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History of Native Americans Essay

… 3. What is the Indian Reorganization Act or "Indian New Deal"?

The Indian New Deal or the Indian Reorganization Act could be recognized as the only dazzling mark by which the United States' administration treated the minorities elegantly (Roberts).

The Indian New Deal terminated the Allotment Act and reconsolidate the reservation lands for Native Americans so that they could be restored to the communal society. The next step that was taken was the organization of the Native American tribes as a corporation. This New Deal also reformed the education for the minorities. The federal government was asked to allocate more funds to schools for the accommodation of a higher number of native children. The encouragement of Native Americans' traditional art and craft was also a…. [read more]

Native American's With Alcoholism Term Paper

… For instance, the rate of diabetic end stage renal disease is as much as six times higher in the Native American population. The number of Native Americans who have had limb amputations due to diabetes is as much as four times higher than in the general population. Among the many possible causes of this situation are poverty, the lack of access to medical resources and comparatively low membership of medical plans among Native Americans.

4. Strategies and Rehabilitation

Both alcohol abuse and diabetes are symptomatic of underlying and extensive problems affecting Native Americans. Therefore, as many health care workers suggest, the strategy and readies to alleviate and deal with these problems requires a deeper understanding of the fundamental roots of the problems. " ... any…. [read more]

Natisve Americans Native Essay

… al, 142). Native Americans, who were former allies of the French, were treated by British in a hostile and controlling manner. To this, they reacted in such a way that they launched Pontiac War.

The rebellion had been initiated in order to challenge Britain and the Native Americans, had been successful in displacing the British from their forts and forcing them to remove their policies, which had initiated the Pontiac War. However, by 1764, Native Americans concentrated on making peace with the British. This act had been initiated in as Native Americans did not have the stamina and the weapons and guns to fight the war as they did not have allies to supply them with weapons.

The decade of war in the Seven Years…. [read more]

Native Americans Essay

… The Trail of Tears refers to the path that the Cherokee were forced to take after leaving their land and heading to Oklahoma in the brutal winters of 1838 and 1839 (2010). It is reported that about 5,000 Cherokee Indians lost their lives out the approximately 18,000 that were forced to go on this trip that was over 800 miles long (2010).

Marriage between Cherokee and Europeans were common in the 19th century; however, a well-know figure in Cherokee history is a man named Sequoyah who was of French-Cherokee heritage who came a generation before it intermarriage was common between white and Indian individuals (Waddington 2006). He is the only person who ever came up with a writing system for any indigenous North American language…. [read more]

American Revolution Impact on Colonial Society Research Paper

… American Revolution had far ranging effects not only in Colonial America but also throughout the rest of 18th Century society. These effects started slowly but eventually transcended nearly every aspect of life in America and spread to Europe.

The changes that occurred subsequent to the American Revolution began long before the actual conflict. Great Britain had established a fairly loose approach in regard to the day-to-day management of the American colonies and, as a result, the American colonists enjoyed far more liberties than most people throughout the world and their taxes were the lowest of any of Great Britain's other colonial holdings. Against, this background, however, protest and, eventually, revolution was fostered.

In the process that gradually progressed into…. [read more]

European Colonization of the Atlantic Coast Term Paper

… ¶ … European Colonization of the Atlantic coast and neighboring lands was a very complicated process which can not be regarded as simply positive or negative. This is a very uneasy historical problem which influenced American history and changed the continent but at the same time it caused numerous casualties of Native American population and ultimately Indian tribes were faced conquerors' discrimination or even true genocide. That was a conflict of two different civilizations, two different societies which could not live in peace together as they wanted to be the only owners of those vast lands. Sure, Native American civilization was not as progressive as Colonists' one but we should remember that Native Americans were not only small migratory groups who hunted wild animals and…. [read more]

Conflict and Cooperation: Native Americans Annotated Bibliography

… While the results were often bloody (as in the 1622 Massacre, King Philips War's, among other battles), it often goes unnoticed that they often were not. While violent battles may more easily capture people's attention, in the end what should be emphasized when studying early interactions between Native Americans and European colonizers is the degree to which they cooperated and tried to understand each other.

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Johnson, Caleb.…. [read more]

Fashion the Misappropriation of Native Research Paper

… It is highly likely that what the Navajo are doing will be the wave of the future. Native American imagery is often highly aesthetic, so much so that Vogue and other haute couture magazines are catching onto the trend and marketing Native-inspired wear. If more and more Native companies can emerge onto the high fashion catwalks, then the scales would be more in balance. As of now, Vogue and other magazines depict models "wearing Native-inspired fashions and including no Native American designers, photographers or other consultants in the process," (Nittle).

