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Human Resources the Main Basis for Discretionary Questionnaire

… Human Resources

The main basis for discretionary benefits, as the name suggests, is that employers are not legally required to provide these. It is something that is offered as a service to employees. Such benefits include leave, retirement savings, investment plans, and group health coverage. Although not legally required, government regulations do provide a guideline for the fir, non-discriminatory provision of these benefits. Leave, for example, is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Act determines that the employer is not required to pay for time away from work. Paid leave, therefore, is a discretionary benefit that is agreed between the employer and employee. On the other hand, the Davis-Bacon Act and the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act do require workers in service under government…. [read more]

Human Resources - Critically Appraise Term Paper

… Another study on the same subject by Buller (1988) found comparable results. He had also used methods similar to Golden and Ramanujam, especially in the characterization of the firms.

Many other researchers like Rowland & Summers (1981); Lorange & Murphy, (1984); Nkomo, (1984); Mills, (1985); Buller & Napier, (1993); and Brewster in 1994 have studied the same relationship between business strategy and human resource management. All of these studies give comparable results, and the total integration between business strategy and human resource management is normally not achieved in most cases. The first such study by Golden and Ramanujam had distinguished two important factors as critical factors and decisive for achieving certain desired levels of strategic organizations. These were separated into two groups which were found…. [read more]

Business and Human Resources Apple Essay

… Effectiveness of the HR strategy

Companies seeking to implement and integrate innovation on a continuous and sustainable basis need to consider the level of personal involvement the top management have in sponsoring the innovational activities of the organization. This can be also perceived as the level of support that is enjoyed by the innovation agenda because of the leaders and their long-term commitment to the idea of sustainable innovation. Well managed change management programs are a necessity for many organizations for creating and developing a creative corporate culture. In the initial phases, the management of change begins from the support and buy-in by the C-suite. Other useful aspects that are included in the strategy are:

• The level of integration of innovation in the overall…. [read more]

Starbucks in India Identifying Global Business Plan

… This is why Starbucks has partnered with Tata, in order to make these problems disappear. There are some incentives for foreign direct investment, but these pale compared the incentive provided by the size of the market. Each state and each city has its own government that must be dealt with.

Intellectual Property

There are issues with intellectual property protections that might be of concern to Starbucks. Protections are generally poor in India, and enforcement is lax. Without the cooperation of local government, IP rights can be hard to enforce. This cooperation may not be forthcoming.

Formal Trade Barriers and Promoting Global Business

Despite India's status as a major emerging market, the government there is doing little to create the conditions for substantial foreign investment. Countries…. [read more]

UK Immigration Act of 1971 Term Paper

… "

For the purposes of the Act, patrials were defined as British or Commonwealth citizens who were born or naturalised in the United Kingdom or who had a parent (or grandparent in the case of British citizens) who had been born or naturalised in the United Kingdom." The patrial category included British and Commonwealth citizens as well provided they had been settled in the United Kingdom for a period of 5 years and had registered or had applied to register as a British citizen; as a result, British citizens who were non-patrial were subject to controls while non-citizens who were patrials were not subject to controls.

According to Spencer, non-patrials were allowed to seek residence and could apply for a work permit; however, these steps…. [read more]

HRM Paradigm and Trade Unions Essay

… HRM Paradigm and Trade Unions new trend in business over the preceding twenty years, or so is Human Resource Management, an internal tool that has been developed to help businesses streamline labor issues and potentially increase rather than decrease the flexibility of the labor aspect of business. According to Donald Wells, despite the consistent denials of wrong doing, by businesses and trade unions the new trend in HRM is to develop better communication and flexibility between corporations and trade unions, hence decreasing the bargaining power of the strict contract decisions that unions have advocated for in the past. This direct communication is not in and of itself a challenge to unionism but has become the source of a loss of rights for employees, as unions…. [read more]

