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Race and Community Anderson Research Paper

… It is important to understand the historical implications and the histories of each these groups in order to understand the history of each group- the traditions and the implications of actions that have been done in the past. Everyone is an important part of history and by learning about all of these specific factions, it was important to me how to learn and understand their part in the community.

The local media seems to represent everyone in the community in a pretty equal way. Upon first glance to our local newspaper, there is an article that shares that the Hispanic community in Alabama went on strike to protest a new immigration policy (Reeves, 2011). It is obvious that we do not live in Alabama but…. [read more]

Race and Racism in the Chicano a Community Research Paper

… Race and Racism in the Chicana/O Community

Two major challenges that exist regarding Chicana/o education that is connected largely to race are the high dropout rates for students of this ethnic heritage and the racial segregation that pervades schools that the majority of such students attend (Yosso, 2). For example, as Yosso explains, for every 100 Chicana/o elementary school students, 44 of them graduate from high school; 56 students of the initial 100 drop out (3). Of the 44 that graduate from high school, 26 enroll in college, but only seven graduate with a bachelor's degree, only two will continue on to graduate school and less than one will hold a doctoral degree (Yosso, 3). Yosso points out that Chicana/o students consistently underperform Caucasian students,…. [read more]

Anaylsis of Jean Toomer, "Blood Research Paper

… Therefore, the author's frequent allusions to the racial distinctions between Louisa's suitors (Tom and Bob) actually foreshadow the violence that is soon to erupt between the pair. The subsequent quotation illustrates how the issue of race in the south is used to foreshadow the ensuing violence. "Bob Stone, younger son of the people she worked for, loved her. By the way the world reckons on things, he had won her… Tom Burwell…also loved her. But working in the fields all day, and far from her, gave him no chance to show it" (Toomer). This passage is preceded by one in which Toomer indicates that Louisa works for Caucasians, so the reader knows that Stone, the "son" of these people is white. Additionally, the fact that…. [read more]

Blazing Saddles and the Toy Term Paper

… Race and Social Class In Blazing Saddles and the Toy

Comedy in cinema serves as a vehicle for the exploration of various taboo topics including race and social stratification. Comedy films "humorously [exaggerate] the situation, the language, action, and characters," and allows the viewer to understand the director's viewpoint and interpretation of these concepts (Dirks). In Race Consciousness and Class Invisibility in American Comedy," Kathryn Rice writes, "The power of good comedy rests in its ability to expose human foibles and to reveal the silliness of cultural norms that we seldom question." Although Rice is commenting on comedy as a live performance -- stand up comedy, Rice's argument can be applied to cinema. The relationship between race, social stratification, humor and cinema can be examined…. [read more]

Human Space Travel: Environmental Essay

… This is the protective layer around earth that helps keep the sun's rays from damaging the planet. There are already holes in the ozone layer, and rockets are making the problem worse. The reason that it is not all over the news all the time like the pollution from cars and other common vehicles is because rocket launches are not as numerous (Rastogi, 2009). However, that does not mean that they are harmless, or that the lower amount of them means that they will not have any significance for the environment in the future. Unfortunately, because the number of rocket launches is relatively low (1-2 per week around the world) people do not see the seriousness of the environment issue (Rastogi, 2009).

Costs and Profits…. [read more]

Human Evolution Term Paper

… Human Evolution

Cultural variation and changes as determined by the evolutionary process: Analysis of "Culture and the Evolutionary Process" by Robert Boyd and Peter Richerson (1988)

In the study of human evolution, natural science is generally treated as having more significant and dominant role than social science, specifically anthropology or the study of culture. In the seminal work "Culture and the Evolutionary Process" (1988), authors Robert Boyd and Peter Richerson investigates and analyzes the role that the evolutionary process has in influencing cultural changes in the population. More specifically, the authors looked into the interplay between culture and science in helping develop human society holistically, that is, biologically and culturally.

