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Skill Building the Course Work Essay

… I learnt that to make such a conclusion in an ethical dilemma requires the gathering of evidence from various credible sources on the meaning and foundations of ethical principles and obligations that bind a healthcare professional. This is the process of giving reading direction in problem solving.

The acquisition of knowledge has improved with the progress made in acquiring reading, thinking, and writing skills. Prior to the course, I used to read useful articles and articles that caught my interest. However, the course has increased my reading skills, since I can read on Bioethics though I am a businessperson, and gain helpful information from them. I no longer have to read an article twice or more than once, to gain any useful information or understanding.…. [read more]

Improving Reading Comprehension Skills in Elementary Students Term Paper

… Improving Reading Comprehension

Education is a very important aspect of one's life. To this lies the future growth and success of everybody. However, there are various challenges to successful education.

One big challenge is the capability of the educators or educational policy makers to motivate the students to learn. To facilitate learning, it is not enough that the teachers know how to teach the subjects. It is also very important that the teachers know how to keep and maintain the power of enhancing the students' ability and skills through motivation (Bruner, 1996). If the teachers do not possess such skills, students' successful education could be at stake.

Another challenge in the conduct of successful learning is the proper or improper use instructional designs and materials.…. [read more]

Reading Education Special Needs Case Study

… The word list and story were read back a minimum of three times to force familiarity with all of the words and thoughts.

Step 2 was a focus on the sound of unfamiliar and letter sounds. The famous 'hooked On Phonics' approach was used in order to apply a tried and true methodology to this process. The key was to establish which sounds were familiar and which sounds were new. The approach was to focus on the sounds not known. If the letter 'b' was not known, then a list of one syllable 'b' words was reviewed until the connection of the sound and letter was established. This was then stepped up to distinguishing consonants and vowels. Simple words like 'tap' for the vowel practice…. [read more]

Strategies for Effective Reading Instruction Essay

… Why is it important to develop readers' awareness of story structures? What do students need to know about the elements of a story? Explain at least 3 strategies for teaching story structures.

By understanding story structure, readers come to appreciate and anticipate a causal chain. The relationship of the story elements or parts becomes clearer when a reader has developed a schema for framing the stories they read and discuss. A basic understanding of story structure can act as guide to reading more complex stories as students' advance their skills. As readers are exposed to more stories, they come to recognize that certain story parts are always in evidence in the form of communication known as story. Knowing that there are turning points helps the…. [read more]

Improving Classroom Management Skills Point Essay

… Improving Classroom Management Skills

Point #1 -- Physical Classroom Layout and Teacher Mobility

This course and the discussions that it has inspired have taught me the importance of the physical layout of classrooms from the perspective of classroom management concerns. In many respects, establishing a physical classroom layout that is conducive to desirable conduct and student attention to task is a preemptory approach to classroom management that prevents certain kinds of problems before they ever occur.

For example, when teachers always remain in one fixed position (typically, in the front of the class), students who are inclined toward inattention or disruptive conduct tend to gravitate to the back of the class. Even more generally, they develop a sense of security (regardless of where they sit)…. [read more]

Technology to Improve Reading in Ese Middle Research Proposal

… ¶ … Technology to Improve Reading in ESE Middle School Students

Students that require Exceptional Student Education (ESE) often lack the technological assistance they need to help them excel at reading. Therefore, this dissertation proposal will explore the factors contributing to the lack of use of effective and appropriate reading-related technology for special-needs students. The focus of the study will be ESE students at the middle school level, as this is a critical transition period that requires special attention. A reading proficiency test (TBD), along with an extensive literature review, will be employed in order to determine the best practices for enhancing literacy achievement through the integration of technology in a special-needs learning environment.

