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Kodak and Fujifilm the History Essay

… This has been a major practice for Kodak to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices in both supplying and manufacturing products they sell. The global standards entail auditing Kodak by using independent auditors in an array of issues such as disciplinary practices, compensation practices, and freedom of association, employee health and safety, as well as child labor. Because Kodak has met these standards, the company has earned recognition attesting to its ethical operations, social management and accountability policies (Hill & Jones, 2010).

The extent to which management of Kodak and Fujifilm adapted to changing market conditions

Over the 50 years of its existence, Kodak had failed to keep its pace due to allegations of bankruptcy. On the contrary, the performance of…. [read more]

Kodak Case Essay

… They will need to understand how consumers use their products in order to do this effectively. The third recommendation is technology transfer between units. Kodak has a lot of sophisticated imaging technology that it uses in medical and other fields -- finding uses for this in consumer markets is a great example of exploiting multibusiness opportunities. A fourth recommendation is that the company can move people around different business areas, and this will give Kodak employees a better global perspective of the opportunities that exist in the world. A fifth recommendation is that Kodak streamlines some of its back office functions so that different parts of the company do not duplicate effort -- this approach will lower costs and should therefore have a positive impact…. [read more]

Human Resources: Eastman Kodak Term Paper

… Human Resources: Eastman Kodak

In order to understand why the human resource function of a company is so important, it is necessary to understand the fact that many companies have, in recent years, been spending less time on human resource management and more time on finding more ways to make a profit. Because of this, there have been changes that have been made to the human resource function. One of the most significant changes that is taking place in the world today is outsourcing. This involves sending many of the company's jobs to other countries where the labor is less expensive and the work can get done for a lower cost. One company that has done this, and thereby changed the way that their human…. [read more]

Kodak and Fujifilm Term Paper

… Kodak & Fuji

Eastman Kodak has long been a major player in the photography industry. For much of the 20th century, the company dominated the industry in the United States. The company was founded by George Eastman in 1888 and rose to prominence shortly thereafter. The company struggled, however, once Japanese films began to arrive on the market at a lower price point that Kodak film. Kodak had grown comfortable with its near monopoly in the industry and was not accustomed either to being an innovator or to being a low cost producer. It soon found itself sharing the market. It tried to grow through acquisitions but there was discussion that the company's traditional management practices were stifling innovation, even when it bought an innovative…. [read more]

Kodak and Fujifilm, and Leadership Assessment Essay

… 606) points out, Kodak was amongst those businesses that were adversely affected in the face of advancing technology." As a result, the company, as DePamphilis further points out, had to file for bankruptcy in 2012.

It is important to note that from the onset, one of Kodak's primary objectives as it sought to further enhance the growth of its business was "maintaining the lead in technological developments" (Hill and Jones, 2007, p. 482). One of the things the company was so good at was product innovation. Some of its initial breakthroughs were simply breathtaking. This explains the reason as to why the company was largely successful in revolutionalizing the digital photography market. When it came to embracing digital photography, however, Kodak was relatively slow to…. [read more]

Eastman Kodak Company (Hereafter Term Paper

… It is estimated that each marketing representative (at a yearly salary of $40,000) will service 20 colleges or universities, creating an expense $2,000 per university, plus expenses.

With the advent of each new school term, other marketing activities will take place. The least expensive of these activities will be composed of placing advertising sheets on bulletin boards, passing out fliers, and advertising in college newspapers. The estimated expenses are $2,000 per school per year.

The remainder of specific marketing activities will include one-to-one marketing, alternative indoor and outdoor advertising, direct promotions, and campus tabling. Major costs in these marketing activities include human resources costs, and the costs of advertising materials. One-on-one marketing, direct promotions, and campus tabling will create an expense of approximately $10,000 per…. [read more]

Human Resources Domestic and International Term Paper

… When a company expands, it usually does so in steps (Adler, 1990). First, it expands to countries most like its own, before moving to a market further removed from its cultural paradigm. Such moves have a significant impact on recruitment and staff planning, as well as training and development.

According to Adler (1990) for example, foreign interaction patterns should be readily understood before management can ensure that the correct employee is chosen for a branch of the company based in a foreign country. Furthermore, training and development should be handled in a way that is acceptable to the foreign worker in order to be successful. Training and development at the home base will then also involve training people to be able to handle international business…. [read more]

Early Retirement Incentives Case Study

… It will provide the basis for their decision making and provide the theoretical background for their analysis of their own firm's situation. The research is also designed for professionals of management field who are interested in studying the viability of adopting various methods of downsizing and organization restructuring. Students of management will also find this research useful to further their own research in areas like retirement planning, human resources legislation or employee motivation factors.