Boyd and Richerson provide two general assumptions that lead to their hypothesis, which posits that…. [read more]

Human Nature a Comparison Essay

… Plato does not see human nature in this perfect vein any more than Hobbes does. Plato is not so jaded by his idealistic leanings that he believes that people are in some way actually good at the root of their being. He differentiates what he believes about the two natures in The Last Days of Socrates. He says "the soul is in the very likeness of the divine, and immortal, and intelligible, and uniform, and indissoluble, and unchangeable; and the body is in the very likeness of the human, and mortal, and unintelligible, and multiform, and dissoluble, and changeable" (Plato, 1967, 96). His differentiation is that of the two natures that are said to exist within humans. The soul is perfect and only wishes for…. [read more]

Human Factors Engineering Documented Evidence Term Paper

… Human Factors Engineering

Documented evidence shows that human error contributes at least seventy percent of commercial aircraft hull-loss accidents. Even as being linked with flight operations, human error has turned into a major issue in air traffic management and maintenance practices. At Boeing, professionals on human factors work with pilots, mechanics and engineers to employ the most up-to-date knowledge regarding the connection between the condition of commercial airplanes and human performance. This enables operators to increase efficiency and enhance safety in their every day operations.

The expression "human factors" has progressively become more popular because commercial aviation businesses have become fully cognizant that human error, instead of mechanical breakdown, causes a majority of aviation incidents and accidents. Human factors, if taken in a narrow manner,…. [read more]

Human Nature Allows a Person Essay

… The psychodynamic therapy can also be applied to investigate intellectual disabilities in addition to personality and behavioral issues by exploring the role of social stigmatization and social rejection on the reinforcement of such disabilities (Whitehouse et al. 2006).

The psychodynamic therapy supports my description of functional human behavior as being demonstrated through an independent individual while dysfunctional behavior being reflected in low self-esteem and dependence on others. It also supports the idea that human nature and personality are shaped by early childhood experiences and that dysfunctional behavior can be overcome by strengthening the sense of self-awareness and self-control.

Evaluation of Redecision Therapy

Redecision therapy is based on the assumption that problems of dysfunctional human personalities are rooted in decisions taken by the unconscious part of…. [read more]

Human Response to Physical Structure Essay

… There are two main purposes of commercial design which are the efficient operation for its users through easy access to goods and the provision of opportunities for social interactions, security, and privacy.

On the contrary, residential design buildings are aimed at developing buildings that support the best possible adaptation and operations in more private residential confines. Some of the major considerations in residential design include the need to differentiate between place and space. While place basically deals with the physiological and psychological foundations that people associate with space, space basically focuses on the physical factors of a building. These considerations serve as important aspects for combining the environmental framework and needs of the individual.

The main environmental psychological implication for both commercial and residential designs…. [read more]

Racial and Ethnic Term Paper

… ¶ … Rabbit in the Moon along with the textbook [...] relationality of racial-ethnic images including context, effects, and resistance. It will answer several questions regarding the readings and class films. The white majority mainly powers racial and ethnic images in America. These readings and films show how difficult is was, and still is to be Asian in America, and how racial stereotypes, images, and misinformation still persist in a society that prides itself on democracy, freedom, and social justice.

Two images (or stereotypes) of Asian-Americans stand out. They are the yellow peril and the gook, both extremely derogatory terms used especially during World War II against the Japanese, and against Japanese-Americans. The "yellow peril" image stems from Japan's aggressive behavior in Asia and elsewhere…. [read more]

Theories of Race and Ethnicity Term Paper

… ¶ … Scientific American by Michael J. Bamshad and Steve E. Olson ("Does Race Exist") brings the reader information that is understandably a bit heavy on the science end but helpful in a social context. And the article is helpful for the investigative young mind because after all, present day Western society is one of impressive human diversity. More than a mere "melting pot," America is a nation of many nations, many cultures and numerous immigrant groups of wildly diverse ethnicities. The point being, it is far too easy - and socially impolite - for a person to identify individuals strictly by "race." A person from Korea, for example, should not be referred to as "Oriental" (as that is vague as well as a racial…. [read more]

