-served with regards to resources. A lack of funding and facilities impedes social work in communities that are poor or disenfranchised. Political, economic, and social disempowerment are therefore the primary challenges to being…. [read more]

Aggression From a Heritability Perspective Term Paper

… "We must distinguish between two facets of emotion, the functional and the experiential" (Kosslyn & Koening, 1992). While it is well understood that there may be genes that make it more likely to people to act on aggressive feelings, it is far less certain whether there are genes that make people more likely to feel those aggressive feelings. Instead, much of the focus has been on impulse control, and the general trend suggests that those who have difficulties controlling their aggressive impulses are also impulsive in other areas of their lives.

The one real exception to this is in the area of gender. Studies suggest that men, generally, feel more aggressive than women and gender-based traits may be a product of genetics, though they can…. [read more]

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