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Exercise and Proper Diet: Solutions Term Paper

… It also increases blood pressure, which is the primary reason why smoking is harmful to the health of an individual (aside from lung cancer) (Heartsavers 2003).

Physical inactivity or lack of exercise also causes heart diseases. Aside from lowering the blood pressure of an individual, exercise greatly contributes to the replenishment of oxygen-carrying blood to the circulatory system, particularly the heart. When a person lacks exercise and leads a completely inactive life, the bodily functions slow down, hindering and slowing down the maintenance of an individual's body health. Lack of exercise thus results to higher blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood, plus the development of the body to obesity. Improper food diet, meanwhile, is also essential in the maintenance of a good, healthy body…. [read more]

Respiratory Infections Research Paper

… The patients with non-atopic asthma do not have elevated levels of IgE in blood serum and they do not have hypersensitivity to any allergens. However, there are certain immunologic mechanisms that have not been demonstrated Clark et al., 1999()

The risk factors of bronchial asthma usually lead to immunologic mechanisms whereby they cause irritation directly or indirectly as a result of denaturation of proteins. Bronchial asthma is also an occupational asthma and is suspected when the patient experiences these symptoms repeatedly when at work Chen, Schreier, Strunk, & Brauer, 2008()


Bronchial asthma is a hereditary disease. When a person gets infected, there is IgE stimulation which causes mast cell degranulation which causes the asthma attack. The attack can then lead to an altered immunologic…. [read more]

Immunity, Exercise, and Chronic Disease Essay

… Immunity, Exercise, And Chronic Disease

Susceptibility to the development of chronic diseases has been shown to depend on at least two processes, a reduced capacity to manage oxidative stress and chronic inflammation (reviewed by Lee, Park, Zuidema, Hannink, and Zhang, 2011, p. 18-19). Diseases that have been linked to these conditions are some of the more debilitating and life-threatening diseases found in developed countries and include type-2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, depression, Parkinson's disease, and cancer (Lee, Park, Zuidema, Hannink, and Zhang, 2011, p. 18-19; Walsh et al., p. 34). This essay will review how oxidative stress and chronic inflammation levels can be modified through exercise and antioxidant-focused nutrition to reduce the risk of disease and premature death.

Oxidative…. [read more]

Healthy Individual Is Infected Essay

… The mechanism of the antimuscarinic drug is that it decreases the urgency to increase bladder capacity. The role of the nurse educator is to assist the health specialists in carrying out the treatments. Moreover, the nurse educator roles are to educate patients on the appropriate method to take medication.


Pellati Mylonakis, Bertoloni, et al., (2008) reveal that infertility is a disease that affects reproductive system, which impairs ability to perform essential function of reproduction. Typically, obstruction of male or female genital tract can cause infertility. The alteration of genital tract occurs when there is a partial or total blocking of free flow of seminal fluid. Some of the abnormalities may be present at birth or due to unrogenital tract. Other factor leading the defective…. [read more]

Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Term Paper

… ¶ … Teaching on the Cognitive Learning of Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of individual and group teaching on the cognitive learning of adult kidney transplant recipients on an inpatient transplant unit.

Kidney transplant recipients have an abundance of learning needs after receiving their transplants. Patient education is a crucial aspect of the transplant nurse's role. Transplant recipients must learn follow-up instructions, signs of rejection and infection, medications and their side effects, urine testing procedures, and dietary and lifestyle modifications in order to ensure transplant viability and increased quality of life. It is important that the most effective method is used to teach this critical information. Patient education is widely documented in the literature, however little…. [read more]

Aetiology and Management of Cancer Understanding Essay

… Aetiology and Management of Cancer

Understanding the aetiology and management of cancer in Biopsychosocial perspective

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world today and unfortunately, there are more than 200 different types of cancers that can affect human beings across all walks of life. Though it is more common among older people, it also affects children, teenagers and young adults. In the UK alone, more than 309,500 people are being diagnosed with cancer every year and this is roughly about 850 people a day. It is estimated that one in every three people will develop some kind of cancer in their lifetime and in the UK alone, someone is diagnosed with it every two minutes (Cancer Research UK, 2011).

