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HR Planning Process Resource: Strategic Essay

… Google also offers engineers additional 20% time to work on personal projects while at the office, many of which have been translated into revenue-generating work for Google. This both attracts highly motivated and intellectually curious candidates and encourages them to remain at Google. "In addition to being a phenomenal attraction tool, it also keeps their retention rate at, as one HR executive put it 'almost nil.' But its greatest value is that it drives innovation and creativity throughout the organization" (Sullivan 2005).

Google does offer an extraordinary range of benefits to employees, including stock options that were said to have made many of the original employees millionaires overnight. It offers free on-site dental and medical care -- even car washing and detailing. There is on-site…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Research Paper

… They showed the same video every year, featuring a man at the front desk talking on the phone to a friend about their plans for the evening while guests stood patiently waiting to register. His back to the just arrived guests, he turned for a moment and said, "I'll be right with you," but from his conversation it was obvious he was talking to a friend about a party they would go to.

The HR person put the video on pause; "What's wrong in this picture?" she asked. Someone always immediately pointed out that front desk employee was unprofessional. But I always raised my hand and said, "The real problem is not the employee, but who hired him and who was responsible for training him?"…. [read more]

Human Resource Planning for Automobile Essay

… Related supplementary courses are an added advantage. The managers need be creative, computer literate with excellent interpersonal skills. The manager should be highly motivated with flexible and clear judgment. The Sales Manager will be paid $35 for every hour worked.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative welcome customer as they come to the showroom. The Sales team needs to know details both technical and non-technical on all Cadillac models. They must be updated on the latest production and market trends. The Sales Representative talks to the customer and keeps a record of all prospective customers. They are also referred to as the Showroom Managers as they control whatever takes place in there.

Sales Representatives need to be a high school graduate or a college degree in public…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Practice Essay

… However, for organizational goals to be achieved, employees have to be efficiently managed. As such, human resource issues manifested in the company's product could affect the company's brand name, reducing the product's marketability and lowering profitability. Due to such implications, there is a need to tackle HR issues in the company, meticulously.

The company has experienced mechanical and quality issues. These issues are deeply rooted in the company's poor training programs, poor recruitment, poor rewards and recognition systems, poor retention and development programs. To overcome such challenges in future, it is highly recommended that Many organizations HRM adopt the high performance approach towards strategic management of its human resources. The approach would be most suitable for the company as it calls for effective training, hiring,…. [read more]

Human Resources Planning Budgeting Capstone Project

… A training that allows a company's employees to avoid violating new regulations, for example, can save the company both directly in terms of money (such as in fees that are not levied) but also save the company indirectly in terms of not losing good employees to other companies that act in more proactive ways or by losing public confidence because it acts in ways that indicate it does not hold public safety as its highest concern (Human resources reports and essays, 2006).

If these trainings are conducted at a site other than the company site, there will be associated costs such as travel costs and registration fees. The HR Department may also have to cover the costs of conference registration or (if in-house) of speakers…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Essay

… These packages result in satisfaction, motivation and preservation of the employees in the organization (Youssef, 2012). Compensation is a mode of rewarding the employees for the work done. However, rewarding is only to employees whose efforts and talents aid them (employees) in achieving goals, objectives and performance expectations of their jobs. In addition, the employees contribute towards the attainment of organizational goals, objectives and competitive advantage. The recent developments in Human Resource Management link compensation to performance. Therefore, many Human Resource managers are developing performance-bases pay structures. This new introduction improves employees' performance as they work towards increasing their compensation package.

Rewards in the organization comprise; monetary rewards, non-monetary rewards and intrinsic rewards. Firstly, monetary awards include pay, bonuses and profit sharing. Pay includes salary,…. [read more]

Human Resources International Term Paper

… Its strong hierarchical, family-dominated culture propelled the company to global prominence. But as the company looks to defend its leading position in many markets, it adjusted its HR policies to retain employees and attract high-potential local managers. The company recognized that it must now design global HR policies to give important subsidiaries more authority and flexibility to adapt to local habits and business methods (Berger, 2012).

