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Ideal Culture vs. Real Culture and Aspects of Ethnicity Essay

… ¶ … culture vs. real culture and aspects of ethnicity

Stereotypes function as a kind of 'shorthand' for understanding individuals of different cultures. Idealizing or essentializing a culture is a form of stereotyping, whether it is done in a positive or negative manner. Sometimes, people may think they are being tolerant when they construct an idealized, homogeneous image of another culture: Italians are warm and emotional and are food-focused; family-oriented Hispanics are very interested in the culture of their homeland; Native Americans are connected to 'the land.' While these apparently positive stereotypes may seem harmless, for individuals of these cultures they can seem like straightjackets. The availability of stereotypes can also cause an outside observer to feel as if he or she knows a culture…. [read more]

Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia Research Paper

… Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia

Culture and globalization

Culture which refers to the symbolic systems Williams 91()

through which human beings exist and coexist has been globalized by taking ideas, values and meanings across national borders through international travel and the Internet. These global shifts in culture are seen to be creating rapid social changes in the society with some proponents of culture being seriously dislocated Thompson 214.

Globalization is the homogenization of culture not just in a spatial but also in a temporal manner Thompson 211.

It is manifested in various ways such as business, religion, language, sports, music and even cuisine.

Culture is closely related to other items such as identity and subjectivity. As argued by Thompson (217)

culture creates social identities…. [read more]

American Culture Essay

… The word 'ritual' usually refers to an act, versus an intellectual and internal-driven belief system. The word ritual reflects "the communal celebration of social solidarity" and the "creation and enhancement of such solidarity as ritual's main purpose" (The definition of ritual, n.d, Anth 311). Rituals are often involved the communal worship of the sacred but there can be secular rituals as well. A good example of this is constituted in the taking of a communal meal. On one hand, the most obvious example of such a meal might be defined as that of the Catholic Mass, in which the actions are infused with a transcendent significance beyond that of the actions' material purpose.

The Catholic Mass is a symbolic meal, not a real meal, but…. [read more]

Working in United Arab Emirates Business Culture Research Paper

Likewise, locals in the UAE will be mindful of not committing the following faux-pas’s as well, as Soriano (2014) shows, when engaging in a business meeting or regular business practice:

· Never criticizing one of the powerful families of any of the seven emirates in the UAE;

· Never scheduling a business meeting or appointment during Ramadan, as this is an especially holy period for Muslims;

· Never demonstrating an attitude or air of disrespect towards the religious practices of others, but especially towards Islam, as this is the dominant religion of the state; to disrespect a religious practice of another, no matter what it is, however, is viewed as very offensive in the UAE, where everyone is expected to…. [read more]

School Culture on School Safety Term Paper

… According to the National School Safety Center (1995) creating safe schools is about commitment. That does not mean only commitment from the principal, or from the teachers, or from the students. Accomplishing such a goal requires families, schools, and community leaders to talk about the quality of the educational environment they want to provide for youth and together develop the strategies that will produce the desired results.

This type of cohesive commitment is the only real way that schools can be made safer, as one person cannot do it alone, and communities must express the desire to make schools safer and therefore give the students a better school life and more hope for the future. The Center also suggests that achieving these goals requires leaders…. [read more]

Literature in Popular Culture Washington Irving's the Legend of Sleepy Hollow Book Report

… Sleepy Hollow as Popular Culture

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a short story by American author Washington Irving, was actually written while the author lived in England. It was published in 1820 and like Irving's Rip Van Winkle, has been read by generations of students, turned into numerous alternative stories, animated features, and computer games. It was made into a stamp in 1974, has been an inspiration for music, street and town names, and even motion pictures. Two of the characters, Ichabod Crane and The Headless Horseman have become both iconic and archetypal within American popular culture (Burstein, 2007).

