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Human Resources - Critically Appraise Term Paper

… Another study on the same subject by Buller (1988) found comparable results. He had also used methods similar to Golden and Ramanujam, especially in the characterization of the firms.

Many other researchers like Rowland & Summers (1981); Lorange & Murphy, (1984); Nkomo, (1984); Mills, (1985); Buller & Napier, (1993); and Brewster in 1994 have studied the same relationship between business strategy and human resource management. All of these studies give comparable results, and the total integration between business strategy and human resource management is normally not achieved in most cases. The first such study by Golden and Ramanujam had distinguished two important factors as critical factors and decisive for achieving certain desired levels of strategic organizations. These were separated into two groups which were found…. [read more]

Human Resources Managing Organisational Culture Dissertation

… d).

Understanding of organisational culture and cultural types also helps the understanding of why managerial reforms may impact differently within and between organisations. An organisation with a predominantly internal process culture, for example, may be more resistant to reforms aimed at promoting innovation. It is expected that staff in high uncertainty avoidance cultures to be more concerned with rule-following and more reluctant to risk changing jobs - both factors of some importance for those reformers who want to deregulate bureaucracies and encourage more rapid job change in the public service'. Businesses in both the private and public sectors have come to understand that organisational change frequently requires changing the organisation's culture and learning (O'Donnell & Boyle, 2008).

Whatever the purpose and performance results of culture…. [read more]

Life Balance in Effective Employee Essay

… viii. Strong Organizational Culture:

A strong organizational culture is one of the most important outcomes of a good work-life balance. When employees are able to give proper time to their family commitments, they feel more comfortable and relaxed at the workplace. This thing positively impacts their mood and attitude at the workplace (Albion 2004). Everyone pays full attention to his job responsibilities, shows respect to his coworkers and supervisors, and works more productively for the success of his organization (Pedersen & Lewis 2012). A good work-life balance also keeps the employees away from conflicts and issues which generally arise among coworkers when they are mentally disturbed. All these outcomes eventually help organizations in performing more productively and profitably in their industry (Saxena 2009).

vii. Strong…. [read more]

Organization Behavior "Performance Management Essay

… In order to fill the gap between training and development needs and the organizational requirements, the Management must institute an effective people performance management system for all categories of its workforce (Boselie, Dietz, & Boon 2005).

Goal Setting:

Managers are assigned different short-term and long-term targets which they have to achieve through their subordinates within specified deadlines and allocated resources. In order to accomplish these targets in an effective and efficient fashion, the managers need to get the work done through their subordinates in a well-organized fashion. The Performance Management model by Michael Armstrong gives a special focus on goal setting for the achievement of organizational objectives in a cost-efficient way. Armstrong believes that managers can divide their big targets into small targets and assign…. [read more]

Whirlpool Whirl Pool Supply Chain Case Study

… The requirements of the new system were identified in collaboration with IT depart of the organizations. The system requirements and desired results were clearly communicated by the business management. These efforts revealed quantifiable results and improvements in business performance. The business performance results can be stated as following.

Business Performance Results:

The availability of products was increased from 83% to 93% which has gradually improved over the years to currently 97% as of today. The finished goods inventory was reduced yup to 20% as a result the cost associated with maintenance of finished inventory is also reduced. The cost of freight and warehouse is also minimized up to 5%. The cost of the project implementation however remains a secret. The implementation of i2 APS has…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management in Fmcg Term Paper

… The focus of business in terms of reaching out to new opportunities for growth is also a notable factor in reducing business challenges faced in current environment. Large product volumes and increased customer preferences effects global manufactures and distributors. The internal and external factors influence business performance. The developments in technology have also enabled the manufactures to perform mass customizations and developing environment friendly products and services.

