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Humanitarian Action in a Dangerous Term Paper

… [Author Unknown, A Gibbs Editorial, 2/24/03]

On September 20, 2002 the U.S. Administration unveiled its new National Security Strategy. This document addresses the new realities of our age, particularly the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorist networks armed with the agendas of fanatics. The Strategy claims that these new threats are so novel and so dangerous that USA should "not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise its right of self-defense by acting preemptively." But in the discussion over the past few months about Iraq, the U.S. Administration often uses the terms "pre-emptive" and "preventive" interchangeably. In the realm of international relations, these two terms have long had very different meanings. Traditionally, "pre-emptive" action refers to times when states react to an…. [read more]

Global Refugee Regime Term Paper

… There are those who manage to get away from their native lands but do not attempt to cross their national borders and such people are termed "internal refugees." The UNHCR tries to cope with such refugees too, for instance, those who had to leave, due to the tension in 1992, from Transdniesteria. The UNHCR indulges in other activities too. Besides providing a secure place and help to such people it joins hands with the many aid agencies and non-governmental organizations to bring to the attention of the world the hindrances and problems faced by internal and international refugees.

The UNHCR supports and helps millions of refugees. The number of refugees keeps increasing by the day and the various crises have done nothing but to add…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Analysis of the Middle East From the President's Perspective Essay

… American foreign policy as it manifests itself in the Middle East has long been a struggle. The last few decades have demonstrated America's attempts at finding allies and the challenges of controlling the area. After a tremendous amount of analysis and assessment, the best methods to be taken in this particular area are ones of strategic humanitarian action and development. As this paper will demonstrate, much of the discord of the area is directly connected to the fact that it's so impoverished and disadvantaged. Helping the Middle East and building where other governments would blow up, is the best way to develop the area. Such actions not only help develop the global economy, but they help to stabilize America' footing in the rest of the…. [read more]

Western Sahara Mission Statement Essay

… Western Sahara

Mission Statement- To provide effective and efficient humanities aid to the refugees and others effected by the conflict within Northern Africa. By doing so surrounding nations hope to relieve undue hardship and complications forced upon the people of North Africa. The aid is designed to help relieve drought and unemployment that has crippled the regions of Morocco, Algeria, and Western Sahara. In addition, we aim to strength the overall quality of life for these individuals as by helping relieve the stronghold of an oppressive military regime. The people of Northern Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Refugees are of particular concern as their plight has been exacerbated by the conflict of northern Africa. As such, the principle aim of this program is to provide humanitarian aid…. [read more]

U.S. and UN Humanitarian Intervention in Somalia Term Paper

… ¶ … UN humanitarian intervention in Somalia

Conflict management and the U.S. And UN humanitarian intervention in Somalia

Situated on the horn of Africa, Somalia is a country that has been described as one of the most dangerous and underdeveloped areas on the continent. The country has been immersed in various degrees of violent conflict since its establishment as an independent country. It is also a region that has seen various attempts by the United Nations at conflict management. These efforts and operations have not met with any long-term success. For instance, while a United Nations arms embargo has been in place in the country since the early 1900s, the region is awash with weapons, which exacerbates and contributes to the almost incessant violence and…. [read more]

Turkey Essay

… In 2009, Turkey liberalized its border with Syria, allowing Syrians travelers to cross the border without a visa (Watson and Tuysuz). In what can be called "tacit support" for the rebels in Syria, the Turkish government liberalized their border further when the Civil War escalated (Krajeski). Since then, Syrians have been fleeing en masse to Turkey. Within Turkey, too, Syrian refugees have been moving around a great deal from camp to camp. Many refugees have been forcibly removed from homes they rented in Turkey, so that the government can shift all Syrian refugees to centralized refugee camps (Watson and Tuysuz). We understand the point-of-view of moving the refugees to more feasible and centralized locations, but we also believe that the Syrians who rented homes officially…. [read more]

