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East Meets West: Oriental Influence on Western Dissertation

… East Meets West: Oriental Influence on Western Fashion

Clothing is rarely recognized as a political force, yet fashion and design may be one of the most internationally regarded forms of trade, communication, and influence among countries worldwide. Perhaps more than any other form of shared knowledge, fashion permeates the boundaries of nations to influence the styles of people everywhere. According to an official defitnion, "fashion consists of a current (constantly changing) trend, favoured for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons." (Kobres et al.) However accurate this statement may be in some ways, it does not at all encompass the vast array of cultural and social implications that a mere mention of the word "fashion" will entail. "So pervasive has the role of the…. [read more]

globalization world trade chapter summaries Essay

… The Columbian exchange transformed the ways people all around the world eat, with such dramatic consequences that it is almost impossible to imagine that potatoes are not from Ireland and chili peppers not indigenous to Southeast Asia (Nunn & Qian, 2010). Similarly, the Columbian exchange caused the spread of various diseases worldwide, with lingering effects. It is even possible that the introduction of food products led to disease epidemiology that have yet to be explored empirically, as Nunn & Qian (2010) also point out.
Patterns of trade have more measurable and immediate effects, affecting the way political, economic, and social structures evolved in different regions. Interestingly, the European colonization of the Americas also had an indirect effect of creating population and economic booms in Asia,…. [read more]

Black Power Movement Essay

… Black Power movement was the most effective means of overtly subverting institutionalized racism and entrenched white power structures that had governed American society since colonization. Figures like Dr. Martin Luther King provided the means by which to achieve black power without seriously challenging white cultural hegemony. As meaningful and remarkable as Dr. King's legacy has been in revolutionizing American racial consciousness, it is also important to recognize the impact of Black Power leaders like Malcolm X Malcolm X and other Black Power leaders shaped African-American consciousness to encourage self-empowerment, whereas integrationist leaders like Dr. King helped to shape the consciousness of white Americans to become more aware of racial injustice.

The main themes of Black Power include self-empowerment and recognizing institutionalized racism to promote general…. [read more]

East/West an Analysis of Eastern Research Paper

… Chen goes on to lay out every single reference and cross-reference he can find in the film, linking the Guzheng assassins to The Six-Fingered Lord of the Lute; Landlady's "Lion's Roar" to Jin Yong's Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre; and Sing's swollen lips to "Tony Leung Chiu-Wai's famous 'sausage lips' look from The Eagle Shooting Heroes."

Interestingly, Chow's influence is often romantic, affectionate and spiritual. CJ7, for example, allows for a resurrection, the likes of which haven't been seen since Shakespeare's Winter's Tale. Shaolin Soccer showed what perseverance and spiritual affiliation could do. But it is Kung Fu Hustle, a collaboration between Eastern and Western producers in a sort of East-meets-West ultra-homage to both Hong Kong and American cinema (in a cross-pollination of ideals), that…. [read more]

Edger Allen Poe's King Pest Term Paper

… King Pest, one of Edgar Allen Poe's least popular short stories, is set in the fourteenth century during the reign of King Edward III in England. With the Bubonic plague as a backdrop, and with a progressively more grotesque ambiance and set of characters, "King Pest" would remain simply another Poe tale of the macabre. However, "King Pest" is unique among the Poe repertoire because the short story is undeniably and unequivocally a political satire. Poe warns his readers of his intent with his subtitle: "A Tale Containing an Allegory." Thus right away, Poe asks the reader to read more between the lines than they would when reading one of his less adulterated horror stories. Furthermore, Poe begins the tale with a three-line verse that…. [read more]

Economic Globalization a Positive Trend? Term Paper

… e. semi-developed) and those with less than $1,500 per capita income (i.e. underdeveloped), such as found in most of Asia, Africa and South America.

The vast differences between advanced and underdeveloped nations can also be placed into three groups of nations-first, the industrially-advanced market economies, dominated by the U.S., Europe and Japan; second, the centrally-planned economies, comprised of Russia and the People's Republic of China, and lastly, the so-called Third-World countries which are semi-developed or underdeveloped. According to Jeffrey Haynes, "the current industrialized market economies with less than 18% of the world's population generates about 62% of world output" and although the U.S. makes up about 5% of the world's population, "it enjoys about 22% of world output." In contrast, Third-World nations with about half…. [read more]

Canoes Racism and Film: An Examination Term Paper

… ¶ … Canoes

Racism and Film: An Examination of the Film Ten Canoes

We like to think of ourselves as a society that has grown past the limitations of racism. However, this is unfortunately not yet true. Racist stereotypes still find a way to present even within modern society. Yet, modern technologies are providing ways for these ethnic minorities to come out and share their perspectives and opinions with the world. For example, film becomes a medium that has allowed minority cultural groups to try to reconnect with their cultural norms before they were so distorted by European colonialism.

