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Affirmative Action Is an Issue Thesis

… Affirmative action is an issue that has garnered a great deal of discussion in recent years. Ever since the inception of affirmative action in America, affiliated policies have been embroiled in controversy. In recent years one of the primary complaints about affirmative action policies is that they are no longer needed because segregation and other factors that made such policies necessary no longer exist. As such in some states and at some institutions affirmative action policies have been abandoned.

The purpose of this discussion is to explore the issue of affirmative action. The research will focus on the various opinions associated with affirmative action policies. The research will expose the advantages and disadvantages associated with affirmative action. The investigation will also focus on the ways…. [read more]

Affirmative Action Research Proposal

… Affirmative Action

The impact of Affirmative Action on the Professional Success of African-American MBA Graduates


Affirmative action as it stands in the professional and business sphere has generated a wide spectrum of controversy. Antipathetic views have flourished over the years arguing that African-American MBA graduates should receive similar treatment and meet the standard criteria for admission into business organizations. The inimical perspective is that affirmative action in a sense gradually introduces reverse discrimination against the majority. "Those who believe Affirmative Action's time is limited are of three minds. Some believe that discontinuing affirmative action would be a mistake-whenever that might be. Others see discontinuation is long overdue. Still others see affirmative action as a current necessity whose life expectancy is limited." (Roosevelt, 2004,…. [read more]

Affirmative Action Has Been a Contentious Issue Term Paper

… Affirmative Action has been a contentious issue in the United States ever since its inception. Although the main aim of the institution has always been to redress the inequalities and unfairness towards African-Americans and other groups in the past, its opponents have increasingly begun to claim that affirmative action is no less than reverse racism. The basis of this claim is that affirmative action programs are seen to provide advantages to certain groups of people, primarily based upon race. As the constitution expressly forbids such discrimination, affirmative action has been said to be unconstitutional. Specifically, affirmative action programs in educational institutions have been under the spotlight in this regard. Authors such as Richard Bernstein and Ronald Dworkin advocate the widely divergent viewpoints currently prevailing on…. [read more]

Inception Affirmative Action Term Paper

… ¶ … inception affirmative action has been the basis of considerable debate. The program was an ambitious attempt at overcoming the U.S.'s long history of racial and sexual discrimination by equalizing the benefits for those who had been denied opportunities. Unfortunately, the program may have actually contributed to increasing the divisions that had characterized American society and there is a strong argument that the playing field for those for whom affirmative action was initiated is still unbalanced.

The affirmative action movement grew out of the civil rights movement of the early 1960s. The purpose of affirmative action was to provide special consideration to minorities and women in regard to employment, educational admissions, and business contracts. The affirmative action program does not apply in all situations.…. [read more]

Affirmative Action and Race Relations Research Proposal

… Affirmative Action and Race Relations

Affirmative action, in higher education and elsewhere has been a hotly debated issue, since its inception, among a group of minority faculty and faculty organization from U.S. law schools conceived of the need for forcing social change through guided plans and procedures that would make up for missing opportunities for racial minorities, a year prior to Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. (Sander, 2004, p. 367) Since then there have been many legal challenges to affirmative action, the moniker given to the general guide of the plan, which was tailored significantly by nearly every university and many other institutions independently. The specific and individual affirmative action plans, of many institutions have been challenged, supported, challenged and struck down in several supreme…. [read more]

Full Spectrum Diversity and Affirmative Action Term Paper

… Affirmative Action and Full Spectrum Diversity

Affirmative Action is a government program designed to correct past discrimination against minority groups. It requires employers and educational institutions legally to provide equal opportunities, so that everyone, regardless of their race or ethnic origins, has a chance to develop their abilities. Businesses cannot discriminate in their hiring practices, wages and pay, promotion, training, or firing of employees. The law also allows government agencies to favor women and minorities when they award contracts and not award contracts to businesses that do not make genuine efforts to hire minority owned businesses for subcontracting work. Although Affirmative Action has helped women and other minorities (we see women in police work and the military now, for example), opposition to the program has…. [read more]

Affirmative Action Policies Grew Out Term Paper

… Arguments based on results

In their book The Shape of the River, former Princeton University president William Bowen and former Harvard University president Derek Bok argue for the necessity of goal-based affirmative action policies in colleges and universities. According to them, "if universities were flatly prohibited from considering race in admissions...over half the black students in selective colleges today would have been rejected" (124).

While opponents of affirmative action quickly seize the findings of Bowen and Bok as proof of affirmative action's disregard of merit, supporters like Jesse Jackson argue that measures of merit are intrinsically skewed. First, Jackson eschews any correlation between standardized test scores and academic and post-academic achievement, citing instead motivation as the determinant of success (Jackson 1995).