Conflict and Development in Africa: Somalia Historical Term Paper

… Conflict & Development in Africa: Somalia

Historical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Nongovernmental Organizations in Somalia

As the only country in the world totally devoid of a functioning central government, Somalia is particularly vulnerable to humanitarian emergencies. The humanitarian situation in Somalia is marked by chronic food insecurity due to the extended effects of drought, recurrent conflict and intermittent access to vulnerable populations particularly in south/central regions. Forgotten and Neglected Emergencies - Somalia, March 2006

The epigraph above suggests that just when it looked like things could not possibly get any worse in Somalia, they did. The implications of the recent assertions of authority over various regions of Somalia by fundamentalist Muslims have the United States and its Western allies worried at a time when…. [read more]

Military Assistance Funding for Indonesia Term Paper

… U.S. Military Assistance Funding to Indonesia

The Causative People, Events, and Factors

{Class identifiers here}

{Date, location, and so on, as required}

This case study examines the issues surrounding the influence, intervention, sanctions, and programs applied toward Indonesia support. Key to this study will be the individual people, groups, and institutions surrounding the successes and failures in this assistance and the motivations, perceptions, and agendas involved.

Historical Overview of Indonesia and United States' National Security Interests

According to the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

, Indonesia is a strategic key to our National Security interests. Located strategically alongside several important international maritime crossroads, ingress to the United States from the sea must be managed from such strategic locations.

The…. [read more]

September 11 Term Paper

… Before the attacks on the World Trade Center took place, people from different origins lived there safely without being targeted in any way. They set up their businesses there and lived peacefully. There was a sense of security that prevailed for all people living in the U.S., and there was a great respect for human life no matter what color caste or creed. Even if differences did significantly exist, the media did not splash them out as it is today.

Since the attacks on the World Trade Center took place, all residents and permanent citizens of the U.S. have lost their sense of security. Today, a non-white is seen as a threat to humanity and non-Muslims, especially if s/he is of Arab origin. Anyone with…. [read more]

Post War Iraq: A Paradox Term Paper

… This event gave real evidence to the insignificant role played by the United Nations in the Korean War. 10

2. Self-defense (Falklands)

Self-defense is one of the most contentious spheres of the exercise of force, and many instances abound which possibly depict a predicament with finding what are the conventions, and what about enforcing them. Since it prohibits the exercise of force, the U.N deed certainly identifies two scenarios wherein the application of force is allowed. International Law has recognized years ago that each state possesses the prerogative to protect itself, if required through force. This prerogative of self-defense is established in the U.N. charter: Article 51 states that the charter in no manner damages the "inbuilt" privilege of self-protection during an organized assault. The…. [read more]

How Do Terrorist Threats Challenge the Current International Legal Framework? Term Paper

… ¶ … terrorist threats challenge the current international legal framework? Should the current framework of international humanitarian law be altered?

International law" is a phrase that has been used often in the post-September 11 era, and in most cases the phrase is employed in relation to the activities of terrorists, or, to the activities of governments seeking to prevent terrorist actions against their citizens and institutions. In the context of post-September 11 terrorism, the world clearly has changed and continues to change; citizen safety is a concern on a global level as never before, and the use of force against terrorism is at an all-time high. What laws apply in these stressful, dangerous times?

This paper will review existing international law, challenges to those laws,…. [read more]

Regulation of National Security Essay

… However, without proper regulation there is always the danger that the people they have been contracted to protect will be put in harm's way. A plan that includes finding ways to allow companies the revenue required for a contract rather than have t low ball a bid, properly vetting the company's personnel so they can do their job effectively, making sure that security companies are kept in check with regard to military power, and doing all of this from a global standpoint will not be easy. Many issues exist with these militaristic units that are not easily resolved. But, since people's safety is at stake, it would seem imperative to have an international set of regulations that all such firms must abide by. No, they…. [read more]

Jemaah Islamiyah Term Paper

… Jemaah Islamiah

Jemaah Islamiyah is Arabic for "Islamic Community" and the translation alone of the name of this Southeast Asian terrorist group shows the beliefs of this organization. In a world where the major terrorist concern is directed towards al-Qaeda, the Asian terrorist group is too often overlooked and seen not as threatening to Western society. However, the goals and the means in which Jemaah Islamiyah operates make it extremely dangerous for regional security and eventually for the entire world.

