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Impact of Sustainable Design on the Cosmetics Industry in the UK Research Proposal

… Sustainable Design and the UK Cosmetics Industry

Sustainable Design and the UK Cosmetic Industry

The topic of sustainability and its affect on industry is a relatively new concept. However, it is becoming important for several reasons. First, governments around the globe are beginning to toughen environmental laws. New regulations require many industries to "go green." However, perhaps an even bigger reason to go green is that what was once a niche market for organic, sustainably produced goods is now mainstream and expected to reach 2 Billion Euros this year (GCI. "European Natural Cosmetic Sales Approaching ?2 Billion" 2009).

Towards a Uniform Set of Standards

Revenues for natural and sustainalby-produced products continue to climb. More companies are beginning to enter in the market, which will have…. [read more]

UK Healthcare Term Paper

… According to Enthoven, the focus was directed towards enabling private practice to develop and forcing more elderly people to independent private nursing homes, where they had to pay from own resources until their money ran out. Within this approach, the goals of the government as addressed by Enthoven were:

To improve its ability to control the NHS financially by separating 'health' from 'social' care and to continue offering 'free' if services were provided by the NHS staff based on 'means tested' access.

To increase the efficiency of the NHS by improving both productive efficiency and allocative efficiency.

According to Le Grand et al., (1998), the basis of the development of the 'internal market' involved the introduction of competition via the establishment of more and smaller…. [read more]

Elites in Engineering Dissertation

… Elites in Engineering

In the contemporary world, it has increasingly become significant for active engineers to be uniformly skilled in technical and management comprehension. This is in the view of the fact numerous graduates find themselves in significant leadership positions. To assist engineering professionals improve their leadership aptitudes within their profession through a course in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and Technology in Engineering (ELITE) is paramount. ELITE courses help engineering graduates who are seeking to enhance their profession through supplementary education. The courses also help engineers who are seeking to promote their technical knowledge and leadership abilities in their present role. In this regard, this paper assesses the leaders in British engineering and their characteristics. The paper will evaluate how the qualities of these leaders in…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Industries Have to Operate Term Paper

… The data that was evaluated was a combination from book, journal articles, review papers and the Internet. The information reviewed pertained to a wide variety of situations and industries. There were some common trends observed in all the material. The commitment of the management and the involvement of the worker are critical no matter what the condition of the external and internal environment the company faces. Integrating the core function -- marketing and sale of products along with the goals and the objectives of the organization is the new route the organization has to now follow.

A distillation of the interviews will be provided in Chapter 2.


Understanding the main…. [read more]

Managerial Economics Rise of Global Gas Prices and Impact on a Company Thesis

… Gas Prices

High Gas Prices and Economic Turmoil

Today, the world is coming to terms with the reality of a global oil shortage. The petroleum which has constituted the dominant and exponentially consumed energy source of the last century is becoming scarcer and more costly. The race is on to determine the most practical substitute for this precious but environmentally destructive, politically inflammatory and economically pertinent resource, with such clean burning but as yet technologically inefficient alternative fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and hydrogen cells all under empirical consideration. Other considerations are such renewable sources of energy as hydroelectric or solar power. And if regulated to determinable safety, a considerable increase on reliance upon nuclear power could help to alleviate our oil dependency. These alternative…. [read more]

World Poor Thesis

… ¶ … aloud or in writing, making the reflective report exercise a valuable addition to the learning process. This reflective report recounts the events that took place during the research process for the study, "Identifying Marketing Opportunities to Combat Global Poverty," including a recollection of individual experiences, the personal feeling and learning that were experienced, as well as the group dynamics and learning that were derived from the experience. A review of lessons learned that can be used in future projects is followed by a summary of the reflective report entries in the conclusion.

Recollection of Experiences

Perhaps the overriding perception that emerged during the earliest phases of the research process concerned the extent of the problem of global poverty and how it affected the…. [read more]

From Thai Consumers Perspectives What Criteria Influence Consumers Purchasing Behavior Towards Green Product Dissertation

… ¶ … consumers' perspectives, what criteria influence consumers' purchasing behaviour towards green product?

This dissertation could not be accomplished without Professor Sarah hypes, research method lecturer who is my supervisor at Coventry University. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor for her recommendation and her advices. She encouraged and guided me throughout this dissertation.

Special thanks to all lecturers who taught me in MA Marketing Management course and fulfilled me the knowledge.