The strong demand for the limited supply of talent in emerging markets, such as China, India, Brazil and the Middle East, ratchets up employee turnover rates into the double digits. Retention is a major issue because many workers don't hesitate to trade jobs for what European observers would view as nominal salary or benefit improvements. In some Indian IT…. [read more]

Human Factors Engineering Documented Evidence Term Paper

… Human Factors Engineering

Documented evidence shows that human error contributes at least seventy percent of commercial aircraft hull-loss accidents. Even as being linked with flight operations, human error has turned into a major issue in air traffic management and maintenance practices. At Boeing, professionals on human factors work with pilots, mechanics and engineers to employ the most up-to-date knowledge regarding the connection between the condition of commercial airplanes and human performance. This enables operators to increase efficiency and enhance safety in their every day operations.

The expression "human factors" has progressively become more popular because commercial aviation businesses have become fully cognizant that human error, instead of mechanical breakdown, causes a majority of aviation incidents and accidents. Human factors, if taken in a narrow manner,…. [read more]

Human Resources Is Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… Human Resources and Organizational behavior in Shopping Mall organizations (METRO Cash and Carry)

Organization is a social place working for the productivity and prosperity of mutual goals and aims. Shopping Malls are the big organizations having products and services. On daily basis thousands of people come and go for buying things or even visit the malls for the window shopping. Hence, the customer services must be excellent. People must be valued and catered in the way they need. Shopping Mall is a diversified workplace that includes people, their behaviors, their attitudes and the way they interact with each other. If we exclude people from the Shopping Malls then there would be products and empty buildings only.

Human beings have different priorities, different hobbies, living standards,…. [read more]

Urban Planning and Urban Planners Essay

… The broad phenomenon of sprawl is a variety of issues related to land use, transportation, urban and regional design, and planning. Cities expand quickly while also covering an increasing amount of land area. Three factors are argued to be driving this trend: a growing population, rising incomes, and falling community costs (Brueckner, 2000). Some of the disadvantages that are generally attributed to urban sprawl include factors such as the loss of farmlands and wildlife habitats, high car and technology dependence, air pollution and health hazards, increased and higher per-person infrastructure costs.

Urban sprawl has many ecological and health implications which are commonly interrelated. Since urban sprawl positions people outside of walking distance to many of life's necessities, individuals in these communities are effectively forced to…. [read more]

Human Resources Management - Maintaining Term Paper

… For his efforts, sales increased by more than 9% and total shareholder return rose by 56%. To leverage this success, Martinez created a core group of senior executives known as the Phoenix team. The charter of this team was to duplicate the success by creating a plan to implement and sustain the changes across the entire organization. Using an employee questionnaire, the group determined that employee attitudes correspond to customer satisfaction. They perfected a model that indicates that a 5-point improvement in employee attitudes will drive a 1.3-point improvement in customer satisfaction. Moreover, the increase in customer satisfaction drives a 5% increase in revenue growth. The bottom line result was an additional $200 million in revenue resulting in an increase of nearly a quarter of…. [read more]

Social History of the Automobile Research Paper

… ¶ … Automobile on American Leisure

One of the defining paradigms of American culture since at least the 1920s has been the automobile. In a sense, at least to American sensibilities, the Automobile was created by an American (Henry Ford), perfected by an American (Ford as well), and designed for the wide open spaces in the United States. To most Americans, the automobile symbolized something far more than transportation or movement from point A to B. The automobile, in fact, symbolized freedom -- freedom of movement from place to place, freedom to live in a different area than where one works, freedom from relying on public transportation, freedom to define oneself through the choice of automobile, and most of all, the freedom to make decisions…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Essay

… ). Linkage within this model can reduce labor costs, manage safety issues, and develop staff. Labor and market forecasts can help manage supplies and labor needs; safety management can help save lives and provide ways in which engineers can improve the functionality of equipment; development of staff may come through education and training, allowing staff to participate in decision making, or even taking courses to improve education or skill sets. The power of contemporary HRM is then, twofold: 1) it promoted action rather than reaction, and 2) it has move from the tactical to the strategic.