Irving's inspiration for Sleepy Hollow appears to have been an old German folktale, told for years as an oral tale and then written by Karl Musaeus.…. [read more]

Culture and Behavior in an Organization Chapter

… Organizational Behavior

Reasons for Taking the Course

Organization behavior, OB, is the study of human behavior in organizations (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien & Hunt, 2012, p.4). Pursuing this course entails understanding organization dynamics, group and individual behavior, and interpersonal processes. OB helps you to improve your chances of career success in the rapidly and constantly changing workplace scenarios, and complexities existing in work places as of now and anticipate them in future (Schermerhorn et al., 2012, p.4). By learning OB, one understands the basics of relationships and interacting forces between the managers and the workers, group dynamics and individual attitudes. OB helps you understand the behavior of groups and individuals in organizations and of the productivity values of systems, organization processes, and frameworks scientifically (Schermerhorn et…. [read more]

Latin American Women's Cultural Decision in Labor Force vs. Procreation in Past vs. Present Research Paper

… Latin Women and Vocational Empowerment Issues

Women have achieved great strides in modern societies, especially when compared with the historical role of females in ancient societies, and even in relatively modern-era societies. One of the most important aspects of female empowerment relates to the incorporation of females into the modern workforce. The greatest documented increase in female empowerment in this area was in American society immediately after the Second World War, mainly by virtue of the extent to which female labor was required during the war effort to replace the positions vacated by males involved in overseas military conflict. That conflict was, in retrospect, a watershed event in the progress of females during the 20th century.

In Hispanic societies, specific social and cultural attitudes, beliefs,…. [read more]

Effectiveness of Community Oriented Policing vs. Problem Term Paper

… ¶ … Community Oriented Policing vs. Problem Oriented Policing

Effectiveness of Community Oriented Policing vs. Problem Oriented

There are a number of fundamental concepts that are important in understanding the role and responsibility of modern policing in contemporary industrialized societies. These include the idea that "... The police institution originates with the people, depends on them for support, and, in effect, the people are the police and the police are the people." (Robinson, Scaglion & Olivero, 1994, p. 127)

Secondly, that the primary focus of the police is to protect the majority of law - abiding people from the minority of criminal and law- breakers. (Robinson, Scaglion & Olivero, 1994, p. 127) The modern police, as an institution, have its origins "in the need to…. [read more]

Organizational Culture, Societal Culture, and Leadership Styles Research Proposal

… ¶ … Organizational Culture, Societal Culture, and Leadership Styles

List of Tables (if tables used) viii

List of Figures (if figures used) ix

Leadership and Cultural Differences

Summary of Chapter and Organization of Remainder of the Study


Organizational Culture

Societal Culture


Culture and Leadership

Leadership Theories

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership Styles

Cultural and Leadership Attributes

Cultural Aspects of Organizational Leadership

Relationship between Organizational Leadership and Society

Current and Future Trends

Description of the Study Approach

Instruments/Measurements 105

Treatment / Intervention 116

Data Analysis

Field Tests Establishing Validity 119

Research Limitations

Validity and Reliability 122

Ethical Considerations 124

Chapter Summary




Synthesis and Evaluative Action Plan


Chapter Summary



Summary of Major Aims and…. [read more]

Anthropological Thought Essay

… Anthropology

Historical Foundations of Anthropology

How do the methods of 19th Century Evolutionists explain the development of marriage, family, political organization, and religion?

The development of the evolutionary theory of societal development arose from the precept that all cultures arose in a uniform manner. Early theorists believed that various cultures represented different stages along the path to development. Evolutionary anthropology arose from encounters with cultures that were different Theorists such as Tylor and Morgan developed opposing viewpoints on the development of society.

Tylor disagreed that groups, such as the Native American population, were a degenerated culture (Tylor, cited in Anthropological Theory, 1871:30). He felt that culture from simple to complex and that it progressed through three distinct stages. Tylor argued that civilization progressed from savagery…. [read more]

Polly Was Pregnant Essay

… Polly was pregnant. Again, I should say. It seems like it was just yesterday that she gave birth to Sheila, our first born, back in 1769. Two years later the baby girl is learning to walk, and Polly and I were pleased to be parents all over again.

