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American Literature and the Great Essay

… The first of these authors, Zora Neale Hurston, published her first major anthropological work Mules and Men in 1935, just as the Federal Writer's Project was getting underway. Mules and Men is a piece of literary anthropology, and in it Hurston attempts to record the folk tales of the South, and particularly of rural blacks, "before it's too late" (Hurston 8). Hurston's desire to record these folk tales in the wake of the Great Depression demonstrates quite a different response to the Depression than Steinbeck, because where Steinbeck's work seems to mourn the loss of an almost idealized pre-Depression world, Hurston recognizes that the world before the Depression was not especially positive (at least for blacks), and thus it is her duty so salvage whatever…. [read more]

Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Was Born Research Paper

… Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in Minnesota in 1896, a descendent of the author of "The Star Spangled Banner," hence the name "Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald." Fitzgerald attended Princeton University and began his writing career by contributing to student newspapers and other publications at the university. The author left school and joined the U.S. Army in 1917; he was released two years later; he then got experience working for an advertising agency in New York City. After returning to his home state of Minnesota in 1920 he fine-tuned and published his first novel ("This Side of Paradise").

The money and fame that rolled in from his first novel was Fitzgerald's launch into the career he had coveted. He married Zelda and wrote a…. [read more]

Philosophies Embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa Identity Crisis or a Great Philosopher Essay

… Pessoa

"The Philosophies embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. Identity Crisis or a great Philosopher?"


The Philosophies embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. Identity Crisis or a great Philosopher?

The Philosophies embodied in the Heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. Identity Crisis or a great Philosopher?

Introduction of Fernando Pessoa; his Life, Work and Background

Fernando Pessoa (1888 -- 1935) was a poet who wrote using various "heteronyms" or literary alter egos. However, as will be discussed, these were not alter egos in the conventional sense but were in fact separate entities that the writer claimed existed and informed his existential and artistic experience. This becomes clear from the fact that "Pessoa devoted his life to conferring substance to each alter ego, giving each…. [read more]

Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Term Paper

… ¶ … Great Gatsby

The Elusive American Dream in the Great Gatsby

The history of America itself is the main inspiration for Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby. Since the discovery of the continent, America struggled between two polar tendencies: unalloyed idealism and absolute pragmatism. These opposites are not merely ideologies reflected in the American culture, but actual realities blended in the destiny of the nation. In the Great Gatsby, this opposition is reflected symbolically in the contrast between the Romantic Gatsby and the other characters in the novel, Tom Buchanan and Daisy especially. By contrast, Nick Carraway seems to represent orderliness and neutrality, while all the other characters lead a full and exuberant life. The steps of the narrative follow Gatsby's fall and that of the American…. [read more]

Illusion in the Works of Great Writers Essay

… It is not all that unusual in a father-daughter dynamic to have sharp differences in how the daughter's life should be lived. But in this case, the father actually threatens his daughter with death, or with the punishment of being a virgin for her entire life.

So what does Hermia do in response to her father's demands? She leaves the court (reality) and runs into the woods (the mystical and illusionary, which has magic) where fairies interfere -- again, illusion trumps reality. Even Puck, noted for being a wicked person who deceives people and steals yeast before the beer can ferment, is changed in the woods. In the woods Puck becomes a messenger for Oberon (the fairy lord), doing exactly what the fairy wants, including…. [read more]

Modernism in Fitzgerald's the Great Gatsby Scott Term Paper

… Modernism in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel, the Great Gatsby, has been identified by the critics as a novel which stands at the boundary between nineteen century fiction and the modernism of the Roaring Twenties. As Arnold Weinstein observes, the Great Gatsby can be inscribed in the tradition of the "great expectations" or "lost illusion" fiction, specific to the Victorian AG (Bloom, 137). In this respect, the book emphasizes the corruption of the American Dream. However, the Great Gatsby is at the same time a profoundly modernist fiction. First of all, Fitzgerald is the inventor of the literary term that will later be used in American Studies: "the Jazz Age"(Breitwieser, 364). Jazz is thus an important modernist fictional leitmotif, which characterizes the…. [read more]

Rousseau, Douglass, Both Prose Writers Term Paper

… He is the arbiter of the diverse and he is the key. He is the equalizer of his age and land... If peace is the routine, and of him speaks the spirit of peace, large, rich... he encourages the study of man, the soul, immortality... his thoughts are the hymns of praise of the things - in the talk on the soul and eternity - God off of his equal place - he is silent - he sees eternity in men and women.