Applied Management and Decision Sciences Thesis

… ¶ … management and decision sciences from various theorists; and, analyzes the evolution of managerial decision making from scientific management to the complicated forecasting models used today. The objectives of the Breadth component were four-fold: (a) to examine the theories of applied management and decision sciences as interpreted by the research of Ducker (1974), Harrison (1975), and others as listed in the reference section; (b) to analyze the historic evolution of decision making from scientific management to modern applications of operations research; (c) to examine the decision making process, with a particular emphasis on the importance of values and management judgment; and (d) to describe, assess, and evaluate various decision evaluation tools including matrix analysis, influence diagrams, payoff matrices, sensitivity analysis, decision tree, probabilistic forecasting,…. [read more]

International Expansion Research Paper

… Marketing

Globalization has created a unique and challenging environment as it relates to domestically oriented firms. Traditionally, films focused primarily on their domestic market for numerous reasons. Aspects such as knowledge of the market, political certainty, economic stability, and overall consumer preference, created a market environment influenced by domestic needs. These same characteristics still prevail today; however, the need for international expansion has created unique opportunities for multinational firms. This is particularly true for a company as storied as Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has a unique product that is desired irrespective of geographic preference. Humans, in general, have a basic need of thirst. Irrespective of location, humans want to quench their thirst, and consumer products that do so. Coca-Cola through its unique marketing is near or at…. [read more]

CIO Moral Imperative Essay

… Using PDF files/scanners to retain and exchange documents is something else that should be done to reduce the use of paper that is not necessary to execute the applicable daily tasks.

As noted in the answer to the first question, going green may mean more, not less, spending on some action items but that does not mean that it is not worth the extra time and expense and/or that it is not the right thing to do. Just as some business expenses are pure discretionary such as coffee, decorations and so forth, going green is a way to benefit humanity, society and the mindset of the business that is engaging in the green ventures. At the end of the day, if the CIO and other…. [read more]

Compensation System. A Brief Discussion Term Paper

… ¶ … compensation system. A brief discussion of each follows, as well as our conclusion about which plan to use.


The ranking method gives numbers to the job description based on relative values or contributions to the company from highest to the lowest. This plan is easy, fast and the most inexpensive. However, ranking can cause problems by not telling what it is about that jobs that is important to the employees and managers. There are two common methods of ranking; the first is alternative ranking and the other is paired comparison.

Alternative ranking orders job descriptions alternately at each extreme. The paired comparison method uses a matrix to compare all possible pairs of jobs. These two methods are more reliable than simple ranking.…. [read more]

Strong Bench Term Paper

… IF proper techniques and methods whether used overtly, subtly or covertly, are not used then subjective assessments may result in legal battles. Therefore, proper methods and criteria for succession should be identified to counter legal problems. One way is to identify core competencies required to qualify for consideration for successions. "Competencies include coaching, decision making, initiating action, managing conflict, and tenacity. The point of identifying competencies as part of succession planning is to choose those abilities that are necessary for today and tomorrow's workplace" (Ibarra, 2005).


In order to adapt to changes in the market place and to deal with unforeseen circumstances organizations keep a record of people with appropriate experiences and skills as a result of their leadership development program. The selection aspect…. [read more]

UK Healthcare Term Paper

… According to Enthoven, the focus was directed towards enabling private practice to develop and forcing more elderly people to independent private nursing homes, where they had to pay from own resources until their money ran out. Within this approach, the goals of the government as addressed by Enthoven were:

To improve its ability to control the NHS financially by separating 'health' from 'social' care and to continue offering 'free' if services were provided by the NHS staff based on 'means tested' access.

To increase the efficiency of the NHS by improving both productive efficiency and allocative efficiency.

According to Le Grand et al., (1998), the basis of the development of the 'internal market' involved the introduction of competition via the establishment of more and smaller…. [read more]

Cost Cutting Term Paper

… ¶ … Cutting

Faced with the different challenges in the business world today, many businesses resort to cost cutting as among the most popular solutions to problems that causes business' financial declines and failures. Cost cutting, a term used in the process of cutting back expenses in an aim to save assets, particularly money, is intended to help in picking up or catching up from the economic losses that an organization had experienced. According to Derek F. Martin, in his article Cutting Costs Without Losing Your Shirt,

Downturn, economic slump, or recession, whatever you call it the U.S. economy has seen a significant reduction of non-critical purchases across almost every sector.

