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Improved Your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Yourself Essay

… ¶ … Improved Your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Yourself in This Session Through This Course

The mathematical skill that was taught in the course is necessary for a career that may be related to business, investment and analysis. In other words the course shows the path to business mathematics by the use of exponential, and logarithmic functions that management use in the Managerial information systems -- MIS and this is also used with functions, set theories and other allied matters thought to analyze data and solve problems related to the market, and necessary decisions to be made can be based on these knowledge. To that extent I feel I have gained a lot. The overall experience is that the course has given me the ability…. [read more]

Improved Your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Essay

… One possible strategy is to create a model that is looking at the different perspectives in the form of a check list. This will have various conclusions from each method and ensure that everyone can compare the results with each other. When this happens, everyone has a better understanding of key challenges and the way they are influencing the findings of the analysis. (Kaplan, 2005) (Oakland, 2000)

State whether you achieved the course objectives (listed on the module 6 home page and course syllabus page)

I was able to gain greater perspectives about what is occurring in the world of business. This is helping me to objectively study firms and with more precise accuracy. Once this took place, is the point that I had a…. [read more]

Improved, Significantly, My Ability Essay

… In this model, I feel that I truly achieved the objectives, since I was able to understand each model clearly. I saw how there was a progression from the earliest models to the later ones in terms of sophistication and complexity of thought. I also feel that I was able to progress myself in terms of understanding the models.

The third module saw me focus on the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model, and how Skype applies this to its business. This model proved effective in formulating a diagnosis of the company, and I think I did well for my first time using such a model. In reflection, I might make some changes to my assessment of the company using the Nadler-Tushman framework, but overall I found that…. [read more]

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Essay

… Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional organization: American Association of University Women AAUW

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a professional organization that provides a diverse array of functions for full members as well as for female professionals and university students in the community at large. It is a legal defense fund that strives to end sexual discrimination against women and girls in all educational venues and in the workplace. It has lobbied Congress to pass initiatives such as the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. It also conducts studies and reprints articles about discrimination against women in America and worldwide. It offers financial resources, such as awards and grants, to deserving member students and institutions to enable promising women…. [read more]

Knowledge Management: Intellectual Capital Development Essay

… From the review of literature, it is easy to develop intellectual capacity through knowledge management principles like social construction. In this construction, knowledge is created by interpretation and social cognition aspects of human observation and learning (Marr et al., 2003). The review of literature indicates that a business can benefit from the advantages of creating innovative human capital through knowledge sharing, absorption, conversion, and storage.

This implies that through human resource development tools like interviews and surveys, a business can capture, process, and store core job knowledge (Huang, 2011). This step is vital in the development of the intellectual capital of a business, for it assists in building a knowledge repository. The repository comprises of business processes, rules, procedures, technical knowledge, management styles, and culture.…. [read more]

Skill Building the Course Work Essay

… I learnt that to make such a conclusion in an ethical dilemma requires the gathering of evidence from various credible sources on the meaning and foundations of ethical principles and obligations that bind a healthcare professional. This is the process of giving reading direction in problem solving.

The acquisition of knowledge has improved with the progress made in acquiring reading, thinking, and writing skills. Prior to the course, I used to read useful articles and articles that caught my interest. However, the course has increased my reading skills, since I can read on Bioethics though I am a businessperson, and gain helpful information from them. I no longer have to read an article twice or more than once, to gain any useful information or understanding.…. [read more]

Improve Reading Skills Case Study

… ¶ … Improving Reading Skills

Reading and ESL Students

Multiculturalism in the Curriculum


Writing Assessment

Fry Graph

Instructional Implications

Lesson Plans

Scholarly Justifications

Reading and ESL Students - the way humans communicate and share ideas and concepts in society is quite complex. How are ideas conceptualized -- how are they explained -- how does discourse relate- and how do humans understand messages -- what is true about language- what is not? These are just some of the issues surrounding theories of language acquisition and development. By the time students arrive in school, unless intervention has occurred at a lower primary age, they have not only been subjected to numerous types of language acquisition, but because of the preponderance of global media and social networking,…. [read more]

Improving Reading Skills in Lower Level and Special Needs Students Through the Use of Technology Term Paper


In the end, the fate of children depends on our ability to use technology constructively and carefully. The connection of children and technology is not simply a matter of seat belts, safe toys, safe air, water and food, additive-free baby foods, or improved television programming.

These are all important issues, but to stop here is to forget that today's children will soon be adults.

Technological decisions made today will determine, perhaps irrevocably, the kind of physical and social world we bequeath them and the kind of people they become."

