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Importance of Knowledge Transfer in an Organization Term Paper

… ¶ … Knowledge Transfer in an Organization

Knowledge Transfer is a concept that deals with the movement of knowledge from one level or individual to another for purposes of extended use in an organization. Learning is done in an organization for this basis. The fact that the people always wish to learn from each other means that knowledge transfer is a possible phenomenon in life. Various benefits are reaped from knowledge transfer. Some of these include the improvement of understanding of subjects as well as the development of good team coordination among the employees in an organization. Ordinarily, knowledge is needed at various levels of the organization and for various reasons. Key among these reasons includes the mentoring of new employees who have just been…. [read more]

Knowledge Management Organizational Communication Essay

… A knowledge manager should have different backgrounds; for instance Information Technology, Marketing, Management etc. An effective knowledge manager is the one who is an all rounder and knows well about organizational behaviour, marketing, culture, technology etc.

Looking at all above discussion, it can be concluded that organizations must train their employees and make them learn the techniques of communicating effectively. Organizations that want to succeed make sure that they allocate sufficient time and effort for training their employees on effective knowledge management through proper communication and consider this activity as one of the core activities in the organization's time and performance management systems. Organization should make its employees understand that effective communication and learning, which are significant areas of knowledge management (Lehaney, 2004) and always…. [read more]

Learning Organization Critically Essay

… It is imperative that organizations appreciate the importance of better and quick learning, but technology-driven learning is not always a solution. However, organizations need to understand the subsystems that drive learning in the organization. According to Serrat (2010), these subsystems are organization, people, technology, and knowledge with each supporting others in amplifying learning as it infuses across the system. A learning organization utilizes all these subsystems to enhance learning from internal and external experiences. The procurement can apply these subsystems in supporting each other to enhance learning within and without the organization.

According to Serrat (2010), the management organ of a learning organization is should be committed to the importance of learning and commits their time to communicate to the employees that learning is vital…. [read more]

Knowledge Management in the Automotive Industry Term Paper

… Knowledge Management in the Automotive Industry

The Current and Potential Use of Knowledge Management within the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry Analysis

Current Use of Knowledge Management in Automotive

Potential Future

The automotive industry's use of knowledge management is progressing from creating and sustaining knowledge systems designed to support the major phases of product development, supplier management, production and service to a more strategic approach of supporting interorganizational learning strategies and knowledge transfer. The resulting impact on it-based strategies is the development of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms that are specifically developed to enable greater interorganizational learning and foster the growth of learning ecosystems between auto manufacturers, their suppliers, customers, and services organizations. Global leaders in automotive manufacturing have progressed beyond the life cycle approach of…. [read more]

Organizational Leadership Change Competition Term Paper

… The literary sources reveal a wide array of skills necessary for the successful management of change, and the current project is far from being exhaustive. Nevertheless, the final skill which it would mention is the one presented by Kevin S. Groves, namely the personal trait of charisma. The importance of the charismatic leader in the successful management of change is represented by the ability to motivate and involve people in the change process and it relies on the exploitation of emotional skills.

3. Conclusions

The modern day society is characterized by a series of changes in the fields of economic, politics, technology and even society. These changes present the business agents with both opportunities as well as threats and force them to adopt change as…. [read more]

Organizational Structure, Culture and Knowledge the Nature Essay

… Organizational Structure, Culture and Knowledge

The nature and dynamics of organizations today are shaped by various factors, often implicitly manifested rather than explicitly shown. Both an organization's nature and dynamics provide it its distinct identity from other organizations. In fact, a review of extant literature on organizational studies highlights the importance of structure, culture, and knowledge base as critical factors contributing to organizational identity and dynamics. In the texts that will follow, a review of three (3) journal articles on organizational studies will be discussed, centering on the abovementioned three critical factors: structure, culture, and knowledge base. This paper will conclude with an assertion of how structure, culture, and knowledge base describe or characterize the nature and dynamics of most organizations today.