Cancer is…. [read more]

Immune System and Stress Term Paper

… Herpes is spread by shedding. The stress in *****es is found when they are forced to travel long distances to breed. (Wakeman, 2003) This often happens in formal dog training. Mice with herpes infection, whose social organization of colonies were restructured succumbed to the stress and began showing symptoms of herpes. Social stress does play an important role: social reorganization caused greater stress than mere isolation in these mice studies. (ScienceDaily, 1998)

Many problems like asthma and hives are caused by allergens. Stress has also been implication in exacerbating the symptoms. The problems with allergens are that they result in the release of histamines, which is related to certain suppressions and complex formation in the immune system. The pathways associated with this work are over…. [read more]

Management of Immunocompromised Patients Essay

… Bacterial infections usually cause between 80-90% of all infections that are associated with fevers Sung, Wong, Sanderson, Li, & Kwok, 2002.

Therefore the first course of action will be to give the patient and antibiotic regimen which is broad spectrum in order to fight a wide variety of bacteria which can bring an infection to the patients. If the infection does not clear up in a few days, the next course of treatment would be a broad spectrum antifungal which is used to treat fungal infections. If the patient is severely infected, they may have to receive replacements of white blood cells.

Those patients who develop specific infections such as bacteremia, which is the condition whereby bacteria enter the blood, sinusitis, liver infections, gastrointestinal disorders,…. [read more]

Treatment and Management of Cancer Essay

… Mr. Thomas, her husband was going through tough times because having lived with his wife for over thirty years, he feared that her death would affect him, as they were so used to each other. Thomas was on medication because he suffered from chronic depression. Drugs have been known to causing depression so Thomas must just have had his depression doubled, due to the medication he took. Given the nature of a person in the police profession that requires time and dedication, Thomas found it hard, as he was accountable in taking care of Mrs. Thomas at home. Both their sons were away and had their own families, hence had no time to visit their mother often. Mrs. Thomas was feeling lonely, and lack of…. [read more]

Nephrotic Syndrome Term Paper

… Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is the scarring of the glomeruli in random scattered patterns or in specific areas. Biopsies, which are typically suggested to determine diseased kidneys, are difficult as a diagnostic tool in the case of FSGS. Repeated biopsies become necessary in the hope of retrieving scarred renal tissue, since it is non-uniformly dispersed. This is one condition that is idiopathic in nature. There is no known associated disease (or causes as described above) for FSGS. Nephrotic syndrome is diagnosed through proteinuria.

While diabetic nephropathy is the commonest cause of Nephrotic Syndrome, membranous glomerulopathy (nephropathy) is the second highest cause of nephrotic syndrome. As in FSGS, more than seventy five percent of patients that present MG have no associate causes.

The rest show MG…. [read more]

Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety Homeopathy Research Paper

… Causes of Anxiety Disorder:

Choices of lifestyle

Caffeine, Alcohol and certain drugs

Emotional trauma

Lack of balance of some specific chemicals in the brain.

Heredity (Coulter and Dean, 2007)

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder:

Needless, impractical and out of control concerns about daily things

Increase in heartbeat

Stiffness in muscles




Dizziness and trembling

Changes in mood

Feeling of Pessimism and hopelessness


Sexual impotence

Disturbed sleep (Coulter and Dean, 2007)

Homeopathic approach to Anxiety Disorders:

Prolonged anxiety that is untreated can add to other psychological ailments, drug abuse and alcohol; in addition, it weakens the immune system and speeds up the aging process. A hale and hearty immune and nervous system manages our body's curing process and protects it against diseases and infections…. [read more]

Meditation in Healthcare Term Paper

… Meditation in Healthcare

The nonreligious practice of transcendental and mindfulness meditation will improve your health by reducing stress and enhancing the body's immune system.

