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Music Essay

… All of us at that age had some rebellion in us -- we were teenagers and that's what kids do at that age although I don't remember any particular music that urged me to rebel. The alternative music I liked in my teenage years included the Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray, the Foo Fighters, Green Day and Lenny Kravitz. The song by Kravitz I remember enjoying was "Fly Away" ("Let's go and see the stars / the milky way or even mars / where it could just be ours").

What music do you associate with comfort? I associate rhythm and blues (R&B) with feeling comfortable in my late teens. When you have a sweetheart and you are feeling like the relationship isn't going well, or you…. [read more]

Humanities Role of Music Essay

… Most of the drums are made from wood while some can also be clay pots or shells of turtles.

Drums are not only used for composing music but they have several uses. For instance, Africans use talking drums to announce the news of birth of a child, death of a person or information about any public event. Interesting thing about these drums is that some of the drums can produce such a loud sound that it can be heard by the people that are at a distance of seven miles. Therefore, Africans also use these drums for long distance communications. Before the invention of telephone, Africans used drums to communicate their messages, emotions and feelings.

Keeping in mind the traditional values and beliefs, Africans make…. [read more]

Humanities Related Library Internet Resources Annotated Bibliography

… Besides this, he extended his landscape design by realigning roads and developing water features in Wisconsin home, Taliesen

According to Wright, every American had the right to engage the services of an architect no matter what the price of the house was, instead of living in a cookie-cutter house. Lloyd helped in designing a wide variety of other buildings, including churches, factories, skyscrapers, resorts, museums, government offices, gas stations as well as bridges. One of Wright's famous buildings is the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, with its round shell-like design though he never saw its completion due to death caused by intestinal blockage.

Frank Lloyd had several tags to his name; architect, interior designer, writer and educator, and during his lifetime he designed more…. [read more]

Music or Musical Theatre Term Paper

… In fact, these two forms of music are the closet types of music that I can compare Forest Flower to -- which is interesting because jazz predates both of them.

The second song actually delivers on all of the magic and the mysticism to which the first song alludes to. It is quite revealing that the first of two songs on the second side is called sorcery. The piano work on this song, as well as on the other on this side, certainly has connotations that are suggestive of a frenzied spiritual encounter. The tempo is decidedly faster than the song on the first side, and continues at a breakneck pace for the duration of side two. Whereas there are a number of pianissimo passages…. [read more]

Music and Psychology Thesis

… Music and Psychology

The power and importance of music from a psychological and philosophical standpoint has been discussed and explored in many studies and theses. The saying that music has the power to "calm the savage beast" refers to the commonly accepted notion that music can influence the mind and consciousness and has healing and recuperative powers. This has led to the study of musicology and various disciplines that investigate the qualities and nature of music in relation to society, culture and the individual; as well as to psychological, educational and sociological theory in a more modern context

This paper will explore the way that music is seen to be significant in human life and society and the way that it interacts with the mind.…. [read more]

Music and the Internet Essay

… All of this in a device the size of a pack of cards."[footnoteRef:5] This fact can only help move us, music, and the digitalized transfer of music forward, as many download more and more, faster and faster, and as more technology is created, humanity thus advances. [5: Shane Richmond, 2011. Happy 10th birthday to the iPod - the little machine that changed our lives [online]. The Telegraph. Available at: <>. [Accessed 1 December 2011].]

6. This next article also talks about how Apple has truly revolutionized much technology, and focuses upon iTunes, the service that the company utilizes to enable its users to download music legally, at a small fee, from its program. The article discusses eight ways in which iTunes has changed music…. [read more]

Music Violence Term Paper

… In response, they decided " to clamp down on the ringleaders of the Swing movement, recommending a few years in a concentration camp with beatings and forced labor. The crackdown soon followed: clubs were raided and participants were hauled off to camps." (Magnus) Meanwhile, music was responsible for another kind of violence in Germany. A significant factor in the anti-Jew propaganda of the time included state-sponsored music which taught the public to be violent and hateful towards minority groups. Swing music was called violent and immoral, and therefore it caused violent consequences for those who listened to it, but at the same time music was used to instill violence in other ways. This represents the horrible ambiguity of the music violence discussion. Is it more…. [read more]

Ethnic Music Humanities A) Origin Essay

… This stringed instrument gained my recognition as one of the ancient string instruments in history that still survives to be useful in the modern music instrumentation.