Kenneth Keniston (Columbia, 1996)

Students deemed socially or academically disadvantaged, Evanciew (2003) stresses, are not considered to have special needs. Whatever the decision in this particular…. [read more]

Skills and Knowledge Area Term Paper

… The skill of a person can be exactly and accurately measured with a special performance test, wherein the quantity and the quality of his performing skills are tested, and within a specific time period. Ability, on the other hand, refers to the manner in which the applicant is able to perform any type of activity that has been given to him, and which can be observed at that time by the management.

Examples of the abilities of a person can be his ability to organize, or his ability to plan, and so on. KSA's are important to anybody and everybody who is on the lookout for a job, and when it comes to a question of testing the writing skills, then one would have to…. [read more]

Knowledge Worker Is Someone Employed Essay

… Using knowledge and marketing trends, build necessary products and services.

Consumer demand focused in highly competitive environments.


Basic checklist of marketing materials.

Using demographic and psychographic data; extensive social research and non-traditional outputs, reach specific markets.

Using technology as an aid to finding customers not purchasers; retaining those clients.


Short-term goal oriented, sell X for basic profit.

Longer term client development, sell Y because they need it and can be more successful.

Changes focus to "because of the customer, we exist."

Customer Service

Handling issues and complaints as they arise; putting out fires; very tactical.

More of a strategic partnership role; how can CS contribute to the overall strategic plan of the organization.

Uses format of making each part of the organization a…. [read more]

Training Knowledge, Skill and Attitude Term Paper

… Gaps indicate that there is a definite need for change in organizational behavior and TNA helps in identifying what needs to be changed. Demands for change can be triggered by various factors - positive triggers such as new products, new customers, new equipments and performance appraisal; negative triggers such as loss of customer complaints, customers, declining productivity and profitability; and external triggers such as change in government policies, legislation, customer requirements, and strategy of competition. (Bartram and Gibson, 1997). Most of these triggers are visible and hence can form the basis for carrying out TNA.

The basic steps that can make an effective needs assessment are (a) analysis of the current situation (b)evaluation of the on-going training mechanism - identify gaps in skills and knowledge…. [read more]

Students' Adjustments and Skills Essay

… However, most of the students are not used to this practice but likes to work alone. Such students face problems at universities because of their non-social behavior. University learning programs for the first year students help them to learn how to work efficiently with teams. It is highly important for students to develop skills of working with others because the university studies are full of team projects and therefore it is better to get used to it sooner. (Wingate 2006)


The SSK12 years of education are the most important period of students' life. These are the future deciding years of the person's life. One follows the same practices throughout life that are learnt during this period. Therefore, students must start working on improving their…. [read more]

Communications Skills to Solve Problems Term Paper

… LO 5: "Apply the principles embodied in the ACS codes of ethics and professional practice to understand the ethical behaviors and social responsibility required of IT professionals."

ACS (Australian Computer Society) is the code of ethics designed to embody ethical decision-making. Within the IT environment, ACS codes of ethics are designed to guide IT professionals in the ethical decision-making. The ACS also requires all members to act in accordance with the code. Typically, ACS code articulates that IT professionals must uphold professional integrity at all time. (Wheeler, 2003).

Reflective Practice

I have the experience to implement the ACS Code of practice when my company sent me to Australia to complete an IT project. The project was to assist a company in Australia to install computers…. [read more]

Five Year Development Plan Term Paper

… Five-Year Development Plan:

A career development is an important part of the performance review process since it documents an individual's strengths and development areas with regards to career goals. As a result, the creation of this plan helps a person to establish means and strategies to maximize his/her opportunities for meaningful work in the future. The career goals should incorporate the required development to achieve the current role and necessary path to move into future roles. This is primarily because an individual's career covers his/her work experiences that are critical in defining current and future work roles ("Career Development Plan," 2007). The creation of career development goals is based on an emphasis on the current role since any development requires current performance targets and competencies…. [read more]

Skills That a Forensic Accountant Essay

… This meant identifying who was involved and where the funds from investors were sent. When this was taking place, actuaries were working with individuals who had knowledge of the scheme. (Wright, 2011)

At the same time, they were concentrating on recovering funds for investors who were defrauded by Stanford. This helped to build a case against him and locate individuals that are beneficiaries of his activities. Once this occurred, is when actuaries were able to introduce evidence and insights to demonstrate how these actions were deliberately planned. (Wright, 2011)

During Stanford's trial, he continued to claim how he was the victim of an over aggressive prosecutor. However, when the jury returned their verdict, is the point that he was convicted of running the scheme. This…. [read more]

Opportunities to Improve the Cross-Cultural SWOT

… 3. There is a lack of coordination and alignment of efforts between Hilton's IT support services and end-users.