The capabilities of supply chain management have enabled the companies to treat suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, distributors, and customers as strategic business partners. The concept of one time sales has long been vanished from almost all industries including FMCGs. The strategic partner's status also helps small scale partners to increase their capacity and overcome capacity shortages through…. [read more]

Company Finance Domino's UK and Ireland Assessment

… Company Finance

Domino's UK & Ireland has succeeded admirably during the economic downturn, largely due to the actions of management. The company "monitors its cash resources through short, medium and long-term forecasting" (2009 Annual Report). This allows the company to borrow funds where needed and to make strategic moves such as share buybacks at times when these moves are most affordable. Domino's bought back £10.6 million worth of shares in 2009. It also increased its cash position in advance of this; as the buyback remains a liability on the books the cash position had to be increased to make the buyback (2009 Annual Report). The company faces low operational risk with regards to economic downturn -- Domino's benefits from people spending less eating out and…. [read more]

Transformational Leadership and Change Management in Healthcare Essay

… Leadership is said to be effective if it helps a company or entity to achieve its goals and realize outcomes that are consistent with the majority. Overall, the qualities necessary to make leadership effective even in a hospital setting has been consistent -- the need to motivate, encourage, support, direction, organization, and to provide access able goals. However, what has been debatable is how leaders acquire these necessary qualities -- the debate centers around whether leadership skills are innate or whether they can be acquired, and which leadership type tends to be most effective in certain environments. The overall body of this paper will examine leadership styles that are present at a hospital nursing unit with a focus on the style of transformational leadership. There…. [read more]

Integrated HRM Approach to Organizational Performance Essay

… Neglecting the government workforce, unions stand for only 9.5% of the private workforce. But in any case, a business firm has to recognize a union in case the employees want to be a part of union. Looking back, this was quite acceptable most companies. These days, organizations detest unions and promote a union free environment (Naeem, 2011).

F. Human Resource Research

It's not included as a proper function, but it has relevance in HRM functional areas where the researcher's lab is his office (Naeem, 2011).

G. Interrelationships of HRM Functions

Effective and efficient SHRM in South African public sector

In the 21st century, public administration has been under continuous scrutiny by the demands and principles of democratic governance. The main question asked here is that:…. [read more]

Information Technology on the Healthcare Term Paper

… Impact of non-technical issues on IT strategy:

There are various non-technical issues that impact the IT/IS strategy in health care sector. External forces such as social and cultural environment, economic conditions, political environment, government policies, organizational considerations and attitude of personnel determine the success of failure of adopting IT systems in health care management. The cultural fabric on which the society has developed is a key ingredient in the sense that it defines the perspectives of IT and IS in medical care. For example, it is difficult to find ready acceptance of IT in certain African and backward Asian nations, where ancient beliefs and systems still drive the medical practices. It is common knowledge that IT has flourished more in countries with strong and knowledge-based…. [read more]

HIV and AIDS in Kenya Term Paper

… People with money are also at risk through the use prostitution and unprotected casual sex. The information from the World Health Organization shows that although initially HIV / AIDS was proportional for rich and poor in Kenya, today it is mainly concentrated in poorer neighborhoods in Kenya. The media portrays that individuals who are homosexuals as more at risk for HIV / AIDS, however the research have found that anyone with multiple sexual partners and casual sexual relationships are at risk for HIV / AIDS (Wang, Duke & Schmid, 2009). Educated individuals are capable of making intellectual decisions and have safe sex to protect them from this epidemic.

Temporal Variation

HIV / AIDS is a serious epidemic that has infected Kenya and other parts of…. [read more]

Filling the Gap Wisely Nurse Term Paper

… Turner and Hughes-Cromwick (2013) found that labor costs accounted for 57% of all healthcare spending. Approximately 0.7 million of these jobs were held by physicians and surgeons, who earned a median income of about $200,000 and $350,000 for primary care and specialties, respectively (BLS, 2012b). By comparison, the median salary of a NP was about $91,000 (Pronsati, 2012). For every primary physician replaced by an NP, the healthcare savings in terms of labor costs alone would be about $109,000 each year. If the expected 2020 doctor shortage were filled by NPs instead, this would amount to an annual savings in labor costs of about $10 billion per year.