One Austin, Texas manufacturer and retailer forged a close tie with the Navajo nation because he wanted to use the tribal name. Fermin Navar and his business partner Phil Brader "signed a 75-year licensing agreement…. [read more]

Life in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues Term Paper

… All at once the crossroads of the Native American reservation offer a point of meeting between Native American and African-American history and a point of divergence between Native American and white American influence.

That the novel presents the crossroads of Wellpinit as a potentially hopeful point in space that offer a chance at redemption instead of damnation is important, because for the most part, life on the reservation is neither hopeful nor redemptive. The space of the reservation is a space where "death, alcohol, poverty, book-burning, and child abuse find their place," and everyday life is not conducive to hope or the possibility of change due to the centuries-long legacy of colonialism (Meredith 446; Evans 52). This too serves as both a…. [read more]

Reasons for Ritual in Native American Traditions Essay

… ¶ … Ritual in Native American Traditions

The Impenetrability of the Native American Mind

Donald Lee Fixico, a Native American author intending to introduce and defend the Indian worldview to a nonwhite audience states in his book the American Indian Mind that Native Americans such as himself, even after being socialized into white society, have a cultural worldview that is integrally and profoundly different than whites, a worldview that is anathema to the linearity and scientific rationalism endemic to white society. Viewing Native culture as such, even to defend the beauty and uniqueness a perspective that has been devalued by white society, may seem to run the risk of essentializing Native Americans and reducing native rituals cultures to museum pieces. According to editor and author…. [read more]

Impact of Colonization on Native Americans Essay

… The beaver ponds were habitats for fish and they were also water sources for the moose, deer, and other animals. The Europeans also introduced pigs that they allowed to forage freely in the forests and other open lands (Sutton, 2016). The pigs consumed food that was depended upon by deer and other indigenous species that resulted in a scarcity of the game that the natives hunted. Pigs are known to be eaters of anything and by them being introduced in the Americas they ate all the food leading to the decrease in the number of the animals that the native Americans would hunt for food. The natives believed in eating meat and they would never rear animals instead they used to hunt for their food.…. [read more]

Native Societies and Disease Essay

… Marie, Detroit and around Lake Superior. In 1669-70, a smallpox epidemic "spread from New France to sault Ste. Marie on Lake Superior," originally brought to the colony from a ship that landed in Quebec. Aboriginal peoples regularly gathered in this city during the warm weather months, and they brought the disease back with them. It destroyed 90% or more of the population around Tadoucsac, Isle Verte and the Gaspe region, then spread north along the Rupert River.[footnoteRef:18] Smallpox also "devastated the Attikameque living up the St. Lawrence near Trois Rivieres," so much so that they were forced to abandon their town.[footnoteRef:19] This epidemic continued its work at least up to 1679, with European traders and missionaries reporting outbreaks and starvation throughout the north and west.…. [read more]

History Is Lies Research Paper

… In Lies My Teacher Told Me, Loewen also unravels the lies that strangle American schoolchildren in their brainwashing classes. The author points out that there are deep problems in the very questions that are being asked, and the assumptions built into terms like "settle." When his students are asked when the land now known as the United States was first settled, no one in his class can answer correctly. Their version of history leaves out thousands of years of human history -- an appalling testimony to the terrifyingly insincere version of history taught in public schools. Likewise, Loewen discusses the "invisibility of racism" in American history textbooks in Chapter 5. To make race more visible, Loewen states, "the most pervasive theme in our history is…. [read more]

History of the Native American Essay

… When Spain began colonizing in the New World they found well established and sophisticated cultures in the form of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans. These cultures provided far more resistance than that offered by the Native Indians encountered by the French and British and the Spanish were forced to exercise their military power in order to maintain control of the area.

Another difference between the colonization efforts of the Spanish and those of France and England was that the Spanish never made any wholesale effort to establish new colonies in the New World populated by Spanish citizens. Spain never attempted to establish new settlements. Instead, the Spanish viewed their mission as one of conversion and saving the Native Indians and of stripping the area of…. [read more]

Conquest and Colonization of Mexico Essay

… Colonization and Mexico

The Conquest and Colonization of Mexico

Historians of colonial Mexico are continually faced with the dilemma of what to emphasize; the resilience of indigenous culture or the disruption and exploitation that the conquest represented. While it is true that significant aspects of indigenous culture survived the conquest, emphasizing the resilience of indigenous culture implies that the conquest had less of an impact of the indigenous people than it actually had. This tendency towards minimization may be due to the fact that the number of Spaniards was minimal when compared to the number of indigenous people. Therefore, while the actual atrocities of conquest, such as rape, murder, maiming, and abductions certainly occurred, they alone cannot be blamed for the disruption and exploitation that…. [read more]

Jamestown Settlement Term Paper

… The implications hit both the physical and human environments of the natives. In addition, the implications have continuously progressed with time leaning on to posterity whereby the nature and structure of modern America was attributed.