The main goal of the organization is of creating an Islamic state in Southeast Asia. Considering that Southeast Asia has the largest Muslim population in the world, it is no news that extremist Muslim organizations operate in the area. Jemaah Islamiyah is the strongest and…. [read more]

Islamic Fascism Following a Series Essay

… 121). These groups are particularly important because they are able to transfer substantial funds across international borders while relatively little suspicion due to the fact that humanitarian organizations frequently operate in a number of countries at once, and particularly in unstable or failing states that provide the most attractive haven for transnational terrorist organizations. In the aftermath of 9/11, "scores of charities and individuals have been blacklisted both by the UN and by individual jurisdictions," but the ubiquity of transnational non-governmental organizations means that charities continue to serve as an important element of transnational Islamic Fascism, allowing it to move funds in and out of the United States free from substantial oversight (Romaniuk, 2012, p. 154).

One reason charities constitute such an important element of…. [read more]

International Political Economics the Impact of UN Peacekeeper Corruption Term Paper

… International Political Economics: The Impacts of UN Peacekeeper Corruption

International political economy tries to understand global and international problems through a diverse interdisciplinary arrangement of theoretical perspectives and analytical tools. International political economy focuses on the constant breakdown of disciplinary boundaries amid politics and economics. it's not easy to image a world devoid of international political economy since the mutual interaction of international economics and international relations is prevalent. The political activities of nations apparently influence international business and the flow of money, which consequently affects the environment in which nations make political preferences, and entrepreneurs make economic preferences.

It appears impracticable to put into consideration significant questions regarding international economics or international politics in devoid of taking into consideration their mutual effects and influences.…. [read more]

Terrorism Concepts Essay

… Terrorism Concepts

no answer available; no author "Dr. Hanle" could be found, either

Mao's first stage of revolutionary mobilization is the organization and consolidation of base areas, preserving certain enclaves (usually in areas that were hard for outsiders to reach, isolated and/or with rough surrounding terrain). Then, single-mission attacks meant to terrorize as well as obtain resources would be carried out to allow for progressive expansion. Finally, the enemy would be engaged in all-out warfare and destroyed.

During consolidation, terrorism is necessary in order to obtain political support, and to dissuade local citizens that might not side with the revolutionaries from becoming involved on the wrong side. Before enough power is obtained by the revolutionaries, terrorism is also the only real means of making attacks…. [read more]

Beowulf as a Hero Lesson 1 Journal Journal

… Beowulf as a Hero

Lesson 1 Journal Entry #

Journal Exercise 1.3A: What makes a hero?

Beowulf is a hero who possesses strength, courage and loyalty; these are the elements that make up a hero during his time. There is a certain heroic code that must be followed in Beowulf and Beowulf follows that code perfectly. During the course of the poem, Beowulf changes as a person -- he matures, and this is a journey that is typical of heroes. Most heroes in literature don't start out as heroes. They may have the qualities lying dormant, but their journey is what turns them into a hero.

When Beowulf goes to fight Grendel, he is a strong and combative leader, but by the end he has…. [read more]

International Terrorism Violence in the Middle East Essay

… International Terrorism

Violence in the Middle East:

The principle cause of perpetual violence in the Middle East is the extremist attitudes prevailing amongst Palestinian Arabs and other Arab states and militant groups toward the nation of Israel. Still today, large Arab nations like Iran and militant Islamic

organizations in positions of power throughout the Palestinian territories maintain formal

declarations of their intention to destroy Israel by any means necessary and refuse ever to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist as a nation. While extremist groups like the Moshe Amon exist in Israel too, the principal difference is that extremist influences neither reflect the predominant view of the Israeli populace nor do they dictate national policy. In Israel, anti-Arab extremist acts of violence are defined…. [read more]

