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Human Resources Planning Budgeting Capstone Project

… A training that allows a company's employees to avoid violating new regulations, for example, can save the company both directly in terms of money (such as in fees that are not levied) but also save the company indirectly in terms of not losing good employees to other companies that act in more proactive ways or by losing public confidence because it acts in ways that indicate it does not hold public safety as its highest concern (Human resources reports and essays, 2006).

If these trainings are conducted at a site other than the company site, there will be associated costs such as travel costs and registration fees. The HR Department may also have to cover the costs of conference registration or (if in-house) of speakers…. [read more]

HRM-340-Human Resource Info System Subject Essay

… Thus, the human resource management director can produce reports listing likely internal candidates for open positions by running an application program that queries position files, job requirements files, and skills inventory files" (MBA Knowledge Base).


As the choice has been made for a comprehensive human resource information system, it is now necessary to assess two alternative providers and programs for human resource management. The first example in this sense is represented by the iHR from Apex Business Software, which is promoted as a cost effective solutions of employee tracking. The program as such focuses on registering the time, attendance and absenteeism of the organizational staff members. The HRM solution can be simultaneously used on multiple devices, meaning as such that it would…. [read more]

Managing the Cultural Values Essay

… They prefer to focus on improving the nature of work in companies that report such problems. This is because they have identified the nature of work as the most important cause that determines employees' reduced levels of motivation and performance. Therefore, it is the nature of the work that must be addressed and modified, instead of the values, emotions, and behaviors of employees that are not identified as causes of such problems.

This means that by managing employees' values, companies do not address the correct factors that determine their problems. They orient their efforts and resources towards issues that have little influence on these situations (Jaffe, 2001). In other words, strategies based on management of employees' cultural values have little efficiency.

Other specialists in the…. [read more]

Human Resources, the Main Issue Thesis

… Therefore the employees should always be encouraged to perform extra alongside their regular duties.

Another important question is regarding the determination of categories which an employee may have in a small organization. This can depend on several factors such as the age of the employee, the level of experience any employee may posses in a certain field of work or regarding the gender of the employee since some of the jobs best suit either men or women. "The management of small firms should be very careful in designating tasks to its respective personnel since in many cases any backup personnel are not available while the primary person is missing from duty" (Allcorn 1992).

From all of these different factors it is often difficult to determine…. [read more]

Project Management Human Resource Training Research Paper

… Project Management

Human Resource Training in Project Management

The case analysis presented in Workplace learning to improve it project management (Damare, 2008) of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) illustrates how effective team-based and individual training can be in streamlining project management performance across a large, diverse public health organization. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how human resource training within project management environments accelerates strategic and tactical objective performance, in addition to reducing the costs to attain these results. The many benefits to long-term learning and morale are also evaluated in this analysis (Crawford, Leonard, Jones, 2011).

Best Practices in Human Resource Training within Project Management

The study of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health illustrates several…. [read more]

Functions of Management Essay

… Functions of Management

The Four Functions of Management

The universally accepted functions of management -- whether it is a baseball organization, an opera company, a Fortune 500 corporation or an elementary school in Ireland -- include: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Professor Paul Allen of Middle Tennessee State University has written a book (Artist Management for the Music Business) in which he elaborates on the four functions of management vis-a-vis the music business, albeit his narrative can apply to many other fields and disciplines.

Planning -- Allen notes that the difference between failure and success can often be linked to the planning process that was involved in the project. "Luck by itself can sometimes deliver success" (Allen, 2011, p. 5), he explains, but when a…. [read more]

Managing Human Resources Research Paper

… This issue goes beyond ensuring that the hospital offers the best quality services and more into the possibility of putting the patient's life at risk. Such an employee should have been let go the moment that something like this occurred.

Looking through some of the incident report forms, it seems that several people on staff made severe mistakes, which sometimes resulted in the death of patients. Joan Hudspeth had three such incidents, one resulting in the patient's death and all being a consequence of her mistakes, including switching treatments and giving hydromorphone instead of morphine. Any one of these should have led to the dismissal of the employee.

Another weakness that is also unsettling is the fact that some of the employees have not been…. [read more]

Talent Management at Bofa Case Study

… Identifying which stakeholders are left out would likely be a first objective underlying these achievement objectives if these assumptions are truly fundamental to Bank of America's executive talent development.