English Literature Race, Regionalism Research Paper

… This bigotry was obvious in many aspects of human interaction, including in the legal system, particularly if a member of the minority culture was involved in or even suspected of an action against or with a member of the majority culture. According to sociologist Richard Brislan, there can be a danger when a stereotype becomes so ingrained that the population does not understand it as being a generality and instead accepts it as truth. He argues that:

[Stereotypes] become dangerous when people move beyond stereotyping and make decisions based on their stereotypes…In many cultures, stereotypes of certain groups are so negative, are so pervasive, and have existed for so many generations that they can be considered part of the culture into which children are socialized.…. [read more]

Human Learning and Memory Essay

… Human Learning and Memory

Learning something that occurs all the time. Sometimes, learning is intentional and other times, learning happens unintentionally. According to Neil Carlson, learning can best be described as "the process by which experiences change our nervous system and hence our behavior." (431) Therefore, Carlson is concluding that learning is a process in which human behavior changes as a result from an outside stimulus. He claims that it is various stimuli (people, situations, events, or objects) that interact with the human nervous system that alters the behavior in some way. When the alteration is done, learning has taken place in the human brain. He refers to the alterations or changes as "memory" (431).

Carlson also explains that there are four different types of…. [read more]

AIDS and Human Rights What Is the Best Approach Research Paper

… human rights approach to HIV / AIDS

Human rights approach to HIV

AIDS, a health problem that was first clinically identified more than thirty years ago has grown to become one of the major diseases affecting mankind. Since it began, the epidemic is estimated to have infected more than sixty million individuals with the virus and approximately thirty million deaths have resulted from HIV-related causes. Currently AIDS is considered to be the sixth largest cause of death in the whole world. There is a link between the spread and impact of HIV and human rights. When human rights are not respected, the impacts of HIV tend to exacerbate and its spread is fueled. This paper will address HIV / AIDS as a global health problem,…. [read more]

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory Term Paper

… Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

The aim of this paper is to present elements that might point towards a possible conspiracy theory related to the Apollo mission to land a human being on the moon and return safely on Earth. Among the topics that will be discussed we shall include background information, evidence of conspiracy and possible reasons that lead to the existence of this conspiracy theory. In the end, the conclusion will make reference to the issues related to the persons involved - politicians and the suspect disappearance conditions of the staff and astronauts.

Human beings were always led by instincts of exploring the surrounding areas and space was a particular attraction in human history. The Moon, as the largest visible cosmic entity, has filled…. [read more]

Humans Traveling to Mars Term Paper

… Humans on Mars

Humans upon Mars -- Resist the Pull of the Red Planet!

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," said Neil Armstrong on that fateful day of July 20, 1969, when for the first time humankind strode upon the moon. (Stephen, 2004) it was hard to believe after the first, sputtering attempts to bring a United States program into being in the wake of the horror of the Russian Sputnik launch that an American now stood upon the moon. It seemed as if anything were possible in the eyes of the nation staring at 'one of their own' upon the cratered surface. But now, however, it is difficult for many Americans to believe that sending human beings into…. [read more]

Human Nature in Moon and Sixpence Essay

… Human Nature in Moon and Sixpence

In Moon and Sixpence by William Somerset Maugham, the main character learns a lot about human nature. Charles Strickland abandons his family to find success for himself as an artist, leaving England to pursue the life of a bohemian in Paris. Success does not come quickly to Strickland, nor is it very easy to define. Though he has great skill as an artist, he shows less skill in the way he deals with people. The way he treats people makes a great impression on the narrator of the novel, who is writing this after Strickland's death. It is not always clear what observations of the narrator's pertain directly to the story of Strickland that he is telling, but what…. [read more]

Human Trafficking in Missions Term Paper

… Human Trafficking

In October of 2007, 30 nuns from 26 countries, whose congregations have members in various Asian countries, met in Rome to discuss the trafficking of women and children in India and other parts of Asia. They formed the International Network of Religious against Trafficking in Persons. Seventy-four million South Asian women have been reported missing and 20 million are said to be working in Indian brothels (Glatz, 2007). These nuns are only one of a growing number of religious organizations that are lending their resources to combat the horrors of human trafficking.

