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Jewish Social Life Term Paper

… Sketches of Jewish Social Life, Alfred Edersheim attempts to transport the reader into the land of Palestine during the time of Jesus and his apostles. He does so in an effort to give readers a sense of the historical events and day-to-day life that occurred contemporaneously with the life of Christ. Furthermore, Edersheim believes that his description of Palestine during this time period illuminates the truth of the statements in the New Testament. Furthermore, Edersheim uses historical events to show that Jesus differed from others of his time period, and was a unique individual. Edersheim builds upon that to demonstrate several different points: first, that Jesus was the Son of God; second, that Jesus was Jewish; and third, that Jesus signaled a departure from traditional…. [read more]

Characterization of Chaucer Research Paper

… Chaucer: The Prioress

The Pious and Contemptuous Prioress

In Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the Prioress tale delves into the piety, propriety and prejudiced of a senior nun. Her tale examines the murder of young and innocent choir boy, who was killed by the town's Jews for singing aloud in praising Mother Mary. Much attention is placed on the words and sentiments (especially anti-Semitism) expressed by the Prioress in terms of assessing her character traits. Nevertheless, her social skills, dress and physical appearance also reveal much about the character of the Prioress, particularly that she is a human being who strives to maintain piety and spirituality, but is subject to human desires and weaknesses (Stone 58)

In the General Prologue the reader is privy to glimpses…. [read more]

History of Interpersonal Skill Literature Review

… Interpersonal Skill of Mesopotamia

The study of interpersonal skills among ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia consists mostly of major innovations and advances in society, technology and human development. Sargon is typically credited with being the first person to unify a world empire in the 24th century B.C. Most of what is known of Sargon comes from the Chronicles of Early Kings, a series of tablets forming one of the first known historiographies and written from the 8th century B.C. To the 3rd Century A.D. Sargon, as the world's first known leader is believed to have inspired future Kings and rulers for centuries to come with his ability to build, maintain and administer his empire (Snell 32).

Hammurabi ruled Babylon in the 18th century B.C. He is…. [read more]

Great War in American History Term Paper

… They were being regarded as the enemy or disloyal, for the people around held biased judgement for all Asians.

Guterson reveals a remarkable side left by the war, for a community 'of five thousand damp souls', who supported themselves through salmon fishing and berry farming, in the fictional Island of San Piedro off the coast of Washington. He describes the time during the 1954, eight after the world War II ended, where a lot of men from San Piedro lost their lives and the ones alive had scars from war, physically and emotionally. The story talks about one of the survivors, Carl Heine, who drowned mysteriously while fishing, where another fisherman has been accused for the murder. Kabuo Miyamoto is the first generation of Japanese…. [read more]

Conception of Project Management Book Report

… ¶ … conception of project management is actually the summation of the preceding centuries' worth of work and development within this area. Although this discipline was not termed as such until the 1900's, it has slowly evolved much like any other process utilized throughout the course of time and which includes "building processes" which "have led to the development of project management" and, the basics of which "can be traced back to these periods of time" (Yuen 383) that are discussed within this current study. These time periods encompass the medieval period in Europe and in the Near East, and were stratified to include the Byzantine Empire, Islamic Golden Age, the Crusades, the Carolingian Renaissance, the Romanesque Period as well as the Gothic Period, which…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management (Scm) Term Paper

… The Central Delivery Management system serves to ensure timely supply of goods from warehouses to stores and finally to the customers. (Senheng News)

Supply chain management practices in the United States of America vis-a-vis Malaysia:

Past studies have reported that supply chains in Asian countries, including Malaysia, are fragmented and less competitive than western nations such as United States and Europe. From a general perspective, Asian countries are believed to behind their western counterparts by three to five years. Diversity in culture and language, regulations, infrastructure, taxes and organizational forms are some of the reasons that differentiate supply chain efficiencies. Companies in Malaysia have shown the tendency of not leveraging purchase activities across the organization to derive maximum value, which has been successfully adopted by…. [read more]

Industrial Revolution: Cultural and Construction History Essay

… Industrial Revolution: Cultural and Construction History (1750 to 1900)

Cultural Environment

During the Industrial Revolution machines changed the way people lived and their ways of manufacturing. The advent of steam power and its associated machinery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries spurred significant changes in farming, manufacturing, mining, and transport. Beginning in England, these developments started a process of using vast natural resources to power economic change, for example in such areas as the manufacture of cloth and in the use of locomotive engines in transportation (Schivelbusch). Europe's socioeconomic and cultural conditions were transformed (More). Technology introduced mechanised production systems that replaced manual labour. One of the principle ways in which the Industrial Revolution altered these different arenas of life was by making it more…. [read more]

President, the Pope Essay

… (Which issues will Obama need to deal with? Such as North Korea, Russia, Germany…)