In addition, thank you very much to all questionnaire respondents that spend their precious time and information to be a part of my survey and become this dissertation. Thanks you all of my dear friends who always support me and thanks all of Coventry University's Thai society (ThaiCov) that made…. [read more]

Success of Airline Brand Emirates Airlines Research Proposal

… ¶ … Emirates Airlines

The purpose of this study is to assist in the identification of the key concepts of brand image and development utilized by industries and to examine the issues of how the brand image of Emirates Airlines might be changed based on performance and scope of operations. The research issues will result in the provision of new tools for the company in defining strategies for brand nurturing and development globally. The questions addressed in this research study include those of: (1) How is the brand of Emirates Airlines viewed currently and how is this brand image impacted globally? (2) Who does the company view as its main competitors for its brand image and why? And (3) What steps can be taken to…. [read more]

European Union Safety Legislation Term Paper

… European Union Safety Legislation and Its Effect on Marketing

In the past few years, it has become notable to citizens, policy makers and government officials that safety legislation enacted in the European Union (EU) has significantly impacted the manner and method in which companies market their products.

One of the most dramatically affected products involves the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). A genetically modified organism is a man-made organism created in a laboratory through the process of genetic engineering. Since many unanswered questions exist regarding the safety and ethical issues surrounding GMOs, the European Parliament has adopted the world's harshest rules on the labeling of GMOs, despite intensified pressure from the United States (Greenpeace, 2003). The legislation currently in place in the EU demands…. [read more]

Popularity of Foreign Restaurant: Consumer Literature Review

… 8m visitors to Thailand last year -- up 7.3 per cent on 1997 -- passed through Bangkok." (Cooke, 1999)

Additionally, according to Cooke (1999), "One of the pleasures of Bangkok is eating. While there are Thai restaurants on virtually every street corner, the capital also has a wealth of other cuisines on offer. A number of the more unusual establishments are tucked away near the leading hotels by the river. Prachak, on the New Road between The Oriental and Shandri-La, is a modest-looking restaurant specializing in Teochiu cuisine. The Teochiu, originally from around Swatow in southern China, are the dominant Chinese group in Thailand. The pig's trotters at the Prachak are said to be among the best in the country. For the brave, duck liver…. [read more]

Nature of a Company's Asset Base (Tangible Research Proposal


The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether the nature of a company's asset base (tangible or intangible) affects the capital structure policies of that company. This will be done using company data and information from India, and through interviews examining the choice of capital structure and the role of asset tangibility from the perspective of those who actually operate these companies.

The study employs qualitative data in examining the nature of a company's asset base and whether it affects the capital structure choices. This is a personal choice of the people who operate the company, and the 'why' of what they do is…. [read more]

Google Blimp Technologies Essay

… However, by using the search engine feature as well there are countless opportunities to find international companies that will ship drugs that are illegal in the United States. There are many of these companies that will appear on a search and even some YouTube videos that will describe the process to import illegal drugs. The U.S. Department of Justice described the process like this (The United States Department of Justice, 2011):

The shipment of prescription drugs from pharmacies outside the United States to customers in the United States typically violates the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and in the case of controlled prescription drugs, the Controlled Substances Act. Google was aware as early as 2003, that generally, it was illegal for pharmacies to ship…. [read more]

L'oreal's Strategic Direction Essay

… Avoidance of 'recreating the wheel' in national and regional markets currently benefits L'Oreal in this regard.

Building legacy systems of operations and logistics into L'Oreal's oversight at these locations may be enhanced by IT database and also regulatory compliance measures for 'total' quality control.

3. Shared Value

L'Oreal has an exceptional reputation that resonates with the traditional identity of French beauty; and also incorporates new market interests

Ethics, equity, social responsibility and sustainable growth all correlate with contemporary values addressed within current advertising, business practice and trade policies.

L'Oreal's sustainability platform is responsive to1) community contribution through philanthropy; and 2) and in support of an ethical business culture.

Communication of L'Oreal's commitment to 'global' values should be further developed to support core to competencies.

4.…. [read more]

Brand Comparison Term Paper

… Brand Comparison

Background of L'Oreal

In 2001 Business Wire explained that L'Oreal, the world's leading Cosmetics Company, was founded in Paris in 1907. Over the past ten years, L'Oreal has significantly strengthened its presence in the major international markets, and has some 48,000 employees in 150 countries. More than four-fifths of sales (85%) are now achieved outside France, and 50% outside Europe. L'Oreal worldwide consolidated sales amounted, in 2000, to 12.6 billion Euros

L'Oreal, one of the largest companies in France, is the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics and perfumes, producing such well-known brands as Lancome, Ambre Solaire, and Cacharel. Its total sales are 2.4 billion ahead of those of its closest competitor, and more than double those of Revlon and Shiseido. Business Wire…. [read more]

Managing Advertising, Sales Promotion Term Paper

… Highly selective mailing lists can help marketers better direct their products and services so that consumers are more likely to show interest. For example, a direct mail campaign advertising $50,000 Bentley cars is not likely to have much impact in a rural, middle class section of society. Such advertising might be better suited for people living in million dollar homes on the West Coast.

The key to successful direct marketing is constructing campaigns that have taken into consideration the unique characteristics of customers and potential customers that are willing to buy. A good example of untargeted, unsuccessful direct marketing campaigns come in the form of "spamming." Spamming occurs when hundreds of thousands of unsolicited emails flood consumers private email boxes. Marketers flood consumer's emails with…. [read more]

satisfactory site? Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing Essay

… ¶ … satisfactory site?

Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing plants, are often located in suburban or rural areas where the cost of land is significantly less and there is access to main highways. Usually the warehouse is a long, flat, and often one story building, instead of older multi-story buildings that are regularly seen in downtown areas of numerous cities. With this type of building, there is no need to build and maintain passenger and freight elevators, nor to build stairwells and staircases. This type of construction also means there is no added costs to reinforce/fortify floors to increase their load handling capacity. Excellent floor layouts also mean that within these single level buildings - plus the wide aisles - forklifts and other tools and…. [read more]

Business Breaking Into the Asian Term Paper

… A program with a strong tie between requested social behavior and sales of the company's products, but that does not provide consumers with direct personal benefits from engaging in the social behavior, is the "Once is Not Enough" program of The Body Shop. This chain of franchised stores sells a line of naturally-based cosmetics and personal care products and has been urging customers to bring in their empty cosmetic containers for recycling or reuse. They pay 5 cents a piece for containers to be recycled and 25 cents a piece for containers that customers ask them to refill. Shop owners feel the program is successful, seeing that they hand out thousands of dollars in rebates each year. However, it would be impossible to determine how…. [read more]

Body Shop International, LTD Essay

… As a Social Responsibility leader, the company is often used as case study in the fields of management and organizational studies. In the field of management organization with recommended instruments drawn from best practices models of evaluation provide the final link in the researched management strategy. From this preliminary Six Sigma tool, core competencies can defined as assessed for further definition by way of comparative analysis with known information about aggregate market forces, customer insights, and product life-cycle. These factors once considered in summary, may then serve to redefine the strategic direction of a corporation where new insights may support the future of actual portfolio performance.

Resource analysis, another area crucial to the representation of productivity in companies, is another segment within The Body Shop's…. [read more]

Middle East Fashion Capital: Beirut Lebanon Dissertation

… They also provide funding and in some instances they collaborate with locals to establish creative businesses or industries back home. The country also has a specific association to develop funding for culture-based businesses and initiatives. This organization and the other factors explained for it show that culture is being taken seriously in the country and that there are many stakeholders who are already actively involved in trying to improve the already-amazing culture of the country. It is safe to conclude that the future is looking bright in terms of culture. 

The capital of the Lebanon is Beirut. It is also the largest city and the commercial center of Lebanon. The city has an international airport and road and rail links to all parts of…. [read more]

Emotional Drivers of Consumer Toward Swarovskis Brand Literature Review

… Emotional Drivers Towards Swarovski's Brand

Emotional Drivers of Consumer toward Swarovski's Brand

Emotional Drivers of Consumer toward Swarovski's Brand

Emotional Drivers of Consumer toward Swarovski's Brand

The standard of living and the lifestyle of the general population in today's time has changed and enlarged because of various economic factors for instance mounting disposable income, growth of high income groups in emerging nations and many more. In a very similar manner, the social influence in the modern epoch towards the purchasing of luxurious items has also come to sight that one can reflect their image as an affluent person. As an outcome of it, demand for the luxury goods and services has escalated and intensified largely (Wright, East & Vanhuele 2008).

The fact that the brand…. [read more]

Ewom Communication and Brand Trust Term Paper

… EWOM Communication and Brand Trust

Brand Trust and Customer Equity

EWOM Communication and Customer Equity

Brand Equity Drivers and Customer Equity

Relationship of Equity Drivers on Customer Equity

Value Equity Drivers

Brand-Related, Relationship-Related and Value-Related Drivers

Developing eWOM Campaigns

Things Not to Do with eWOM

Considerations for Consumer Online Reviews

Comparison of WOM Campaigns

Customer Equity (Villanueva, Yoo & Hanssens 2006, Introduction Section, ¶ 1).

CLV: Consumers' lifetime value (Villanueva, Yoo & Hanssens 2006, Introduction, ¶ 1).

UGC: User-Generated Content (Cheong & Morrison 2008, ¶ 1).





"…[C]onsumer reviews and ratings are the most accessible and prevalent form of eWOM"

(Hopken, Gretzel, & Law 2009, p. 38).


In the literal world,…. [read more]

Strategic Organizational Culture Management: Training Needs Essay

… Perhaps most importantly culture penetrates to the essence of an organization -- it almost analogous with the concept of personality in relation to the individual and this acute sense of what an organization is -- its mission, core values -- seems to have become a necessary asset of the modern company (Chapter 15: Organizational Culture, p. 4). If real change is to occur in organizations rather than cosmetic or short -- lived change, it has to happen at the cultural level (Chapter 15: Organizational Culture, p. 3).

Martin Hahn (21 April 2007) identifies three features that determine a culture's strength. The first is thickness of culture, measured by the number of important shared assumptions. Thick cultures have many such assumptions, thin cultures few. The second…. [read more]

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