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Human Resources Companies That Pursue a Low-Cost Essay

… Human Resources

Companies that pursue a low-cost strategy tend to apply that strategy throughout the organization. Therefore, the most likely compensation mix is weighted heavily towards the intrinsic compensation.

The pursuit of a low-cost strategy implies that a company is attempting to be the absolute lowest-cost competitor, rather than being merely a low-cost competitor. The latter would not represent a source of competitive advantage. To achieve the position as the lowest-cost competitor in an industry requires complete organizational buy-in. Costs must be trimmed in every way possible, especially when other firms in the same industry are attempting to utilize the same strategy. As a result, the extrinsic compensation (pay) in such organizations is often in line with or lower than the industry standards. Executives in…. [read more]

Human Resources What Balance of Intrinsic Term Paper

… Human Resources

What balance of intrinsic and extrinsic compensation is likely to exist in a company that successfully pursues a lowest cost strategy? Why?

A company that pursues a lowest cost strategy tries to keep the price of the good or service it provides at the lowest price point possible. Increasing the volume of sales is how it derives its revenue, rather than maintaining a reputation for individuation or quality. To keep prices low the company must keep input costs low. Wages are a significant input cost. One example of such a lowest cost strategy company is McDonald's. Workers are often employed part-time at the minimum wage. There is a company-engineered high level of workforce turnover. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are kept at a minimum,…. [read more]

Human Resources -- Controlling Benefits A-Level Coursework

… In these ways, ALCOA controls health insurance benefits costs while presenting its options as attractive benefits to attract talent and retain employees. This is wise on ALCOA's part, as its compensation plan directly impacts its strategic goal setting process by freeing up funds for other company goals, attracting certain types of employees, retaining its workforce and attracting a diverse workforce. In aid to a company's strategic goals, a Human Resources Department would develop benefits options that are attractive and supported by the company's budget, clearly and attractively present those benefits to current and prospective employees, implementing those benefits and constantly refining the process so employees can readily access their benefits. The accurate, timely and effective administration of these benefits assists the employer as well as…. [read more]

Human Resources Planning Budgeting Capstone Project

… A training that allows a company's employees to avoid violating new regulations, for example, can save the company both directly in terms of money (such as in fees that are not levied) but also save the company indirectly in terms of not losing good employees to other companies that act in more proactive ways or by losing public confidence because it acts in ways that indicate it does not hold public safety as its highest concern (Human resources reports and essays, 2006).

If these trainings are conducted at a site other than the company site, there will be associated costs such as travel costs and registration fees. The HR Department may also have to cover the costs of conference registration or (if in-house) of speakers…. [read more]

Human Resources Technology Essay

… , 2012).

The major purpose of the performance evaluation is to aid in providing accurate information concerning job performance of the prevailing organization. The prevailing data are extremely accurate and effective since they possess potential value within the organization. Examine performance, identify of effectiveness and efficiency of staff via the creation of the advancement of the human resource is a significant information. Performance evaluation normally provides legitimate and correct information to the prevailing managers. Moreover, it also grant the prevailing employees suitable information concerning them. Employees' job performance accompanied by the behavior depicts the corresponding strength and weakness on their performance (Bayat, 2011).

Performance evaluation management is a perpetual process with the main aim of providing accurate information concerning job performance of the organization. The…. [read more]

KO Advantages Coca-Cola Pursues Essay

… Coca-Cola's management may not agree with that assessment, since the company has been careful not to diversify out of non-alcoholic beverages, but this is a threat to the company that it has not addressed in a meaningful. Pepsi has diversified out of beverages, in contrast to Coca-Cola, and is now a larger company overall. In addition, Coca-Cola may not have adequately addressed the weather issue. We know that Coke's sales increase when the weather is good, but aside from a strong Christmas promotional strategy for its core brand, Coca-Cola does not do a great job pursuing cold weather beverages. If Coke had a better position for colder climates, it might find that its sales were less affected by the weather -- consumers would simply switch…. [read more]

Motivation and Incentives in the Workplace Term Paper

… Human Resource Management and Motivation

Strategic human resource management or SHRM has been defined as the pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities aimed t the attainment of organizational goals (Wright 1992). It is a macro approach to viewing the function of human resource management in the larger organization and, in this respect, differentiates it from traditional human resource management or HRM. It is woven around a short-term focus on business needs, called strategy, and described as "a set of processes and activities jointly shared by human resources and line managers in solving people-related business problems." It links human resource management to that strategy and emphasizes the coordination among these practices. But owing to the applied nature of SHRM, it lacks a theoretical foundation…. [read more]

Starbucks' Human Resource Management Policies Essay

… The high commitment approach to human resource management seeks to "elicit a commitment so that behaviour is primarily self-regulated rather than controlled by sanctions and pressures external to the individual and relations within the organization are based on high levels of trust" (Gratton, Hailey, Stiles & Truss 1999, p. 41).