Throughout history, missionaries and other religious groups have worked continuously on this human atrocity.

When one hears the word "slavery," it brings to mind the blacks in the United States who…. [read more]

Race and Psychology Term Paper

… This finding suggests that changes in either depressive symptoms or self-esteem are not due to past experiences of ethnic/racial discrimination or economic stress. This is consistent with other findings in the literature that show that for Asian-American youth ethnic/racial discrimination predicted current psychological functioning but not longitudinally, " (p.211).

The Impact of Racism on Psychology

The demonization of the word "racism" has created many problems in society and leave many in a sense of wonder about their place in society and how their race contributes to the cultural development of that collective. Racism implies that a judgment has been made depending on someone's race. Many times this innocuous mental process is never revealed or communicated in any way, but societies pressure to apply guilt to…. [read more]

Race Ethnic Relations Term Paper

… Race Ethnic Relations

Book Comparison -- Race and ethnic relationships and identity

Both Barak Obama's memoir Songs for My Father and Maxine Hong Kingston's the Woman Warrior are tales of a search for a sense of a stable personal identity. Both are written by individuals claiming membership to one or two racial and ethnic minority groups who are struggling to discover how such membership complicates and creates their status as Americans. Ultimately, their quest for identity is realized and found through explorations of the past lives of the members of their families, as well as moving forward into the future as an adult.

However, Obama's quest remains individualistic, despite the title of his work. When he actually encounters his father in the flesh, he experiences…. [read more]

Race and Revolution an Iconoclastic Book Review

… Jamestown was owned by the Virginia Company of London and was established as a for-profit business enterprise. The purpose of the Jamestown settlement was to exploit the resources of the Virginia Colony and the New World for the gain of the Virginia Company's shareholders.

Initially, the colonists hoped to discover a source of gold or other precious metals, as other European empires of the day did in their exploration of the New World. Eventually, the Virginia Company discovered how rich the soil of the southern colonies was for the cultivation of tobacco. The Virginia Company had finally found its source of profits.

Tobacco, however, proved to be a labor-intensive crop that required many hands to cultivate and cure. Southern tobacco farmers eventually began seeking out…. [read more]

Human Capital in Latin American Term Paper

… Likewise, labor force or manpower is considered as an asset to the economy and its return is their contribution to the economic development.

Defining Development:

The concept of development originates from the notion that people are enjoying improved standards of living. The improved standard of living includes parameters like per capita income, the poverty level in an economy, infrastructure availability and utilization, housing, healthcare, water and sanity services availed, education, spending and consumption which is sometimes classified beyond basic necessities, the sources of entertainment and the list continues. Thus it comprises everything that defines an individual living pattern and the facilities availed by him/her. The concept of health, food education, housing employment, cultural values, and environmental concerns all these are part of welfare of the…. [read more]

Human Nature the Traditional Western Term Paper

… Erich Fromm stated, "Self-awareness, reason and imagination have disrupted the 'harmony' that characterizes animal existence. Their emergence has made man into an anomaly, the freak of the universe." Anyone who watches an animal, even a house pet, cannot help but marvel at how wonderfully simple animal life can be. They may feel pain, hunger, and fear, but they do not struggle with wanting to know the meaning of their existence; they don't feel self-conscious or have trouble with their relationships. They simply live from moment to moment, meal to meal. Human beings, on the other hand, are obsessed and concerned with the nature of our being. We ponder about a possible Creator-God, we wonder what our "life's purpose" might be, and we meditate on the…. [read more]