Jackson further argues that…. [read more]

Women and Gender Bias Thesis

… Women and Gender Bias

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the implications of gender bias and the consequences of Affirmative Action. To be more specific, we will describe the effects which Affirmative action has on women and the principles for moving towards the equality of men.

Right from the beginning we could ask ourselves, taking into consideration the implications of Affirmative Action, the main principle under analysis, whether there is a clear understanding of it, as far as the roles and goals of women are concerned. Trying to answer this question will represent an important part of the paper.

Next, the Affirmative Action programs will be taken into consideration- with both their strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. The third part of…. [read more]

Historical Progression of African Americans Thesis

… Progress of African-Americans

Historical Progress of African-Americans

"Progress of African-Americans…"

"Progress of African-Americans Through Time"

The historical progress of African-Americans has been peppered with both successes and obstacles. Yet, as we have seen through the development of this course, broken down in units thusly, Unit I 1865-1876, Unit II 1877-1920, Unit III, 1921-1945, Unit IV 1946-1976 and Unit V 1976-Present there are consistent themes of progress political, economic, social/cultural and literary in each of these periods that have brought the culture to where it is today. This work will address one of these themes in each of the units of time and discuss ways in which each led into the other in a system of progress.

Unit I 1865-1876

During the period between the close…. [read more]

Psychoanalytical Theory Psychoanalytic Theory Started Essay

… This is particularly true for the therapeutic interaction itself, like those times in which the analyst and the analysand must actually regulate a relationship with each other. The affective and cognitive pattern of the models of the analyst and analysand, of themselves and the partner, become in this association parts of the regulation (Capito, 2008). Therefore, as is well-known, the analyst can integrate their own fantasies in the model of the analysand, or parts of the model of the analysand can be used for self-fantasies of the analyst. The notion of devolution and counter transference describe these processes only in part (Leuzinger-Bohleber & Fischmann, 2006).

The development of dramatic images of past and present relations, in which affective processes-as remembered or as presently felt-are the…. [read more]

Integrated Corporate Communication Dissertation

… Integrated Corporate Communication and Corporate Communication

Reflective Analysis Report

Integrated Corporate Communication (ICC) and Corporate Communication (CC) are the major communications and business developments of recent time, could be described as a millennial approach to business. While both have their history in marketing, they are more than simply communications or marketing approaches, but describe a synergistic management approach, in which communication is paramount. The idea that all of a corporation's public interactions helped shape its brand and its reputation led to the development of CC, which required approaching every potential interaction as an advertising opportunity, and reinforcing the brand at each of those opportunities. When the internet exploded, and it was no longer feasible for corporations to keep their internal communications from becoming external communications,…. [read more]

Outsourcing of Government Functions a US Study Term Paper

… Government Outsourcing

The Outsourcing of Government Functions: a U.S. Study

Outsourcing of government functions is one of the most highly controversial practices of the 21st century. There are several prevailing positions regarding the outsourcing of government contracts to private companies. Valid arguments exist for increasing government outsourcing and for limiting future outsourcing as well. Regardless of which side one happens to be one, once thing is certain, outsourcing is a trend that is likely to continue in the future, particularly in the face of the global economy and advances in communication that make it easier than it was in the past.

By March of 2007, the number of government contractors rose to 7.5 million, which is currently four times the size of the federal workforce…. [read more]

Legal Analysis of Adoption and Biological Father Term Paper


Introduction little over a decade ago, the nation watched in horror as news reports continuously showed Baby Jessica screaming as she was torn from the parents who raised her for nearly three years and given to her biological father. A Michigan court allowed Baby Jessica's transfer despite the fact that the experts who testified concluded that this disruption in her life would cause great psychological harm to her in the short-term and possibly emotionally scar her for life. In rendering its decision, the court evaluated the constitutional rights of the biological father, yet ignored the rights and interests of the child. In recent years, the same situation has repeatedly brought issues involving the parental rights…. [read more]

Developmental History of Positive Psychology Research Paper

… Positive Psychology

The History and Development of Positive Psychology: An Overview of Perspectives and Theories

As the medical and even the human sciences go, psychology is still a relative newcomer to the real of academic scholarship and real-world practice. Surgeries and other investigations into the workings of the human body -- methods of determining the sources of illnesses and attempts at treating these illnesses, as well as simply understanding the functioning of a body and its organs in a state of health -- are older than civilization itself, and were in many ways quite refined before the concept of psychology had solidified. Other somewhat subjective "soft" or human sciences developed quite rapidly in the eighteenth and especially the nineteenth centuries, with sociology, economics, and political…. [read more]

Drug Rehabilitation vs. Imprisonment for Non-Violent Drug Users Capstone Project


Why Rehabilitation Is Favored Over Imprisonment

When an offender is convicted of a non-violent drug offense the decision on whether to incarcerate the offender or rehabilitate the offender will often arise. Rehabilitation is the favored sanction for a non-violent offender and the benefits of rehabilitation outweigh the benefits of incarceration. While the combined cost of rehabilitation has been estimated to be higher than those of incarceration, an offender will be required to contribute to the cost. On the other hand, an offender who is incarcerated will not make any significant monetary contribution to the cost and as a result the cost will remain entirely the burden of the government and the taxpayers. Prison overcrowding has been a problem on the system for…. [read more]

Nursing Leader's Perceived Role in Nurse Recruitment Research Proposal

… LR Explor/The nurse leader role in recruit.