Introduction to the Human Resources Discipline of Workplace Safety and Security. (2010, March). Retrieved from Society for Human Resource Management:

Armstrong, M. (2008). Strategic Human Resource Management…. [read more]

Human Resource Management and Strategic Decision-Making Research Proposal

… Resource Management and Strategic Decision Making in the Aviation Industry Today

The same innovations in technology that have fueled the globalized of the marketplace have been particularly influential in the aviation industry. Indeed, the impact of automated computer-based applications and systems has fundamentally transformed the manner in which aircraft are designed and manufactured, as well as how they are maintained and operated. In this dynamic environment, identifying how resource management and strategic decision making processes are being used in the aviation industry today represents a timely and valuable enterprise. To this end, this paper provides an overview of the aviation industry in general and how innovations in technology have affected resource management and strategic decision making practices in particular. A summary of the research and…. [read more]

Bike Lanes vs. Car Research Paper

… " (Transportation Alternatives, 2009)

Bicycling is good for the environment and serves as well as "an active agent of motor-traffic restraint." (Byme, 2010) It is reported in the work of Byme (2010) that Enrique Penalosa, the individual who "instituted bike and pedestrian streets and rapid transit in Bogota when he was mayor" that the lane that wasn't safe for an 8-year-old to ride in could not be considered as a bike lane whatsoever.

III. Bicycle Lane Design and Configuration

Designs such as those by Penalosa are reported to bring about a reduction in traffic congestion, gird the economy, and transform suburban areas into nicer places to reside. Another designer is Jaime Lerner, former mayor of Curitiba, a city in Brazil that instituted recent changes in…. [read more]

Urbanization and City Planning Considerations: A Prioritization Essay

… Urbanization and City Planning Considerations: A Prioritization

City planning in an urban environment is not without its challenges. However, as technology moves forward and people realize that sustainability and the environment are two very important considerations in urban planning and urban living, the horizon for change becomes ever closer. This fact could not be more evident in developed nations, as access to sustainable products and processes is far greater than in less developed places. However, these less developed urban environments allow for a greater scale of change and positive impact, since much of the growth is yet to take place and is there fore fairly malleable and easily influenced to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The first priority of any future urban development, planning,…. [read more]

Globalization and Human Rights Case Study

… Subsidiary organizations can potentially operate with more efficient processes than the parent company. If management identifies this occurrence and works to transfer this knowledge back to the parent company then this can create a competitive advantage and be implemented in global operations. In this sense the globalization of international markets evolved on its own rather than being dictated by any one country or organization. One research study examines this practice among various American and European MNCs that had subsidiary operations in Japan (Simonin & Ozsomer, 2009).

Japan represents a developed economy with many industrial advantages that represents advancements in processes that can be incorporated into the operations of companies found in other countries. The study highlighted instances in which the Japanese subsidiary operated in ways…. [read more]

Human Side of Change the American Workforce's Journey Through Lean Manufacturing Essay

… Human Side of Change, The American Workforce's Journey Through Lean Manufacturing

The modern day American workforce is one of the most globally developed and empowered workforces. The employees become organized in unions that protect and promote their rights. The individual staff members are able to select from several employment opportunities those that best serve their needs. Once on the job, they are subjected to training programs which improve their career paths and they are protected by the constantly developing employment legislations.