Meditation, put in a proper context, is one of many different methods of establishing a level of self-control over multiple systems within our bodies and minds. By itself, meditation continues to be regarded with skepticism by much of the Western medical world, but that impression is shifting as more and more evidence regarding the efficacy of meditation is found. One of the most confounding problems of modern medicine is the patient's mental state - patients with a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook tend to heal faster and more fully than those given over to pessimism. How could "attitude" have any…. [read more]

Safety and Health Issues Term Paper

… The primary objective of carcass dressing is therefore to remove the outer skin, hair and other non-edible parts of the animal to free the meat of infections. Traditionally, carcass dressing was done with the animal laid on the floor or on a cradle. However, this is now being done with the carcass hanging by its hindlegs from an overhead rail system. This has greatly improved the hygiene levels in operations, but does not eliminate the risk of microbes present in the skin or hair layers of the slaughtered animal. Workers face similar risks in poultry processing. After stunning, the blood vessels in the bird's neck are cut either manually or with automatic knife with a rotating blade. Feathers are removed from the bird's skin before…. [read more]

Yoga Benefits Health Essay

… Mythology- Eastern

Health Benefits of Yoga

Often when people hear the word yoga they picture people coiled up painfully like pretzels or sitting with their legs crossed and chanting. Twisting and meditation are all part of the 5,000-year-old practice of yoga, but are really only small pieces of the yoga pie. The term yoga originates from the ancient Sanskrit word yuj, which means union. Those who practice yoga believe that in order to live in harmony, people must balance their minds, bodies, and breathe. They attempt to achieve that balance through a combination of stretching, breathing, and meditating. Yoga strengthens and lengthens muscles along with providing a total body workout. It has also been shown to enhance overall fitness, boosting strength, flexibility, and even heart…. [read more]

Mental Health Legislation Critical Appraisal Essay

… The Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000.

The Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004.

The Carers Recognition & Services Act (1995) compacts in a straight line with the requirements of carers, it consists of the major legal duties. Through the 2000 Act carers rights were extended. They were given right to impede support services and to get payment for these services. The 2004 goes one step ahead. It impends a legal obligation on social services to notify carers about their rights. It also give carers the right to acquire education or training if they wish to work and take part in the assessments

3. Differing professional roles and systems for communication and collaboration

The nature of public health practice requires a delicate balance between protecting the…. [read more]

Chest Pain Essay

… And where the abuse of this drug cause sexual difficulties as well.

Where fexofenadine is anti-allergic, it may be able to produce tightness of the chest, which causes the patient to take short breath, with frequent episodes of vomiting. Such a patient often complains about the dizziness. This drug is capable of producing systemic anaphylaxis where the patient can die if not treated immediately.




Side effects

Adverse effects

Drug interactions


Helps breathing


Increased heartbeat and muscle spasms

Not any



Reduces water in lungs


Dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort

Fainting, and irregular heartbeat.

Cometriq, cidofovir, ketorolac, Jantoven (warfarin)


Antihistamine reduces the effects of histamine in the body.


Chest tightness, shortness of breath, vomiting, dizziness

Dysnenorrehea, systemic…. [read more]

Homeopathic Remedies Term Paper

… Homeopathic Remedies

Jenny is a thirty-two-year-old Caucasian female who complains of various manifestations of acne vulgaris, including persistent blackheads on her nose, and painful, red cystic boils on her forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Occasionally Jenny's acne becomes itchy and she admitted to picking and popping her pimples. A few of her acne cysts have left scars on her cheeks.

Jenny is a vegetarian, is not overweight, and has experimented with a variety of different dietary changes to rule out any food allergies. However, we determined that cutting down on baked goods, sugar, and dairy products would be helpful for her recovery. Jenny has also experimented with a wide range of topical products and claims that none worked. Thus, after also determining that Jenny's acne…. [read more]

How Effective Is the Influenza Vaccine Among Children Term Paper

… ¶ … Children


How Effective is the Influenza Vaccine among Children?

