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Faustus' Acceptance to Eternal Damnation Term Paper

… Thus theoretically, all that he needs to do is ask God for forgiveness.

Urged on by on his shoulder or by the Old Man in scene 12, the play offers countless moments in which Faustus considers seeking forgiveness from God. Both the good angel and the Old Man can be seen either as personifications of Faustus's conscience, or as emissaries of God, or both.

Nonetheless, instead of seeking heaven, Faustus decides to remain loyal to hell. This turning away from God condemns him to spend an eternity in hell, in the Christian framework. Only in the final scene, Faustus cries out to Christ to redeem him, thereby showing at the very end of his life the desire to repent. At least in the play, it…. [read more]

Wikileaks Research Paper

… Assange was also one of the first to hack into U.S. military computer system, as well as NASA, the National Security Agency, Los Alamos nuclear laboratories, and defense contractors like Lockheed and TRW. Arrested by the Australian National Police in 1991, he was let off with a small fine and a warning (Fowler 11). Later, he hacked into the Church of Scientology, which he believed was an elitist, authoritarian organization, and also obtained an early encryption system known as Pretty Good Privacy that the U.S. government was attempting to ban in the 1990s. In 2006, Assange joined with a radical organization in Seattle called Riseup that provided "a secure network to help his nascent WikiLeaks organization communicate with its supporters around the world" (Fowler 45).…. [read more]

Should the Government Ban Bottled Water? Research Paper

… ¶ … Bottled Water Be Banned?

Why are Americans, Europeans, and other citizens around the globe buying bottled water in such enormous quantities? What is wrong with the water their communities provide? These questions are the essence of the issues addressed in this paper and these are the salient questions that need to be answered in order to understand why billions of plastic bottles are filled with water and sold in supermarkets and elsewhere every year. If a family cannot be certain that the water they drink from the tap in their kitchens is truly safe, what is their alternative?

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), among the most respected and visible conservation and environmental organizations, "pollution and deteriorating, out-of-date plumbing" are delivering…. [read more]

Management Problems in the Electronics Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … goal is not a strategy. Strategy involves coherent and consistent decisions, coordinated resource allocations, and theories of action (outcome and response) that may help indirectly achieve a goal unattainable by direct frontal attack…" (Teece, 2010, p. 298).

Successful Management Theories for the Electronics Industry

The cultural / ethnic diversity in today's workplace -- in the electronics field coupled with the current economic downtown creates both problems and opportunities for management. The problems of course have to do with the sagging consumer spending and layoffs of employees; but the opportunities for electronics companies are there too, in terms of the need for a better management theory to be put in place. This paper outlines a number of those theories including some that are identified…. [read more]

Best Export Strategy to Expand Highest Quality Table Wines to India Term Paper

… Export Strategy

Expansion of Highest Quality Table Wines to India

India: Business, Economy and Trade Policy.

Many Indian businesses "Look East" toward ASEAN, the Association of South East Asian Nations. They believe that in the long-term the ASEAN countries will offer better opportunities than the West (Maizels, 2000. PG 12).

Until quite recently ASEAN countries looked askance at India, even though some ASEAN countries have sizable Indian communities. Their doubts were due to India's long embrace of socialism and its stifling bureaucracies. The years since about 1994 have seen substantial changes in attitude, although incidents such as the Indian government's refusal to allow the Tata business empire to forge an alliance with Singapore Airlines still causes heads to shake in Southeast Asia.

In 1992, the…. [read more]

Jennifer Saunders / AB Fab Research Paper

… Jennifer Saunders / AB Fab

Jennifer Saunders

Great Britain had an alternative comedy revolution during the 1980s that carried over into the 1990s and while "sitcoms" weren't necessarily viewed by the general public as being glamorous, the genre inspired some of the most memorable British television ever. Shows like The Office, Father Ted, and Blackadder are just a few of the magical programs of British television of this time period. Absolutely Fabulous was just one of these types of talismanic programs -- anarchic and irreverent, and it put women in the role of comedienne. Absolutely Fabulous began in 1992 and lasted until 1995 and then started up again in 2001, running until 2005 (including the Comic Relief special); however, the cult following this show, which…. [read more]

Environmental Tourism/Eco-tourism the Hotel Sector in Malaysia Dissertation

… Environmental Tourism/eco-Tourism

The Hotel Sector in Malaysia

The work of Kasim (2007) entitled: "Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang Malaysia" reports that the link between tourism businesses and their impact to the environmental are often hidden or veiled by the promotion of tourism as a 'soft' industry. It is this that perhaps best explains the reason that few studies of these driver and the associated barriers in the operation of a corporation with the environment in mind and most specifically in developing countries is often an earner of foreign exchange. Kasim's work claims to narrow the gaps and provides evidence of the specific drivers of environmentalism in the hotel sector of Penang, Malaysia.

Through use of qualitative data gathered…. [read more]

Software Testing Term Paper

… ¶ … Software Testing in the Product Life Cycle


Definitions & Terms in the Research

Alpha Test - test phase of the PLC where code is complete and product is testable and stable.

Automated Testing - individual testing without direct tester involvement.

Beta Test - portion of test phase of PLC where testing for integration is completed.

Black Box Test - test in which the tester cannot see into the software

Code Complete - phase of the PLC where coding of functionality is completed

Coding Phase - phase of the PLC where coding is accomplished for specs of function and architecture.