Human Population Thesis

… Human Population

World Overpopulation: The Rights of Humans vs. The Rights of Nature

Plan for Sustainability

Throughout history, different attitudes about the ideal interaction between humans and the earth have been standard. Traditionally, the biblical view that humans were dominant over the land drove many to believing the world was simply humankind's empty canvas. Throughout the middle ages, science began to move from an elementary to a more sophisticated state, and planetary and moon movements began to be documented accurately for the first time. Perhaps this first glimpse at the ability of humankind to explore nature using science shifted the thinking a bit, suggesting that nature could be observed by humankind, but not necessarily dominated. The industrial revolutions throughout Europe and the United States, however,…. [read more]

Human Memory Literature Review Chapter

… Another intriguing aspect of Conway & Pleydell-Pearce's research about human memory and autobiographical memories is not just that autobiographical memories exist, but how they believe them to function. They contend that autobiographical memories are constantly present, yet are "activated" by events or occurrences in our present lives that trigger these memories, as well as their influence.

A fundamental premise of our approach is that autobiographical memories are transitory dynamic mental constructions generated from an underlying knowledge base. This knowledge base, or regions of it, is minutely sensitive to cues, and patterns of activation constantly arise and dissipate over the indexes of autobiographical memory knowledge structures. Such endogenous patterns of activation may not coalesce into "memories," nor do they necessarily or even usually enter into consciousness;…. [read more]

Human Security Term Paper

… Human security is a rising example for grasping the global susceptibilities whose advocates are challenging the tradition of ideas of national security by debating that the correct referent for security should be the person instead of the state. Human security holds a view that is peoples centered security for national, regional and global constancy. The idea appeared from a post-Cold War, multi-disciplinary grasp of security that has something to do with a number of research fields, counting expansion studies, worldwide relations, planned studies, and human rights. The United Nations Development Program's 1994 Human Development Reports deliberated a landmark publication in the area of human security, with the dispute that assuring "freedom from want" and " liberty from terror " for all individuals is the effective…. [read more]

Human Resource Development Program Essay

… Human Resources

HRD Development Program

Pathways is a Human Resource Development (HRD) that will be evaluated in this work. This program is structured to help employees to widen their personal as well as their organizational skills, understanding, and aptitudes. Human Resource Development is made up of things such as employee instruction, employee vocation advancement, performance administration, key employee identification, progression planning, tuition reimbursement, coaching, and mentoring along with organization improvement. Human Resource Development can be very formal such as in classroom education, a college class, or an organizational designed change effort. Human Resource Development can take a casual form such as employee coaching by a manager. Many companies often believe in the process of Human Resource Development and work hard to build programs that develop…. [read more]

Human Resource Employment Opportunities Within Lukoil Company Term Paper

… Human Resource

Employment opportunities within Lukoil Company

The history of the Lukoil Company is quite a domain of actuality, when having in mind its short period of existence, in comparison with other companies of the same dimensions which exist on the worldly stage: therefore, on the 25th of November 1991 the state company LangepasUraiKogalymneft was brought into being, which included the "Langepasneftegas, Uraineftegas, Kogalymneftegas" production associations and a few capacities of oil processing. The acronym "Luk" is the combination of the first letters of the LangepasUraiKogalymneft Company. Thus, the Lukoil Company was brought into being on the 22nd of April 1993, when it was registered.

Even though it had not had the time to create a long-term history, Lukoil had a rapid development. In 1994…. [read more]

Human Ignorance Term Paper

… Human Ignorance

Uncivilized Behavior due to Human Ignorance in "The Yellow Wallpaper" by C.P. Gilman and "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by G.G. Marquez

More than just mirroring the realities of life, literature also functions as a mirror through which imaginary musings are reflected, wherein humanity's exploration of the unknown and unexplainable are highlighted. These reflections of the unexplored facets of human life provide knowledge to us readers as we bear witness to the different experiences of individuals, whose projections of their imagination provide an insight into the kind of society the writer, and maybe including us, lives in.

In analyzing the short stories "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez,…. [read more]

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