What makes Whitman different - his free choice of subject and his desire to follow his whims and his personal desires. He brings these into his writing - never mind if he violates the sensibilities of his readers.

William Wordsworth - Poet…. [read more]

Scott Fitzgerald and the Great Term Paper

… It represents a notable resemblance to Fitzgerald's own life, while the story has been taken over the role of Nick narrating the story; in some ways verifying a double side of Fitzgerald. At that time his drunken state was being observed, but he didn't write the book while he was drunk. While he had written in his short story 'the winter dreams', about his feelings of a lost youth, he also gets into the novel his sense of social inadequacy and his emotion of hurt when the dream is betrayed. As Fitzgerald quotes, " the whole idea of Gatsby is the unfairness of a poor young man not being able to marry a girl with money. This theme comes up again and again, because I…. [read more]

Ursula K. Le Guin's Piece Essay

… She explains how to circumvent this by reading. Reading allows even the most novice of writers to learn how to form proper stories by following an example. Just like children learn how to talk by listening to their parents, writers can learn how to write effectively by reading others work. Le Guin continues by focusing on the term, verbal imagery.

Verbal imagery such as a simile or description, is more useful than a mere description of something, a place, or someone. It helps make what is imagined feel real. This helps to draw the reader in, creating the illusion. This perhaps is the greatest product of successful writing, is the formation of a perfect illusion.

And the illusion is what writers all wish to convey,…. [read more]

Politics of Ideology in Brecht's Life of Galileo Term Paper

… Brecht was a great man of theatre and devised plays that both enlivened and relaxed audiences into breaking the illusion of story. His characters brought a means of expression that he used to reach people in a manner that promoted detachment by opposing sound and image. Brecht's dramatic technique as applied to his play "Life of Galileo" is apart of a theory of theatre known as 'Epic Theatre'. Epic theatre is an anti-illusionist theatre opposite of the concept of Aristotelian's 'Theatre of Illusion'. It is in understanding 'Epic Theatre' that comprehend his dramatic technique.

He had many ways to apply his technique. One way would be his use of long pauses. This causes the audience to reflect and think about what was happening in the…. [read more]

Life After Death: Afterlife Research Paper

… Evidence retrieved from archaeological patterns suggests that while they originally abandoned their dead, human beings developed a sense of responsibility by assuming patterns that are more mournful. Echoing the same, Professor Godfrey Muriuki of the University of Nairobi notes, "From flower petals to flint, fetal positions to facing east, bare bones to goat horns, man started supplementing the basic corpse… From Neanderthal and especially Cro-Magnon times evolved an increasingly ritualistic approach."

Early references to Ancient Greek beliefs emerge from Homers accounts as documented in The Iliad and The Odyssey. In other historical accounts, the conception of the Afterlife had taken form in Ancient Greek beliefs dating back to the 6th Century BC. The Greek concept of the afterlife incorporates the 'underworld' depicted as an alternate…. [read more]

Technology in Today's World Annotated Bibliography

… No longer do Americans need to balance a checkbook. They can pay bills electronically and monitor their accounts as often as they like. When Americans leave home, ATM and EBT cards provide easy access to cash anytime and from almost anywhere.

Access to education has evolved as an increasing number of colleges and universities offer online courses. In some fields, such as library science and business administration, it is possible to get an advanced degree entirely online. There are online programs for younger students as well. Families who home school or who live in isolated areas can take advantage of accredited programs that offer students opportunities that may not be available or accessible locally. Beyond academics, there are many options for people who want to…. [read more]

Chalk Art of Julian Beever, of England Term Paper

… ¶ … chalk art of Julian Beever, of England. The writer's main thesis states, "…his style creates a unique and fun aspect and brings a whole new meaning to how I view art." However, this thesis statement does not come until the end of the essay. he/she should be including it in the fist paragraph, as well. Right now, there is no thesis statement in the lead paragraph.