Significance of the Study

This study is significant because it will…. [read more]

Effect of After School Fcat Reading Tutoring on 5th Grade Reading Scores Research Paper

… ¶ … Afterschool FCAT Tutoring

Students in the state of Florida are assessed annually by standardized tests to ensure that students are reaching specific educational benchmarks. One of the main areas in which students are tested is reading ability. The FCAT 2.0 tests students in their ability to read against specific benchmarks. This study aimed to determine whether a tutoring-based intervention could help low-achieving students to improve their reading test scores using a pre-post random assignment design. Sixty grade 5 students from an elementary school in Miami participated in the study. They were randomly assigned to either the control group, which received no additional help with reading, or the intervention group, which received two hours of mandatory FCAT 2.0 reading-based tutoring every day after school…. [read more]

Goal of Indiana Students Reading Proficiently Term Paper

… ¶ … goal of Indiana students reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade for special Ed students, we will have to strengthen the initial program in reading. That basis must allow students to not only become skilled, but to display mastery during K-3 schooling. With that said,

Standards, instruction and assessment will have to be precisely aligned;

Statistics on every child's development must be used by teachers to adjust/distinguish their instructional practices;

Children will have to be given effective interventions if they are not making satisfactory development so their learning can be quicker and they can thus "catch-up" with their peers;

Teachers will have to get information regarding each child's prior learning so transitions from grade-to-grade occur smoothly;

All of the students will have…. [read more]

Communications Skills to Solve Problems Term Paper

… LO 5: "Apply the principles embodied in the ACS codes of ethics and professional practice to understand the ethical behaviors and social responsibility required of IT professionals."

ACS (Australian Computer Society) is the code of ethics designed to embody ethical decision-making. Within the IT environment, ACS codes of ethics are designed to guide IT professionals in the ethical decision-making. The ACS also requires all members to act in accordance with the code. Typically, ACS code articulates that IT professionals must uphold professional integrity at all time. (Wheeler, 2003).

Reflective Practice

I have the experience to implement the ACS Code of practice when my company sent me to Australia to complete an IT project. The project was to assist a company in Australia to install computers…. [read more]

Nonverbal Communication Skill Term Paper

… For example, a number of research studies indicate that there is a significant gender difference in the nonverbal encoding decoding skills among humans, with women being far more competent than men in both nonverbal skills

. This is, perhaps, the reason behind the common complaint among women about the supposed "insensitivity" of their spouses. Nonverbal sensitivity is also believed to be a key component of empathy and some researchers believe that nonverbal decoding skill is at the core of social intelligence. (Archer, Sternberg & Smith quoted by Riggio, 1992)

Familiarity with the "building blocks" of non-verbal skills -- encoding and decoding of nonverbal -- is necessary for a proper understanding of the subject. Only when one is familiar with the fundamentals of a subject can…. [read more]

Fostering Reading Motivation Through Process Drama Term Paper

… Drama and Reading


Fostering Reading Motivation through Process Drama

Because good reading skills are an essential component of learning virtually all other subjects, it is not surprising that a great deal of attention has been paid to helping educators understand how and why children learn how to read. To date, a wide range of theories have been advanced to help foster reading motivation among young learners, with some methods being more effective than others. One method that has been shown to be effective in fostering reading motivation among young learners is process drama. This paper provides an overview of process drama and how teachers can use it to foster reading motivation among young learners today. A critical review…. [read more]

Communication Skills Are Critical in Any Business Essay

… Communication skills are critical in any business or profession. However, the type of communication skills necessary will depend on the organizational culture, the job description and roles, and other contextual factors. Some jobs will require greater written communication skills than others; and some jobs demand astute oral or verbal communications skills. When analyzing my own communications skills, it may be helpful to review both the Baack (2012) text as well as scholarly resources. Without scholarly resources, I may not be able to assess my communication skills effectively enough. This paper will describe the assessment methods that I used to analyze my own communication skills. Then, I will discuss the observed or measured gaps in communication skills and identify training that can be used to address…. [read more]

Improving Reading Skills in Lower Level and Special Needs Students Through the Use of Technology Term Paper


In the end, the fate of children depends on our ability to use technology constructively and carefully. The connection of children and technology is not simply a matter of seat belts, safe toys, safe air, water and food, additive-free baby foods, or improved television programming.