There are many ways in which cost cutting is implemented by businesses. Most of…. [read more]

What Is Wrong With Gas Prices Today? Term Paper

… ¶ … Drp)

What is wrong with Gas Prices?

I am afraid, not many Americans will agree with my point-of-view, when I submit that what is wrong with gas prices is that we have become used to low gas prices. I believe that higher energy prices will benefit United States and our planet in many ways, and I for one would be willing to accept the sharp shock that high energy prices will deal to the gas guzzling ways we, the Americans have taken far granted. (Ferguson, 2006) in an article in the Telegraph joked that if gasoline reached $3 per gallon in United Kingdom, people would be queuing from Beaconsfield to Brighton to buy it. When the price of gasoline hit $3 per gallon…. [read more]

Personal Financial Management Term Paper

… Financial Planning

Charting the Course: Planning for Life after College

It has frequently been said that the end of college is not an end at all, but is rather the beginning of life's journey. Because life is a journey rather than a race, it is important to make some plans ahead of time so the path is known and the destination understood to the extent possible in advance. When most people set out on a journey to destinations unknown, they usually secure a map ahead of time to avoid getting lost. Likewise, a map of an individual's life journey can help a person stay on course and avoid the pitfalls that await the unwary along life's roads; however, in some cases, there is no real…. [read more]

Stress: Regulation of Wetlands Term Paper

… For regulatory purpose of the Clean Water Act, the term wetlands refers to those areas that are saturated or inundated through ground or surface water at a duration and frequency sufficient to foster and that which under normal circumstances do support a prevalence of vegetation adapted for life in saturated soil status (Spray and McGlothin 102).

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of 2001, wetlands include marshes, swamps and other akin areas. Most of wetlands regulation politics revolves around fine-tuning the common regulatory description through delineation of wetlands. The permitting program established to execute Section 404 is governed through the United States Army Corps of Engineers. However, the EPA upholds oversight via comment and review and the body holds to authority to veto specific…. [read more]

Cultural-Heritage Tourism in Western Australia Essay

… " As noted above, there have also been tin-sluicing operations at Greenbushes since 1888, but the production levels have historically been on a very limited scale (Crowley, 1960).

Therefore, identifying new cultural-heritage tourism opportunities for this community represents a timely and valuable enterprise. In this regard, Lew (2011, p. 554) emphasises that, "Without tourist attractions there would be no tourism. Without tourism there would be no tourist attractions. Although a tautology, such an argument still points to the fundamental importance of tourist attractions and the attractiveness of places to tourism." The research to date has resulted in some mixed views about what constitutes the fundamental concept of "tourist attraction" including terms such as "exploitable resources," "marketable products," "images," place "attributes," and "features" (Lew 2011). Despite…. [read more]

Organizational Commitment Study of White-Collar, Seasonal Contingent Research Proposal

… Organizational Commitment

Study of White-Collar, Seasonal Contingent Worker's Organizational Commitment within a Wholly (99%) Seasonal Environment

The past several decades have witnessed a number of fundamental transformations in the American workforce, including an increased number of non-traditional workers such as contingent workers (Mayfield & Mayfield, 2007). These types of nontraditional employment arrangement can provide a number of advantages for companies because they offer more cost-effective and flexible staffing arrangements, and have been shown to improve employee morale and the retention of high quality employees who prefer nonstandard work hours (Mayfield & Mayfield). According to these authors, in spite of the increasing reliance on contingent and other nontraditional workers, there remains a dearth of research concerning relevant best practices in motivating these workers. Consequently, a number…. [read more]

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan Thesis

… Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan Manufacturing is an international plastic producer, which has along the years managed to create and sustain a stable relationship network with various stakeholders across the globe. The company's future plans focus on strengthening Riordan's position within the global industry and consolidating the role it plays.

