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Human Resource Management and Workplace Romance Essay

… Human Resource Management & Workplace Romance

The quality of the effort that employees put forward in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness and productivity for the company is certainly reflective of their skills, the training they received, their understanding of the company's mission and their dedication to that mission. But the employees' performance on the job is also a reflection of the competency of the human resources component of the company. In large part, the professionals in the human relations department are the drivers that map out the journey (by knowing the policies and laws), start the engine (hire the employees and see to it they are trained), and steer the company through or around whatever hazards lay ahead to the destination / goal.

Thesis…. [read more]

Leadership and Organizational Behavior Research Paper

… Leadership and Organizational Behavior

The modern day workplace environment is subjected to various forces and factors, which force change to occur within companies. For instance, the advent of technology creates more complex working environments, in which the staff members have to continually advance their professional skills. Then, the economic crisis and the corporatist model create more demanding working environments, where the employees spend longer hours. The desire for more financial gains and professional recognition also drive the staff members to spend more hours at the office.

In this setting, people come to spend most of their time at work, eliminating the clear separation between work and personal life. In fact, on multiple occasions, the personal life of the employee is intertwined with the professional setting,…. [read more]

How Should HR Professionals Respond to Sexual Harassment? Essay

… Sexual harassment in the workplace is an ongoing and serious problem that employers in any workplace environment must cope with as justly and fairly as they can. They must also follow the laws that apply to workplace harassment and to do that they must be fully aware of what legal aspects relate to sexual harassment. This paper points to the importance of the human resource (HR) department in terms of setting the standards for all employees to follow in order to be in compliance with federal and state laws. Moreover, this paper provides peer-reviewed information from the scholarly literature that places a good deal of the responsibility for hiring quality people -- and for enforcing existing laws pertaining to employee behavior -- on the shoulders…. [read more]

Workplace Dating: Problems and Solutions Creative Writing

… employee rights…" (Boyd, 325). Boyd goes on to explain that it is a violation of individual rights when employers try to "legislate love" by creating rules that attempt to govern romance.

However, Boyd goes on to point out that the "most disruptive" relationships in the workplace are usually those that have a "hierarchical" dynamic -- that is, when there is a relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate a "power imbalance" can result (1058). When two people fall in love, they "exchange resources," which include socioeconomic factors and "personal/sexual factors" like sex, affection, and basic companionship, Boyd writes on page 1058.

But when the two people (one a supervisor, the other a subordinate) fall in love in the workplace, they tend to exchange employment-related resources,…. [read more]

Personality, Motivation and Managing Staff Essay

… Latham (2007) believes that for Dylan to be motivated, he needs an appropriate approach to be implemented (this might depend on whether Dylan wants non-financial incentives or financial incentives). This will rely heavily on Dylan's aspects of motivation, his sex partner, and resources. In the end, he will not be able to account for the salary increase and bonuses, which translates to non-financial incentives being implemented. Poor wage and salary might be a factor leading to dissatisfaction of Dylan within the sexual context. This case proves difficult for non-financial incentives to be effective in the course of motivating an individual. The need of balancing the two arises.

Financial incentives

According to Hoffmann (2007), using financial rewards to increase motivation is a popular method being used…. [read more]

Women in Leadership the Characteristics and Advantage Research Paper

… Women in Leadership: The Characteristics and Advantage of Women

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Obstacles to the Characteristics and Advantages of Women

The issue of women in leadership has been a focus of debate and discussion across many disciplines in recent years. This debate is also linked to topics such women's rights and gender inequalities in modern society. These issues have been engendered by the fact that there is a gross disparity in terms of gender when it comes to leadership roles in modern corporations and organization. The contention that underlies this debate is the marginalization of women and the prejudiced perception of gender. Many critics note that these disparities are a direct result of perceptions and stereotyped that emanate from a male-centered and…. [read more]

Inductive Deductive Argument Analogy Term Paper

… ¶ … Analogy #1: "You wouldn't steal a car or snatch a purse, so you shouldn't illegally download music and movies."

This is a middling argument. The above argument attempts to re-orient those who illegally download by showing them that there is (im)moral equivalency between car theft and intellectual property theft. Just because the latter is a more secretive and passive crime, and the former requires more preparation and hands-on participation, does not mean one shouldn't feel the same level of reticence at perpetrating either. The argument appears strong initially but ultimately fails, because the reason people feel comfortable stealing music is the sense that stealing music is a victimless crime. If you deprive one person of a car, you've seriously affected their financial health.…. [read more]

Learning Style Preferences and Perceived Effectiveness of Internet Courses Term Paper

… ¶ … rise of the Internet has greatly impacted all areas of society, particularly higher education. Colleges and universities are finding that to stay relevant to their traditional students they have to create online and distance learning programs quickly and effectively to stay up with their learning needs. Eighty-seven percent of four-year colleges offered distance-learning courses in 2004, up from 62% in 1998. According to International Data Corporation, 25% more colleges and universities added distance learning programs between 1998 and 2004. In 2004, 2.2 million degree-seeking students were enrolled in distributed courses. By early 2008, one out of 10 college students will be enrolled in an online degree program, Boston-based market research firm Eduventures estimated last year.

This radical change in education has presented these…. [read more]

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