Ozman's (2010) study…. [read more]

Productive Knowledge Management Term Paper

… Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management in Business

A manager is compared to the captain of a ship who must make effective decisions, directed at accomplishing organizational goals. In order to be effective, the decisions must be actionable. Most of these come from a store of knowledge on the past decisions of previous managers and the consequences of those decisions (Pollock 2001). For knowledge to be of use to the manager's decision-making, it must be gathered from authoritative sources, processed and must make sense. Hence, it should be distinguished from raw or mere data and mere information. It must be organized and directed to the achievement of organizational goals. Managing that store of knowledge must serve the organization from within and those outside, such…. [read more]

Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change Research Proposal

… Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change

This study seeks to investigate how effectively individuals deal with organizational change. This literature will show how changes within organizations can be a stressful event that effects the emotions of employees, thus having implications on the degree of support and attitudes towards change when various strategies and tactics are utilized. A sample of 69 respondents; both military and civilian responded to an employee satisfaction / organizational change survey. Participants of this study consisted of 52 active duty military personnel and 17 civilian government employees; all with diverse backgrounds. All 69 personnel are affiliated with two separate Medical Readiness organizations.

Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change


Organizational change is a growing area of importance for modern organizations' strategic development. Effective organizational…. [read more]

Knowledge Management Toolkit a Data Term Paper

… When an individual sees any piece of data, he immediately attempts to find a reference point or context for it, by associating it with other things, and it is only when he does find it that he would find any meaning in the piece of data. For example, if one happens to see the number five written somewhere, then he immediately associates it as the number that comes before six and after four and this is how he manages to comprehend the number five. (Knowledge Management-Emerging Perspectives)

In the same way, an individual will find meaning in the data that he encounters only when he finds a reference point or any other association for it. Neil also sated that a mere collection of data is…. [read more]

Knowledge Management (KM) a New Term Paper

… For many decades, our nation has honored the independent, successful person who rises to the top of the pile, and establishes his marker in the place of leader. However, in the competitive highly mobile marketplace, each member of the organization possesses knowledge which is important to the life of the organization. The competitive model thus defeats the process of developing a strong company.

Informal mentoring is used in many fields today. Doctors endure the rigorous residencies, during which they are under the close supervision of experienced doctors. Lawyers who join an established firm after their graduation begin as junior partners in order to gain experience and expertise in the work of the particular firms. While these are not formal 'mentoring' positions, the accountability of the…. [read more]

Organizational Commitment Study of White-Collar, Seasonal Contingent Research Proposal

… Organizational Commitment

Study of White-Collar, Seasonal Contingent Worker's Organizational Commitment within a Wholly (99%) Seasonal Environment

The past several decades have witnessed a number of fundamental transformations in the American workforce, including an increased number of non-traditional workers such as contingent workers (Mayfield & Mayfield, 2007). These types of nontraditional employment arrangement can provide a number of advantages for companies because they offer more cost-effective and flexible staffing arrangements, and have been shown to improve employee morale and the retention of high quality employees who prefer nonstandard work hours (Mayfield & Mayfield). According to these authors, in spite of the increasing reliance on contingent and other nontraditional workers, there remains a dearth of research concerning relevant best practices in motivating these workers. Consequently, a number…. [read more]

Integrated HRM Approach to Organizational Performance Essay

… Neglecting the government workforce, unions stand for only 9.5% of the private workforce. But in any case, a business firm has to recognize a union in case the employees want to be a part of union. Looking back, this was quite acceptable most companies. These days, organizations detest unions and promote a union free environment (Naeem, 2011).

F. Human Resource Research

It's not included as a proper function, but it has relevance in HRM functional areas where the researcher's lab is his office (Naeem, 2011).

G. Interrelationships of HRM Functions

Effective and efficient SHRM in South African public sector

In the 21st century, public administration has been under continuous scrutiny by the demands and principles of democratic governance. The main question asked here is that:…. [read more]

Organizational Change of Northrop Grumann Term Paper

… Look and act like one company and not separate businesses.