Similarly, the writer does not discuss postmodernism until the end. he/she does not define the word, but details aspects of Beever's work that fall into this art form. I do not gain an overall idea of the concept of postmodernism from what the writer is saying. he/she should either add the concept of postmodernism to the beginning…. [read more]

Grendel Essay

… e. fiction that includes within itself reflections on its own fictional identity. (Hutcheon, 1980; Neumann & Nunning, 2012)

The statement that authors in general try to draw us into their work on such a level might seem nonsensical given that we are generally aware of the fact that you are turning the pages of a book, or skimming through the latest Stephen King on your Kindle. But most authors want to draw you in to their story, to convince you that their characters are as real as your own family. Wagner is reminds you over and again that you can never be one of his family of characters but can never leave the story either until he is done with you as a complement to…. [read more]

Allen Ginsberg: Beat Poet Extraordinare Term Paper

… ¶ … Allen Ginsberg:

Beat Poet Extraordinare

As one of America's most controversial poets of the mid to late 20th century, Allen Ginsberg, best-known for his radical poem "Howl" and for his outspoken views on American society, politics and the Vietnam War, was a very influential figure in the so-called "counterculture" of the mid to late 1960's and stands as the quintessential member of the "Beat Generation," a literary movement which encompassed life in the urban streets of our major American cities, such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Los Angeles, and often focused on specific topics that at the time were considered as taboo and forbidden, especially as literary centerpieces in the form of poetry, short stories, journals and magazine articles.

Thus,…. [read more]

Man's Ability to Treat Humans Term Paper

… Apart from central theme of keeping hope, the implied storyline of "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" is about how Tupac rose from his hazardous surroundings by following his ambitions and became successful in the rap industry. This involves simple analogy, where the word "rose" in the title represents Tupac as a person and the word "concrete" signifies the unforgiving streets of Marin City. Tupac has presented the experience of his own life and depicted the ways by which he surmounted his dangerous environment and kept on following his dreams consistently, which ultimately bestowed him with fame and success (McQuillar & Johnson 75). This is analogous to how a flower grew out of the cold and non-nurturing concrete by breathing air, and eventually blooms and…. [read more]

Promethean Myth Holds Term Paper

… Manfred feels superior:

For if the beings, of whom I was one

Hating to be so -- cross'd me in my path, felt myself degraded back to them, And was all clay again.

(Knight 240)

Within Manfred is Byron's expression of his feeling of both humanity and superiority. Additionally, he is emulating the compassionate pull of Prometheus to his human brethren. Though he is immortal, or at least superior he feels kinship with those beings who are made from clay.

With this example, and the accompanying resource of an understanding of the language and illusion of the Prometheus myth a reader can clearly see in the works of at least this one Romantic the clear kinship with the analogous illustrative tool of the promethean myth…. [read more]

John Cheever Thesis

… John Cheever is perhaps one of the most formidable American Short story writers. His works have a reflective and attitudinal tone that are consistent with the characters and places that are presented through his work. The purpose of this discussion is to explore the major themes that are seen throughout his various works.

Social Class/Setting

One of the major themes of his work is the development of a story in which WASPs are the primary characters (Gamble). Most of his short stores take place in the suburbs of New England. This particular region was probably most familiar to Cheever because he was born in Massachusetts. Like other writers whose works are set in specific regions, Cheever's work reflects the values he saw as most evident…. [read more]