1. Growing middle class and upper-middle class consumers in emerging nations, especially China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia and others all represent potential new customer bases.

2. Innovations in human resource training approaches have created an opportunity to apply these to the company's cultural-awareness and cross-cultural training requirements (Hampel & Hauck, 2004) as well as which languages should receive special focus.


1. Skyrocketing fuel prices are driving airlines ticket prices up, causing many consumers to postpone or cancel international travel plans (Seymour, 2010).

2. Ongoing threats of international terrorism continue to plague the aviation as well as the travel and tourism industries (Moss, Ryan…. [read more]

Listening Skills in CLIL Research Proposal

… Other considerations:

Has CLIL lost some of its appeal in recent years (as it has in Finland)? Why?

Has the main thrust of the CLIL learning opportunity been based on content or on communication skills rehearsed during the sessions?

Are the children offered what you would consider ample time to converse in the second language -- either directed toward what they learned or just adolescent conversations -- following the lesson?

What has worked best for your classes in terms of helping students learn the listening skills?

Are there students that excel so quickly in mastering the second language and grasp the lessons so ably that they are viewed as future pedagogues?


Teresa Naves reports on research conducted in Catalonia, in which a number of…. [read more]

Career Preliminary Questionnaire Interview

… Based on the above, I would like to apply for the post of Financial Advisor Trainee with your organization. The post will allow me to execute different organizational activities such as growing and maintaining the wealth of the clients alongside advising them on issues related to their financial needs. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of financial sales as it will allow me to extend my career and improve knowledge of saving and growing money among the organizational clients. A number of factors make me apply for the advertised position in your organization. Firstly, the organization I work with has a low budget that is expected to extend until 2015. The company has hiring freeze that will extend until 2015. Secondly,…. [read more]

Improving Mathematics in Middle School: Lessons Article Review

… Improving Mathematics in Middle School: Lessons from TIMMS and Related Research

Ensuring American students receive a world-class education is an increasingly important topic, especially as the world becomes more globalized. The social and economic implications for this education are profound. This paper reviews the article, "Improving Mathematics in middle school: Lessons from TIMSS and related research." Support is provided for the underlying principles found in Silver's article.

"Improving Mathematics in Middle School: Lessons from TIMSS and Related Research"

Ensuring American students receive a world-class education is an increasingly important topic, especially as the world becomes more globalized. The social and economic implications for this education are profound. This paper reviews the article, "Improving Mathematics in middle school: Lessons from TIMSS and related research." Support is…. [read more]

Knowledge Management Toolkit a Data Term Paper

… When an individual sees any piece of data, he immediately attempts to find a reference point or context for it, by associating it with other things, and it is only when he does find it that he would find any meaning in the piece of data. For example, if one happens to see the number five written somewhere, then he immediately associates it as the number that comes before six and after four and this is how he manages to comprehend the number five. (Knowledge Management-Emerging Perspectives)

In the same way, an individual will find meaning in the data that he encounters only when he finds a reference point or any other association for it. Neil also sated that a mere collection of data is…. [read more]

Improving Performance Through Empowerment Term Paper

… So to accomplish this task what is needed is a pro-active approach than a reactive approach." (Adams, 1987).

Most triumphant multidisciplinary teams are brought about because of a corporate structure that forms a basis for the teamwork by educating, planning, training, gathering experience and nurturing the team on the whole. The various production companies and the exploration companies have different levels of tem performance and success from other organizations. It is felt that the success of these multidisciplinary teams is dependent on the individuals in the organization to be able to work in an environment in which every other person is working simultaneously and information can be had from all sources. "For the success of a productions and exploration company is essential that they have…. [read more]

Sustainability Skills Term Paper

… Sustainability in the UK Construction industry

Can the UK Construction Industry Meet the Challenges of Sustainable Development?

Issues such as climate change, a rapidly growing global population, pollution, and other environmental issues have brought the global community together with the realization that the way that we have been doing things cannot continue. The last century was dominated by rapid economic growth and development, without regard to the long-term effects on the environment. Now, the world has come to the realization that these practices cannot continue and that we must all do our part to ensure a secure future for the generations that follow us.

The construction industry is one of the biggest culprits, in terms of environmental impact. The construction industry cuts down millions of…. [read more]

Qualifications Specifically Related Essay

… To accomplish this, sample candidates will be utilized and exposed to all the questions. These candidates will be diverse in their age, ability, and socioeconomic status. The interviewer will then provide feedback as to the overall structure of the questions and how they helped determine the candidate's skills and abilities. The sample candidates will also provide feedback as to the structure of the questions and if any confusing language was embedded within the overall evaluation process.