Muting or string-mute is a musical device that moderates the tones produced by the instrument. Evidently, brass instruments such as the trombone and trumpet used this technique of muting during the developments that took place during late 20th century, and later became popular all music styles. During this period, percussion instruments also developed into favorite sources of "colorful music" both during concerts and during popular fields. Currently, musical instruments across the globe are commonly existing and divided into two principle categories: of indefinite and of definite pitch. The former instruments encompass the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, timpani, chimes, electric guitars,…. [read more]

General Music and Genres Essay

… ¶ … Music and Genres

List 3 music Genres that most socially and politically influential over time.

Music plays a critical role in the social and political spheres of the United States. Various music genres were most socially and politically influential in relation to the history of the United States. Three critical music genres that were socially and politically influential in the history of the United States include Cowboy songs, Jazz songs, and Ragtime. These music genres transformed political and social perspectives of the citizens of the United States with reference to the historical development of the nation.

Do you agree with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's description of music as a universal language of humanity?

I agree with the statement that music is actually a universal…. [read more]

Role of Music in My Life Essay

… Role of Music in My Life

Music is considered to be life for many. Music plays a crucial role in the life of several persons. Music modulates them and encourages them to be refined. Music is very crucial for humanity. With the assistance of music, people are able to forget their difficulties. Music also enables one to enjoy time and refine their intelligence. ("Music in my life.," n. d.) Music moves our hearts in most usual manner, fostering, reassuring, exhilarating, relaxing and encouraging us against the odds. It is quite impossible to think of a life without music, which would have been terribly frozen and calm. (Enotes, 2010)

Music has the strength that is so fundamental, so intensely embedded in the human soul, heart as…. [read more]

Innovations and Developments in the Music Festival Industry Essay

… ¶ … business today, the music industry has seen rapid and extreme changes. Not least of these is the change towards the digital media and the Internet. These have changed the face and nature of the music industry, as well as the development and purchase of music by the public. In addition, the current drive towards more green technologies has also created changes in the way music products have been developed and provided to consumers. The same is true of music festivals. Music festivals create the need for large spaces and quantities of products and infrastructure to be successful. At the same time, trends in the music industry are often at the heart of creating these festivals for the purpose of attracting as many consumers…. [read more]

Music Appreciation My Personal Attraction Term Paper

… I believe music can touch a chord in a person's core, and this is why many of these musicians are so important. They have the ability to feel what people are feeling, and transfer those feelings to their music. Music is woven into the very cloth of our lives. We walk down the aisle to particular music, are buried with unique music, and remember the music of our past by the recollections it brings to mind. Music, and the people who create it, are an essential part of humanity at a deep level, and at every stage in a person's life. Jazz music is emotional and evocative, and that is why I believe it endures. Jazz brings out emotions in the listener, and in the…. [read more]

Music and History Thesis

… Music

Michael Tilson Thomas, the musical director of the San Francisco Symphony, describes Igor Stravinsky's 1913 "Rite of Spring" as a "burst of creative power that shook music to its foundations," (2006). Alsop (2007) similarly notes that "Rite of Spring" was a composition that "changed the course of music forever." Yet when Stravinsky's work is placed soberly within its historical context, "Rite of Spring" does not seem completely detached from the social, cultural, and political revolutions taking place throughout the Western world at the time of its composition. For example, the most notably new and notorious feature of "Rite of Spring" is its primal, possibly pagan nature but weaving tribal and pagan themes into Western art was not new in 1913. Painters like Paul Gauguin…. [read more]

Music Has the Power to Influence Essay

… ¶ … music has the power to influence as well as to entertain people?

Music -- the truly universal language

Although it is generally appreciated for its ability to entertain people, music is far more complex than it seems. Music has played an essential role in people's lives ever since the beginning of history, considering that all cultures have a rich background in music. Music has been proved to affect all individuals by inducing feelings that are either negative or positive and by eventually influencing the way that they act. Music accesses parts of the brain that are very important and makes it more difficult for the individual to concentrate on matters that are more significant. The contemporary society is dominated by music, as there…. [read more]

African-American Literature/Music on America/American Culture Research Paper

… The most important thing is for them to know that the same principle applies when it comes to the music they enjoy today.


Some of the aims were as follows;

Students keenly listening to teachers selected artists which could enable them grasp the content.

Students being able to critically analyze and discuss various aspects of music and artists

Discussing majorly rhythms, lyrics and dynamics and weighing the intent of artists.

Students coming out with their observations by drawing comparisons and contrasting features


Engage students in writing their observation, ideas and opinions. Provision of video, so that students can observe the rhythm of the songs as well as the rhythm of intensity of the sequence of steps and movement in dance groups and intensify…. [read more]

Nursing and Humanities, Alice Munro Essay


The "Angels in America" film finds humor and hope in the midst of the worst sort of medical crisis: a community-wide epidemic disease that has never been identified before, and for which there is no known cure.