Although pay and benefits remain among the most important motivational factors in the workplace, the high commitment HRM model recognizes that there are other factors involved that play a role in individual motivation as well that must be taken into account. In this regard, Chonko and Roberts (1996) report that, "Of all the many properties that characterize work in formal organizations, pay is one of the most important. Pay has been found to influence significant…. [read more]

Human Resources Technology Castle's Family Term Paper

… ULTIPRO however does appear to have a considerable operating cost structure that is higher than PeopleSoft. More IT support is expected by running ULTIPRO rather PeopleSoft. The added flexibility with PeopleSoft is also an added benefit that ULTIPRO seems to lack.

Mr. Morgan alternatively is the only individual needed to operate the PeopleSoft HRIS. The goal of turning HRM into a part-time affair is the goal of incorporating the HRM system into the integration of operations of the eight restaurants. By using PeopleSoft, achieving the goal of delineating the HRM support into a part-time affair becomes possible whilst the ability to focus on more critical aspects of management becomes ever present.

HRIS Type/Comparison

The decision to use either PeopleSoft or ULTIPRO is a decision that…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Performance on Environmental Issues Literature Review

… If that is done, workers will be allowed to operate in an environment that is free from fear of the possible negative implications from their allegiance to safe environmental options. Initiatives that are driven by opportunity come in three dimensions, i.e. designing open strategies to pick out safe environmentally sensitive behavior such as blowing the whistle on infringements and violations of the laid-out standards or rules, or even conducting surveys, creating mechanisms for passing organizational intention to pursue green initiatives and creating structures for environmental performance by individuals within an organization (Klassen, 2001; Guerci et al., 2015).

H2: Organizational performance practice based on motivation is positively linked to environmental performance.

If organizations base their focus on outcomes, there is really little difference between opportunity-based practice…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Analysis Term Paper

… Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick and Chevrolet all present cars based on the same chasis but with different appointments such that they are geared at purchasers with disparate income levels and purchasing power.

Ford has consciously avoided this strategy to the extent possible but it too depends on branding -- Lincoln at the high end, then Mercury, then Ford. Ford's corporate strategy is to allow each sub-brand to find a niche and expand market share within that niche, and as a result, Ford will have growing market shares in all individual niches.

Analyze Business Level Strategy

Ford's business level strategy stems entirely from its corporate level strategy. Ninety years after Henry Ford decreed that all Model T's would be painted black, most automobile buyers still wait…. [read more]

Early Retirement Incentives Case Study

… It will provide the basis for their decision making and provide the theoretical background for their analysis of their own firm's situation. The research is also designed for professionals of management field who are interested in studying the viability of adopting various methods of downsizing and organization restructuring. Students of management will also find this research useful to further their own research in areas like retirement planning, human resources legislation or employee motivation factors.

The scope of the study however is limited to the faculty of management only and it does not cover alternative downsizing schemes by governmental institution. It does not cover industrial trend of downsizing nor does it cover organizations outside the United States. No doubt some of the organizations in Europe and…. [read more]

HRM Outline Human Resource Management an Analysis Thesis

… HRM Outline

Human Resource Management

An analysis of how to utilize Human Resources to create or maintain a competitive advantage within the modern business environment.

Synthesis Review

Leadership Background

Organizational Leadership Models

Leadership Development

Employee Selection


Learning Culture

Cultural Dimension

Every modern organization has a human resources department to manage its employees and can range from a single person to an entire human resources department with hundreds of HR employees. Furthermore, human resources can be considered more of a support function or administrative function in some organizations, while in others it is considered the backbone that can drive an organization to innovation and build a learning culture and create a competitive advantage in the industry. The problem in many modern organizations is that they…. [read more]

Business Studies Southwest Airlines Case Study

… , 2011).

The potential to increase the spread of the airline and fly to international and well as domestic location has a great deal of potential, especially as this is not a sector developed in the low cost market in the U.S. Internationally, the low cost carrier market has been well established, firms such as RyanAir and Air Asia have demonstrated this in the short haul and middle distance markets. The acquisition of Air Tran has included some international flight to close foreign destination, such as Mexico and the Caribbean, with nearly three years experience gained flying internationally it may be argued it would be a natural progression to increase the flight routes further, which may appeal to existing customers as well as new customers.…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Human Resource Management Research Paper

… All these financial and non-financial packages are offered to motivate and retain the existing employees and attract the best talent from the industry in both fresh and experienced employee categories.