Yet, this massive success comes with a massive responsibility -- that of doing right by all of our shareholders, be them organizational staff members, customers, shareowners, purveyors, governmental agencies, non-governmental institutions, the general public and so on. All these responsibilities are gathered up in this report of compliance, in which the main elements of compliance -- the alternative dispute resolution, the enterprise and product liability, the international law, the tangible and intellectual property,…. [read more]

Outsourcing of Government Functions a US Study Term Paper

… Government Outsourcing

The Outsourcing of Government Functions: a U.S. Study

Outsourcing of government functions is one of the most highly controversial practices of the 21st century. There are several prevailing positions regarding the outsourcing of government contracts to private companies. Valid arguments exist for increasing government outsourcing and for limiting future outsourcing as well. Regardless of which side one happens to be one, once thing is certain, outsourcing is a trend that is likely to continue in the future, particularly in the face of the global economy and advances in communication that make it easier than it was in the past.

By March of 2007, the number of government contractors rose to 7.5 million, which is currently four times the size of the federal workforce…. [read more]

Managing Diversity Is a Fact Research Paper

… 15). As Figiel and Kummel Sasser point out, companies are comprised of people and people have prejudices that cannot be easily erased. A third general problem for Diversity is the different attitudes of different cultures. For example, Rich and Mihalek discuss a study involving a fictional job applicant who lies on his resume and showing that different cultures may act differently when faced with ethical problems. Focusing on students in order to determine how they will eventually behave in the workplace, Rich and Mihalek found that minority students "felt much stronger than the non-minority students that the liar was preventing a more qualified person from getting the job...felt a stronger sense of loyalty to the university...are more sensitive to ethical transgressions by their peers and…. [read more]

Impact of Family Friendly Policies on Organizations and Individuals Research Proposal

… ¶ … Ground and Statement of the Problem-2

What are the impact of family -- friendly policies to organizations and individuals?

What are the nature and pattern of family-friendly employment policies?

What are the aims and objectives of the policies?

When and who should promote family policies?

Hypothesis Tested

The Impact of Family-Friendly Policies on Organizations and Individuals

'Family- friendly polices' are the benefits and working conditions put in place by an organization to assist employees balance their work and life out of work. Indeed it has become a big challenge to many employees on how to balance work and personal life. The proposal will therefore look at how the designed polices impact on an organization growth and productivity and also how these policies impact…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior -- Research Paper

… Organizational Behavior -- Case Study

Organizational Background

Under the Inspector General Act of 1978, every United States federal agency and federal program is subject to the oversight of an inspector general (IG) with appropriate jurisdiction (CULS, 2011; Edwards, Wattenberg, & Lineberry, 2009). Generally, the office of inspector general (OIG) monitors compliance with applicable federal rules, laws, and regulations, in addition to conducting financial audits to ensure that federal funds allocated to federal agencies and to programs under their jurisdiction are spent appropriately as intended by their respective programs (Damp, 2007). Generally, the IG of each agency maintains it headquarters in Washington within the headquarters of the agency and varying numbers of regional and field offices elsewhere throughout the nation, depending on the size of the…. [read more]

Influence of Self-Perception and Self-Image on Consumers Choice of Luxury Fashion Brands Dissertation

… ¶ … price remains one of the most important factors that many consumers take into account in formulating their purchase decision, it is important for marketers to segment their target market accordingly. For luxury brands, this means that higher prices must be justified by the consumers' perception of higher quality or more nebulous factors such as brand association. The primary of the proposed study is to examine the influence that self-perception and self-image have on the consumer in their choice of luxury fashion brands. To achieve this research purpose, the study proposed herein will be guided by five main aims: (a) to test and examine the hypothesis stated above for its validity; (b) if the hypothesis holds true, to measure how strong of an influence…. [read more]

Death Penalty in U.S. How Does Race Impact Its Application Term Paper

… Death Penalty & Race in America

Death Penalty: How Does Race Impact its Application?