Munro's tone is quiet -- her story was written in 1952. Murdoch's tone is meditative. Kushner's tone is more angry and despairing.


All these works shed light on the human condition by showing how end-of-life and chronic illness issues can affect caregivers -- and professionals.


Nurses planning on doing hospice or home care work would be advised to familiarize themselves with the way these issues are handled in humanities and the arts.


The characters in Munro's story, in Murdoch's song, and in Kushner's…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Importance of Humanities Term Paper

… ¶ … Humanities

Even with the fact that humanities have generally shaped their understanding of life as a whole, many individuals are unable to understand the important role that they played across time and today. People unknowingly receive significant information during their lives as a result of the fact that they have access to humanities. As a result of coming across humanities-related topics, individuals are probable to experience success in a series of domains ranging from poetry to business and warfare. The expression "walk a mile in one's shoes" applies perfectly when considering humanities, taking into account that an individual can actually learn how it would be to experience such an event as a result of being provided with information through studying the humanities.

When…. [read more]

Concerts Across Time the Performer Term Paper

… The principle difference in the role of concerts between the Baroque era and the contemporary one is that in contemporary society, pop music concerts are an occasion for concert goers to release themselves -- to unwind and enjoy the music. Again, there was more formality associated with baroque concerts so, although there was some degree of pleasure involved on the part of concert goers, the occasion was altogether serious and considered highly valued art. In comparison, concerts are principally a venue for listeners to have fun, enjoy the music, as well as to intermingle and meet people.

The type of people who attended concerts during the baroque period included fairly serious individuals. These included royal personages and members of the government, as well as individuals…. [read more]

Aaron Copland Research Paper

… Aaron Copland (1900-1990) was an American composer, teacher of composition, writer, and conductor who had an extremely varied career and became one of the most influential American composers of the 20th century. His use of texture, theme, and tonal settings are such that his works seem uniquely American, giving him the title of the "Dean of American Composers" (Pollack). Copland wrote for the ballet, movies, the theater, the symphony, numerous concerti for various instruments, and opera and chamber music. During his productive career between 1925 and the 1970s, he composed such audience favorites as: Billy the Kid, Rodeo, Fanfare for the Common Man, and Appalacian Spring, Much of his output had jazz influence, some had serial techniques, but most agree that his use of open…. [read more]

Numerology in Music Research Proposal

… Numerology in Baroque and Classical Music

The idea that music is related to mathematics goes back to ancient times. In his Dialogues, Plato agreed with Pythagoras's assertion that harmonics and astronomy are sister sciences of mathematics.

The connection to astronomy, in particular, reveals Pythagoras' mystical bent. Much as the Ancients saw the stars and planets as controlling the workings of the natural world, so too did they note a relationship between mathematical principles and the movements of the celestial bodies. Music, too, depends on specific measurable relationships between quantities of sound. The movements of the stars and planets can be precisely measured and plotted. In a similar way, musical notes correspond to specific positions on an overall scale. Harmonies are created by varying the length…. [read more]

Approaches to Opera 1590-1650 Term Paper

… Music

Battle of Styles: The Story of Opera 1590-1650

The Renaissance represented a flowering of Western European Civilization in all its aspects. As the name suggests, it was a "renascence," or "rebirth" of high culture that took hold of much of Western Europe at the close of the Middle Ages. Philosophers, painters, sculptors, architects - and yes composers and musicians, too - set themselves to the task of reviving the lost glories of Ancient Greece and Rome. Taking their cues from the still-standing and recently unearthed relics of the Classical world, they attempted to reconstruct their own modern-day surroundings along Antique lines. What they could not learn about the past through direct observation i.e. from statues and buildings and the like, they attempted to piece…. [read more]

Humanities in Western Civilization Term Paper

… Humanities in Western Civilization

The human condition is a complex field - one that in fact requires many different fields of knowledge. The different fields of knowledge that take for their object of study what it means to be human are collectively referred to as "the humanities." The humanities are nothing new - they form an integral part of civilization as it has developed in the western world. The humanities are distinguished from other, more scientific fields of knowledge, in that they do not make use of empirical means of investigation. Rather, they tend to employ methods that are analytical, speculative, and/or critical. In what follows, we will explore the many facets of the humanities and show how the humanities have been integral to western…. [read more]

Humanities Is a Branch Term Paper

… Much of this technology was not available in 1979, when the artists first conceived of the idea, and so, modern developments in lightweight fabric and steel tubing, plus innovative ways to bolt down and display the gates were all based in technologies that have evolved in the last few decades. They show how innovation and technology can affect all aspects of human life, including the humanities.