There is a widely-held perception that healthcare costs in the U.S. continue to increase at uncontrollable…. [read more]

Webster Et Al. 2007) Essay

… e. The number of unplanned re-siting instances in both the intervention and the control groups. This test is used to determine if two populations are different from one another in participant proportion that appear in one of the two variable classifications (Osborne, 2006). Data was processed within a 95% confidence interval which explains the behavior of most of the data. Often, a tradeoff between precision and sample size is required (Sharma, 2007). The secondary outcome, i.e. The costs of unplanned catheter re-siting in both the control and the intervention groups were analyzed by using the Student's t-test comparison, the most common test for comparing two groups of continuous data (Shields et al. 2005). 2-tailed results were obtained for all statistical tests. The data were analyzed…. [read more]

Remote Nursing Review the Roles Annotated Bibliography

… As long as nurses are seen as little more (and sometimes less) than backups to doctors, their independent research and practice guidelines will continue to receive short shrift by government entities. This, unfortunately, contributes to disorganization and a lack of standardization.

Disorganization is especially detrimental in the area of rural and isolated community health programs, as a lack of centralization is the key factor inhibiting effective treatment and care programs for such communities (Banner et al. 2010; Coyle et al. 2010). The establishment of more permanent and effective networks is needed not simply to help standardize care and ensure efficient information sharing and needs awareness among nurses in a given region or nation, but it is specifically needed to coordinate rural area health programs, outbreak…. [read more]

Formation Organizations Factors Influencing Essay

… All the cases and procedures are studied, measured, and quantified according to the confirmations of the technique used. Besides, the usability of the design item, and the longevity of the system in order to have a genuine organization formation process are also tested. Moreover, quantification responded to the nature and effectiveness of the methods and procedures involved in designing the organization formation and system matter. Quantified scales are established and recorded for future organization formation processes (Information resources management association & Khosrowpour 2006, p. 89). This was done so that succinct measures would have been developed to cater for possible risk occurrences.

Features of the employment contract I would advise my next employer to include in my next contract

Conception: the organization formation activities are…. [read more]

Managing Organizational Culture Dissertation

… ¶ … opportunity exists for the company to expand internationally by setting up operations in the emerging economies of China and India. The question to consider is how to build cultural harmony between the facilities operating in three different countries. The question of whether it would be better to establish a certain national organizational culture is likely would be considered in this report. cultures of the United Kingdom, India and China is presented. The organizational cultures prevalent in China and India are more collectivistic and marked by high power distance than the organizational cultures in the United Kingdom. There are other differences such as the importance of status in China and family tradition in India, whereas in the United Kingdom principles of utility and economic…. [read more]

Classification of an Industry Essay

… Building cartels is illegal but still they are present in some markets.

The study of Oligopoly becomes very advance in the modern era. A lot of advantage was taken by companies through loop holes in the legalities known as oligopoly games.


Monopoly is the market structure in which all the market power is under the producers' or suppliers hand. Market power can be defined as the ability to influence the market specially the market price through controlling the quantity for production. Monopoly can be created through controlling two factors. Firstly the product does not have any close substitute. If there is no close substitute then all the demands will be filled through only one product, producing by one company or cartel. And every one…. [read more]

Organization Performance Assessment Organizational Essay

… They also educate consumers about the quality of coffee. Besides, Starbucks publishes and supplies a mail order catalog offering coffees and some food items and selected equipment for making coffee and accessories. Other initiatives to improve the consumers' experience at the Starbucks stores are also put in place. For instance, the firm is presently implementing wireless Internet connection in the stores. The firm also has a "comment card" on their web site. This allows the customers to provide regular feedback regarding their experiences or the concerns that they could be having. This improves the business.

