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Human Resource Management HRM Essay

… Advantages of compliance

Compliance of HRM practices gives the competitive advantage to those who do not follow. This is because they are not sued, and their reputation is not spoiled, so they are more advantaged to those whose business reputation has been undermined in gaining more clients. When non-compliant companies get suspension, those who follow keep working; this gives them the competitive advantage of gaining more due to less competition.

Breaking of ADM and FMLA causes losses, because, a lot of money is used in compensating complainants. This happens when employees sue the employers and supervisors which would otherwise be avoided by the above processes. Supervisors and employees should be thoroughly acquainted with these laws because noncompliance can make them get sued.

Non-compliance with laws…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment Research Paper

… Sexual Harassment in the workplace gives rise to organizational inefficiency whilst facilitating an unprofessional workplace environment. The stance of organizations on the issue of Sexual Harassment is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Sexual Harassment causes structural organizational issues throughout the firm when addressed inappropriately.

Approximately 1/3 of women in the healthcare executive role whom elected to participate in a new study have claimed to be the victims of sexual harassment at the workplace. (Burda 1996) Such is an unexpected and alarming finding of the study. The study's lead sponsor is the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), did pass an emergency resolution penalizing sexual harassment and provided recommendations to prevent additional issues. (Burda, 1996)

"Sexual Harassment -- developing a consistent operational definition of it is problematic…. [read more]

Sexual Factors That May Affect Human Behavior Rape Research Paper

… Sexual Factors That May Affect Human Behavior: Rape

The argument has been made, with the support of a growing body of scientific evidence, that modern humans continue to exhibit many of the traits that were developed as important survival mechanisms during the Stone Age where for humans, the survival of the fittest depended on reproductive success. Although the sexually violent act of rape has historically been regarded as criminal based on manmade laws, many cultures have subscribed to religions that make the victim of rape the woman in some Moslem countries, for example, while other countries in the West view rape as generally unlawful, but provide exceptions for marital rights according to the jurisdiction. In this environment, identifying sexual factors that can affect human behaviors…. [read more]

Zero Tolerance Anti-Harassment Policy Essay

… The victim of any form of sexual harassment can be of any gender as well as the victim and harasser being of the same gender. Furthermore, the harasser can be a supervisor, peer, subordinate, or even a non-employee or third-party contractor. Any reports of any form of harassment, whether sexual or not, will be quickly and comprehensively investigated.

IV. Disabilities

Pomodoro will strive to be compliant with all ADA regulations in both U.S. locations as well as locations worldwide.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in everyday activities, such as buying an item at the store, going to the movies, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, exercising at the health club,…. [read more]

Sexual Harrassment Quid Pro Quo Harassment Occurs Term Paper

… Sexual Harrassment

Quid pro quo harassment occurs when a coworker or supervisor pressures another employee into an unwelcome sexual activity by either promising a positive award such as a promotion, or threatening negative consequences such as dismissal. Frequency and severity are related to quid pro quo. For example, a manager who continues to asks a subordinate for date despite prior rejections, may be judged to be implicitly seeking sexual favors, and to be implicitly engaging in quid pro quo behavior. Further, a sexually hostile environment is one that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. Often, this is subjective. However, quid pro quo harassment is a form of severe coercion that leaves no room for doubt if it can be proven.

There are a…. [read more]

How Should HR Professionals Respond to Sexual Harassment? Essay

… Sexual harassment in the workplace is an ongoing and serious problem that employers in any workplace environment must cope with as justly and fairly as they can. They must also follow the laws that apply to workplace harassment and to do that they must be fully aware of what legal aspects relate to sexual harassment. This paper points to the importance of the human resource (HR) department in terms of setting the standards for all employees to follow in order to be in compliance with federal and state laws. Moreover, this paper provides peer-reviewed information from the scholarly literature that places a good deal of the responsibility for hiring quality people -- and for enforcing existing laws pertaining to employee behavior -- on the shoulders…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment in Hospitals Existence Term Paper

… Negligent attitude from the supervisory officials or human resource department will definitely post a wrong sign and encourage opportunistic individuals to get on with their misbehavior with impunity. The onus lies with the human resource professionals to ensure that work ethics are not compromised in any way and that professional stature of the person or other individual reasons do not interfere in an impartial hearing of the reported abuses. The hospital management must encourage an open atmosphere where employees can apprise them of their concerns without any hesitation and promote an impartial discussion pertaining to any reported misbehavior. It certainly takes a combined effort on the part of the human resource professionals and the employees to create a congenial working climate and to prune up…. [read more]