2. Provide uniform and secure access to company resources.

3. Standardized from anywhere in the country on one network protocol, one calendar and one desktop manager.

4. Provide one standard way to collaborate.

5. Be common and consistent across the organization but not identical necessarily. McGovern, et al. (2004)

Three Phases in the IT Process of Consolidation:

Three phases in the IT process of consolidation were:

Phase I: Data Analysis Phase: no system changes with the purpose of understanding new environments in relation to:



Full Synergy Potential.

Phase II: First changes to IT system in this phase with the purpose of providing rapid access to critical business systems, establishing firewall connection to Northrop…. [read more]

Knowledge Management: AToyota Research Paper

… Knowledge Management: A Case Study of Toyota

Knowledge management is a system capable of making comparisons, analyzing trends, and presenting historical and current knowledge. But more importantly, such a system enables decision makers to analyze and understand the patterns quickly and identify the most significant trends. It is needed in an enterprise because it provides an accurate predictive method for decision makers. In addition, a knowledge management system can track and evaluate key critical success factors for decision makers, which is valuable in assessing whether or not the organization is meeting its corporate objectives and goals. Overall, a knowledge management system can assist decision makers in making better informed decisions that affect all aspects of a company's operations (Dalkir, 2005).

Toyota allegedly had just such…. [read more]

Formation Organizations Factors Influencing Essay

… All the cases and procedures are studied, measured, and quantified according to the confirmations of the technique used. Besides, the usability of the design item, and the longevity of the system in order to have a genuine organization formation process are also tested. Moreover, quantification responded to the nature and effectiveness of the methods and procedures involved in designing the organization formation and system matter. Quantified scales are established and recorded for future organization formation processes (Information resources management association & Khosrowpour 2006, p. 89). This was done so that succinct measures would have been developed to cater for possible risk occurrences.

Features of the employment contract I would advise my next employer to include in my next contract

Conception: the organization formation activities are…. [read more]

Nike and Knowledge Management Research Paper

… Nike Knowledge Management

Nike (NYSE:NKE) has successfully transformed knowledge management (KM) into a significant competitive advantage in their company by creating an organizational culture that seeks interpret, use and embed intelligence quickly into each strategic area. Nike is unique in that it has created an organizational ecosystem that learns over time, which is comparable in scope and function to the Toyota Production System (Dyer, Nobeoka, 2000). Due to their focus on KM, Nike has been able to successful transition from relying purely on price or products exclusively, and is now competing with knowledge. The intent of this paper is to analyze how Nike has been able to successfully use KM to turn their company into a learning organization, and what the company's best practices. The…. [read more]

HRD Strategy and Human Resources Essay

… , 2009; Garavan, 2007). Any attempt to separate human resources development from larger strategic trends is fundamentally misguided, then, and the best practice for building a strategy is starting with human resources development, not vice-versa.

In addition to being influenced by organizational structure and strategic perspective, human resources development is also impacted by (and a factor in) organizational culture, and adopting a culture of receptivity and managerial latitude and independence that allows for more flexible human resource approaches can be key in developing an open, knowledge-transferring and constantly developing human resource foundation (Zheng et al., 2010). Such flexibility is a cultural element as much as it is structural and strategic, and all of these areas will be improved by such an approach to human resources…. [read more]

Learning Organizations Given Such Rapid Research Paper

… Learning Organizations

Given such rapid and increasingly complex changes across the world in business and technology, how can companies ensure that they will be able to continue to keep in pace and succeed in the future? What is the best way to face these major continuous transitions, which not only impact work but families, communities and society as a whole? One of the suggestions is a the field called organizational learning, which explores and analyzes different methods to design and build organizations in order to effectively meet their goals and mission, motivate employees to attain their full potential and bring about positive change in the world. In a learning organization, employees continually create, acquire and transfer knowledge -- helping their company adapt to the unpredictability…. [read more]