These are all important issues, but to stop here is to forget that today's children will soon be adults.

Technological decisions made today will determine, perhaps irrevocably, the kind of physical and social world we bequeath them and the kind of people they become."

Kenneth Keniston (Columbia, 1996)

Students deemed socially or academically disadvantaged, Evanciew (2003) stresses, are not considered to have special needs. Whatever the decision in this particular…. [read more]

Reading Improvement in Third Grade Term Paper

… The goals are as follows:

Terminal objective 1. Students will demonstrate positive attitudes toward reading by accelerating their growth and reading ability, fostering a love of reading, developing into lifelong learners, becoming critical thinkers, and improving their scores.

Terminal objective 2. Students will demonstrate their ability to construct, extend, and examine meaning for a variety of texts by using strategic behavior and integrating their prior knowledge about both reading and the topic.

Terminal objective 3. Students will demonstrate their ability to vary their orientation to the text by interacting with a variety of texts for different purposes. Students will read for recreation, for literary experience, to be informed, and to perform a task.

Terminal objective 4. Students will demonstrate their ability to interact with texts…. [read more]

Reading Theories to Adults, Who Already Term Paper

… Reading Theories

To adults, who already have gone through the struggle of reading when they were young, the efforts of other children to do the same does not appear that difficult. Yet, when one actually considers all that is being accomplished with the "reading" of the written words, it is amazing indeed! Reading is a multifaceted and active process of many different steps that lead to a satisfactory conclusion.

As with any other human behavior, there a several different theories concerning the strategies that are used in this reading process. One theory is known as a cueing system, where "reading" is more than just saying the words aloud. Rather, the "reader" must properly combine four different cues or clues to decode words in a running…. [read more]

Reading Disabilities in Arab Students Attending Non-Arabic Schools Term Paper

… Education, Reading Disorders

Reading disabilities in Arab students attending non-Arabic schools

Reading disabilities pose one of the greatest threats to a child's learning, since all other subjects become reliant on comprehension as education progresses. English as a second language (ESL) students have additional needs, since their knowledge of language has been shaped differently than children who speak English as their native language. Arabic children in particular may struggle in the English-speaking classroom because of the drastically different systems of speech, reading, and learning in English and Arabic language. Further, some evidence exists that Arabic children suffer from reading disabilities more often than other children due to consanguineous marriages. Due to these possible genetic issues, cultural and language differences, and the struggles inherent in all ESL…. [read more]

Reading Students Term Paper

… ¶ … Diagnostic Reading Study

This study is designed to measure the learning needs of 6th Grade students currently assigned to intensive reading class. The criteria for their assignment to a remedial reading program was a score of 1 or 2 on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. The FCAT measures four component reading skills among Grade 3 to 10 students:

Words & Phrases in Context

Main Idea Plot & Purpose

Comparison and Cause & Effect

This study consists of classes averaging18 6th Grade students who scored substantially below grade level on the FCAT. Their scores were as follows:

Words & Phrases in Context: 40%

Main Idea Plot & Purpose: 35%

Comparison and Cause & Effect: 13%

Reference & Research: 14%

Scale Scores as follows:

Mean:…. [read more]

Reading Comprehension Effective Teaching Article Review

… In addition to boosting comprehension capabilities, think-aloud also describe reasons why a certain thought-process would be more effective in surmounting confusion and difficulty in understanding than another method. Therefore, performing effective think-aloud has proven to be a successful technique by which teachers can train their students to use, hence enhancing their comprehension capabilities.