Training and Development:

Wal-Mart also provides extensive training to its newly recruited and existing employees. The new employees undergo an orientation session where they learn the organizational cultural values, mission, and corporate goals. After this orientation, they are trained by their respective departments according to the kind of training each individual needs before joining the organization. In addition to these initial training sessions, the existing employees also participate in regular training and development sessions on periodical basis. These sessions effectively develop advanced knowledge and skills in each employee so that he may perform his duties…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Concrete Business Plan

… Financial factors

The company will consider various ways of raising capital. Among the ways available, the company will consider the ease of obtaining this capital and cost. For the company at its start up level, the method of obtaining capital should not be a burden. There are many factors to consider before raising capital. Amount of capital required determines the source. Not all financiers will be able to offer a large capital to the company. The size of the company and the number of operations in the plan will also determine the amount of capital required. The decision to raise capital from a particular source will is influenced by the cost in returning and the duration. The company will consider taking a considerable size of…. [read more]

Cutting Costs at Ventacare Exercise Reaction Paper

… Cutting Costs at VentaCare Exercise

What are the discretionary benefits provided by VentaCare? What are the legally required benefits required by VentaCare?

In this scenario, VentaCare is currently offering a very generous benefits package to its employees, including federally mandated benefits that all employers must offer, and discretionary benefits that VentaCare elects to include as an incentive to attract the most qualified staff. Legally required benefits include programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Workman's Compensation, which employers of every size must provide to their employees. Due to the fact that VentaCare employs more than 50 permanent staff members, in this case a total of 250, federal law also requires the company to provide unpaid family vacation time and medical leave benefits, pursuant to the Family…. [read more]

Security Software Business Plan Capstone Project

… ¶ … Business plan Version page

Business Plan

Business Identification:

Mission, Goals and Objectives:

Keys to Success:

Company Summary

Industry History:

Legal Form of Ownership:

Location and Facilities:

Management Structure:

Products and Service:

Market Analysis

Target Market

Industry Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Market Strategy

Price List-

Selling Strategy-

Sales Forecast-

Implementation Strategy

Overall Strategy-


Control Plan-

Financial Statements and Projections

F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate-

Error! Bookmark not defined.F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet-

Financial Projections

2G1a- Breakeven Point-

2G1b-Financial Position:

2G1c-Capital/Investment Needs:


Executive Summary

AAA Software, a security software vendor with proposed headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherland aspires to foster innovation by developing outstanding security solutions to make life simple while working on computers. There is a growing demand for antivirus/security solutions with the increase in…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Recruitment Case Study

… For detailed discussion on the state of the art requirements of the emerging markets and organizational talent strategies following sections are there.

Business operation across international boundaries is a crucial area of consultation and research. Keeping in focus the competing objectives of the organization, line of difference can be drawn that highlights the ways in which the organization can adapt to the diversifying operating environment. The relative to the existing base operation of an organization is required as per comparison with the international market for the intersection of an organization with the multiplicity (Human Resources and Recruitment Salary Centre, 2013). Expansions of companies in the past were driven by different challenges as per the challenges of this technological era of operation and development.

Almost all…. [read more]

Information Technology to Transform a Company Term Paper

… Information Technology to Transform a Company

Transform Company

Before going into the factors that are holding back Teltron from growth, it is worthwhile to have a brief introduction in the realm of Telecom Expense Management --TEM on which this Case Study is based. Spiraling growth in telecom services, features, and vendors along with the deregulation in the telecom industry have made contract documents complicated, pricing programs, processes and billing. This apart, financial constrains have resulted in customer service getting compromised, lack of accuracy in billing, and reporting from telecom service providers. In this backdrop, inaccuracies as also opportunities for optimizing services happen frequently. Presently, font ranking companies are adopting TEM solutions as best practices. Major opportunities are in store to lower costs, enhance service levels…. [read more]

Motivating Employees You Pick Essay

… This communicated the message that 'everyone counts' at the company and creates a bond between different company divisions.