Interview Comments

The interview process was fairly straight forward with the interviewee able to answer all the questions in a satisfactory manner. The wording however was too esoteric at times. Many of the questions particularly those that were situational-based had words many of the interviewees did not understand within…. [read more]

Ability Grouping Term Paper

… The fifth myth exposed by Fiedler et al. (2002) is the belief that the provision of heterogeneously grouped, cooperative learning situations is most effective for the achievement of all students, including the gifted. The authors argue that gifted children need regular encounters with challenging material in order to learn how to learn, and without exposure to challenging material, gifted students may have difficulties in developing study skills necessary for success in future academic endeavours.

The sixth, and final, myth explained by Fiedler et al. (2002) is that the mere presence of gifted students in all classrooms provides a positive influence for others and it improves the climate of the classroom. As the authors explain, research indicates that students model their behavior on the behavior of…. [read more]

Brigade the 56Th Heavy Essay

… There are across-the-board problems with coordination that must be addressed for the BCT to successfully transition to Train / Ready.

capacity to of the units to function effectively and efficiently

Description of vision for the Brigade

I want to see the HBCT exceed it past levels of high quality leadership and functioning. The characteristic of the HBCT that I want to restore as the absolute commitment of leadership to continually improve and to build and sustain engagement of the officers and the non-commissioned officers. I believe the Battalions can be find distinction as members of the best maneuver brigade in the Forces Command, rather than seeking distinction as stand-out battalions at great cost to the Brigade. The driver of positive change for the Brigade is…. [read more]

Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Essay

… Since the competitive landscape is constantly evolving, it is difficult to know which skills will be valuable in the future. IT platforms and technical skills can become obsolete in a short period of time. Interpersonal skills are often difficult to teach and developing managers can be a lengthy process. Ethical training programs are often expense and sometimes ineffective in their intended objectives. For all these reasons and many more, effective capacity planning is required to avoid using resources to attempt to develop human resources in an ineffective manner. Furthermore, the evaluation is most likely one of the critical success factors to capacity planning since it helps gauge the program's effectiveness as well as determine the organizational change capacity within an organization.


Compton and Baizerman,…. [read more]

Job Analysis Selection & Conduct Essay

… The selection process to sit at the basis of forming a new sales team does not resemble any theoretical model in the specialized literature, but is tailored to the unique needs of the company and the current situation. In this order of ideas, the selection process is composed as follows:

1. Identification of staffing needs and the establishment of the skills required from the future sales team members

2. The analysis of the internal and external media to identify sources of recruiting candidates

3. The identification of the desired candidates from their current employment contexts and the development of an interview with them

4. The decision of selecting the desired candidates; making an employment offer and signing an employment contract.

The main advantage of this…. [read more]

Have Been Enhanced Case Study

… The aviablety of some of the lessons as online podcasts would also have allowed me to go back and listen again.

I feel I was able to understand and synthesize the information learned into my practices, and the use of case studies helps me to develop the transferable skills. I am aware of my learning in a number of ways. Now, as I read case studies in the course materials, or read newspaper articles or watch documentaries about business I find myself applying the analysis techniques learned, and identifying ways I think that the firms could improve based on the information available. I feel this demonstrates that I have absorbed and integrated the knowledge and practice. However, I am also aware that although I have…. [read more]

Management Skills Essay

… The decisions made by managers affect everyone in the organization and should therefore be appropriate. Management as a discipline requires a good manager to portray certain codes of conduct that distinguishes management from other disciplines. A manager should be aware of fundamentals that are universal. The fundamentals include unity of command. This fundamental requires a manager to present their role as a boss. A manager should be able to rule and command the subordinates. A good manager gives orders and directions to those under him. A good manager does not force but gives orders and subordinates follow. In his own capacity, a good security manager should be respectful to both his seniors and juniors. A good security manager is responsible and obeys the work ethics…. [read more]

Communication Skills Attendant Essay

… In my own experience, especially in the early years, education appeared to represent a process of "pouring in" the accumulated knowledge of the teacher. This was tantamount to a role reversal -- I liked it. As a facilitator, I would be leading forth the best my students had to give, and hopefully igniting the desire to learn more. The sciences, as well as the arts, I believe are called to creativity and the possibilities are endless. In writing about the dimensions of creativity, author Eugene Raudsepp, president of Princeton Creative Research, notes that "A person who wants to be a creative problem solver should be able to tolerate a high degree of complexity" (1981, p. 78). I was up for it!

Communication Skills 7

Reference…. [read more]

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