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Contemporary Issue or Case in International Affairs Research Proposal

… Overpopulation and Instability: Drawing Connections and Conclusions

The link between overpopulation and political and governmental instability can be proven though multiple case studies. For the past half century, many political scientists have drawn a connection between a nation's ability to control the size of their population and the resources it needs in order to survive. Through an exploration of the causes of political instability, it is possible to clarify this link, and to show that in order for a nation to remain stable and successful politically and otherwise, it needs to be able to control its population growth. There are quite a few areas in the world right now that are primed for political crisis, given the fact that overpopulation crises and resource struggles will…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution and Transformation Research Proposal

… Intervention

Conflict Resolution & Transformation

external intervention in conflict

Evaluating the contributions of external intervention to internal conflict resolution and transformation

Violent conflict in many regions of the world is an issue of grave concern in the international relations today. As one pundit notes, the issue of modern conflict is one that is often compounded by internal politics, structures and forms of dissention that are related to various aspects of inequality in contemporary societies.

Although there appear to be fewer wars between countries there are more outbreaks of armed violence within countries… these are due to many factors, some internal to the country and others caused by external matters such as gross inequalities in world income distribution or perceived discrimination against those of a particular…. [read more]

Reign of Hitler Term Paper

… The Prussian army wanted to ensure that the individuals that were recruited and ultimately chosen were going to be loyal to the cause.

Prussian influence was also evident in the use of the Canton System, which was created by Frederick William. The canton system worked by dividing the Prussian monarchy into recruiting districts assigned to each regiment. The regime maintained lists of all males from the age of religious confirmation. In addition, "The regiment drew men from the list as required to keep it up to strength, training them for about a year before giving them furlough...industrial zones and those individuals who were wealthy or deemed of value to the state were exempt from service."

This system of conscription was important because it allowed the…. [read more]

Intrastate Conflict in Sudan the African Continent Term Paper

… Intrastate Conflict in Sudan

The African continent is seen nowadays as being one of the most volatile regions in the world. Despite its enormous natural and human potential, it fails to take advantage of the resources at hand and continues to be a security threat at a regional level, as well as at a global one. Sudan is in this sense representative for the fragile security situation present on the continent. However, the state of affairs in the country has maintained alive the attention of the international community more than other conflicts such as the ones in Ethiopia or Congo. This is due to the continuous struggles for reaching a positive agreement between the conflicting parties in the country, as well as the failure to…. [read more]

Conflict in Wase Lga Seminar Paper

… Conflict Resolution

Nigeria has been making the news across the globe of late and in particular in relation to the violence and sectarian attacks and activities that are predominant in the Northern part of the country. Significantly, the Boko Haram (an Islamic terror group linked to the Al Shabaab in Somali) kidnapping of more than 200 girls from a primary school within the Northern part of the country has attracted the loathing and action of many countries and U.S. being one of them. In the context of this paper, it is worth noting that the Boko Haram and the kidnapped girls were from different religious and ethnic background (Smith D., 2014). This is not the only group with such clandestine activities within this Northern region…. [read more]

Peasant Life During the Meiji Restoration Thesis

… Peasant Life During the Meiji Restoration

The Meiji Restoration brought political, social and economic changes in the life of Japan that needed a period of sacrifice, like most of the changings following a revolution or a change of system in the life of a country. The transition from the Tokugawa to the Meiji period is considered a period of abrupt passing from a feudal Japan into a capitalist society. During that period, the rural population represented more than two thirds of the total population. The peasants were the main working force and sources of income for the country's resources. The industrial era was in its early stages and still running a long way until being able to take over from the agricultural sector.

The political…. [read more]

Conservatism in the American Political Landscape Term Paper

… ¶ … conservatism in the American political landscape. As most students of political science and government know, American conservatism has altered drastically since the end of World War II. What is the cause of this alteration, and where is American conservatism headed in the future? American conservatism will continue to grow and change in the future, with new political and spiritual leaders emerging to lead the American conservative movement toward the future and its continued goals of fiscal, moral, and religious conservatism throughout the country and its political system.

What exactly is American conservatism? The answer is surprisingly complex. Some may believe American conservatism represents the right-minded politicians of the country, including the current administration, but in reality, American conservatism is far more intricate than…. [read more]

Marshal Tito Term Paper

… Marshal Tito

Josip Broz Tito

Josip Broz Tito is the main figure of Yugoslavian politics of the 20th century who was the leader of this Balkan country for more than 30 years. He is considered to be a founder of postwar communist Yugoslav federation which provided independent policy resisting Joseph Stalin's wish turn his political power into Soviet puppet-regime which had to fulfill all orders Moscow said. So, Tito's role in Yugoslav history is invaluable and his successes and failures are worth researching.

Tito's participation in WWII resistance is well-known. "Communist interwar and wartime experience created party organizations in the Balkans that were well-equipped for the resistance struggle, but poorly prepared to exercise real political power after 1945." (Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History Lecture…. [read more]

Jesus Was He Jew or Christian Term Paper

… Jesus, Jew or Christian

The common confusion as to whether Jesus Christ was Jew or Christian basically derives from the unclear or misunderstood relationship between Judaism and Christianity. The importance of this relationship, in turn, derives from the universal view or acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Messiah of the Jews, the fulfillment of Messianic aspirations and the lack of knowledge that Christianity started as a Jewish sect. Many assume that Judaism, the religion of the Jews, and Christianity are two different religions. An overall ignorance of the Bible by professing Christians themselves and a long period of anti-semitism account for the mis-interpretation or misreading of the Bible and the consequent discrediting or hatred of the Jews. This misreading or lack of knowledge of Jesus…. [read more]

Yanomamo the Yanomami Term Paper

… As stated, the Shaman is the central conduit of the religious and spiritual perceptions of the Yanomamo. He or she establishes contact with the multifarious spiritual world through the use of hallucinogenic drugs. The chief function of the Shaman is healing. Sorcery is also practiced against enemies.

3. Kinship, politics and marriage

The religious and cultural understanding of the Yanomamo is inextricably linked to the social and political context in which they live. Kinship and marriage structure are extremely important in the structure of the Yanomamo society. This also relates to their system of social control and law. As Chagnon states in his work, Yanomamo: The Fierce People

Social life is organized around those same principles utilized by all tribesmen: kinship relationships, descent from ancestors,…. [read more]

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