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Strong Bench Term Paper

… IF proper techniques and methods whether used overtly, subtly or covertly, are not used then subjective assessments may result in legal battles. Therefore, proper methods and criteria for succession should be identified to counter legal problems. One way is to identify core competencies required to qualify for consideration for successions. "Competencies include coaching, decision making, initiating action, managing conflict, and tenacity. The point of identifying competencies as part of succession planning is to choose those abilities that are necessary for today and tomorrow's workplace" (Ibarra, 2005).


In order to adapt to changes in the market place and to deal with unforeseen circumstances organizations keep a record of people with appropriate experiences and skills as a result of their leadership development program. The selection aspect…. [read more]

Relationship of Employee Theft Term Paper

… In a diverse working group, problems such as racism can become a problem for the management and the rest of the staff, making the working atmosphere uncomfortable. This kind of problem can also result in lower output of the organization, which means that it is the job of the management to solve the problem quickly. In order to do this, the management at Capstone implements frameworks that could resolve such problems. But what is better than solving the problem after it arises is to already have these frames setup so that the employees knows what is expected of them before they joint the organization. An example of this is the structural framework [Capstone Introduces Mutual Fund, 2002].

The structural frame exists in order to achieve…. [read more]

Employee Satisfaction With a Company Term Paper

… The primary problem presented in this study is to determine the size of the problem, the severity of the problem, and the causes of the problem in order to propose solutions to remedy the situation.

History of the problem.

The recruitment of management at XYZ is always a complicated undertaking. It is important not only to find managers who are qualified for the position technically and who have the greatest amount of experience, but also to find those who have management styles and philosophies similar to those at XYZ. In the past XYZ had a policy of hiring only outside managers. XYZ did not promote employees from the manufacturing floor into management as a reward for good performance as a line worker. Many comapanys have…. [read more]

Change Management and IT Strategy Plan Research Paper

… The significance of an IT strategy has been intensified over the preceding number of years as the firm’s emphasis on digital transformation and flourishing in the digital age. Imperatively, technology is indispensable for generating new business simulations, products and services; augmenting customer service in addition to customer satisfactions; growing sales; empowering workers and enhancing productivity; and backing interrelations with retailers and other business partners (Rouse, 2017).

In spite of the knowledge of the key components of an effective digital transformation, research has indicated that approximately 90 percent of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and technology leaders who have attempted to implement digital transformation initiatives end up failing. Change management plays a fundamental role in attaining successful results. Nonetheless, most change management determinations experience failure owing…. [read more]

Kraft Foods' Competitive Strategy Case Study

… The company already has a high level of market knowledge, and continued improvement of existing products will help to support ongoing differentiation. Furthermore, markets are changing, and new products may offer a great advantage through first mover advantages, which may be combined as the blue ocean strategy, and place the company in a strong position for new developments. For all of these strategies the strength within marketing, and existing consumer knowledge of the craft, and subsidiary brands, but will be supported through ongoing integrated marketing communications to support the position and brand expectations (Kotler & Keller, 2011).

Research and development may also be utilized in order to help support the cost advantage. Cost advantage may be gained through the way in which product is designed,…. [read more]

Water-Authority Term Paper

… For example, regarding the stress upon privatization in so much of the literature pertaining to the developing world, "although the privatization concept presently discourages subsidies, it overlooks the fact that, in Europe, initial water infrastructure development was based on massive subsidies" (Rahaman & Varis 2005: 19). The need for privatization is thus left an open-ended question when implementing the principles of IWRM, although the need for attacking government corruption is also acknowledged. Yet in states which lack a substantive water delivery infrastructure, government intervention (or intervention from outside, international governing bodies and relief organizations) may be required. The second approach is viewing water as an economic good, which stresses the inequity of the very poorest often paying the most for clean, fresh, water. Water is…. [read more]

Ethical Response to Diversity Term Paper

… Literature review on Workforce Diversity

Consistent with the discoveries of the exploratory study by Adler (2005) established that diversity can enhance execution and recruitment from a more extensive difference in age and ethnicity give the firm a wider talent pool. Furthermore, expanding diversity stretches the thickness of points-of-view and ideas accessible to organizations in settling on decisions and that cultural diversity, individual personality, professional and educational background can affect the depth and range of data utilization.

Studies on Workforce Diversity Programs indicated that fifty-three percent of respondents lacked written programs or policies incorporating the concept of employee diversity in their organizations. However, only seven percent of the respondents demonstrated that their associations were examined including the approach or program. Concerning organizational practices that were incorporated…. [read more]

Telecommunication Privatization in Nigeria Definition Literature Review Chapter

… 6) Challenges of Telecommunication Privatization in Nigeria

The communication sector in Nigeria was founded decades ago. The country faced the challenges when it developed its first company Nitel. The company formed the organization in 1985 by merging Nigeria External Telecommunications Company and Department of Posts and Telecommunications. The country faced many challenges when it started privatization of the industry (Nwagboso, 2012). The management of telecom organizations resisted and the public also initially rejected the telecom privatization since the prices of the services were anticipated to rise.

a. Performances of Privatized Telecommunication from 2000-2013

After privatization, the country had one of largest mobile market in the region. There were dozens of new units opened each year to offer services gathering multi-billion dollars investment annually. The mergers…. [read more]

HRM Issues Research Report an Organization Essay

… ¶ … HRM Issues Research Report

An organization has several departments such as finance, marketing, logistics, administration and human resource. Human resource management or HRM is responsible for the management of organizations' employees. The prime function of HR is recruitment, training, evaluating and rewarding of staff. Moreover, HR also manages the overall culture and environment of an organization.

Environmental forces play a vital role in determining the success or failure of an organization. An organization has internal and external environment. The internal environment of an organization consists of elements in the organization itself, such as its workforce, management, and particularly the culture, which determine the workforce behavior. Even though, various elements influence the entire organization; others only affect the manager of an organization. Managers have…. [read more]

Human Population Growth Essay

… frame the "population crisis as an environmental/sustainability problem in the context of the six (schematic) metatheoretical perspectives on ecological problems discussed

The BBC documentary "How many people can live on planet earth?" ( shows that the world population is growing at an alarming rate with several negative consequences. One of the consequences is that there is more competition over resources therefore less resources -- this was shown by a family in Rwanda who had five children. His three acre plot would have to be parceled amongst each of his children. It would be the resilient children who would profit. The rest may starve. This is compounded by families who have as many as fifteen children and more. Without their having sufficient resources to feed and…. [read more]

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