Nurse Leaders as Recruiters

Nurse leaders serve an integral role in the field to demonstrate skill in recruitment of future nurses. To do this they must work within existing systems as well as advocate for the expansion of other recruitment essential systems and system change need awareness. Nurse leaders must work collaboratively with human resource departments as well as becoming fundamental community recruiters in and outside of the work setting. (Anson, 2000, p. 21) This review of literature will then address general and specific issues of the role of nurse leaders as recruiters by thematically addressing certain trends and change needs in the health care industry in general and in nursing care that have specific and general implications…. [read more]

Laws Affecting the Human Resources Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … Laws Affecting the Human Resources Industry

In today's hypercompetitive, globalized economy, businesses must operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Even the slightest inefficiency can harm an organization's competitiveness and be detrimental to their profitability. For this reason, each facet of the organization is now typically underneath the microscope to see what improvements can be made, including Human Resources.

In the beginning of Human Resources, the human resource role was merely seen as a secretarial type role. Human resource personnel were charged with merely keeping records of the employees within an organization and had little to no say in the direction or strategies the organization was undertaking. Today, that role has changed.

As organizations began to realize the importance of not only retaining…. [read more]

Barriers Female Educators Experience Term Paper

… Ortman, an Associate Professor of Human Development and Psychology at Mount Vernon College, specializes in gender roles in the workplace, and extends her studies to examine the spectrum of the effects of gender and "feminist pedagogy." (13.) While Ortman provides the scholarly foundation for the studies, Klein brings great analytical skills for both program and statistical analysis. A Senior Researcher at the Office of Educational Research and Improvement at the U.S. Department of Education, her sources are direct and viable. Together, they provide a coherent exegesis of Title Ix and the way it pertains to education attainment and the career environment in academics. Despite the progress made in recent years to level the playing field between men and women in academia, they call for a…. [read more]

Diversity in Business Thesis

… Diversity Management With Respect to Ethnicity, Culture and Gender

Diversity is an increasingly real and defining aspect of the American business culture. With respect to the globalization of the economy, the increasingly balance of gender in the workplace and the assertion of such forces as Affirmative Action, there is a clear emphasis on improving the diversity orientation of the American workplace. This discussion considers some of the theoretical and practical aspects of this condition, discussion such matters as Hofstede's Dimensions theory, Communication and Diversity and Gender Discrimination. These core subjects guide a literature review and, subsequently, direct an interview with a set of subjects who reflect this condition of diversity in the managerial role.


Diversity is widely considered to be a beneficial quality when…. [read more]

Relationship of Museums to the Community Term Paper

… Relationship of Museums to the Community

The objective of this work is to examine what part that museums play in the life of a community and what new roles and responsibilities are the museums in communities adopting and what are the possibilities. This work will examine whether museums within a community recognize the community's stake in the decision making processing and programs of the museum and what collaborative relationships have developed among museums and the communities in which they are located. This work will further answer the question of whether museum exhibitions may be objective or if they must inevitably express a point-of-view and who controls the collection of the museum as well as the exhibition process and point-of-view. This work will answer how museum…. [read more]

How School Leaders Utilize Leadership Teams to Improve Schools Research Proposal

… Collaborative Leadership in Schools

Leadership Development and School Improvement

Effective schools are the key to America's future and the ability to maintain a competitive advantage. The future of America depends on the ability to maximize the student's ability to learn. Improving schools is an important goal that concerns everyone. School administration plays an important role in the ability to provide a learning environment that maximizes the learning potential of every student. The principal of the school is often viewed as the most important entity in achieving this goal.

When a school succeeds, the principal is often credited with leading the school to a successful outcome. However, when a school fails, they are often the one to blame. One cannot underestimate the importance of the principal…. [read more]

Government Contracting Process Thesis

… Government Contracting Process

The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (FASA) of 1994 was formulated with the intention of simplifying of the buying procedures of the government in that many competition restrictions on government purchases were removed involving purchases less than $100,000. Now, full and open competition is used in procedures that are much simpler in solicitation and evaluation of bids up to $100,000. All planned purchases of over $25,000 are under a requirement for advertisement by the government. The simpler procedures make a requirement of les sin the way of administrative details as well as lower approval levels and less in the way of documentation. All federal purchases, according to new procurement reform legislation above $2,00 but less than $100,000 are reserved for small businesses unless…. [read more]

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