Sexual Discrimination in Europe Research Paper

… Human Resources -- Sexual Discrimination in Europe

There are many variations to the kinds of sexual harassment experienced by both men and women in Europe. Those the prevalence of certain kinds of harassment vary country to country and culture to culture, according to reports on sexual harassment in Europe, the most common kind of sexual harassment is Hostile Environment. The sexual abusers make the workplace a "hostile environment" with unwanted comments, jokes, looks, touches, and other gestures that make the abused feel deeply uncomfortable to the point where the environment may interfere with their work. Harassment itself is defined as

"unwanted sexually tinted behaviour/attention appearing in physical verbal and nonverbal behaviour resulting in a hostile work environment, less pleasure in work, disturbance of productivity, and…. [read more]

Human Resources Sexual Harassment Essay

… Human Resources

Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior directed at the opposite sex that is deliberate or repeated, not asked for or returned and which affects the terms and conditions of employment (Sexual Harassment Policy, p. 2). Courts and employers generally use the definition of sexual harassment contained in the guidelines of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This language has also formed the basis for most state laws prohibiting sexual harassment. The guidelines state (See the Free Dictionary "Sexual Harassment"): Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when: 1. submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment; 2. submission…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment the Environment Within a Company Term Paper

… Sexual Harassment

The environment within a company can become hostile and embattled based on the nature of the relationships between employees. The organization is also cognizant that the work place dynamics may facilitate sexual harassment (O'Leary-Kelly, Paetzold, & Griffin, 2000). The policies of this company are designed to discourage sexual harassment, and protect victims who seek redress. All forms of harassment are incongruent with the objectives, philosophy, and policies of this organization. The following document will define sexual harassment, discuss the major concepts of sexual harassment, and provide examples of behavior that may constitute such harassment. It is the hope of the Human Resource Department that all employees will strenuously avoid this insidious and divisive behavior.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines sexual harassment…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment After the Advances in Equality Term Paper

… Sexual Harassment

After the advances in equality for both women and minorities during the 1960s and 1970s, U.S. law codified employment standards of behavior in Title VII, which states that discrimination based on sex is unlawful. Despite this law, many workplaces remained unfriendly and even hostile to female employees. This report will assess the current laws regarding this specific type of workplace harassment and how it differs from basic workplace bullying or harassment, specifically focusing on the recent Supreme Court case Mack v. Otis Elevator in determining current legal standards regarding sexual harassment. Finally, we will examine how these concepts and laws are being applied by employers in the corporate world today.

It is hard for many young workers in today's employment market to recall…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment Term Paper

… Harassment at places of work can happen at any office, taking into fact certain situations. It is pertinent that bosses execute the risk management method to thwart or regulate the exposure to the danger at the place of work. Concurrently, organizations ought to be watchful not to respond excessively to accusations of sexual harassments or build suppositions regarding fault or blamelessness prior to examining the circumstances. Owners and top line decision-makers in the company are required to make it comprehensible, in activities and expressions as well, that they are concerned regarding the manner in which their staffs behave with one another. Organizations are required to find out their nastiest evils and better initiatives and customize their forthcoming initiatives keeping this in view. It is obligatory…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment Is a Dangerous Term Paper

… This is important from the employer perspective because if action is not taken in a timely manner it will incur serious liability. The law holds the employer responsible if proper investigation and action are not initiated in a timely manner. The 1998 Supreme Court decree stresses the liability of the employer, "An employer is subject to vicarious liability to a victimized employee for an actionable hostile environment created by a supervisor with immediate (or successively higher) authority over the employee." [Roy Whitehead]. The1990 "Hirschfeld v. New Mexico Corrections Department" case is a good example where the employer was saved from severe punishment because of the timely intervention in the form of the suspension of the offender. As a case in point where the slackness of…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment and the Role of Eap Research Proposal

… Sexual Harassment and the Role of EAP's in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is defined as any sex related behavior that is unwanted. It can either be done as a condition of employment or can simply be something that creates a hostile working environment. It is important to know what the sexual boundaries are in the workplace and how to deal with situations in which these boundaries are crossed (Plaut, 2008, p.87).

There are several keys to consider when knowing what the boundaries are and when they have been crossed. These keys include:

Be aware of your feelings. One is always going to come into contact with people that they find sexually attractive. It is knowing when it is appropriate to act on…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment Should a Person Term Paper

… However, if these compliments are delivered with sexual innuendo in his or her tone of voice, or with a leer, or if an employee indicates that such comments make him or her uncomfortable, and the compliments persist, then they may constitute sexual harassment. Thus, managers must carefully evaluate the circumstances of conduct that may, when first described, seem entirely innocuous.