Politically, the artists faced opposition to their project, and were only able to erect it after they signed an agreement with the City of New York that was 43 pages long and also signed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. There were many political hurdles to overcome, including ensuring "The Gates" was safe enough for people to walk through as…. [read more]

Humanities Street Punk Neverland Term Paper

… "

Do Believe in Fairies, Now.

A never intended to do a documentary about a street punk in California. When I was contemplating this assignment, I had several ideas of who and what might make a great subject, including the lives of teachers, relatives, and friends. When I went to the chatroom where I met Baal, the subject of my documentary, I was simply looking to kill a few minutes before heading off to bed. Although I have not in the past had any kind of connection to punks or goths, I recognized that Baal was an interesting character with a great story to tell.

In the online chatroom, my first introduction to Baal was his contribution to a religious debate that had randomly begun…. [read more]

Art Five Years Essay

… It is almost like watching television or a movie, in that the attention is captured not just for a few minutes but longer to allow Bosch's phantasmagoric story to unfold. The right panel is the most captivating because it differs sharply in color scheme from the other two panels. The heaven and earthly panels have lively and cheerful blues and greens to denote live on earth. However, the right panel reveals the depths of hell with black and red tones. One of the strongest images or symbols on this side of the canvas is a space-age looking egg, broken in half. It is the largest object on that panel, and therefore the eye is drawn to it. It almost seems as if Hieronymus Bosch has…. [read more]

Pioneering Jazz Musician, Sidney Bechet Term Paper

… In 1945, he moved to Brooklyn and started teaching music to supplement his unstable musician wages. He taught a young man named Bob Wilber the rudiments of both the clarinet and soprano saxophone. After high school, Wilber moved into Bechet's house so that he could have more in-depth lessons. Today, Wilber is a leading exponent of the soprano sax and clarinet, and with his own group, the Bechet Legacy, he plays in the Bechet tradition.

Bechet returned to France in 1952 and was warmly received there. While in France he recorded several hit records, which provided fierce competition with the sales of pop records. Bechet was considered one of the great soloists of early Jazz and France provided inspiration for many of his songs, including…. [read more]

Postmodernism Is Many Things Essay

… (Berry, 1) This is another example of why historians like to think of abstract concepts such as postmodernism, because of their ability to make sense of the choices made during a specific period of human history.

Literature was an important aspect of postmodernism, and actually came slightly ahead of most other aspects of the postmodern world. Just as architecture in the postmodern style lagged behind the music revolution of the 1960s, Music lagged behind the postmodern literature of the 1950s. Literature during this time revolved around two different strains, the first being existentialism, or the ideas of anxiety and the fear of the unknown, as well as psychedelics, particularly in experimentation by authors of various illicit drugs such as Heroin and LSD. These hallucinatory drugs…. [read more]

Philosophy of Humanism and Music of the Renaissance Era Thesis

… Humanism and the Renaissance: An Overview of the Revival

The word 'Renaissance' means 'rebirth.' The formal 'Renaissance' is defined as the European period spanning from the end of the 13th century to approximately 1600. The title given to this epoch reflects the fact that there was a rebirth of interest in classical antiquity and human individualism. Classical forms and an emphasis on symmetry and beauty reappeared in all of the arts. This is perhaps most strikingly manifest in the contrast between the Gothic churches of the high middle ages, with their grotesque gargoyles, and Michelangelo's David, a work which celebrates the human form in all of its glory.

The predominant intellectual philosophy of the Renaissance came to be called humanism, or the placing of the…. [read more]

Yiddish Songs About Immigration to US Annotated Bibliography

… Yiddish Songs About Immigration to the United States

Yiddish music has helped tell the story of European-Jewish immigrants to the U.S., and Yiddish songs about immigration and assimilation at every stage of the process help to better illuminate the experiences of these Yiddish-speaking immigrants. The transition from Yiddish folk songs brought by immigrants to theater musicals and radio programs during the twentieth century traces the history of Yiddish immigration and assimilation as it was relayed through music. By examining the shifts in theme and content of Yiddish songs, as well as English songs written and composed by Yiddish-speakers, it is possible to chart a distinct course that begins with anticipation, shifts towards assimilation, and after a period during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s when Yiddish…. [read more]

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