However, the American workforce has not always been this developed and protected. Its basis was set starting with the Industrial Revolution, as the innovations of the time such as the steam engine, textile production or the iron processing operations allowed entrepreneurs to emerge and…. [read more]

Selecting Employees for International Business Opportunities A-Level Coursework

… Ready awareness of himself/herself, the impressions he/she makes on other individuals (Tyler, 2011) and of Belizean customs and behaviors (Chitakornkijsil, 2010);

f. The ability to effectively interact with people from the Belizean culture (Tyler, 2011);

g. An awareness of Belizean historical, socioeconomic, political and legal background OR the willingness and capability for "diverse learning" (Chitakornkijsil, 2010) to rapidly learn about those aspects in a 3-day crash course (Coderre, 2010);

h. The willingness and capability of readily relocating himself/herself and his/her family to Belize for this long-term project (Jassawalla, Asgary, & Sashittal, 2006);

i. The willingness and capability of working with company-established mentors within Mexico and Belize for rapid preparation and enculturation in Belizean society (Jassawalla, Asgary, & Sashittal, 2006);

j. High self-confidence, self-esteem, mental well-being,…. [read more]

Planning, Developing, and Designing Research Term Paper

… Q2. Compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative studies.

Quantitative studies are data-driven. They are often experimental in nature, with a control group and experimental group. A hypothesis is created before the study is embarked upon, and the researcher selects evidence to either prove or disprove his or her hypothesis. The "researcher uses tools, such as questionnaires or equipment to collect numerical data" (Neill 2007). Quantitative studies make use of the scientific method, and researchers attempt to gain an objective distance between themselves and their subjects.

In contrast, qualitative studies attempt to depict a human phenomenon in its complexity. Some of the evidence may be contradictory. The design is more loosely-defined. The researcher may become intimately involved with his or her subjects, even living amongst them…. [read more]

Human Resource Functions at XYZ Term Paper

… This approach is highly congruent with the guidance provided by Flynn who reports that, "Many temporary staffing agencies have developed partnerships with the companies they serve, so that if there is a problem they can be ready to solve it. As these relationships are formed, both parties get comfortable with sharing planning information and looking at ways to improve the productivity and quality of the work being done by the flexible workforce" (1999, p. 51).

Although XYZ is unable to match the more generous benefit programs that are offered by her larger competitors such as Manpower and Kelly, the company offsets this limitation by offering slightly higher wage levels for her temporary assignment employees (these issues are discussed further below). In addition, XYZ scrupulously tests…. [read more]

Personal Financial Management Term Paper

… Financial Planning

Charting the Course: Planning for Life after College

It has frequently been said that the end of college is not an end at all, but is rather the beginning of life's journey. Because life is a journey rather than a race, it is important to make some plans ahead of time so the path is known and the destination understood to the extent possible in advance. When most people set out on a journey to destinations unknown, they usually secure a map ahead of time to avoid getting lost. Likewise, a map of an individual's life journey can help a person stay on course and avoid the pitfalls that await the unwary along life's roads; however, in some cases, there is no real…. [read more]

Marketing Planning Term Paper

… The fact that life-expectancy is rising around the world in response to improving economic and even political conditions means that there is an ever-increasing need for healthcare-oriented information technology solutions. We cannot say for certain the degree to which our competitors have awakened to this realization, but we are well-positioned to take advantage of the situation when these countries come "online," so to speak, with their healthcare IT needs. We will already have our IT solutions set up to serve Swahili and Nahuatl speakers the minute those markets are ready for service.

Threats. Threats Itcorp faces are vague and difficult to pin down exactly. However, we have carefully observed the behavior of other firms faced with changes in volatile environments and are at least aware…. [read more]

Community Nursing the Service Learning Research Paper

… Problems associated with validity are usually increased in survey designs because they evaluate subject's values as well as beliefs (Bouma, 2004). Contemplating, the aims and outcomes of this research, Yin (2008) argues that it must be practicable to streamline case studies towards hypothetical propositions. Nevertheless, this ought to not extend to incorporate communities as well as the aims of the study should be to relate and structure theories and not to evaluate frequencies. On the other hand, this researcher feels that social sciences lacks fixed specifications and there are a number of factors which might influence the outcomes of the study and because of this it really is unrealistic to guarantee that future scientific studies on this particular problem will produce exactly the same outcomes.…. [read more]