Two potentially effective approaches to meet the talent management challenges in the future

In the same way, these assumptions provide rich opportunities for potential improvement. If stakeholder ownership is key to supporting new executive development, then one approach would be to remove barriers to stakeholder ownership. The National Association of Female Executives reported that before 2007 at least, executive gender diversity was actually falling (24), so to the degree that Bank of America's total employment is female, improving executive diversity may increase stakeholder ownership. Five out of thirteen executives were women at Bank of America in…. [read more]

Global Business and Managing Across Cultures Essay

… In the communication conflict is one party drops in the defensive behavior the other party is likely to respond in the same way and the real essence of communication is then achieved. In this way mutual communication is created and problem is then defined in the more realistic terms. Thus, the solution to the problem then can be achieved through understanding, using creative alternatives and producing intelligent results. No matter how much complex is the problem and situation if it's well communicated and understood among the parties involved it can be solved in the best possible time with minimum possible resources being waste.

Expatriate management

Organizations dealing in global businesses have to make up the management policies especially the Human resource policy for skill development…. [read more]

People and Talent Management Concepts Term Paper

… All these initiatives have helped the company to attract more talent.

C. Impact of People Management and Talent Management on organization

People management and talent management have a huge impact in the operations and success of every organization. They help an organization to remain competitive in the global environment, attract talented candidates, select the right candidate for the right job and above everything, help them to grow within the organization so that they can become more productive and contribute towards the fulfillment of the long-term and short-term organizational goals. They are in a better position to implement high performance work practices. It also helps an organization to manage change effectively and efficiently without having a negative impact on its operations or employees.

Another important impact…. [read more]

Briefing for Emergency Management Essay

… Ing for Emergency Management

Emergency management is a relatively novel concept, with modern applications, theories, models and threats. The practices of emergency management have nevertheless existed since biblical times, and examples include the gathering of animals on Noah's Arc and the repopulation of the world in the aftermath of the great flooding, the means in which Moses handled the exodus and guided the Hebrews and so on. The Bible even encourages people to pay attention to dangers and address them. It says: "the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." (Prov. 27:12, quoted by Andy Stanley, 2009).

Since the biblical times, the practices of emergency management have evolved significantly, as have the threats and the causes of…. [read more]

Business Management: Human Resource Issues and Practices Case Study

… Business Management -- Human Resource Issues and Practices

Best Practices in Relation to the Concept of Best Fit for the Organization

In general, the concept of best practices is applicable throughout modern business management and administration. In principle, it is a systematic method of objective analysis through which organizations can identify optimal practices that are conducive to maximum output and profitability given the initial parameters and resources available to the organization (George & Jones, 2008).

However, the concept of best practices cannot be applied in a vacuum; rather, it must always take into full account and incorporate organizational values and the stated objectives of the principals and of the organization (Robbins & Judge, 2009). In that regard, what may indeed be defined legitimately as best…. [read more]

Change Management and Organizational Transformation Thesis

… Change Management & Organizational Transformation


The objective of this work is to examine changes in organizations, management and how management and technology are more frequently becoming factors for consideration. This work will select a company and analyze the status of organizational transformation and change management, and identify key organizational transformation and change management issues currently facing the organization, providing recommendations as to how the company should address these change management issues. Selected for the purpose of this study are Federal U.S. Agencies and the Organizational Transformation initiative reported by the Government Accounting Office and specifically relating to the implementation of Chief Operating Officer/Chief Management Officer Positions in Federal Agencies.


It was reported in 2007 in the report GAO-08-34, a…. [read more]

Human Resource Is a General Term Term Paper

… Human Resource is a general term to which many institutes have assigned the meaning of the grouping of conventionally executive personnel roles with performance running, worker affairs and resource planning. Human resource is becoming more and more popular. It has been observed by the information received world wide. Be familiar with the fact that labor (people) are an important part and are considered to be an organization's chief asset, business owners from every part of the world are trying to count on a successful management plan, which has a major task to develop human resources. The purpose of Human Resources is to capitalize the return on investment from the organization's human wealth and minimize economic risk. It is the duty of human resource managers to…. [read more]

Pettinger - Management as an Art Term Paper

… Pettinger - Management

Management as an Art, Science and Profession

Pettinger (2002) was correct in assuming that management is an art, science and profession. In fact, each of these elements are strongly linked to management as a whole. A manager that is successful utilizes management as a profession to excel personally; the same manger uses management as a science to promote the best interests of the organization as a whole; a manager must also however utilize management as an art to govern, lead and motivate the employees working in an organization.

When defining management, one must come eventually to realize that a relationship exists between management as an art, science and profession. The three aspects of management are inextricably intertwined. One can consider management from…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Term Paper

… At Microsoft, we have established a number of initiatives to promote diversity within our own organization, and to demonstrate this commitment in communities nation wide ("How Should My Organization Define Diversity, 2004)."


For the purposes of this discussion, we explored human resources management as it relates to small business. We found that many of the same human resource issues that plague large businesses also plague small businesses. We concluded that these issues could have a more profound impact upon small businesses because they do not have the same resources as large corporations.