Moreover, the natives of the then Virginia colony had a conception of a sign that could eventually emerge and have intense implication to them. The sign was also inclusive to the inter-cultural conflict brought about by the colonialists. Arrival of new people was an assurance that things in the future to come were not pleasant. To curb intimidation from the new comers, Mann, shows how the Native Indians took control for the better period they could by overruling the best and fertile land that they had already acquired (Mann 2007).…. [read more]

Canada as Bothwell Points Out Essay

… "

The efforts did not pay off entirely, but patriarchy was generally a well-established political, economic, and social institution in the colonies.

All of the inherent problems with colonialism and patriarchy caused New France to be in a "precarious" situation.

Dismissal of Iroquois and other Native peoples as inferior was the European modus operandi in the New World. Historiography proves that "self-laudatory accounts of explorers such as Jacques Cartier or Samuel de Champlain, or the missionary propaganda of the Recollet and Jesuit orders" offer at best an incomplete picture of the formation of French Canada.

It has even been assumed that "the Indians had no history of their own or that what history they did have consisted solely of their reactions to European colonization," in…. [read more]

Colonization of the Philippines Term Paper

… S. The initial desire to colonize the Philippines was described as a means to thwart oppressive Spanish rule, but the U.S. profited by joining with the Philippines in free trade, enjoying military advantages of installation procurement in an Asian country, expanding into the Asian markets, spreading Christianity, and demonstrating itself as a major national power. Political pressures eventually led the U.S. To grant political independence to the Philippines in 1946, but with the request for free military space and equal commercial rights as the Filipinos, maintaining the U.S. demonstration of self-interest in the region.

While the colonization of the Philippines could be considered imperialistic, the altruistic values did prove to benefit the Filipinos. Like their European counterparts such as the Dutch, the U.S. pursuit of…. [read more]

Colonization Features Essay

… Conversely, France seemed to be the least intrusive of the three countries named above because they were able to seek the natives consent just before they were declared to be the subject of the French crown, an approach commonly referred to as assimilation.

As a result of colonialism on the indigenous people, the free and undeveloped lands of the Americans were fully ravaged by the nations in the period following their revelation to the Europe; however, none seemed to be more savaged in their domination than the Spaniards. In particular, Indigenous men and women faced various problems during the period of colonialism. The men had difficulties in comprehending as well as dealing more effectively with the source of disempowerment which for quite a period of…. [read more]

Colonization of Africa Research Paper

… Colonization of Africa:

The occupation and control of one nation by another is defined as colonialism. Various European countries have colonized many areas of the world including North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the small islands around the world. Africa was colonized by different European nations between the late 19th century and late 20th century. Prior to the colonization, Europeans had had contact with Africa for long such as through the Atlantic Slave Trade. It was not until the late 19th century that they imposed a formal rule of law over Africa. Regardless of their ideologies, and administrative systems, most of the colonial states justified themselves in the name of civilization and pacification ("Colonialism" par, 3).

In Europe, the 19th century was a…. [read more]

Illegal Immigrants in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … illegal immigrants in the U.S. And the possibility of legalizing their status. The article shows: how illegal immigration is currently being dealt with, the views of people on the issue and the flexibility being exhibited by the government. The author makes it clear that while illegal immigration has always been a problem for the country and most people feel country must be protected against such immigration, still illegal entrance into the U.S. should not be criminalized. Very few, if any, percentage of people interviewed supported felony status, the rest felt that while it was not correct to let illegal immigration prosper, there was also no particular need for categorized it as a crime or serious offence.

Illegal immigration is a problem, which the…. [read more]

Colonial Settlement the Lasting Impact Term Paper

… It was considered to have broken out in an empire that had comparatively granted the colonies larger measures and amounts of political, religious and economic freedom. The inclination towards revolt measures arose out of the desire to have even more freedom and liberty than they already had. The American Revolution was considered as a unique one. USA is considered to be one among the few states in the world that has seen only one revolution. Contrary to many great revolutions the American War of Independence is seen to have succeeded in achieving its goal of fostering men with more liberty than they had previously possessed. Some scholars however, do not regard the American Revolution as a revolution since it does not accommodate their narrow model.…. [read more]

New Netherlands in 1602 Essay

… All the land between the Connecticut and Delaware rivers was granted to Charles' brother James, Duke of York and Albany.