Technological Development

Starbucks is constantly looking for how they can improve their customers' experiences. Through the development of the Starbucks Card for instance, the firm has improved on customer service…. [read more]

Africa's Petroleum and China's Economic Research Paper

… The world oil market has recorded important trends. The global demand for oil is projected to grow by more than five percent by 2030 with the Middle East, China, and India accounting for seventy percent of the increase. China's oil demand is anticipated to expand during this period, and oil imports will grow. This implies that China will overtake the United States thereby becoming the largest world net importer of oil by 2020 (Bhaumik, 2009). It will reach approximately twenty-four million barrels daily net oil consumption by 2030. This suggests that nearly eighty percent of China's oil consumption will rely on imported oil. However, United States oil demand will decline or remain unchanged; thus, its oil imports are subject to fall to the extent that…. [read more]

Training and Development Essay

… The degree of control the learner has in the learning environment was found to have an impact on information retention (Mueller & Strohmeier, 2010). Feedback is one of the most important aspects of training and development. Feedback generated within this work environment via social networks was found to be ineffective as a means to transfer knowledge gained to daily employee actions (Van den Bossche, Segers, & Jansen, 2009).

Developing Organizational Culture: Becoming a Learning Organization

In order to maintain its current position in the market, Amazon needs to develop a culture that promotes learning within the organization. In order to do that it must employ best practices derived from current research on human resources training and development. Our exploration of best practices in this area…. [read more]

HR and Corporate Strategy Essay

… Key sales representative behaviors identified include the following: (1) High-quality communication skills; (2) Strong ability to close sales; (3) Professional; (4) Sharply dressed and groomed; (5) Solid listening skills; (6) High ability to ascertain customers' needs; (7) Team player with other sales representatives; (8) Prompt to work and puts in enough hours to succeed; (9) Creative in finding new sales methods; (10) Excellent customer prospecting skills; and (11) Strong ethics. (, 2010)

Performance Review System

The performance review system design will be of the nature that will assess the key sales representatives in the following areas:

(1) Is the sales representative recognized for outstanding customer service before, during and following the sale?

(2) Is the company progressing toward becoming the largest pre-owned auto dealer in…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Industries Have to Operate Term Paper

… The data that was evaluated was a combination from book, journal articles, review papers and the Internet. The information reviewed pertained to a wide variety of situations and industries. There were some common trends observed in all the material. The commitment of the management and the involvement of the worker are critical no matter what the condition of the external and internal environment the company faces. Integrating the core function -- marketing and sale of products along with the goals and the objectives of the organization is the new route the organization has to now follow.

A distillation of the interviews will be provided in Chapter 2.


Understanding the main…. [read more]

Sustainable Tourism Does Not Destroy Essay

… For the tourism industry to be what it is, it also comes with water overuse especially in hotels, and any related recreational facility such as swimming pools and golf courses (Helen, 2002).

Urban problems such as overcrowding and congestion increased traffic on the roads and environmental impacts like noise pollution arises as an effect tourism development. The use of fossil fuels energy for some hotels, recreational requirements and in travelling, leads to production of pollutants such as carbon rich gases which has led to changes of climate change over the years (Sharpley, 2002). With the ongoing tourism, development taking place, all resources are channeled towards improving the industry but none is left for the local's use, hence bringing inequitable resource use and unsustainability among the…. [read more]

Cefc and the Future Essay

… You also utilize soft loans and growth capital as financing for these types of projects (Clean Energy Council 2012).

The CEFC will also fund commercial scale demonstration of technologies such as ocean wave in tribal Power Systems, as well a second generation biofuels and bioenergy. For many of these projects it will help to provide the large upfront capital needed, risk inherent in this type of technology, and the additional equity required to scale the project properly (Clean Energy Council, 2012).