Because managers can be held personally responsible for the sexual harassment of one employee by another if he or she knew about the conduct and did nothing to stop it, managers should take precautionary care to implement methods for the prevention and early detection of sexual harassment. Finally, he or she should put as much effort as possible into the investigation and resolution of the…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Research Paper

… ¶ … Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

There has been a lot of debate as concerns the exact definition of sexual harassment even though there have been efforts from both the national and international community to eradicate the vice. No single definition has been developed of what constitutes prohibited behavior, by and large; international instruments delineate sexual harassment largely as a form of violence against women and as prejudiced treatment, though national laws concentrate on the illegal conduct. Regardless of the definition however, there is a common ground that the forbidden behavior is unwanted and harms the victim. There are a number of issues that characterize sexual harassment; these include undesirable behavior that is sexually determined such as advances and physical contacts, remarks with sexual…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Term Paper

… Robert McGarvey (1998) writes, "The policy should define sexual harassment and indicate that the company has zero tolerance for it. It also needs to indicate several people to whom employees can take concerns, usually an employee's immediate supervisor and at least one other person. This policy should be drafted by a lawyer ...."The court has made clear that just having a policy isn't good enough," says Levy [Anne Levy, an associate professor of law, business and public policy at Michigan State University and author of Workplace Sexual Harassment]. You've got to broadcast it. Post it in employee break rooms or insert it as a stuffer with the next paycheck. And have supervisors meet with their work groups to discuss the policy."

The reason why employers…. [read more]

Human Resource Management and Workplace Romance Essay

… Human Resource Management & Workplace Romance

The quality of the effort that employees put forward in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness and productivity for the company is certainly reflective of their skills, the training they received, their understanding of the company's mission and their dedication to that mission. But the employees' performance on the job is also a reflection of the competency of the human resources component of the company. In large part, the professionals in the human relations department are the drivers that map out the journey (by knowing the policies and laws), start the engine (hire the employees and see to it they are trained), and steer the company through or around whatever hazards lay ahead to the destination / goal.

Thesis…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Term Paper

… Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


In the past few years, sexual harassment in the workplace has emerged as a growing concern for employees, managers and policy-makers alike. As a result, the company handbooks of all types of organizations have implemented a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, and even offer sexual harassment awareness training for all employees. There are other actions that need to be taken, other than implementing a policy, in order to effectively deal with this kind of harassment in the workplace. This paper will discuss three suggestions taken from the articles Changing the Workplace Culture can stop Sexual Harassment, written by Candace Goforth, and Taking Harassment out of the Workplace: the question becomes, where is the line of acceptability…. [read more]

Harassment and Employment Related Laws Regulations Case Study

… Harassment & employment related Laws regulations

Employment laws in the United States

The employment legislation is continually evolving and its primary focus is that of protecting the labor force. In the time of the Industrial Revolution, when people moved to the cities and factories were opened, the working conditions were highly disadvantageous. Women and children worked in the same conditions and men; all were underpaid and exploited. Gradually, they formed unions and pressured companies and policy makers to safeguard their rights. Today then, legislations are created to protect the working population against abuse and these laws are continually evolving; additionally, they differ from one country to the other as they are sensitive to the principles of the policy makers. Within the United States however, the…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment in the Office Term Paper

… Sexual Harassment in the Office

Using the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991 discuss the type of sexual harassment Mary thinks she is experiencing. What are the obligations of the HR manager once Mary reports this? Discuss the likelihood that Bob would be found guilty of sexually harassing Mary. If the HR manager investigates and finds Mary is telling the truth, what should s/he do to handle the situation so that the company is not found complicit by the EEOC (us equal employment opportunity commission) if further complaint is made? If the judgment is found in Mary's favor, what options does the HR manager have to remedy the situation?

There are two types of legally prohibited sexual harassment. The first is harassment of the…. [read more]

Harassment in the Workplace Term Paper

… If news of the (alleged) harassment leaks out and enters the work environment, this can lead to the offending party getting ostracized, even though they may not be guilty. Only after the investigation has been completed can the supervisor respond and issue any necessary consequences.

The legal implications for failure to report harassment are multifaceted. The employer is responsible for any instances of harassment that take place, so long as the supervisor has not taken immediate and qualified action after becoming aware of the allegations of harassment. If an investigation has not been made and action has not been implemented, than the employer is legally at risk despite the fact that they did not actually conduct the act of harassment itself. Because of the grave…. [read more]

Human Resources (Before the Interview) Essay

… Angela: No, those were my own choices. These days, Big Data is really important in marketing. The amount of information about your customers is staggering, but if you know what to do with that data, it can be an exceptionally powerful tool. I've been testing this out on my blog, and it seems to work. I actually have a very specific demo, and I've used that to approach companies and get freebies that I then promote to my readers. Everything I'm wearing now was given to me to help promote the clothing company, and was written up in my blog.