The United States has been built on a foundation of war, wars for independence, wars for unity, wars for world peace, and wars for prophet. Each act of warfare has been debated and measured against whether or not engaging in violence were in the best interest of the country. There have been wars which were decidedly successful, such as the American Revolution and the Civil War and some that were not successful, like the war in Vietnam. The problem with war is that even in the best case scenario, some men will die, both the enemy and men from the United States. Therefore, if it is decided that America will go…. [read more]

Eastern and Western European Jewry Term Paper

… European Jewry

In the history of the Jewish people there are many transitory themes. The reasons for this follow the trend of the relative liquidity of place for the entire culture. Jews have spent much of their time on the move, changing locations with the perceived or real advantages of the region which they chose to settle within. Though they were always set apart the cultures changed and altered as the need's and standard's of the majority culture where they chose to settle demanded the change of the individual and community of the Jews.

There never were any physical obstacles to travelling on the great plain that stretches from the Ural Mountains to the North Sea. There are neither mountains nor deserts, only some wide…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglas Term Paper

… Without this love of books and learning being instilled in him Franklin could have never become the great thinker, speaker, author, and statesmen that he was to become.

Frederick Douglas's life story as he narrates it in his biography, however, tells a much bleaker tale that shows even more the ability of one man to use his wits and his natural talents to pull himself up by the bootstraps after a fashion that will enable him to achieve a better and more important life. Like in Franklin's case, it was the moment where Douglas realized the true importance of education that everything began to come together for him and his life began to take a very different path. Indeed, Douglas's mistress, Mrs. Auld, began to…. [read more]

Termed the Forgotten Battle Thesis

… Chapter Two: Literature Review

Background and Overview

In reality, it is not surprising that it required some time for the United States to recognize the strategic significance of the Aleutians. At the time, Alaska was not even a state and its geographic distance from the contiguous United States further distanced the region from the minds of American policymakers. For instance, according to Hodas-Walsh (1997, pp. 3-4), "Not only was Alaska and the Aleutians a secondary theater of war during World War II, the United States had always considered it of secondary importance." By the fin de siecle, though, the United States had in fact begun to take some interest in the archipelago but the interest was only modest and fleeting. In this regard, Hodas-Walsh (1997,…. [read more]

Thames Tunnel Was Originally Created Essay

… Thames Tunnel was originally created as a means of connecting Wapping and Rotherbridge beneath London's River Thames. Each of those areas was located on the southern and the northern portions of the river; locals desired a direct connection between these two locations to accommodate the burgeoning docks on each side. The earliest efforts to create a tunnel of this sort can be traced back to the close of the 18th century, when Ralph Dodd was unsuccessful in making a tunnel between Tilbury and Gravesend. The initial financial investors in the creation of the Thames Tunnel were known as the Thames Tunnel Company, which was formed in 1824 and included the likes of investors such as the Duke of Wellington -- who once helped free Thames…. [read more]

Self-Reliance and the Road Term Paper

… In "The Road Not Taken," Frost insinuates that the decision that the narrator is forced to make is not a unique phenomenon, but rather that many individuals have previously been forced to make decisions that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Although the narrator in the poem does not specify how choosing the road less traveled has impacted his life, it is evident that choosing that road lead to a path of revolution and allowed him to accomplish goals that not only make him proud, but that establish precedent and will encourage others to attempt to achieve or surpass similar goals.

Through their respective works, "Self-Reliance" and "The Road Not Taken," Emerson and Frost promote Transcendental values of individualism and self-reliance and…. [read more]

Ewom Communication and Brand Trust Term Paper

… EWOM Communication and Brand Trust

Brand Trust and Customer Equity

EWOM Communication and Customer Equity

Brand Equity Drivers and Customer Equity

Relationship of Equity Drivers on Customer Equity

Value Equity Drivers

Brand-Related, Relationship-Related and Value-Related Drivers

Developing eWOM Campaigns

Things Not to Do with eWOM

Considerations for Consumer Online Reviews

Comparison of WOM Campaigns

Customer Equity (Villanueva, Yoo & Hanssens 2006, Introduction Section, ¶ 1).

CLV: Consumers' lifetime value (Villanueva, Yoo & Hanssens 2006, Introduction, ¶ 1).

UGC: User-Generated Content (Cheong & Morrison 2008, ¶ 1).





"…[C]onsumer reviews and ratings are the most accessible and prevalent form of eWOM"

(Hopken, Gretzel, & Law 2009, p. 38).