Vocabulary method and Instructional Conversation

In another case scenario, Yusuf (2011) documents the results obtained after comparative analysis of vocabulary method and instructional conversation techniques of teaching comprehension. In this study, performances of students using either of the methodologies were analyzed. From the findings of the study, it was evidently clear that the thematic integration of the two methodologies (like a combination of the key features of instructional conversation technique and the…. [read more]

Skills and Knowledge Area Term Paper

… The skill of a person can be exactly and accurately measured with a special performance test, wherein the quantity and the quality of his performing skills are tested, and within a specific time period. Ability, on the other hand, refers to the manner in which the applicant is able to perform any type of activity that has been given to him, and which can be observed at that time by the management.

Examples of the abilities of a person can be his ability to organize, or his ability to plan, and so on. KSA's are important to anybody and everybody who is on the lookout for a job, and when it comes to a question of testing the writing skills, then one would have to…. [read more]

Organizational Change and Personal Development Plan Term Paper

… I believe the leadership expertise is a process acquired on a daily basis. I believe that working with AMRAAM will bolster my efforts to achieve my career goals by acquiring the necessary leadership and management skills.

Professional and personal goals

Setting goals promote the growth and development of a leader. I would improve my time management and completion of tasks within the stipulated timeframe. I would like to visit approximately 65% of the successful organizations in the U.S. To learn from them. One of my professional goals is to advance my managerial knowledge and skills by attending various seminars. I would like also to enroll for part-time MBA program at the University of California to acquire additional knowledge and skills related to project management and…. [read more]

Improving Carbon Management to Mitigate Climate Change Research Proposal

… Improving Carbon Management to Mitigate Climate Change

Introduction of global climate change situation

The aim of this green paper is to improve carbon management, helping the transition towards a low- carbon economy in the UK. Although this green paper represents a tentative government report of a proposal without any commitment to action, it is the first step in changing the law to improve carbon management to mitigate climate change. The growing body of evidence concerning the reality of global climate change demands action today (Lindsay 2005; Lynas 2004). The implications of global climate change, even in the relative near-term, are profound. In this regard, Jenkins emphasizes that, "Many people are intensely interested in predicting the likely consequences of global climate change during the next 50…. [read more]

HRM Implementation Plan Term Paper

… Reading is an essential component in guaranteeing academic achievement and lifelong success. For this reason, the implementation and maintaining of reading programs is essential to educational institutions. Literacy is important on both the individual and the social level. On the individual level the ability to read allows for successful achievements academically and in the workplace. On a social level, the literacy level of a community and country can greatly improve the quality of life.

The purpose of this discussion is to provide a plan concerning the implementation of a feasible reading program.

The value of reading and the need for a reading program

Educators may not always agree on every issue, but there is a genuine consensus that has formed over the years as it…. [read more]

Decoding: Identifying Improved Techniques Term Paper

… The automatization of word recognition generally comes after a long period of extensive reading practice (Nicholson & Tan, 1997). In their study, Nicholson and Tan investigated the automization of word recognition in 42 below-average readers, between 7 and 10 years of age. The subjects were given single-word training, phrase training, or no training. These researchers determined that trained children learned to decode target words quickly and accurately, using flashcards; by contrast, untrained children only discussed the target words and read them once. In this study, trained and untrained children read aloud passages that contained target words and were tested on their comprehension; they found that trained children had better comprehension than did the untrained children when questioned about passages and asked to retell them. These…. [read more]

Literacy Program Review "Reading Essay

… The students in general cannot show very high levels of knowledge absorption. When in groups, students take time in understanding procedure. Hence they can only slowly improve their proficiency. However, the advantage is that this learning process is normally permanet. What the students are taught by drills and excercises, that stays with them for long. Hence the slow procedural improvement of studet literacy proficiency is low for example only 2% or 5% over a period of a year. But the gradual improvement will finally end up into a very good English reading proficency of student in different grades.