Just and Unjust USA War Against Afghanistan Term Paper

… Terrorism

There are a number of ways to interpret terrorist attacks in the modern world. The Bush administration has chosen a particular perspective that is intended to justify the employment of the United States military as a tool for rooting out terrorism in general. However, there are many difficulties with the logical backing for such a position; the way terrorism is understood, and the sources of terrorism have been largely misconstrued. Many people have put forward criticisms of the White House's outlook -- some from particularly visible individuals -- and an equal number of alternative approaches to terrorism have been offered. but, fundamentally, terrorism needs to be understood as a means of waging warfare; usually adopted by those who possess significant strategic and militaristic shortcomings.…. [read more]

Modern Rhetoric Essay

… ¶ … President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

Since he began his campaign for the presidency of the United States, Barack Obama has been consistently criticize for his "rhetoric." These criticisms seem as prone to using the epithet "high-flown rhetoric" as Homer was likely to describe the sea as "wine-dark." But both general comments on Obama as inclined to the rhetorical and the more specific criticism of him as a producer of high-flown rhetorical speeches. (A Google search for "Obama high-flown rhetoric turns up over 25,000 hits.) The fact that Republicans -- some no doubt still stinging from depictions of George W. Bush as remarkably inarticulate -- should show their partisanship by criticizing the fluency of Obama's speeches is not surprising. But it does…. [read more]

Modern Rhetoric Essay

… ¶ … Hate Begets Hate,"

A piece of writing cannot be rhetorically analyzed in isolation but must be considered within the context in which it was written. This editorial is an excellent example of well-timed rhetoric in that it meets the criterion of exigency. The topic -- currently proposed legislation in Uganda that would impose the death sentence for homosexuality -- is of immediate concern since international criticism may be able to derail the proposed law.

I believe that the editorial writers have properly gauged the nature of their audience in that they have correctly assessed both the emotional and psychological make-up of their readers, who are likely to be both liberal (and so agree with the editorial's criticism of the abridgement of the…. [read more]

Leni Riefenstahl Term Paper

… Each piece is put together by human beings and it is approved by other human beings and if they believe it to be a good piece it is generally because the piece dovetails with their interests and beliefs. If they do not agree with the underlying message they will generally find ways to change it so that it does reflect their beliefs.

Those who are in a position to influence the world with their art have a responsibility to present things in an ethical manner. What Leni did was promote Hitler as a hero and ignore the atrocities that he was committing daily against mankind. She went so far as to leave them entirely out of her films and instead make him look like a…. [read more]

Israel 1948 A2 Coursework

… ¶ … Israel 1948 was one of the key turning points in the political development of the contemporary Middle East. From 1948 on, Israel was an independent state ruled by their own government which brought Israeli organizations together under one rule, liberated from foreign influence. After the creation of the State of Israel, frequent wars in opposition to its existence broke out due to the tremendous antagonism felt towards a Zionist state (e.g. The Arab-Israeli war 1948, the 1956 Suez War, 1967 Six Day War, 1967-1970 War of Attrition and Yom Kippur 1973). It was wars such as these that forced Israel to bolster its own military defense, increase diplomatic ties with the West, and attempt to become a self-sufficient "island" surrounded by enemies. Israel,…. [read more]

Walter Reuther Term Paper

… Walter Reuther was one of the most powerful labor leaders of the 20th century. He was also one of the most influential labor leaders in history. He headed the United Automobile Workers labor union. Walter was also an advisor to a long line of presidents. He was also one of the most ambitious and selfless people around. Despite wielding a lot of power he was a very simple and down to earth person. He was one of the lowest paid union leaders and was very proud of it. Walter used his power to improve the lives of the members of the union. Reuther's work speaks volumes about his personality. He was a very dynamic as well as innovative leader. Reuther was well-known for his humanitarian…. [read more]