This idea that everyone counts also spans out to reflect Ben & Jerry's concerns about social justice in the world community. Ben & Jerry's actively supports the Occupy Wall Street movement, including its position that corporations generate too much waste, as well as the fact that the inequalities inherent to the American system have caused too many Americans to become riddled with debt, often in pursuit of college educations to better themselves. Ben & Jerry's supports Fair Trade and opposes the use of genetically-modified dairy and using dairy from cloned animals (Occupy movement, 2012, Ben & Jerry's). The company's open stance on worker's political issues shows employees…. [read more]

Human Resources: Fair Labor Standards Term Paper

… report that:

sections 216(a) provides for criminal penalties for willful violations by "any person," while sections 216(b) provide for a civil action for monetary damages against "any employer"; the FLSA, therefore, does not provide for private actions by employees against a labor union (Marcus et al., 1997). The FLSA provides for enforcement against labor organizations by either injunctive proceedings instituted by the Secretary of Labor under [sections] 217 or by criminal prosecutions for willful violations under [sections] 216(a) (Marcus et al., 1997).

In addition, under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, children under the age of sixteen are prohibited from being employed in most occupations, and in hazardous industries, children under of 18 years are banned outright from employment (Marcus et al., 19979). According…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Overall Company Performance Research Paper

… As of 2016, the organization's revenues and net income were in excess of $166 billion and $9.4 billion, respectively. In essence, the company is currently in a better shape than it was eight years ago. Nonetheless, there is still room for improvement as the firm increasingly faces competition from Japanese manufacturers. It would be particularly important for the firm to adjust its manufacturing strategy if it is to compete more effectively with Japanese firms. By shifting the bulk of its manufacturing operations to low-cost countries, the organization would be better placed to deliver its products at a much lower price (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2010).

Implications of International Expansion

In the wake of the crisis, the organization has paid relatively less attention to international expansion.…. [read more]

Company International Term Paper

… Soong also points out that there is a "fun" factor. To upwardly mobile Latin Americans, cell phones are seen as a status symbol. Soong concludes that "This, in conjunction with the other factors described above, has contributed to the explosion of cellular phone use" It is also a good reason to enter the market now, while it is on its upswing.


Of all the nations in Latin America that could become markets for our products and services, Chile seems to be the soundest choice for reasons of its projected internal cellular phone market growth, its current financial rating globally, its relatively stable government, and the ease of reaching the market from the United States, both physically and culturally.

In addition, the market itself seems…. [read more]

Legacy AIS Replacing Case Study

… Modify Existing Legacy System


Minimal Capital Investment

Minimal Training Required

Minimal Downtime


Limited Functionality

High Transaction Costs

Low Scalability and Growth Potential

3. Implement New AIS System (Oracle Outsourced)


Oracle's Experience

Faster Project Schedule

Less Risk


Less Control

Most Expensive Option

Less Flexibility in System Design


Based on the information included in the research, it is recommended that the company upgrade its existing legacy AIS system with a newer and robust AIS system. It is also suggested that an Oracle based off the shelf solution would provide an adequate foundation for a new system to be developed. One advantage to using a standardized Oracle system is that it is easily integrated with other business information systems and creates a more…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Google Introduction and Description Essay

… Thus, companies are not going to face a choice between advertising with Google and advertising with a television network or newspaper; they will only choose between Google and one of its competitors.

The intensity of rivalry in the online advertising space is high. There are only a handful of major competitors -- Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu. There are significant stakes between these companies. Yahoo has faced the threat of Google for more than a decade and remains locked in an intense battle. Microsoft sees Google's business as an opportunity for it to grow. Google and Baidu have considerable direct corporate rivalry over the search business in China.

Overall, the five forces reveal that Google's industry attractiveness is only moderate. Intense competition and high…. [read more]

Managing Organizational Culture Dissertation

… ¶ … opportunity exists for the company to expand internationally by setting up operations in the emerging economies of China and India. The question to consider is how to build cultural harmony between the facilities operating in three different countries. The question of whether it would be better to establish a certain national organizational culture is likely would be considered in this report. cultures of the United Kingdom, India and China is presented. The organizational cultures prevalent in China and India are more collectivistic and marked by high power distance than the organizational cultures in the United Kingdom. There are other differences such as the importance of status in China and family tradition in India, whereas in the United Kingdom principles of utility and economic…. [read more]

International Strategic Management Term Paper

… International Strategic Management

Costco business entity is one of the global wholesales focusing on quality and low prices towards the provision of services and products to the consumers. The organization adopts a 25-year plan with the aim of becoming an international leader within the industry of operation. In order to understand the strategy of the organization, it is essential to implement tools such as SWOT and PEST analysis in the evaluation of the conditions. This research exercise will focus on the evaluation of the strategic direction of Costco Company, key strategic issues, elements of the strategy, and factors affecting change within the industry.

Evaluate the strategic direction of the company, Costco's Market strategic vision, mission, and its motto and business model. In your judgment, how…. [read more]

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