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Police in Society Term Paper

… Police in Society

Organizational Structure

Hiring Standards

Community-Based Policing Philosophy

Police in Society

The police department has immense responsibility in maintaining law and order and providing safety and security implies the need for the establishment of a strong police force based on a clear and sound organizational philosophy. Establishing and maintaining a police organization for the urban city of metropolis with its population of around 300000 people is a task that requires careful planning and execution right from the hiring process to the strategic deployment of force. It is envisioned that a well co-ordinated and cooperative police network, with four interconnected stations would be very effective in checking crimes in the city and allaying the fears of the public.


Police department has a vital…. [read more]

Analog Design vs. Digital Design as a Trend Term Paper

… Digital vs. Analog Design

The Trend toward Digital Design

When one choose between analog and digital design approaches, the relative merits of low cost analog vs. digital signal processing (DSP) solutions need to be explored.

Linear, or analog, circuits typically use only a few components, so are the simplest types of integrated circuits (IC). Usually, analog circuits are connected to devices that collect signals from the environment or send signals back to the environment, such as a microphone that converts fluctuating vocal sounds into an electrical signal of varying voltage (Integrated 5).

Investigating a system through studying its analog has been fairly common in science. In acoustics, the elements of various systems have been explained by setting up and studying a similar or analogous electrical…. [read more]

Miniature Antennas for Biomedical Applications Term Paper

… The MEMS technology has developed several devices for biomedical applications. The Microfluidics makes it easier the design of networks of channels, chambers and valves to regulate the flow of liquids in amounts as minute as one picoliter. Such systems have few moving parts and necessitate little assembly. They entail the potentiality to miniaturize analytical equipment that applies expensive chemicals and DNA samples. They take the benefit of the physical phenomena like electro-osmosis, dielectro-phoresis and surface interaction effects. It involves generation of a Electrokinetic flow when the electrodes attached to computer driven power supplies are placed in the reservoirs at each end of a channel and activated to produce electrical current via the channel.

Under such circumstances fluids of the suitable kind will move by a…. [read more]

Spray-On Solar Power Cells Term Paper

… This breakthrough could have far reaching effects of how we generate energy.


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"New plastic can better convert solar energy." Canadian Press. Jan 9, 2005. July…. [read more]

Electronics Aiding Humanity Term Paper

… Electronics Aiding Humanity

Technology and Man

The emergence of technology brought a lot of changes in how man performs his daily activities, may it be for his personal needs or for his professional responsibilities. How technology continuously provides interface to a faster accomplishment of man's needs is important to the awareness of mankind.

Since the time that diverse and advanced technologies were introduced, man was empowered to do things that were never imagined before. Such includes the completion of tasks in a quicker amount of time as compared to how they can be completed if done in a traditional process. For instance, banking was made easier and more convenient when automated teller machines (ATMs) were developed.

Instead of falling in line in banks that are…. [read more]

Hubble Space Telescope Term Paper

… After much discussion among the scientists and engineers, NASA "discovered a major flaw in the giant mirror, (for it) was too flat on one edge by 1/50th of the width of a single human hair" (Stathopoulos, Internet). In technical terms, the primary mirror was suffering from spherical aberration which meant that the mirror had been ground incorrectly. The curve at the center of the mirror did not match the curve at its edge which meant that the mirror was incapable of reflecting light into a tiny point of encircled energy or core. Instead, it spread out the light over a large area; the center of the mirror, however, focused well but the edge was out of focus, creating a large halo of light.

On June…. [read more]

Nanotechnology Is the Predictable Capability to Form Term Paper

… Nanotechnology is the predictable capability to form things from the base level by the application of the tools and methods that are being devised presently to set each of the atoms and molecules in its desire place. When such type of development is accomplished in the sphere of molecular engineering, that seems likely, it gives rise to manufacturing revolution. (Introduction to Nanotechnology) We are required to concentrate on this meticulously and on the potential scopes and risks involved in it.

Intro to Nanotechnology-past, present, future, benefits, drawbacks


Richard Feynman, an imminent Nobel Prize winning physicist gave a renowned speech in the year 1959 disagreeing that the laws of physics do not control man's capacity to control single atoms and molecules. He explained an apparition…. [read more]

Ectopic/Heterotopic Brain Tissue Term Paper

… There objective was to call to attention to a cutaneous marker for neural tube defects of the scalp. The "hair collar" sign consists of "a ring of long, dark, coarse hair surrounding a midline scalp nodule" (Drolet and Lawrence 309). There are several different types of ectopic brain tissues or heterotopic brain tissue. Most of these fall under the CEB, but some of them point to serious problems in the infant. It is important that the pediatrician have these checked by a neurologist.

The skin and the nervous system are both derived from ectoderm. Separation of neural ectoderm from epithelial ectoderm occurs during the third to fifth week of gestation concurrent with the formation of the neural tube. This chronological association during embryogenesis may explain…. [read more]

Telemedicine: Will Telemedicine Improve Term Paper

… Not only this but it is also important to examine the ways in which non-physicians would be reimbursed in the field. Needless to say that research in this regard would probably solve a number of problems that most non-physicians find themselves facing in settings other than the one being discussed at present.

One must bear in mind that teleradiology is perhaps the oldest form of telemedicine on which sufficient literature can be found along with the fact that the FDA has been extensively involved with this issue since 1977. This kind of technology basically focuses on the creation and transmission of medical images e.g. x-rays to different places, mainly those that are not easily accessible. The image is transmitted by way of a digital signal…. [read more]

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