In 1664 Colonel Richard Nicolls sailed into New York Harbor with four ships and 400 soldiers to impose the English claim. The citizens of New Amsterdam were unwilling to fight and on September 8, Stuyvesant surrendered. Soon after, on September 24, Fort Orange fell. New Netherland and New Amsterdam became known as New York and Beverwyck, the settlement that grew up around Fort Orange, was renamed Albany.

The loss of the New Netherland province led to a second Anglo-Dutch war during 1665-1667. This conflict ended with the Treaty of Breda in August of 1667 in which the Dutch gave up their claim to New Amsterdam.…. [read more]

Country Experienced European-American Imperialism Essay

… These people formed the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and managed to gain independence through the Commonwealth of Bahamas on July 10, 1973 (Stuart Olson & Shadle 1991, 40).

4. Colonization had both positive and negative on the Bahamas. When considering that the native population on the island virtually came to be extinct consequent to its contact with European nations, one can consider that colonization was detrimental for the Bahamas. However, the fact that Europeans invested large amounts of money and efforts in making the islands a hospitable place improved living conditions in the Bahamas and generally set the basis for a thriving country. The islands came to be one of the most developed countries in the Western World as they became more populous, "provided opportunities…. [read more]

Family Life With a Focus Term Paper

… ¶ … family life with a focus on the Native American community. The writer explores child rearing, parenting, moral training, infant care and other aspects of the Native American culture and presents it here in a cohesive fashion. There were eight sources used to complete this paper.


The concept of family is important in almost every culture in the world. How one raises children, treats children and support children is instrumental in any culture. Native Americans have struggled for many years to maintain their individual culture and tradition in a world that has spent 200 years trying to strip it away. One of the more difficult elements of maintaining that culture has been in the area of…. [read more]

Women's History the Passing Term Paper

… Although they were spaced a century apart, the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War shared similar implications, as both helped a new nation define itself in theory and geographically. The first forged a new nation, independent of Great Britain; the other preserved the political and geographic integrity of that new nation. Both had wide-reaching social, political, and economic implications for all Americans. However, women were classified as second-class citizens during and after both wars. The Civil War freed the slaves but did not offer women the right to vote. Although women served their cause in many ways: from assuming the business duties of their husbands in combat to dressing like men and taking up arms, "few people seemed to appreciate women's efforts," (201).…. [read more]

Takaki Racialization Questions on Race and Culture Thesis

… Takaki Racialization

Questions on Race and Culture in America

For Takaki, the racialization of savagery was a critical part of emergent Anglo-American culture. What does he mean by "racialization," and does it differ from ordinary prejudice? What impact does he assign to that attitude on American society and politics in the colonial era and the early republic? Do you agree with Takaki's assessment?

The United States would be founded on the genocide of a people. As the colonists increasingly came to occupy and proclaim ownership for the 'New World,' they would be emboldened in their cleansing of native inhabitation by a sense of racial superiority. Takaki (2008) describes this phenomenon as racialization, which allowed the colonists to approach the continent's preexisting residents as somehow destined…. [read more]

Gold Rush Term Paper

… California History- Indians

The history of Californian Indians is not much different from the history of Indians in other parts of America. Unfortunately the Native Americans had a primitive life style and were no match for the European who discovered America. The Australian aborigines were also in a similar position and they too suffered a similar fate. The civilized Europeans brought untold misery, death and destruction to a society that was no match for the knowledge-wise superior, technically advanced, militarily more powerful and well armed Europeans.

As a result of the superiority of the colonizing European, the Native Americans were pushed gradually to lands that were of no commercial value to the new masters of the land. Diseases introduced into Americas by Europeans annihilated large…. [read more]

Civil War Slavery Term Paper

… Slavery is a dark stain on America's past. The "peculiar institution" lasted far longer in the United States than it did elsewhere in the world, and became solidly entrenched in American politics, culture, and economics during the first century of America's existence. From the time the union was formed, slavery was a contentious issue that created sectionalism. While several northern states limited or banned slavery altogether, the southern states held tight to the institution. Slaveholding states resisted all attempts by the federal government to impose rules or injunctions. Regional differences between slaveholding and free states directly led to the Civil War in the 1860s. Yet the legacy of slavery lived on long after the Emancipation Proclamation. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified after the…. [read more]

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