The program is designed along course that is language rich. Unlike the conventional teaching methods, the student is not made to read only one type of information.…. [read more]

Reading Strategies Impact on ELL ESL Students Capstone Project

… ¶ … Reading Strategies' Impact on ELL Students

Today, more than 2 million students from non-English-speaking backgrounds attend public school in the United States and their numbers are expected to triple by 2020. The research to date confirms that these students require support in their native languages as well as in English to achieve academic proficiency, but far too few English language learners (ELLs) are receiving the level of educational support that is required. In this environment, identifying improved strategies for facilitating English language acquisition represents a timely and valuable enterprise. There are a number of challenges that are involved, but the mandates are clear. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, signed into law January 2002, placed renewed emphasis, urgency, and expectations on all…. [read more]

Improve Reading Skills Case Study

… ¶ … Improving Reading Skills

Reading and ESL Students

Multiculturalism in the Curriculum


Writing Assessment

Fry Graph

Instructional Implications

Lesson Plans

Scholarly Justifications

Reading and ESL Students - the way humans communicate and share ideas and concepts in society is quite complex. How are ideas conceptualized -- how are they explained -- how does discourse relate- and how do humans understand messages -- what is true about language- what is not? These are just some of the issues surrounding theories of language acquisition and development. By the time students arrive in school, unless intervention has occurred at a lower primary age, they have not only been subjected to numerous types of language acquisition, but because of the preponderance of global media and social networking,…. [read more]

Oral Reading Fluency Final Action Research Paper

… Oral Reading Fluency

Final Action Research Paper

The Purpose of this action research is to determine to what extent Tier 2 intervention modeling oral reading strategies will increase oral reading fluency in 2nd grade students. Reading fluency by itself is not sufficient for an increase in oral reading fluency. Oral reading fluency strategies, such as vocabulary and language knowledge, also play a direct role in reading fluency (DIBELS Next 2005). Questions addressed in this study include those asking: (1) What is reading fluency? (2) What are the six critical elements to become a fluent reader? (3) What instructional techniques are used to become a fluent reader? And (4) What does learning theory say about modeling oral reading fluency? The research will take place in a…. [read more]

Adolescent Literacy Levels: Reading and Writing Strategies Research Paper

… ¶ … Adolescent Literacy Levels: Reading and Writing Strategies to Help Improve Students' Literacy Skills

"Literacy -- the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and think effectively -- enables adolescents to learn and to communicate clearly about what they know and what they want to know. Being literate enables people to access power through the ability to become informed, to inform others, and to make informed decisions;" yet, the contemporary research shows that many adolescents are loosing out on the access to power through increased levels of literary incompetence (Meltzer, Cook, & Clark, 2011, p 6). Unfortunately, adolescent literacy has fallen far below the general expectations for middle and high school grade levels. This is a serious national problem, as many students in middle and…. [read more]

Language Skills During Communication Essay

… Here, students are taught how to use communication skills as the teacher requests for clarification enabling better understanding. In this process, different idiomatic expressions are used as it helps to teach conversation expression and practice them at the same time. A speaking task can involve the teacher asking learners questions about the story and let them explain different activities that occurred. The task can also involve making the learners engage in a conversation from the story. 1 The learners can also be asked questions about the story like why was Rajesh impatient for the school to get over. Learning speaking can involve group work where pronunciation, speaking and fluency exercises are exercised.

Reading is a receptive skill that enables learners to be productive as they…. [read more]

Listening Skills in CLIL Research Proposal

… Other considerations:

Has CLIL lost some of its appeal in recent years (as it has in Finland)? Why?

Has the main thrust of the CLIL learning opportunity been based on content or on communication skills rehearsed during the sessions?

Are the children offered what you would consider ample time to converse in the second language -- either directed toward what they learned or just adolescent conversations -- following the lesson?

What has worked best for your classes in terms of helping students learn the listening skills?

Are there students that excel so quickly in mastering the second language and grasp the lessons so ably that they are viewed as future pedagogues?


Teresa Naves reports on research conducted in Catalonia, in which a number of…. [read more]

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