The death penalty and the race / ethnicity of those who are actually put to death - and those on death row today - have a long and unfortunate history of linkage, and the issues spawned therein have generated countless debates, research studies, and court decisions. The built-in anti-African-American bias that has existed in the capital punishment milieu for years has many facets and many unfortunate realities. What's more, the U.S. criminal justice system that is institutionally prejudiced against people of color is flawed to the point that, on a regular basis, men on death row are being dismissed from incarceration because, upon deeper investigation, they were innocent to begin with.…. [read more]

Establishing a Community Policing Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Establishing a Community Policing Program in an American Municipality Today

From a law enforcement and community relations perspective, it would just seem to make good sense to place as many police officers "on the beat" in any given community and this, in fact, has proven to be the case in cities across the country. Police officers on bicycles, all-terrain vehicles and horseback are becoming an increasingly common sight in the nation's park, beaches and public areas as well as homeland security has assumed an increasingly important role in law enforcement in post-September 11, 2001 America. Unfortunately, in some cases, community policing initiatives have met with a wide range of obstacles and constraints to their implementation from both external and internal sources. To this…. [read more]

Chinese Economy Case Study

… China Economy

Examining the Current Status and Future Trajectory of China's Economy: Growth, Risks, and Response to the Financial Crisis

The recent global financial crisis and ensuing recession that is only now beginning to draw to close (or is simply gearing up for a second drop, according to some analysts) has caused a major reanalysis of the financial world and the world's major economic powers. Most of these large economies, of course, suffered greatly due to the downturn precipitated by -- and here there is a great deal of disagreement that will doubtless continue for decades if not centuries -- the poor use of credit and the over-valuation of specific assets, and specifically the "toxic" mortgaged-backed securities that became the mainstay of many financial institution's…. [read more]

Generic Strategies Michael Porter's Five Forces Analysis Value Chain Analysis Boston Matrix and Ansoff Term Paper

… Kao Corporation is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of household products, beauty products, computer storage discs, and more. Founded in 1890, the Kao Soap Company was first established to produce high quality soap. Fifty years later, the company diversified into laundry detergent, and then soon after expanded their product line to include dishwashing and household detergents (Ghoshal & Butler, 2004).

Over the next four decades, Kao was able to build upon their knowledge of technologies in fat and oil science, as well as surface and polymer science. They expanded their product lines to include cosmetics, hygiene products and floppy discs (Ghoshal & Butler, 2004). This vertically integrated company has quickly gained market share in many of its endeavors in the East; however, expansion in the…. [read more]

Business Competitive Intelligence Term Paper

… Business Competitive Intelligence


REF: Design, set up and implementation of the Competitive Intelligence System

As our company is becoming more global and will be likely to extend its area of activity in Sub-Saharian Africa, it will become more and more faced with the current global competition. In its attempt to successfully handle it, obtaining a competitive advantage is a key approach and information plays an essential role in this process. This will in fact refer both to the competitors on the markets the organization will aim to penetrate and to the actual specificities of those markets and their characteristics, as well as those of the consumers.

Critical intelligence fields to be included

The critical intelligence fields…. [read more]

Racial Discrimination and the Death Term Paper

… 6% were white and roughly three percent were Hispanic (Coker pp). The fact that drug enforcement task force efforts were responsible for fifty-one percent of the cases was explained, "the defendants in these drug-related cases are not White because the members of the drug gangs that engage in large-scale trafficking in the district are not White" (Coker pp). In response to racial disparities in plea bargaining the survey's author suggested that African-Americans and Hispanics were more inclined to reject a plea offer than whites, yet offered no evidence, empirical or anecdotal, to support any of the claims (Coker pp).

Michael J. Klarman reports in the October 01, 2000 issue of the Michigan Law Review the constitutional law of state criminal procedure was born between World…. [read more]

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