Calvin: Cool. I don't think we've even done that here.

Jamie: Well, thank you, Angela. We have a couple more people to interview, and we…. [read more]

Human Resources the Modern Workplace Essay

… The law states that retaliation by the employer or organization is just as illegal as discriminatory employment practices. If an employee believes they are being retaliated against, they should contact the EEOC office immediately (Facts About Retaliation, 2012).

Part 4 -- In this scenario, there is no standard of behavior that employees are held to, and in fact, the former manager tolerated theft of time and use of company resources. The first thing that the new manager should do is meet with Human Resources and work to publish an official Employee Manual, then have a meeting in which HR trains the employees and has them sign an agreement to abide by the rules. The new manager can also have a private conversation with Jennifer to…. [read more]

Human Resources Planning Budgeting Capstone Project

… A training that allows a company's employees to avoid violating new regulations, for example, can save the company both directly in terms of money (such as in fees that are not levied) but also save the company indirectly in terms of not losing good employees to other companies that act in more proactive ways or by losing public confidence because it acts in ways that indicate it does not hold public safety as its highest concern (Human resources reports and essays, 2006).

If these trainings are conducted at a site other than the company site, there will be associated costs such as travel costs and registration fees. The HR Department may also have to cover the costs of conference registration or (if in-house) of speakers…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Mr. Robert Harris Term Paper

… Human Resources Management

Mr. Robert Harris, being a respectable and hardworking employee of the HR Products, was facing difficulties despite his exhibition of ability, craft and understanding of the job. His first refusal for a promotion did not make him grumpy or slacken his work (as the V.P. seemed to point the obvious which he had expected: lack of educational background in the sphere); instead, he tried again and again to get a promotion which many felt he deserved till it became evident to him that it may be more than his personal qualities, traits and work ethics that could have driven the undying and unjustified refusals for promotion.

He felt a portentous sense of being "Discrimination" against him from the higher authorities, mainly the…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment it Is Important Essay

… Metropolitan Government of Nashville

In the Crawford v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville (2008) case, it was held that in regard to the provisions outlawing anti-reiteration, their application was only to the extent of those who had filed complaints with the relevant agencies (Miller, Cross and Jentz 475). In this particular case, Crawford during the course of a normal inquiry alluded to the fact that her supervisor, Hughes, had harassed her sexually at an earlier date. However, she didn't institute an official complaint in this regard at the time of the harassment.

English v Sanderson Blinds ltd

In this particular case, it was held that in cases involving sexual harassment, the sexual orientation of the plaintiff was irrelevant. Here, Mr. English had been exposed to mockery…. [read more]

Law Sexual Harassment Teddy's Supplies Essay

… In the contrary the management tried to accommodate her in spite of her misdemeanor, namely using company phones for personal use. However she seems to have become a better employee on transfer. The fact that her male colleagues harassed her was not known to the management and there was no disparate treatment. Though the Circuit Court is of the opinion that firing her was in fact disparate treatment as compared to the no action taken against King, it is submitted that the incident of spanking was not reported earlier but the incident with the bra was. The issue with King was a subsequent statement. Hence there is no disparate treatment in firing her.

2. D. Does the existence of a sexual harassment policy provide a…. [read more]

Sexual Harassment Workplace Term Paper

… The authors note that "despite many years of advice and warnings from attorneys," today "even the largest companies find themselves facing large jury verdicts and settlements because employees were subjected to conduct that should have been dealt with long before it became front-page news." (Levy & Paludi, 2001) The most recent and public of these may be the current investment banking scandal to grip the headlines at Morgan Stanley. Although the text was written before this specific scandal, regardless, the point of the authors is that it is in the company's interest to obey the law and protect harassed employees, rather than an inconvenience.

This may sound like stating the obvious -- after all, why wouldn't a company want, regardless of its ideology, to put…. [read more]

Sexual Harrassment Effects Term Paper

… These measures will ensure that all employees are entitled to work in an environment free of harassment. Employees should be allowed to lodge their complaints if they are faced with sexual harassment.

Employers should have anti-sexual harassment policy that can handle different sorts of allegation.

There are a number of factors that employers must consider when deciding whether and how to discipline employees. Some of these important factors that may complicate the enforcement of anti-sexual harassment policy is when the position of the alleged harasser is superior to the victims. To avoid this complication, companies should set higher-level of standards for employees at the higher echelons. On the other hands, employees who are in the same ranks should be dealt differently. For many employers, sensitivity…. [read more]

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