In the literal world,…. [read more]

World Wide Web Search Optimization for Physician Term Paper

… ¶ … Wide Web is available around the world today, and consists of billions of pages of information and several pages are being added every second. As a result, billions of users are increasingly turning to the Web for answers, as well as recreation, shopping and even education. In addition, the healthcare community is increasingly turning to the World Wide Web to obtain information and to provide it to their peers and patients as well. One of the unfortunate consequences of the enormity of the amount of information that is available on the Web is the inability of many search engines to identify the precise information desired by the user. Indeed, a simple search might result in hundreds or even thousands (or tens of thousands)…. [read more]

Wildland Recreation Term Paper

… Desert Solitaire

Wildland Recreation as Represented in Abbey's Desert Solitaire

The American West has always been a locale of mythical proportions, with its sheer expanse, exoticness and diversity making it a historically rich point of inflection for natural scientists, adventurers and philosophers to better understand the country as a whole. By immersing himself deep into the heart of the desert, Edward Abbey, committed to all three aformentioned professions by way of his experiences there, paints a gritty and down-to-Earth portrait of the Arches National Park that succeeds in representing the mysterious allure of the West. Particularly, Abbey's gruff authority gives voice to the frustrations of a great many Americans during the time in which he authored this journal, published in 1968. Serving over one summer…. [read more]

Twentieth Century, the Brazilian National Term Paper

… "

Neither hex nor war could stop his victory, and by the time he won three World Cups, he had even put a war on hiatus, where in Nigeria, the Biafran Civil War was officially paused with a three day truce to watch Pele play in two exhibition games.

Pele was a hero. Not only was he a stellar athlete, he was a good man whose intentions were honest and successes visible. He overcame poverty, racial discrimination, and physical stresses to succeed, providing a great role model for the millions of Brazilians for whom national identity was muddied. While race and poverty confused the social context of post-colonial Brazil, soccer became part of its ability to redefine itself on its own terms. Soccer, the national…. [read more]

Dream Content as Therapy: Ego vs. Repression Dissertation

… For example: a parent has repeating nightmares, and the child "dreams his dreams " because the child is in a psychic resonance with the parent. The child's dreams end when the parent's does. Four, it might be a repetition of a past traumatic event in current lifetime. For example: a person might dream of a recent rape, a childhood assault or a wartime battle. This type of nightmare is so deeply etched in the psyche that it can require heavy use of behavioral dream-work techniques to modify the content and emotional intensity.

A fifth factor could be that the dream is a depiction of a past or probable life. For example: a client might dream the last events prior to a violent…. [read more]

Holistic Christian Healing for Addicts Term Paper

… In this regard, Noble advises that according to Wesley, “Christians may be truly sanctified not only in outward consistency of conduct, but inwardly in such a way as to be truly among the ‘pure of heart’” (4). Although not directed specifically at Christians that are suffering from addictions, this type of outcome is precisely what is sought through holistically based interventions.

Moreover, Wesley maintained that the Almighty intended sanctification for all of humankind collectively as well as extending the redeeming grace of sanctification to each individual Christian. In this regard, Noble adds that, “Christian theology must include the concept of sanctification, an understanding of the way in which God ‘makes holy’ not only a people corporately, but each one individually” (2). When people succeed…. [read more]

Secular Humanism Research Proposal

… Secular Humanism

The rise and influence of Secular Humanism in the 20th century


Brief Overview of the Antecedents of Secular Humanism

The Enlightenment and Renaissance

Political and Economic Factors

The Modern Era

Historical aspects; The Formalism of Secular Humanism

The Role of Science

Secularization in the West

Influential Thinkers

Secular Humanism in the Twentieth Century and its Crisis

The Influence of Secular Humanism

The phenomenon of secular humanism is a central facet of the constitution and character of contemporary Western culture and society. The modern development of this ideology or worldview has progressed from the humanism of the Enlightenment to the particle style of secular humanism that we find in the twentieth century. This cultural phenomenon became a dominant social and cultural force during…. [read more]

Isaiah 58 Term Paper

… Isaiah 58 is a warning from God to his people. The chapter fits with the message contained in the entire second half of Isaiah (40-66). God expresses his displeasure with his children and gives them specific instructions that he wishes to be followed in order to return to his good graces. This research will support the thesis that Isaiah 58 is a call to action that provides essential clues as to the management of our resources today.

An Introduction to the Chapter

Isaiah served as a prophet in Jerusalem at a pivotal time in the relationship of the Israelites to God. He began his public ministry late in the reign of King Uzziah, just prior to the death of the King in 740 B.C.