Throughout this discussion, we focused on issues such as the changing global workforce, corporate culture, management issues, information technology, and workforce diversity. We found that the changing global workforce and diversity were…. [read more]

human resources management of employees Essay

… Therefore, mapping can be an instrumental feature in motivating employees and creating high morale. From the employer's perspective, mapping helps to maximize investments in human resources by ensuring that each employee is on the right track towards reaching their personal goals, and that those goals coincide with the goals of the organization. Mapping can entail ongoing feedback processes that also enhance communication within the organization.
3. Importance of Career Management
Career management covers a broad range of human resources issues including how to grow future leaders, maximize resources and performance, create high morale, and retain top talent. A future-focused field, career management focuses on the long-term goals of both the organization and each employee, ensuring that the one is aligned with the other. As Ogelthorpe…. [read more]

Change Management in Public Organizations Essay

… Then they will be able to handle anything that comes their way, and still stay "on track" to make sure the changes that are needed and required get implemented on time and in the right way. Having delays and other problems can derail an effort for change, and can stop employees from getting things done in a timely fashion. That can hurt not only the organization and the people who work there, but also the people who are served by that particular organization (Kotter, 2011).

That is especially true if a shutdown or partial shutdown of at least some parts of the organization is required in order to make sure the change takes place. The employees who are making the change happen must have the…. [read more]

Strategic Human Resource Management Ethical Essay

… Such responsibilities can be utilized in the creation and achievement of long-term organizational wealth hence, benefiting all the stakeholders and honors the business' obligations to the entire society. Ethical stewardship therefore, refers to the honoring of employees' duties, stakeholder roles and the society's responsibilities by an organization (Caldwell et al., 2011). This has been found to be in pursuit of the long-term creation or organizational wealth.

Ethical stewardship is an organizational theory of governance, where leaders serve to obtain superlative stakeholder interests, through the creation of high level of cultural trusts, which honors the distinguished duties that organizations owe to their followers (Caldwell et al., 2011). In pursuit of the finest stakeholder interest, the responsibility of leaders is to augment outcomes, rather than compromising the…. [read more]

Risk Management Essay

… Contingency planning also seeks to protect livelihoods and reduce environmental damage. (Office of International Programs, 2013, paraphrased)

VIII. Risk Management in Justice and Security Organizations

The OECD reports a multi-layered approach to justice and security assistance is between and among the state at various levels in providing justice service delivery, the state in regulator the parameter for justice and security and ensuring accountability and non-state justice and security service providers and the users or recipients of justice and security. Justice and security sustainability in short-term responses has four primary aspects: (1) human capital; (2) financial; (3) cultural appropriateness; and (4) institutional structures and systems. Development programs in justice and security must be designed with realistic consideration of the capacity of the four primary factors. The…. [read more]

Information Technology Change Management Essay

… Change Facilitating Factors

The need for change within an institution is inevitable where there are sufficient evidence that change will set in new paradigms for growth and sustainability (Cohen D., 2005). The organization has over the years experienced an upsurge in the number of patient preferring home-based care. The institution has embraces this need by committing more staff to home-based care. The employees and consultants have also embraced the workings in the system of home-based care. The notion that a new system is coming in will only touch one aspect. That is the record management aspect. The institution has in place a Tele-medicine system that supports diagnosis and treatment of patients. This system lessens the advocacy need to staff and patients on the It-based record…. [read more]

National Incident Management System Theoretical Term Paper

… Generally, the incident command systems are the most common sets of command structures and terminologies, which are used on various incident scenes. They are important in providing efficient management of the resources that are involved during an incident resolution process. National Incident Management System is important in providing a national framework, which enables global responders work collectively on complex incidents. The National Incident Management systems command and management revolves around three key areas. The key areas are the Incident Command Systems, Public Information Systems and the Multiagency Coordination Systems. In this case, the National Incident Management System's Incident Command Systems revolves around the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. In contrast, the Incident Command Systems highly focuses on intelligence and information incorporation.

National Incident Management System Public…. [read more]

Security Management Essay

… As managers, security managers also need to be leaders. They will be in charge of teams, and work closely with subordinates in creating and implementing a security management plan for the organization. Security managers make senior level decisions that impact the entire organization. They assume and accept responsibility for errors, and are rewarded for ensuring the integrity of the company. Quantitative and qualitative analytical skills are required, as well as creative thinking. Security managers need to think outside the box, because not all threats are spelled out. Many of the most dangerous security threats are ones that the organization had not anticipated. A successful security manager anticipates threats before they become relevant to the organization and individuals they are trying to protect.