My name is Paul. I was 28 years old when Molly, my second child was born. Up until that time I had lived there in Massachusetts just about all my life. Back then I was a fisherman, both by choice and by birth. My folks had settled here in Boston from England when the territory was still wild, but it was a lot better in 1771. At the time, Boston was one of the biggest cities here…. [read more]

English Literature Race, Regionalism Research Paper

… This bigotry was obvious in many aspects of human interaction, including in the legal system, particularly if a member of the minority culture was involved in or even suspected of an action against or with a member of the majority culture. According to sociologist Richard Brislan, there can be a danger when a stereotype becomes so ingrained that the population does not understand it as being a generality and instead accepts it as truth. He argues that:

[Stereotypes] become dangerous when people move beyond stereotyping and make decisions based on their stereotypes…In many cultures, stereotypes of certain groups are so negative, are so pervasive, and have existed for so many generations that they can be considered part of the culture into which children are socialized.…. [read more]

Multiculturalism in Europe With Special Dissertation

… ¶ … Multiculturalism in Europe With Special Reference to Germany

The issue of multiculturalism has been the focus to the political concerns of European nations since nineteen forty five. The problem of multiculturalism covers numerous issues, which predominates differ with different political situations. Multiculturalism mirrors concerns regarding immigration and the manner in which immigrants settled in Western Europe between 1950s and 1960s. Following the break-up of communism in nineteen eight nine, and the rebellion of ethnic nationalism in the Eastern Europe, the problem of multiculturalism centered around devolution of power from central national governments to regionally sub-national groups and the probabilities of power-sharing at the centre. Multiculturalism was also linked to the developing numbers of political refugees, and in the wake of terrorists attacks in…. [read more]

Effects Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special ED Students Thesis

… ¶ … technology in learning of elementary school special ed. Students

Action Research Paper:

Effects and Impact of Technology in Learning of Elementary School Special Education Students

The use of technologies to assist in the teaching of special education elementary school children presents unique challenges and illustrates how the creative use of Web-based learning systems can accelerate and support the long-term retention of concepts with these specific students. It is the intent of this Action Research paper to illustrate how this is specifically can be accomplished through the use of a variety of teaching techniques. Despite the potential benefits of using technology-based training there is however there is a lack of adoption of Web-based training materials, websites, and strategies specifically focused on individualized learning plans…. [read more]

Illegal Immigrants in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … illegal immigrants in the U.S. And the possibility of legalizing their status. The article shows: how illegal immigration is currently being dealt with, the views of people on the issue and the flexibility being exhibited by the government. The author makes it clear that while illegal immigration has always been a problem for the country and most people feel country must be protected against such immigration, still illegal entrance into the U.S. should not be criminalized. Very few, if any, percentage of people interviewed supported felony status, the rest felt that while it was not correct to let illegal immigration prosper, there was also no particular need for categorized it as a crime or serious offence.

Illegal immigration is a problem, which the…. [read more]

Strategic Diversity Management Term Paper

… The workforce of America is changing and that too, rapidly. As an increased number of people from the minorities group and women join the workforce, the companies that manage diversity immaculately will be the ones who will be successful in the cut-throat competition of the coming years. Initially, the way to deal with diversity was to wait for people to conceal or get used to their cultural differences so that they could gel with the culture of the companies' dominant employees.