Isaiah…. [read more]

Ho Women Are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art Term Paper

… ¶ … Women are Portrayed in Late 19th Century Art

Throughout history, women have served as the subjects of compelling and poignant works of art, reflecting in large part how society viewed them and what roles they were expected to play. These gender differences were especially pronounced during the 19th century when women were women and men were men, and these differences can be readily discerned in the portraiture that emerged during this period. This paper provides an analysis of how women were portrayed in late 19th century art in general and in the paintings of women by John Singer Sargent and James Abbott McNeal Whistler in particular. An examination of how women are portrayed in paintings in general before the 19th century is provided,…. [read more]

Causes Guidelines and Basic Steps of China's Economic Reform Term Paper

… ¶ … China's economic reform

Totalitarianism has oftenly been described as being the most awful movement of the 20th century: it has affected the entire world, it has led to many innocent deaths and it has been against the natural economic development. Even though, in its early beginning, communism has wanted itself to be the proper solution for all the nations that used to dream to equality and peacefulness among people. Despite this fact, Marx's theories had proven to be wrong and, instead of installing peace and stability, they have been the reasons for many years of bloodshed and terror.

Among the countries in the deepest sense affected by communism there has surely been China; this state and its people have seen the totalitarian regime…. [read more]

Market Orientation of Medical Diagnostic Term Paper

… Services at the HHS, MDU's are not planning to be eliminated, but to be more efficient through improved discharge planning, more efficient ways to canalize patient, increase training and skills and more effective clinical and technological test taking of patients. The MDU used as a sample for this research project has an acceptance of approximately 3588 patients a year in the Echocardiography laboratory, 37856 patient for Electrocardiography, 1633 for Holter Monitoring, 2839 for Stress Test, and a 16,102 per year for diversity of cardiac and related non-cardiac diagnostic technologic tests. Having a total of 62018 tests at this particular Unit.

The four units at the corporation have approximately 167,489 invasive and non- invasive cardiovascular tests (including a small number of neurology test) done a year.…. [read more]

Close Reading of One or More Scene's in Jane Eyre Term Paper

… Eyre End

Towards an Appropriate Ending for Jane Eyre: The Anti-Hero's Faith in Principle and Law

Jane Eyre is almost epic in scope despite the deeply personal focus and perspective of the novel, incorporating themes of enormous scale and certain trajectories that are millennia in the making. Strong religious symbolism and the direct appearance of religion in a variety of forms permeates the text, and commentary on British history and social practices can also be found in the larger plot structures of the novel and in many of the seemingly trivial activities Jane has in her day-to-day life. While the central story appears to be that of Jane's struggle to carve out her own space in the world and to find a life that allows…. [read more]

Incidence of Diabetic Nephropathy Article Critique

… It seems to me that what the authors wish to indicate is the necessity for prevention particularly given that the test is so rare and expensive. The entire paragraph would have been clearer had the author clarified their intention.

The central theme of "Implications for Nursing Practice" appears to be importance of a trusting and supportive nurse manner, but this theme is obstructed by the authors meandering off on a tandem about incidental points that determine patient compliance before returning to their overall theme of prevention. The authors would have achieved greater clarity had they focused exclusively on their theme of manner of healthcare provider, denoted how that aids prevention of diabetes, and relegated the last two paragraphs of that section (prevention and cost of…. [read more]

Number Our Days by Barbara Myerhoff Book Report

… ¶ … crept into each of the individuals that she surveyed remarking that she herself would be an elderly Jew like them one day. On the other hand, I was discomfited by the way that the author glibly swallowed assumptions of her own religion without questioning them. The author does state that she grew up little informed of her own religion and that Shmuel reiterated the fact that he could not teach her, there being so much that she did not know. Meyerhof did try her utmost to become objective and detached. As she states, she did not often manage. Yet there are erroneous assumptions that creep through, such as the time when she glibly mentions about "Jewish guilt" -- (is there such a thing…. [read more]

Phonograph New Technologies Essay

… The second crucial prediction Edison makes is his belief that the phonograph would allow "the captivation of sounds, with or without the knowledge or consent of the source of their origin" (Edison, 1878, p. 530). Though this prediction is ostensibly more relevant to surveillance, law enforcement, and warfare than the humanities, the connection between disruptive technologies, warfare, and the humanities is inextricable. Indeed, one need only look so far as Google's cultural database to find that the frequency of "phonograph" in fiction peaked dramatically during World War II, as the recording and transmission of sounds took on a new, deadly importance (Michel et al., 2010, figure 1).

Figure 1

Edison concludes his essay by considering a number of possible applications for the phonograph, from replacing…. [read more]

Social Media Thesis

… In these contexts, direct communication between disputants that explicitly addresses the issues at stake in the conflict can be perceived as very rude, making the conflict worse and delaying resolution. Rather, it can make sense to involve religious, tribal or community leaders, communicate difficult truths indirectly through a third party, and make suggestions through stories (Augsberger, 1992).

Intercultural conflicts are often the most difficult to resolve because the expectations of the disputants can be very different, and there is much occasion for misunderstanding. This is where the global and multicultural nature of social media is seen as a common ground for arbitration and conflict resolution. The use of social media or social networks for resolving conflicts has yet to be empirically researched and evaluated from…. [read more]

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