British and German Trench Poetry Side Research Proposal

… ¶ … British and German trench poetry side by side

Teaching British and German trench war poetry side-by-side

One of the difficulties in teaching World War I is that the memory of World War II is often much sharper in the minds of students. The more ambiguous causes of the First World War, and the complex feelings of both German and British soldiers can be lost if there is too much focus on the British War Poets alone. Examining both nationalities' poetic response to war enables a compassionate cross-comparison of both traditions. It enables students to identify both similarities and differences in the responses of German and British war poets, who were responding to the same experience of bloodshed, albeit from different sides of the…. [read more]

Dylan Thomas Wrote Sixteen Poems Research Paper

… Dylan Thomas wrote sixteen poems that were considered as great. Thomas was born in a middle class family and his father was a schoolteacher. Hoewver, Thomas did not wear the "old school tie, his upper lip was far from stiff and everything about him seemed too much. In short, he was a slob." (Tindall, 1962) The work of Tindall states that Thomas "burst upon London with his marvels…in 1933" and dazzled his readers. (1962) Thomas proclaimed that he was a "Welshman" first and secondly a "drunkard." (Tindall, 1962) Thomas is described as "outrageous, irresponsible and charming." (Tindall, 1962)

Thomas is reported to have both acted and looked like a poet. Thomas' poems are about "the daisies in deep" and used phrase that were transcendental" and…. [read more]

Symbolic Imagery in the Works of Ernest Thesis

… Symbolic Imagery in the Works of Ernest Hemingway

While author Ernest Hemingway is known for his brevity, that should never be confused with his ability to pack a powerful punch with few words. To help him deliver commanding and poignant stories, Hemingway relied heavily upon symbolic imagery. Hemingway had a knack for utilizing imagery and making it look easy. The imagery and symbolism become so much a part of his characters that it is difficult to separate them. A few stories that illustrate this point are "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," "A Clean Well-Lighted Place," "The Killers" "Hills Like White Elephants" and The Sun Also Rises. All of these stories contain images that become powerful symbols that become crucial to the structure of the story as…. [read more]

Psychic Phenomena Academic Journals Alvarado, C.S Annotated Bibliography

… Psychic Phenomena

Academic Journals

Alvarado, C.S., & Nahm, M. (2011). Psychic phenomena and the vital force: Hereward Carrington on "vital energy and psychical phenomena." Journal of The Society For Psychical Research, 75(903), 91-103.

Carrington argued that metabolic processes, and life itself, were produced by a vital force that did not depend on the body for its production: this force could be projected from the body and cause physical phenomena, such as movement of objects and materializations.

Evaluation: While his views are in some ways inconsistent with other parapsychologists, they remain a valuable window to past aspects of parapsychological theory.

Howard, R.G. (2010). Can an ordinary person be trained to use the psychic senses? Journal of Spirituality & Paranormal Studies, 33(2), 101-110.

Summary: Psychic faculties are…. [read more]

African and Asian Influences on Western European Art Essay

… She is standing on a Chinese carpet and wearing a Japanese kimono. However, Asian influence was just one out of several styles that affected European art. African art had a profound effect.

African art influenced 20th century styles of European art which is evident in cubism. Looking at the Bakota reliquary guardian figure from Gabon, Mbulu-Ngulu, we see an intermediary between the living and the dead. It is formalized into geometric shapes, the base taking the shape of a diamond, the solid contrasting the empty space (Soltes). The head depicts the connection to the soul and the realm of the dead. Another geometric piece of art is the Fang mask from Gabon, with geometric reduction and geometric emphasis on light and shadow. The Kifwebe mask…. [read more]

Man of the Crowd Term Paper

… As a social structure, London produced a large number of workers, especially clerical workers; clerks were an obvious occupation of the time, and the obvious aspect of the metropolitan economy. Although a large part of the population are working class, there are also nobles and rich merchant plying the social circles of upper social class London, but they are outnumbered by the poorest class in the city. In Psychology, Pseudoscience's of physiognomy and phrenology-which pertains to the ability to read the character of people in a crowd- influenced the author's perspectives in classifying people in the story. The popularity of written text appearing sporadically in the modern urban landscape of that time influenced the writer in the way he mused at things and developed his…. [read more]