Bulletin 1…. [read more]

Management International Management When a Company Manages Essay

… Management

International Management

When a company manages international human resources (IHRM) properly, it permits them to vie more effectively in the global market. Recent years have provided a steady changeover in method and matter from workforce management to human resource management, and lately to global human resource management. Those who work as human resource managers should talk to the locals in the foreign country as to try and get a better understanding of the local culture, employment facets, security, traditions and customs so that workers can function in accord with a local traditions. Dissimilar moral and commerce principles can produce pessimistic incidents. For the reason that there has been a variety of alterations in socio-economic and legal-political necessities that vary within nations putting together compensation…. [read more]

Conception of Project Management Book Report

… ¶ … conception of project management is actually the summation of the preceding centuries' worth of work and development within this area. Although this discipline was not termed as such until the 1900's, it has slowly evolved much like any other process utilized throughout the course of time and which includes "building processes" which "have led to the development of project management" and, the basics of which "can be traced back to these periods of time" (Yuen 383) that are discussed within this current study. These time periods encompass the medieval period in Europe and in the Near East, and were stratified to include the Byzantine Empire, Islamic Golden Age, the Crusades, the Carolingian Renaissance, the Romanesque Period as well as the Gothic Period, which…. [read more]

Quality Management and Effective Cost Term Paper

… This analysis is based on theory for continuing empirical research to ascertain the successful models for a profitable business. Here it is suggested that the 5Ps model is sophisticated and efficient to give the organizations the results that they aspire for.

Chapter 2

Product Design

Theory of Product Design

Product Design normally follows the following stages.

a) Generation of ideas: These ideas can emanate from in-house R&D, develop from customer suggestion/complaints, from brain storming session with suppliers, evidence of competitors progress in the field development of technology reverse engineering or benchmarking

b) The product idea is then run through a feasibility study to checkout its concepts and compatibility with the market and economic sectors by conducting a strategic analysis.

c) Performance specifications are documented for…. [read more]

Pala Din Inc. Project Management Case Study

… Recommendations

After evaluating these risks, few back up strategies have been devised accordingly. First and foremost, as a primary foundation of project management, planning and budgeting need to be performed in the preliminary phase. Also, the inherent risks to the current situation should be analyzed and are addressed as per last planner model. A new method, often called Last Planner, to cope with the situation met in construction production control, has been developed by Ballard (2000) since 1992. The method has emerged in an inductive manner from a series of industrial experiments (Ballard and Howell, 1998). Considering this theory, following remedial actions are suggested considering that the risks have materialized.

a) In case where outdoor shoots are not permitted by the city government which will…. [read more]

History of Management of 4 Periods in Ancient Civilization Literature Review

… Management

History of Management of 4 periods in Ancient Civilization -- Literature Review

History of Management

History of Management of 4 periods in Ancient Civilization -- Literature Review

The History of Management of Mesopotamia

As many of the overviews and scholarly studies of the history of management note, understanding the history and origins of management and administration is an essential resource and background to the evolution of modern management. This view is concisely summarised in an article by Pindur et al. ( 1995)

One of the keys to successful management is the ability to understand and apply modern management principles and techniques effectively. Managers must develop an in-depth knowledge of past and present models, theories and processes in order to manage effectively and intelligently.

(…. [read more]

Project Management Assessing the Role Thesis

… Project Management

Assessing the Role of the Project Plan

The intent of this analysis is to assess the role of the project plan and why its location in the project planning phase is optimal for attaining inter- and intra-group collaboration and minimizing shared risk through a project's duration. This analysis will also discuss the challenges a project manager faces in creating a project plan, best practices in developing project plans, and a template for a project management deliverable are also provided. Evaluating tools and techniques, both from a theoretical and empirical standpoint, are also evaluated. This analysis concludes with recommendations for project managers who will be using the proposed project management deliverable for their project. The deliverable is a pro-forma product launch activity plan for…. [read more]

Organizational Development the Greatest Competitive Strength Research Proposal

… Organizational Development

The greatest competitive strength an organization can seek today is exceptional agility, intelligence to sense and respond to market opportunities and threats, and an organizational culture and structure than can flex to extraordinary stresses and strains. Organizational Development (OD) must correspondingly create the foundations for greater levels of collaboration at the process and system layers of organizations (Karakas, 2009). The roles of managers in organizations also need to become more transformational, less authoritarian, as cultures seek to create more initiative and insightful analysis and recommendations from employees (Raz, 2009).

Organizational Development in the 21st Century

With global economies are at their most turbulent in decades and organizations seeking to rapidly redefine their relevancy to customers as a result, the need for continually investing…. [read more]

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