Racism and colonialism forever changed the way people of different cultures interact each other. According to Stam & Spence, colonialism is "the process by which the…. [read more]

Post Colonialism Reflected Through Jewelry Essay

… The ad features a strong white male and a much weaker, native African woman who represents the conquered colonial subject, even centuries after colonialism was supposed to have ended. According to the research, "the Himba woman symbolizes the colonized subject, who is represented as the embodiment of primitive Otherness to offset the glamour, sophistication and mobility of the Freelander" (Van Eeden, 2006, 345). The ad blatantly expressed an underlying message of the white male as conquering Africa. It invokes the image of the white man and his exciting adventure as he conquers the mysterious African grasslands (Van Eeden, 2006). As such, it is reminiscent of the same ideology that drove Europeans into Africa during the period of colonialism in the first place. Therefore, it presents…. [read more]

Periodontal Health Definition of Calculus (Supra Gingival Essay

… ¶ … Periodontal Health

Definition of Calculus (Supra Gingival and Subgingival)

Implications of the Removal of Dental Calculus

Periodontal Health Can be Established without Removal of Dental Calculus

Maintaining periodontal health is important for a number of reasons. Left untreated, periodontitis has been shown to have a wide range of adverse healthcare outcomes, including increased incidences of cardiovascular disease and other heart problems, stroke, diabetes mellitus and low birth weight in preterm infants. Termed the "silent killer" dental disease by some authorities, periodonititis is an insidious condition that can affect people largely without their knowledge for many years without exhibited any discernible symptoms. Likewise, the accumulation of dental calculus that is typically associated with the aging process can take years without discernible symptoms beyond the…. [read more]

Sustainable Agriculture and Labor Conditions Research Paper

… Sustainable Agriculture

There are many aspects of sustainable farming. Not only does this include healthy foods grown, healthy farming practices and systems, but, furthermore, healthy working conditions on the farm. There are a number of solutions proposed on the international scale that have been discussed or even implemented, but in order to achieve true sustainability in agriculture, not only do healthier foods have to reach more people, but so to do farm workers need to be treated fairly.

First, the state of our food industry is in tatters. The quality of our food has reached dangerous levels. The Organic Center, a research institute designed to evaluate the science of organic food and farming, recently published its concerns for the state of the food industry and…. [read more]

Migratory Labor Research Proposal

… Migratory Labor

Identity in Exile: The Grapes of Wrath, Jasmine and China Men

Over the course of history, migration and colonization have brought different cultures and ethnicities in close contact with each other. This contact has influenced the shaping and definition of individual and collective identity at the same time. Many modern and postmodern narratives thus discuss the relationship between individual identity and collective identity and between the personal or autobiographical facts and the historical facts. These narratives often challenge the claims made by official and objective histories, pointing to the great number of stories that can actually be derived from what is usually called 'the objective reality'. John Steinbeck's the Grapes of Wrath, Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine and Maxine Kingston's China Men are three major,…. [read more]

Women and Islam the Western Perception Term Paper

… Women and Islam

The Western perception of Islam is of a religion that is especially restrictive of women. Christianity has had its own more restrictive policies toward women in the past, but the West believes it has evolved to a more equitable view of the rights of women and of equality of the sexes. Islam is seen as living in the past and as failing to modernize, while Islam sees its restrictions as socially constructive and as elevating women rather than keeping them down. Such differences in perception are based on historical differences and also on the way the West has changed and now expects others to do the same without necessarily making the case in a way that appeals to Islam. There are some…. [read more]

Ethics, Religion, and Confidentiality in the Law Essay

… Trust and breaches of trust form a cornerstone of Islam, so that the keeping of secrets becomes a moral obligation. As a result, the keeping of secrets and confidentiality of client information becomes critical from a moral standpoint, not just an ethical standpoint, for Muslim attorneys.

What can be more complicated for an attorney is dealing with the repercussions of shared information that does not fall under an exception to confidentiality. For example, an attorney generally has no right to share information about a harm done to others if there is not threat of a continuing harm, unless the attorney somehow participated in that harm. In some situations, the failure to share information could result in continuing harm. Take, for example, an attorney who defends…. [read more]

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