The CEFC will finance a number of different projects in various asset classes. Various asset classes require different sets of benchmarks to measure the success of the investment strategy. However, the CEFC has published the following guidelines for its investments and projects:

The CEFC…. [read more]

Workplace Demands Influences Patient Safety Essay

… This can specify minimum efficiency levels for healthcare specialists. likewise it can assist to form the companies where they work, and the devices (medicines and gadgets) they make use of expectations for to look after their clients (Lee, 2013). The standards and norms set by the healthcare experts affect the practice, training, as well as education for service providers. Therefore, societies need to become leaders in motivating and requiring renovations in patient safety, by such activities as setting their own efficiency criteria, assembling and interacting with members about safety, including focus on patient safety in training programs, and working together throughout disciplines. The activities of huge buyers of healthcare and healthcare insurance, along with activities by specific customers, likewise can influence the habits of healthcare…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communication With Increased Competition Essay

… However, this alone cannot guarantee effective communication, but it will allow people to mindfully attempt to understand strangers and the way these strangers are interpreting their messages. In doing so, people can respond in a manner that results in effective communication. Therefore proper control of uncertainty and anxiety provides an avenue for effective communication, though effective communication depends on the conduct of a person in such situation (Gudykunst, 2005).

Self-concepts and AUM

Self-concept is used to refer to a personal views, they comprise of personal identity as well as social identity. Self-esteem of a person can either be positive or negative feeling a person has about himself/herself. According to Gudykunst, (2005) personal identities are the main generative ways for interpersonal behaviour; whereas social identities are…. [read more]

Performance Management Colbran Institute Case Study

… Performance Management

An Overview and Analysis of Key Performance Management Practices and Their Application to a Case Study

Performance management can be specifically defined as "an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization" (Regents 2007). In broader terms, performance management can be defined as the set of practices and perspectives that are utilized within an organization in order to determine the degree of efficacy with which each individual within the organization accomplishes their expected tasks and responsibilities, and to actively bring about an improvement in this efficacy inasmuch as is possible. In the Cobran Medical Institute case study at hand, performance management practices and policies are rather…. [read more]

Grandparent Caregivers Societal Antecedents as Predictors Dissertation

… Grandparent Caregivers

Societal Antecedents as Predictors of Resilience, Caregiving/Parenting Stress and Coping Strategies in Custodial and Non-Custodial Grandmothers of African-American or African Decent

The past three decades have seen a break from the traditional nuclear family roles. During this time, society has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of children being raised by their grandparents. Many grandparents assume the role of primary caregiver for their grandchildren and/or childcare provider because of the impact of numerous societal antecedents which cause the parent or parents to be absent from the home. These societal antecedents include child abandonment, and/or neglect, parental employment obligations, parental education endeavors, and parental military obligations. These represent the key reasons for grandparents assuming the care of grandchildren. This comes at a time…. [read more]

Sork's Technical-Rational Approach to Educational Program Planning Thesis

… Sork

What does Sork means by the "technical-rational" approach to program planning?

By the 'technical-rational' approach to program planning, Sork means an approach that was very popular between 1950 and 1970. It was designed specifically to teach adult learners, but it did not always perform that well. It was eventually replaced by other types of theories that worked better and helped people learn more easily. However, during the time that it was popular, a lot of books were published on it and most institutions used it to help adult learners do well in their educational programs. Program planning was much more structured back then than it is now, and that made a difference in how a person was taught and how they progressed through their…. [read more]

Cultural Distance Essay

… This means it would be less expected to acknowledge a higher organizational culture as McDonalds (Tallman, 2007). In any case, the popular fast food organization devised a workable plan to succeed and survive the Nippon market courtesy of some strategies.

The first issue of the company was that the Japanese social order is well-known for consuming rice throughout the day as a "filling" dish. As a result, McDonald's presented new items made of rice in the business sector, such as Chinese fried rice, curried rice with a fried egg burger and chicken. After the launching of these new items, the organization devised a workable plan to be considered from the Japanese social order (Parvis, 2007). Besides Japan, there is a hoisted feeling of commonality, something…. [read more]

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