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Identification of 3-Tier Architectural Components Essay

… ¶ … / and / . In this analysis, we suggest the architectural components on the three layers of the 3-tier architecture. This is carried out in a systematic manner with an analysis and mention of the summary of the website's functionality, an analysis of the presentation layer components, analysis of the business logic layer components and finally an analysis of the data layer components.

The three-tier client-server architecture is client-server architecture in which user interface (UI), functional process logic (also referred to as business logic), data storage logic as well as data access module are all developed and subsequently maintained as totally independent modules. In most cases they are based on separate platforms (Eckerson,1995). It is worth noting that the three tier…. [read more]

Service Oriented Architecture for E-Business Integration Term Paper

… ¶ … equivalent to Why Enterprise Service Bus Architectures in Manufacturing Matter Now the many business drivers that are influencing and growing the use of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architectures throughout global manufacturing are also making it critical for manufacturers to take into account the need for greater synchronization of supply chains across the many sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, fulfillment and service centers. Over and above the need for manufacturers to synchronize these disparate, legacy and often non-integrated systems with ERP, supply chain, distributed order management, and often, global CRM systems is the more fundamental challenge of turning all these systems into competitive advantages in the marketplace.

The key business drivers in manufacturing leading to greater adoption of SOA as a competitive strategy in conjunction…. [read more]

Management Information System in Web Application Research Proposal

… Building a Secure Workflow Management System (SWMS)

for e-Government Web Applications


The Kuwait Ministry of Defense (MOD) needs secure workflow management systems (SWMS) to enable globally distributed users and applications to cooperate across classification levels to achieve critical goals, an SWMS that is dedicated to improve tender processes through the internet, it considered as an online tender management system that permits administrators to automatically issue military electronic tenders to a list of tendering companies. To this end, this study presents a roadmap for implementing (SWMS) e-tender application for (MOD) and focuses on onion routing technique for anonymous communication over a computer for such workflows.

Building a Secure Workflow Management System (SWMS) for e-Government Web Applications



A Web application is simply an application…. [read more]

Cities in International Politics Research Proposal

… City Diplomacy: The Increasing Role of Cities in International Politics

Over the past several decades, there has been a tendency for cities to be involved internationally and this is stated to demonstrate that demonstrates that the maintenance of international relations is no longer exclusively the domain of national governments. This is because cities are beginning to step into their own place on the international stage. The following thesis focuses on city diplomacy and the increasing role of cities in the use of diplomatic tools in the international relations arena. Relations among states are managed through diplomacy and by diplomats however, diplomacy is also used by local governments in their defense of certain interests in the international community.

Cities, ruled by local governments, have gained acceptance…. [read more]

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