Human Resources Is Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… Human Resources and Organizational behavior in Shopping Mall organizations (METRO Cash and Carry)

Organization is a social place working for the productivity and prosperity of mutual goals and aims. Shopping Malls are the big organizations having products and services. On daily basis thousands of people come and go for buying things or even visit the malls for the window shopping. Hence, the customer services must be excellent. People must be valued and catered in the way they need. Shopping Mall is a diversified workplace that includes people, their behaviors, their attitudes and the way they interact with each other. If we exclude people from the Shopping Malls then there would be products and empty buildings only.

Human beings have different priorities, different hobbies, living standards,…. [read more]

Learning Organization. Consolidate Research Definitions Essay

… Another particularity of the teaching hospital is that this is often involved in research, meaning that it seeks to identify cures to various diseases. Virtually, it seeks to develop new treatments and solutions that improve the medical act and the health of the patients.

The research operations at the learning hospital are complex and can fall into various categories, all revealing applications of organizational learning and development. One notable example is nevertheless represented by the conduction of experimental treatments in the teaching hospitals (Dowshen, 2010). These treatments are new solutions to various medical problems; they are innovations which hope to solve health issues, but which require subjects for testing. For the patients, this feature further increases the access to information -- the latest knowledge and…. [read more]

Human Resources Managing Organisational Culture Dissertation

… d).

Understanding of organisational culture and cultural types also helps the understanding of why managerial reforms may impact differently within and between organisations. An organisation with a predominantly internal process culture, for example, may be more resistant to reforms aimed at promoting innovation. It is expected that staff in high uncertainty avoidance cultures to be more concerned with rule-following and more reluctant to risk changing jobs - both factors of some importance for those reformers who want to deregulate bureaucracies and encourage more rapid job change in the public service'. Businesses in both the private and public sectors have come to understand that organisational change frequently requires changing the organisation's culture and learning (O'Donnell & Boyle, 2008).

Whatever the purpose and performance results of culture…. [read more]

Organizational Structure Research Paper

… Health CAre

Organizational structure refers to the hierarchy within an organization, including the divisional/department structure, and the chains of command and communication that define how resources are allocated. The structure is the framework for implementing strategy, so the structure can be very important in the context of strategic management, to the point where sometimes the structure needs to be changed just to allow for a specific strategy to be implemented (Friend, 2014).

This paper will examine the role of organizational structure in the context of the strategic management of healthcare organizations. Healthcare is a unique industry in some respects, especially where an organization operates as a not-for-profit entity, in that the strategic objectives are not strictly profit-oriented. So it is important to not only understand…. [read more]

Organizational Values Organizational Foundations Visiting Nurse Service Discussion Chapter

… Organizational Values

Organizational Foundations

Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY): Organizational values

The stated vision of VNSNY is to "become the most significant, best-in-class, nonprofit, community-based integrated delivery system providing superior care coordination and care management services to vulnerable populations across a broad regional footprint" (Mission and vision, 2013, VNSNY). The VNSNY provides assistance to patients and their families who need health-related assistance necessary to thrive and function at home, enabling many patients to remain in the comfort of familiar surroundings while they are provided with care. The stated mission is "to promote the health and well-being of patients and families by providing high-quality, cost-effective health care in the home and community; to be a leader in the development of innovative services that enable…. [read more]

Organizational Structure Critically Essay

… The scenario is indeed brief and certainly not exhaustive of the causal factors that may be involved, but it does nonetheless transcend subjectivism and evince the indispensability of analytical dualism. 'Organizational culture' is thus not merely about increasing productivity or designing company logos! Cultural items do not remain at the gates of all organizations. Again, it is only in virtue of a stratified reality that analytical dualism is possible. Pace Bryant (1995), theorizing the relative interplay of generative structures (which may remain unexercised or exercised but unperceived) is not to embroil oneself in an ineluctable regression. Rather, it provides a much more robust analytical grip on S-C dynamics, eschewing the twin nightmares of empiricism and positivism.

