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H 1b Shortage Research Proposal

… H-1B Shortage

In today's society, knowledge and expertise are raw materials that are essential for companies and countries so that they can be more competitive. The economy is dependent on innovative companies and whether they can not only attract but also retain the talent that will provide them with the most benefit. This should re regardless of the citizenship or nationality of those talented individuals. The most unfortunate issue here, however, is that the United States immigration system makes doing this very challenging, and many U.S. firms are incapable of getting the people that they really need to keep the economy strong because of immigration requirements (Written testimony of William H. Gates Before the Committee on Science and Technology, United States House of Representatives, P…. [read more]

Immigration Law H. 1b Work Visas Term Paper

… Immigration Law: AKA- H-1B work visas

A Brief Definition/Description Of The Current Law

The H-1B visa usually is regarded as a 'Non-Immigrant Visa' and authorizes employment with a sponsoring employer. (Lubin, 32) H-1B visa gives permission for a nonimmigrant foreigner to work for a short time in the United States in an area of expertise that needs hypothetical and useful application of a body of specific knowledge. Some of the expertise areas are architecture, engineering, medicine and health, law and arts. It is necessary for the supporting employer to appeal for the visa. (Clark, 21) the H-1B visas are exercised to fetch trained workers into U.S. with most of them being it professionals. (Michael, 8)

The employee must fulfill some norms together with educational along…. [read more]

Immigration Reform Essay

… Undocumented laborers are seen as hard working people trying to get ahead in life, something that appeals to a lot of people but especially to those within the Hispanic community, as they can relate to such an experience.

Then there are conservative voters, those take a strong anti-immigrant view in general, and therefore stand against efforts for immigration reform. Legal immigrants who otherwise are left-leaning even take this view, because they were willing to go through the onerous legal channels. They might support elements of immigration reform that would streamline those channels, but little else. The issue of amnesty is often a non-starter for conservatives and legal immigrants.

With respect to understanding the voters, some interesting trends emerge. On the issue of amnesty, most Hispanics…. [read more]

H-1B Visa in Recent Years Term Paper

… This effort must include the offering of compensation that is at least equal to the compensation offered to H-1B workers ("Employment Law Guide"). This particular provision also states that if there is an American worker who is better qualified or equally qualified, the job must go to the American worker ("Employment Law Guide").

Again this final regulation is designed to offer some protection to American Workers. The provision seeks to ensure that qualified American employees are given the same employment opportunities as alien workers. The law want to ensure that an alien workforce does not replace an American workforce.

Just as there are regulations associated with employers, the!-1B workers also have rights that must be considered and implemented. For instance, those working under an H-1B…. [read more]

Immigration Reform and the Dream Essay

… The issue is not a simple conservative or liberal political dilemma. In relatively recent times, conservative politicians have taken very diverse stances on immigration reform; President Bush was a very vocal advocate for immigration reform, while many of the conservative governors in border states want to focus on strengthening border security and increasing deportations, rather than streamlining the immigration process. Furthermore, liberal politicians have failed to fully support immigration reform, and are oftentimes not from border states that deal with immigration issues on a daily basis. Public opposition against immigration reform seems based in half-truths. For example, people are concerned that meaningful immigration reform would increase the incentive to illegally immigrate to the United States, without focusing on the fact that immigrants are already coming.…. [read more]

2000, the American Competitiveness in the 21st Research Proposal

… ¶ … 2000, the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act was passed by Congress. This act, which was widely supported by firms in high technology industries, had several impacts on American businesses. The main feature of the Act was to change some of the rules regarding H1-B visas.

The H1-B visa is a category of non-immigrant visa that allows foreign workers with special skills to work in the U.S. It only applies to specific categories of workers, and these workers must only work for the sponsoring company. The new Act increases the quota of H1-B workers who can be allowed into the United States, and it allows them to begin working immediately. The Act does, however, have some provisions for the increase in portability…. [read more]

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