International Planning Development Term Paper

… The country has focused its attention on infrastructure that will fuel its continued growth. China is currently constructing many transportation projects such as road and rail. The country is also undergoing major developments to provide the energy that will fuel the economy of the future. These include coal plants, hydroelectric plants, nuclear, as well as investing heavily in green energy. In fact, China leads the world in renewable energy investment which reached a record level in 2011 of over two hundred fifty billion dollars (Perkowski).

Education is another critical success factor for the country's sustainability and since 1998 China has tripled its share of GDP that it devotes to education (Zakaria). Furthermore, since that time the number of students has nearly quintupled going from one…. [read more]

Roger and Me: Automobile Industry Term Paper

… Attempts, by Flint city leaders, to palliate misery by offering inexpensive live entertainment, and by building new theme parks and hotels, ultimately failed because Flint could not sustain them. Well intentioned celebrities, and even (then-President) Ronald Reagan, breezed through the city in efforts to cheer up Flint residents, but such temporary distractions soon proved as hollow as the city's economy. Events in this film did not have to happen: they happened because of corporate greed. Moreover, even given its massive (and ongoing) outsourcing practices, for decades, now, General Motors remains a weak entity. American auto executives might have done much better to admit back then that their products that needed to be changed, not their production processes. They might also have seen that sending so…. [read more]

Maryland Labor Laws Introdcution Term Paper

… The final step in this human resources plan would require the employee relations department within the organization to accurately document and file all relative information to these issues. The many differing and complicated laws that are on the books demands solid bookkeeping and a well organized filing system. Constant updating of these files should be implemented and occasionally spot checking this process would serve the organization well in preventing an unwanted law suit surrounding a disabled worker.


This plan should be appealing to any human resources management office due to its simple approach to compliance. Not only does this plan address the current needs of the organization, it looks forward to preventing any future violations of these laws by placing emphasis on…. [read more]

International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agriculture Research Proposal

… ¶ … International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace & Agriculture Implement Workers of America, UAW, et al., Petitioners v. Johnson Controls, Inc. 499 U.S. 187, the petitioner union, on behalf of a class of female employees, sought a writ of certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, which affirmed the summary judgment in favor of respondent employer under its defense that employer's discriminatory fetal-protection policy was a business necessity, and a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ).

The Supreme Court of the United States, in an opinion delivered by Blackmun and joined by Marshall, Stevens, O'Connor and Souter reversed and remanded the matter for further proceedings. In this case they were concerned with an employer's gender-based fetal-protection policy. The question was whether…. [read more]

International Human Resources Management Term Paper

… International Human Resources Management

Second Assessment

This is a plan for an established Australian commercial organization about the methods through which they should establish a pharmaceutical organization in South Korea. Regarding the question of funds, it has been assumed that the funds have already been arranged. The proposal is meant for the study and evaluation by senior executives for the purpose of discussing the nature of organization to be set up, the person from within the organization to be deputed for discussions with the South Korean representatives, and the facilities that should be available in the organization to be established in South Korea.

The information for the purposes of this study has been collected from reliable international and Australian sources and their experiences about business…. [read more]

Human and Economic Costs of Flooding Dissertation

… ¶ … human and economic costs of flooding on cities has been well documented, but the recent floods that hit northeastern England from September 25 to September 28, 2012 were among the worst in decades and in some cases, were unprecedented in the level of flooding that was involved. Hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed and transportation was disrupted as flooding continued for several days. There were some casualties as well, making this a truly "killer storm." To determine the extent of the disruption and economic damage that resulted from the flooding that took place in North Eastern England in late September 2012, this paper provides a critical analysis of the relevant literature together with Environment Agency hydrographic telemetry, followed by a…. [read more]

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