The scope of the study however is limited to the faculty of management only and it does not cover alternative downsizing schemes by governmental institution. It does not cover industrial trend of downsizing nor does it cover organizations outside the United States. No doubt some of the organizations in Europe and…. [read more]

Antitrust and Intellectual Property Term Paper

… Bid rigging is akin to price fixing in that a firm that is asking for bids on a project has preselected one of the bidders to win. The pooling of patents can actually be of an advantage to the market according to Sheila Anthony, the Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) President Bush, but becomes a problem "when a pooling arrangement harms competition among entities that are actual or potential competitors." The main focus of any of these violations is whether it is considered pro-competitive or anticompetitive behavior. The primary distinction here is that procompetitive actions are supposed to spur the competition and anticompetitive are not, they act as a negative influence. In general, the Department of Justice "weighs the likely procompetitive benefits against…. [read more]

Advancement in the Technology Essay

… This camera was about the size of a large toaster and weighed almost nine pounds. The black and white digital image was stored on a cassette tape and in order to view the images the Kodak engineers had to develop a special screen. It was able to capture a .01 megapixel image (10,000 pixels) and took 23 seconds to record an image to the tape. (PPT, 2012, no page)

A camera of that size, weight, and capabilities would unacceptable to most consumers of the 21st century, but in the 1970s, a portable camera was just as exciting as a portable tape cassette player and headphones. This prototype camera would inspire engineers all over the world. Another Kodak employee who influence the history of digital photography…. [read more]

H 1b Shortage Research Proposal

… H-1B Shortage

In today's society, knowledge and expertise are raw materials that are essential for companies and countries so that they can be more competitive. The economy is dependent on innovative companies and whether they can not only attract but also retain the talent that will provide them with the most benefit. This should re regardless of the citizenship or nationality of those talented individuals. The most unfortunate issue here, however, is that the United States immigration system makes doing this very challenging, and many U.S. firms are incapable of getting the people that they really need to keep the economy strong because of immigration requirements (Written testimony of William H. Gates Before the Committee on Science and Technology, United States House of Representatives, P…. [read more]

Changing Nature of Digital Printing Case Study

… Organizations set up systems and services that are designed to acquire, share and disseminate information of all kinds, from the production data from factories to events in the market-place. However, information also reaches the organization by all kinds of routes that are not initially set up as information acquisition mechanisms. In other words, organizational information behavior embraces not only the formal systems set up to manage internal information flows, but also the systems, including libraries and information centers designed to access external information as well as the organizational and personal communication systems through which information reaches the organization and is disseminated.

Within the past decade, businesses have learned that as business use of information technology (IT) expands, the traditional constraints of time and geography, which…. [read more]

Harvard Business Review Assessment Task Essay

… In addition, the analyses allow the planners to create oil-extraction plans that may live many years into the future and down-stream generation plans up to five years out. Classical strategic plan is significant because it will help an oil company to find and exploit new oil sources, to build production plants, and keep the plants running at maximum capacity. In addition, this style will help the company predict finances, which are significant when determining annual targets. The classical model works well with oil companies because their planners or strategists work in an environment whereby most attractive positions and the most rewarded capabilities today, is likely to remain the same in the future.

Classical Strategic Theory

This strategic theory is the earliest theory about strategic management,…. [read more]

Outsourcing as a Business Strategy Term Paper

… This has resulted in changes of how a business delivers its products to its customers and the services offered (Chan et al., 2009). Businesses are now trying to connect with their customers at all levels and for a business that is primarily in the manufacturing industry it would be difficult for them to focus on their core business, as well as reach out to their customers. It is for this reason the manufacturing company would outsource its customer service function to a company that deals with this line of business and has a proven track record. Wullenweber and Weitzel (2007) notes outsourcing allows a company to free up its resources and encourages a company to focus on its core business. There are instances when outsourcing…. [read more]

Nanotechnology All Manufactured Products Term Paper

… With a genetic disease, the nanobots would burrow into your DNA and repair the defective gene.

Power Storage: Nanotechnology could help build smaller and more efficient fuel cells to cleanly store energy.

New materials: By bonding a molecule with a nanoparticle, or single atom, scientists could create tubular fibers. When these fibers are threaded together and crystallized, they could act as metal, but 100 times stronger and four times lighter than steel.

Environment: Nanobots could manipulate the atoms in an oil spill and make it harmless. It could also purify the air in homes and office buildings.

Energy: Atoms bonded together could create a machine that converts water to hydrogen with the use of sunlight.

Military: Advanced forms of weaponry, electronic tracking devices.

NASA space…. [read more]

Sociology History of Business Science Research Proposal

… Delimitations

Today, modern business systems help an increasingly globalized world function in seamless ways. In fact, English is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the business world and transnational borders and cross-cultural factors no longer operate as major barriers to commerce. Further, a wide range of financial instruments exist such as letters of credit and bills of lading whose purpose and operation are readily understood by businesspeople from New York to New Delhi. Business correspondence too has a fairly standardized format that businesspeople all over the world both use and understand and all of these features have helped create a modern business system that is both efficient and effective in achieving the movement of goods and services around the world. All of these business systems,…. [read more]

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