Righteous Gentiles Term Paper

… Jew Gentiles

The Word "holocaust" actually means a burnt sacrifice. Everyone is aware of the atrocities that were committed against the Jews following the First World War. It has been believed that Jews were always subject to hatred and persecution in Europe. Due to this reason, not many Jews found it a new thing to be discriminated against. They were subject to discrimination yet somehow Jews found way that would keep their culture alive. In 1919, a new political party was founded in Germany that was quite nationalistic and racists to begin. With. This party went on to blame Jews for all the problems including the defeat that the German's had incurred in the Second World War. (Drucker and Block 133)

The Holocaust was started…. [read more]

Media Engagement With the Television Essay

… Aside from some of his physical features and voice, what truly marks Pamuk as another "race" is the fact that his character is almost entirely made up of racist stereotypes relating to the supposed sexual promiscuity and aggression of non-white men. While in the United States these stereotypes are most frequently associated with black men, in Europe and elsewhere, these stereotypes extend to those races and ethnicities with which the white residents of Europe have had more immediate contact; as such, the "exotic" Turkish diplomat is saddled with a kind of characterization that focuses exclusively on his supposedly uncontrollable sexual appetites. Pamuk kisses Lady Mary, the eldest of the aristocratic family's daughters, without her consent, and later he goes to her bedroom unannounced. However, once…. [read more]

Responsibility Require Leaders in Today Case Study

… Understanding the delicate balance between conducting combat missions and peacekeeping missions is prerequisite in order to fully understanding this mission. The impossibility of remaining militarily neutral in this case may be impossible. Although the lessons of the last 10 years, that have been learned with the blood and sacrifice of many of our own soldiers and allies are duly noted, we must use caution in applying the lessons to other parts of world.

In developing courses of action and attempts to manage this intense problem we must answer certain questions. There are many complicating issues in this particular scenario. How does genocide, or possible genocide, dictate international military involvement? What are the current military resources of the forces that could help negotiate a successful result?…. [read more]

Humanities Street Punk Neverland Term Paper

… "

Do Believe in Fairies, Now.

A never intended to do a documentary about a street punk in California. When I was contemplating this assignment, I had several ideas of who and what might make a great subject, including the lives of teachers, relatives, and friends. When I went to the chatroom where I met Baal, the subject of my documentary, I was simply looking to kill a few minutes before heading off to bed. Although I have not in the past had any kind of connection to punks or goths, I recognized that Baal was an interesting character with a great story to tell.

In the online chatroom, my first introduction to Baal was his contribution to a religious debate that had randomly begun…. [read more]

When There Is No One to Ask Case Study

… ¶ … Franco Bernabe, newly appointed CEO of Eni in Italy, find himself in the midst of a scandal, and what did he do to extract himself from the mess? What was the problem, how could this crisis have been avoided, and what is the plan for a fresh start?

Bernabe discovered, quite early in his capacity as CEO of Eni -- Italy's largest industrial group that is energy-related -- that his immediate goal of getting the company out of "the political quagmire" and into a respected, market-driven business was to be thwarted. What were the most serious problems that Bernabe faced? How did he manage to move the company forward given that many of his senior managers were arrested and tossed in prison on…. [read more]

Strategic Assessment of International Policing Essay

… Changing Paradigm in International Policing: A Strategic Assessment Paper on International Policing in the Contemporary Environment

The first United Nations peacekeeping mission was dispatched to the Middle East in 1948. it's mission was "(Desiring) to bring about a cessation of the hostilities in Palestine without prejudice to the rights, claims and position of either Arabs or Jews."

The role of the military looking peacekeeping forces was not to engage in military action, or to choose one -side over the other, but by their presence to represent the member nation states of the United Nations in its role to negotiate, first, a cease fire, and, subsequently, to engage the warring Arabs and Jews in non-violent conflict resolution. Non-violent conflict resolution has been the weighty undertaking of…. [read more]

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