The purpose of this paper is to discover and discuss the effectiveness of the Influenza vaccine in children. Children and the elderly are the two age groups, which experience most of the complications of an influenza infection, which can reach epidemic proportions. Efforts to contain the spread are mainly on widespread vaccination, undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.. Internationally recognized bodies recommend immunization of healthy children as a public health measure (Jefferson, 2009).

Success of Vaccination

Vaccination is a generally highly effective preventive strategy, some of which have become real successes (Watson, 2001). Vaccines have been in use for smallpox, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps and rubella. Others…. [read more]

Health and Socio-Cultual Factors Essay

… The information about how social factors play an important role in the health of a person is important. It is because, if a person is unaware of the factors which influence his health, he may not take them into consideration and wrong diagnosis of any issue may likely to take place. It is, therefore, mandatory that awareness of social factors is spread around.

Social support plays a vital function to promote health. People are influenced from their society. Tension is a root cause of many diseases. A person may become sick when surrounding people criticize his personality and atmosphere becomes negative for him. Continuous discouragement makes a person lose heart and he dies due to heart attack or become prone to different diseases.

Socio-cultural support…. [read more]

Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients Thesis

… Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients

The goal of the research in this work has as its focus interactions that take place among natural and social groups. This work will study a social group in its natural state and natural setting; ethnography seeks to describe culture in its terms. The statement of thesis in this work is that 'The holistic nature of the practice of acupuncture occurs within a paradigm that critically requires effective communication between the patient and the physician in order to effect successful results from this form of treatment and this is because this type of treatment is 'whole' patient treatment geared toward balance within the individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self in what is a 'whole' body treatment method.…. [read more]

Steroid Use Controversies of the Sports World Term Paper

… Steroid Use

Controversies of the Sports World

Tough Choices: A Book about Substance Abuse

Use of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids in Adolescence: Winning, Looking

Good or Being Bad?

Athletes and Steroids: Playing a Deadly Game

Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Admissions before BALCO grand jury detailed

Romanowski: I broke RB's finger, took steroids, damaged brain

The Demonization of Anabolic Steroids I: What Makes These Hormones

So Evil?

What are Steroids?

Types of Steroids

Who Uses Steroids?

Reasons for Steroid Abuse

Performance Enhancement in Sports

Increasing Muscle Size

Problem Behavior

How Are Anabolic Steroids Used?

The Effects of Steroid Abuse

Masculinization in Women

Effect on Men

Cardiovascular Diseases

Liver and Skin



Telltale Signs of Steroid Abuse

Use of Anabolic Steroids in Baseball and Pro-Football

Jason Giambi

Bill Romanowsi…. [read more]

Relationship Between Stress and the Human Body Essay

… Stress & the Human Body

I caught common cold after a close friend's death that caused psychological stress to me.

You are more prone to sickness when under stress - at least that is how it appears. Research too is showing this to be true. The body's immune system and the stress system are linked and immune system is vastly affected by stress response. The stress response involves activating many neuroendocrine systems plus the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axes and HPA as well as the sympathetic nervous system. Discussions on the topic of immune system and the neuroendocrine have found that the two utilize certain similar receptors and ligands to support an inter-system and intra-system communication network. It is understood that the communication happening between the systems…. [read more]

Helping People Help Themselves an Interdisciplinary Approach Research Proposal

… ¶ … People Help Themselves: An Interdisciplinary Approach

In order to help people help themselves, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary. This means that more than just one physical or mental health doctor must be involved in the treatment of a person. Instead, it becomes very important for there to be an interdisciplinary approach to helping someone, whether they are coming into the hospital for some type of surgery or other problem or whether they are being rehabilitated because they have suffered an amputation or some type of serious injury or event.