Human Behavior Explored Thesis

… Human Behavior Explored in the Works of John Milton

The English poet John Milton was born on December 9, 1608 in London, near St. Paul's Cathedral. This remarkable birthplace serves to be prophetic as Milton becomes one of the most outspoken voices f his time regarding human behavior and one's relationship with God. Milton was one of three children born to John and Sara Milton. Their family parish, All Hallows, was famous for reforming Puritan ministers. Milton's father was a professional scrivener as well as a musician and composer. (Skerpan-Wheeler) in 1620, Milton attended St. Paul's school and in 1625, he entered Christ's College of the University of Cambridge. Here Milton studied logic, rhetoric, and ethics and became bishop of Cork in 1638. He wrote…. [read more]

Nikita Khrushchev on the Cuban Term Paper

… The Role of Nikita S. Khrushchev. The pudgy little man in the wrinkled, ugly suit was not a very impressive figure for a world leader when he appeared on American television at the United Nations, but most Americans of the day still assumed that Khrushchev was, nevertheless, the undisputed overlord of a burgeoning Soviet empire, while nothing could have been further from the truth. Certainly, Khrushchev held the office, but the Soviet Union was in fact also managed by an enormous bureaucracy. According to Aleksandr Fursenko and Timothy Naftali, the political machine inherited by Khrushchev remained solidly in place during the missile crisis, and it would seem that the party leader's ability to maneuver in this environment was seriously constrained despite the Western perceptions of…. [read more]

World Bank Term Paper

… ¶ … World Bank (also sometimes known as "The World Bank Group" [WBG]) and its major accomplishments. Created in 1944, the World Bank's goal was to aid Europe after the end of World War II. It proved to be extremely valuable during the post-war reconstruction as world trade struggled. Later the Bank sought a new financial role as global economic development transpired. The World Bank has struggled over the last few decades because the needs that necessitated the organization no longer exist. As the world's finances have grown more stable, many argue the organization's goals are obsolete and that the bank should close. However, the World Bank searches for a new role to serve today's world.

The World Bank is not a banking institution in…. [read more]

Pianist Movie Review Movie Review

… ¶ … Pianist

Roman Polanski's film, "The Pianist" is somewhat atypical of his work to date in its presentation. Whereas the filmmaker had at the time provided the public with films that turn and twist reality to unbearable proportions, "The Pianist" instead shows the audience the horrors that realism can depict. To achieve this, Polanski uses the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jews during this time as his subject matter. However, true to the filmmaker's style, he does not make this presentation in only one dimension. Indeed, the film depicts a variety of dimensions not only for the events in the film, but also the characters responsible for these events. Revenge, selfless love, hatred and even joy often manifest themselves in a single person…. [read more]

Guns and Roses Essay

… Guns n Roses

Guns N' Roses: Three Decades, Three Eras, and the Rock Goes on?

Though many -- perhaps even most -- bands eventually crumble form the accusations and in-fighting, problems with managers and disillusion with the lifestyle that almost invariably arises, Guns N' Roses still rocks on. Well, at least in name. Truth be told, singer and front-man Axl Rose is the only member of the original band still performing with the group that bears the name Guns N' Roses. The problems listed above were extremely prevalent and viscous sources of tension and conflict in the band, and even today Gun N' Roses is marked by frequent changes in lineup. The disputes that may or my not be the cause for these changes are…. [read more]

Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams' Play Term Paper

… ¶ … Glass Menagerie

Tennessee Williams' play "The Glass Menagerie" introduces a series of strong ideas through its characters and its storyline. Audiences are likely to feel compassionate towards the characters and acknowledge the fact that the contemporary society is obsessed with material values. The play abounds in instances where characters attempt to detach themselves from the real world, acting as if they would practically acknowledge they are on a stage, but refuse to accept the roles they were assigned. Gene Roddenberry's 1966 episodes 11 and 12, titled "The Menagerie," in the Star Trek TV series, bring on a series of similar ideas, as they emphasize the concept of illusion as something that desperate people cling to, in spite of being well-acquainted with their actual…. [read more]

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