Compatibility Test - testing for compatibility of software being developed with other software and hardware.…. [read more]

Thomas Jefferson Personal Profile Contirbutions Term Paper

… Regarded as a mind shaped by the Enlightenment, Jefferson is often grouped in with great thinkers such as Newton, Bacon and Locke who all developed a radical approach to social, political and religious ideals. Although not in agreement on all issues, one central theme emerged from Jefferson and these men, the world must be governed by the laws of nature. According to Jefferson, to do so, the mind must be free of religious intolerance, censorship, tyranny of the church, and the state.

Among Jefferson's most significant contributions to religious freedom were made while serving in the Virginia legislator and as governor. During this time, Jefferson authored several key pieces of legislation citing the need for reform and outlining the critical issue of religious freedom. The…. [read more]

Computers Are an Underutilized Resource Term Paper

… This study will be of use to the physical education departments and administration of many school districts. It will serve as a springboard for them to develop their own plans and ideas.

The focus of the study will be on the high school level, but the concepts derived from it will be applicable on the Junior High and lower levels as well. They computer technology involvement may not be as extensive as on the High School level, but it will have some use. The focus of the study is on the high school level as these students are beginning to gain exposure to computers in other areas.

The study will encompass only high schools in my state of residence. The reasoning for this is that…. [read more]

Intelligence Community the History Essay

… Intelligence Community

The history of deception and intelligence is deeply seated within the American way of life and the roots of democracy. The creation of the republic which began with a declaration of independence from a tyrant monarch gave birth to the institution that is protected by intelligence gathering techniques and operations.

Since that time, enemies of the state have existed and attempted to infiltrate the American way of life through a variety of means. Each actor appears to be attempting to influence the political structure. Angevine, R.(2004) wrote "the importance of military intelligence has long been a matter of debate. More than two millennia ago, the Chinese general and military theorist Sun Tzu asserted that secret operations are essential in war, yet the term…. [read more]

Risk Assessment at the Wal-Mart Term Paper

… The chart below indicates the structure and components of the risk assessment methodology.

Source: Stoneburner, Goguen, Feringa, 2002

Since the method is in fact developed for the IT systems, it would be applied to the case of Wal-Mart through adaptation of the specifics. In other words, while the nine steps are preserved, their particular applications and contents would differ based on the differences between IT and retail systems.

3.1. System characterization

Wal-Mart is the largest retailing company within both the United States as well as within the entire world, revealing a size larger than that of its primary competitors combined. The company employs more than 2 million staff members across the world and argues that it strives to create favorable and stimulating workplaces, to support…. [read more]

Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Research Paper

… Influence is the outcome of engagement's impact on the audience. Their most potential action after being gone through the awareness process of brand will predict the positive or negative influence of the brand and will assist in the value creation of the public relation program to the business effect. The ultimate phase is the action step. After the influence process when discussed about it with family and friends has the target audience taken any step forward like clicking on the website, placing an order, recommending it to any fiend etc. The ultimate result of these aspects and their factors is the value creation. The axis on which value is created is (Z-axis) which shows that values is created either through increased revenue, or cost cutting,…. [read more]

History of Interpersonal Skill Literature Review

… Interpersonal Skill of Mesopotamia

The study of interpersonal skills among ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia consists mostly of major innovations and advances in society, technology and human development. Sargon is typically credited with being the first person to unify a world empire in the 24th century B.C. Most of what is known of Sargon comes from the Chronicles of Early Kings, a series of tablets forming one of the first known historiographies and written from the 8th century B.C. To the 3rd Century A.D. Sargon, as the world's first known leader is believed to have inspired future Kings and rulers for centuries to come with his ability to build, maintain and administer his empire (Snell 32).

Hammurabi ruled Babylon in the 18th century B.C. He is…. [read more]

Public Schools vs. Private Term Paper

… In short, it was all -- even the math and science -- philosophy. In fact, it could not have been anything else, as science as we know it would be invented hundreds of years later by people a lot less erudite. Those early Greek 'schools' were the foundation not only of the detached method of education extant in U.S. public schools today, but of the campus style of learning as well. Universities and even high schools are generally separated from their communities by acres of greensward. Clinchy argues that this is not for peace, quiet and beauty alone, but to separate the students from everyday life. To be sure, private schools are often at least as well set apart as public schools, but the effect…. [read more]

Tess of the D'urbervilles Term Paper

… When Tess and Angel Clare take milk from the Talbothays dairy to the railway station, at a time when their love is just beginning to reach its full flowering, the contrast between the urbanized, technological modernity of the train and the rustic timelessness of Tess's appearance and manner is stressed:

The light of the engine flashed for a second upon Tess Durbeyfield's figure, motionless under the great holly tree. No object could have looked more foreign to the gleaming cranks and wheels than this unsophisticated girl, with the round bare arms, the rainy face and hair, the suspended attitude of a friendly leopard at pause, the print gown of no date or fashion, and the cotton bonnet drooping on her brow.

Tess is literally illuminated…. [read more]

Comparative and Contrasting Study of Two International Entrepreneurs Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler Term Paper

… ¶ … International Entrepreneurs: Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler

Today, given their impact on the generations that followed, it is reasonable to suggest that two of the most influential individuals of the 20th century were Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler. While they were clearly at diametrically opposite ends of the morality pole, Ford and Hitler both nevertheless managed to epitomize their respective types of entrepreneurialism according to their unique time and place in history. In this regard, Baldwin (2001), reports that, "If a person were summoned from the waiting room into Hitler's private office, he would be somewhat taken aback to see hanging on the wall beside the massive desk a large portrait of Henry Ford -- Why here? And why now, ten years before…. [read more]

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