In this study, there are several cases that are looked at in the context of literature regarding the interdisciplinary approach and psychological issues. In order to do this, the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City…. [read more]

Stress Refers to a State of Tension Thesis

… Stress refers to a state of tension that the mind and the body are subjected to in response to real or perceived threats. The term stress was originally coined by the Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye in 1936, who defined stress as "the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change" [AIS] There is no one single definition for the term and a generally accepted definition of stress is "a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize." [AIS] During his experimental studies on animal subjects, Selye noted that exposing animals to irritant and dangerous physical or chemical stimulus (such as heavy noise, glaring light, etc.) resulted in a common…. [read more]

For the Positive Effects of Taking Vitamins Term Paper

… ¶ … Positive Effects of Taking Vitamins

Requirement of the 13 essential vitamin sie. "Vitamin a, C, D, K, B1 (Thiamine, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), Panthothenic acid, Biotin, B6, B12 and Flic acid" are indispensable for the body to function. There are two categories of vitamins viz. fat-soluble vitamins that are stored in the fatty tissue of the body, whereas water-soluble vitamins should be immediately utilized by the body. Any form of 'residual water-soluble vitamins' are being excreted by the body by means of urine. However, the only water-soluble vitamin which is capable of being stored in the liver for several years is Vitamin B12. There are specific functions of every Vitamin and its deficiency leads to problems in health if sufficient supply of that…. [read more]

Thematic Analysis Essay

… Due to the increased financial independence, young people have more mobility and occasions or events that enable them to experiment new kinds of behaviors. The cumulative effect of these changes is that adolescents and young people are exposed to increasingly risky environments. In most cases, these people have become victims of risky sexual behaviors and casual sex that are likely to contribute to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The second major theme from the interview is the impact of lack of employment and increased drug abuse among the youth. Actually, there are various studies on whether joblessness promotes drug use or whether drug use contributes to employment problems. As evident in the interview, casual drug use not only contributes to huge personal problems but…. [read more]

Imagery and of the Management Term Paper

… Giving meaning to a life crisis is, in itself, a healing (or "making whole") function, as the crisis is rewoven back into the fabric and flow of a person's life.

A" (ibid) third basis for the function of imagery in healing is the transpersonal therapy. This is a particularly relevant area for the application to the nursing profession in that it involves an empathic connection between the patient and the nurse or healthcare worker.

The utility of symbolic work in healing is most often associated with the transpersonal or spiritual dimensions. The symbol is viewed as a translator of both the inner world, as mentioned above, and the greater, or more cosmic, world of a spiritual nature. The iconography, relics, mandalas, and sacraments of…. [read more]

Depression and Addictive Behavior Thesis

… Depression and Addictive Behavior

Double Cruel Hand

Comobid Conditions

Contemporary, Challenging Concerns Worldwide

Derangement of the Volition 7 Contemporary Addictions



Role of Cocaine Use in Depression

Clinical Techniques of Helping



Tried and True" Techniques


Points for Treatment Consideration

Clients' Reported Med Use When Admitted to Substance Abuse Clinics

Personal Growth and Maintenance (adapted from Daley, 2007)

"To Do" Recommendations

Physical and Lifestyle Areas Meriting Focus in Recovery

Emotional Areas Meriting Focus in Recovery from Addiction and Depression



Addiction and depression are common comorbid conditions." (Daley, 2007)

Double Cruel Hand

Comorbid," the term Daley (2007) purports in this study's introductory quote, denotes addiction and depression. According to Webster's New Millennium ™ Dictionary of English, comorbid, an…. [read more]

Wound and Skin Care Determining the Proper Management Course Research Paper

… Wound Care

Wound and Skin Care: A Critical Review

Initial treatment of medical conditions calls for immediate response such as diagnosis of chronic conditions, the performance of emergency services, an inductive investigation on the contextualizing conditions defining an individual patient's health scenario and the prescription of any medication, therapy or initial treatment which have thus been necessitated. However, the focus on modes of secondary treatment is often just as important in determining likely health outcomes. So is this the case where wound and skin care are concerned. The procedures and approaches which are adopted in this area may be central to the health outcomes experienced by such patient categories as the elderly, those with advanced diabetic conditions and victims of burns or serious accidents, all…. [read more]

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