The fresh way is to take care of diversity as a positive feature that brings a comprehensive range of perspectives and analytical skills to the organization. When the diversity is managed perfectly, employees do not feel the pressure to assimilate or hide their differences.…. [read more]

True Meaning of Snow David Research Paper

… The trial is harsh, in that it is very unfair to the defendant, Kabuo, because he is of Japanese descent. During the time the novel is set, Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor, resulting in a war between the U.S.A. And Japan. Many people on the island fought in the war, hence their strong disliking for Japanese people, which Kabuo is. When a snowstorm comes, people have to prepare for the worst, such as falling trees, power shortages, and even accidental deaths, which is a parallel in the book, because the snow falling prepares Kabuo's family for the worst possible outcome, his possible death. Kabuo's trial is unjust because the jurors have strong racial feelings against Japanese, and so to show how unreasonable the trial is,…. [read more]

Lifespan Development Term Paper

… Lifespan Development: Britney Spears

Many people believe that they know Britney Spears. Having grown up in front of a camera, first on Mickey Mouse Club, and then as a major worldwide pop star, her life was covered by the camera. Unfortunately, Spears might be more notable for her personal problems than for her major life success. She had a public marriage followed quickly by two children and a divorce. However, it was her post-divorce behavior that garnered a significant amount of attention. She engaged in some publicly erratic behavior, which was apparently even more dramatic behind the scenes. The breakdown led to speculation by people that Spears was suffering from a bio-chemical disorder, with most people speculating that she was bi-polar. It also led to…. [read more]

Effects of Technology on Personal Relationships Dissertation

… ¶ … Technology on Personal Relationships

The rate at which information is shared in today's world is very different than just a few years ago. More and more, individuals, particularly college students are living both in the "real" world and in the virtual world provided by the internet, Facebook and other social media sites. There is a concern, raised by some, that because of the use of advanced technology, young people are no longer engaging in traditional forms of social capital or interpersonal engagement. The following study seeks to examine the impact social media has on the development of mature interpersonal relationships. Participants for the study will be college students at a designated college or university who will voluntarily participate in the study. Through the…. [read more]

Democratic Nomination of Obama for President Research Paper

… 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary -- Clinton vs. Obama

Why -- and when -- did Obama decide to make a run for the White House? Did he believe his chances were good -- or was he just setting the table for a future run?

"…I have chosen a life with a ridiculous schedule, a life that requires me to be gone from Michelle and the girls for long stretches of time and that exposes Michelle to all sorts of stress. I may tell myself that in some larger sense I am in politics for Malia and Sasha, that the work I do will make the world a better place for them. But such rationalizations seem feeble and painfully abstract when I'm missing one of the girl's…. [read more]

Transformative Adult Education Thesis

… Transformative Adult Education

Did you notice any common themes in the three articles or conflicts and tensions in the ideas expressed by the different authors of the articles?

What is the purpose of adult education? Is it to help the individual pursue a more fruitful economic life? Is it to help the learner realize personal goals, such as achieving a sense of personal fulfillment or finding a 'voice' in defiance of social and community-imposed norms? Is it to show disenchanted adult learners that the educational process can 'work for them'? Or is it to act as a medium of political change in a community? While most educational theorists grant that adult education has the potential to create changes within the individual and society, whether the…. [read more]

Diversity Cultural and Individual Essay

… Diversity

Cultural and individual diversity in the contemporary business environment and workplace is a topic of debate in many companies today. It is a subject that is often to be found in journals and literature on modern business. In essence, diversity in the workless is an issue that is concerned with "….recognizing, respecting and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender, color, age, race, religion, disability, national origin and sexual orientation" (Business Case for Diversity). Furthermore, the subject of diversity also includes other differences that should be acknowledged and accommodated in the modern workplace. These include aspects such as "…communication style, career path, life experience, educational background, geographic location, income level, marital status, military experience, parental status and other variables that influence personal perspectives" (Business Case…. [read more]

Human Behavior Perspectives in Film Menace II Society 1993 Research Paper

… Menace II Society

Human Behavior Perspectives in Film "Menace II Society" (1993)

Caine in Menace II Society

The 1993 film Menace II Society follows Caine during a bloody summer after his high school graduation. Entreated to cruise the streets with his friend, the ticking time bomb O-Dog among others, Caine is drawn into the gritty and dangerous Los Angeles crime scene. Caine is being pulled in two directions. On one side he has his God-fearing grandparents and his good friend Ronnie -- on the other, the legacy left him by his dead, drug-addicted parents -- a despondency handed down like an heirloom -- and the "friends" whom sell drugs, shoot people, and disrespect pretty much everyone they come into contact with. The environment in which…. [read more]