The main impetus behind this paper has been to…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Case Study

… Organization Behavior

Over the last several decades, the airline industry has been undergoing major transformations. This is because globalization is leading to changes in how firms are competing with each other over routes and passengers. At the heart of these shifts, is a focus on competitors who have lower cost structures and are flying the most profitable routes. For different legacy carriers, this is challenging as their business models must be readjusted to reflect these new realities. The problem is that many of these transformations will result in existing staff members facing the possibility of layoffs and lower wages / benefits. This is a controversial move, as many of these individuals are highly skilled and play a vital role in the well-being of the airline.…. [read more]

Organizational Values of Child Care Essay

… Procedures for ensuring confidentiality and the appropriate release of information are reviewed with all staff upon hiring and at staff meetings as well as being included in the personnel policy and employee handbook. Upon hiring each employee agrees to and signs a confidentiality agreement in regards to the information within the center. In addition, disciplinary repercussions if confidentiality is breached are reviewed with staff to assist them to understand their role and the expectations of the center. This will underline the seriousness of their responsibility and will help ensure breaches are limited.


Barrett, D.J. (2006). Strong communication skills a must for today's leaders. Handbook of Business Strategy, 7 (1), 385-390. Retrieved from Emerald.

Foote, D.A., Seipel, S.J., Johnson, N.B., & Duffy, M.K. (2005). Employee…. [read more]

Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge Dissertation

… ¶ … Henry Thomas Buckle's original 1858 discourse concerning the contributions of women to the progress of knowledge to determine how relevant these concepts remain today, and to expand on his origins premise that although women reason differently from men, the contributions to the progress of knowledge made by women over the centuries are worthy of further study today. To this end, the study examines different types of knowledge and how women have affected progress in these domains through a critical review of the relevant literature, including open source media such as Wikipedia, but peer-reviewed and scholarly sources as well. A summary of the research and a synthesis of the findings are presented in the study's conclusion concerning the contributions of women to the progress…. [read more]

HRM Outline Human Resource Management an Analysis Thesis

… HRM Outline

Human Resource Management

An analysis of how to utilize Human Resources to create or maintain a competitive advantage within the modern business environment.

Synthesis Review

Leadership Background

Organizational Leadership Models

Leadership Development

Employee Selection


Learning Culture

Cultural Dimension

Every modern organization has a human resources department to manage its employees and can range from a single person to an entire human resources department with hundreds of HR employees. Furthermore, human resources can be considered more of a support function or administrative function in some organizations, while in others it is considered the backbone that can drive an organization to innovation and build a learning culture and create a competitive advantage in the industry. The problem in many modern organizations is that they…. [read more]

Urban Economics Research Proposal

… Urban Economics

It would be hard to find a government official who did not stress the importance of economic development -- voters like to hear about economic growth because they like jobs and security -- but there is no magic button to push to develop an economy. Fostering economic development goes much further than simple Econ 101 answers like "lower taxes." Even where such simplistic strategies are helpful, they need to be guided by a coherent vision of economic development that is rooted in sound theory. Such an approach allows for consistent long-term policy that facilitates long-run economic development, rather than ad hoc policymaking that only seems to serve short-term interests. Many studies of late have focused on clustering as a means of building strong…. [read more]

Managing Organizational Culture Dissertation

… ¶ … opportunity exists for the company to expand internationally by setting up operations in the emerging economies of China and India. The question to consider is how to build cultural harmony between the facilities operating in three different countries. The question of whether it would be better to establish a certain national organizational culture is likely would be considered in this report. cultures of the United Kingdom, India and China is presented. The organizational cultures prevalent in China and India are more collectivistic and marked by high power distance than the organizational cultures in the United Kingdom. There are other differences such as the importance of status in China and family tradition in India, whereas in the United Kingdom principles of utility and economic…. [read more]

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