Fiction of Race Research Paper

… One trait infrequently predicts for another. (One cannot read deeper meanings into physical cues)" (Goodman 1998). Above all "there is greater variation within than among purported races" and members of different racial categories show more similarities between one another than differences as human beings when compared with other animal species (Goodman 1998). It is not 'race' that is useful in understanding the evolution and continuing biological and other needs of the human community. "What we should be studying instead are the complex ways in which biology and culture co-produce one another in the human species" (Marks 2012: 29). Aspects of human biology have been given great significance above and beyond their original roots in skin pigmentation but it is better to study the phenomenon itself…. [read more]

Lisa Was a Sophomore Essay

… In order for the patient to adapt to her own philosophy, we must get her to accept herself for who she is without seeking approval from others. To do that, we need to ask her what she likes about herself and her life and encourage her to put emphasis on those things in order to build up her self-esteem so that she would be more inclined to adapt to her own philosophy of life.

"One of the main elements of Erikson's psychosocial stage theory is the development of ego identity.1 Ego identity is the conscious sense of self that we develop through social interaction. According to Erikson, our ego identity is constantly changing due to new experiences and information we acquire in our daily interactions…. [read more]

Armstrong, E. Kukla, R. Kuppermann, M Assessment

… ¶ … Armstrong, E.; Kukla, R.; Kuppermann, M. & Little, M. (2009). "RISK and the Pregnant Body." Hastings Center Report. 39(6), pp. 34.

These authors considered the idea of risk during pregnancy and the fact the women and doctors alike tend to have an overly cautions view on what might be considered a risk or not. They compared this to the fact that during child-birth risks are taken more freely and are not chastised when they fail. The fact that women and doctors are careful during pregnancy is to be applauded because everything must be done with the health of the child in mind, but one cannot ignore the voice of the mother and not act when she thinks something is wrong.

Baraitser, L. &…. [read more]

Whorfian Hypothesis Term Paper

… Whorfian Hypothesis

Tis nature's work that man should utter words

But whether thus or thus, 'tis left to you

To do as seems most pleasing" (9)

Dante's Paradiso

How relevant is the Whorfian Hypothesis (WH) - also referred to as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis - to language learning, in particular for the person who learned (or is learning) English as a second language? It is no secret that there are conflicting views on the meaning of and application of WH - and on the value of this hypothesis about language. What are some of those conflicting viewpoints that are reflected in the academic community? This paper will review the available literature on the subject and offer value judgments on the significance of WH in various applications…. [read more]

Size/Cooperative Learning and IT's Effects Term Paper

… African-American students seem to profit more from the SAGE experience than white students when compared with non-SAGE students. The achievement gap between African-Americans and white students widens each year (Smith, 2003).

It has been noted that class size initiatives have enjoyed wide spread support from parents, teachers, and the general public. People will still believe that smaller class sizes are a good idea and teachers report experiencing lower levels of stress and job dissatisfaction with smaller classes. This is primarily because they are better engaged with each student, and therefore, student motivation increases and discipline problems decrease. Parents believe that a teacher's individualized instruction leads to improvements in a child's academic performance. This is apparent because teachers with smaller classes have more time to…. [read more]

Racism Time Changes Everything Reading Thesis

… " The wives seemed to be particularly effected by the presence of the woman as evidenced by their contentment at her being tossed from the church. As Walker writes "this done, the wives folded their healthy arms across their trim middles and felt at once justified and scornful."

It was not all the white people who viewed the old woman in a scornful manner; there were some that "felt vague stirrings of pity, small and persistent and hazy" but even those feelings were supplanted by the thought that she were similar to "an old collie turned out to die." Some of the church's patrons were able to see past the color to notice the "age, dotage, the missing buttons down the front of her mildewed…. [read more]

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