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Crime, Social Crime and Crime Against Research Paper

… Crime, Social Crime and Crime Against the Person: Violence

One of the more challenging aspects of understanding crime is its ever-changing geographic and temporal qualities. Indeed, what is criminal in one place and time may be completely legal in another. Likewise, so-called "social crimes" have similar qualities that require careful analyses to place them into the appropriate context. Similarly, violent acts against another person may also involve contextual issues that must be taken into account when evaluating the criminality of such behaviors. After all, if people are trying to defend themselves and their families from harm, violence may be the only legitimate alternative that is available to them. To gain a further understanding of these three concepts, this paper provides a review of the relevant…. [read more]

Crime Data Attorney Essay

… Some of these people actually took it as a chance to just start right over and others actually ran back to New Orleans once they felt they could. In 2010 the ones that stayed in Birmingham chose not to change their ways and they made the choice to continue to commit some of the crime that was going on in the city (Neighborhood Scout, 2013).

This is the motive for the reduction in property crime and individuals are realizing that it is better things to do then just sitting around stealing from other people. However, in 2005 the City of Corpus, Texas was recorded to have a very high rate in Larceny / Theft (Crime Data, 2012). Research does show that Corpus Christi has ongoing…. [read more]

Crime on March 9th, 2013 Term Paper

… This focus on community-level social control is integral to social disorganization theory (Savelsberg, 2006, p. 33). While the results of the study were productive, in that the study helped to demonstrate the detrimental effects of widespread incarceration on the level of the community, the study nevertheless includes an implicit bias because it assumes that, for example, it is more important to nurture and maintain local neighborhoods and communities as methods of social control rather than examine what produces the need for that control in the first place (Rose & Clear, 1998, p. 469-470).

As a result, from the perspective of social disorganization theory, a search for the causes behind the violent and disruptive reaction to Gray's shooting would start with the relative levels of organization…. [read more]

Crime Rates and Abandoned Buildings Essay

… After quoting researchers such as Wilson and kelling, Kelling and Coles, as well as Skogan for stating that social and physical disorder leads to crime, the author explains that since not many residents and inhabitants of communities take responsibility to maintain properties and places beyond their own households, the criminal find it easy to flock abandoned properties for carrying out their illegal activities. The authors have also included differing perspectives on social and physical disorder by quoting Sampson & Raudenbush. Sampson mentioned in 1990 that social and physical disorders are symptoms of crime rather than being only causes of crime in neighborhoods.

In order to test their hypothesis, the authors developed an equation relating foreclosures and rate of crime. The abandoned buildings variable is also…. [read more]

Crime Prevention Anything That Defies Essay

… All the laws designed by the system are based on the intensity of the crime and the extent to which it is forgivable. Criminal justice system exists to prevent crime however; they are independent of each other in the concept of crime prevention. According to Worrall, crime prevention and criminal justice system both have conflicting nature as toe being liberal and conservative not only on crime related issues but also political ones. Criminal justice plays a role in crime prevention with three basic majors including investigation, prosecution and punishment. The constitution of criminal justice system helps in investigation of crime and the criminal. However, it does not guarantee that the crime would be prevented. In some cases, investigation lead to clues on whether the crime…. [read more]

Crime Intelligence Analysis: To Apprehend White Paper

… It is the practice and art of asking questions and it is designed for changing processes and influencing mental models. The processes are changed by altering the way of solving and perceiving problems related to violent crimes.

The international Financial Action Task Force has encouraged development of the financial investigative units in its member countries. This is helping in uncovering financial crimes. Financial crimes include money laundering. Money laundering is one of the most common violent crimes. Acquiring financial investigative and analysis training, the violent financial crimes can be controlled. This training is dominated by three techniques. These techniques are net worth analysis, accounting and financial manipulation analysis.

Serial murder is another violent crime and it has generated some misconceptions. A number of successive investigative…. [read more]

Organized Crime and Its Influence on Politics in Eastern Europe After the Fall of Communism Thesis

… Organized Crime and Its Influence on Politics in Eastern Europe After the Fall of Communism

What is Organized Crime?

Influence of Organized Crime in Politics in General

Influence of Organized Crime in Politics in Eastern Europe

Background information on breakup of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

Political Sector of Balkans after breakup of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

How Organized Crime influenced the Political sector of Balkans after breakup of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

One cannot ignore the fact that the globe has penetrated into the age of industrial revolution where the technological and scientific advancements and innovations are at the peak. In this era of progression, social issues and concerns have simultaneously been escalating at an unprecedented rate. Crime, indeed, organized crime has…. [read more]

Issues Concerning Crime and the Treatment of Criminals Term Paper

… Crime & the Treatment of Prisoners

Crime and the Treatment of Prisoners

For the past ten years the crime rate has steadily declined, but most Americans don't know it. According to researchers, people who watch the News on television believe there is a lot more crime than there really is. A popular myth of crime is believed and embraced by most of the public and perpetuated by crime programs, movies, and made-for-television dramas. This myth has been rhetorically constructed through discourse and has sunk deep into the collective consciousness. People talk about it until they believe it, and once embedded in consciousness, a myth is difficult to dislodge. The myth is that violent crime keeps getting worse and worse, that criminals are getting off on…. [read more]

Crime Discuss Reasons Crime Increased Essay

… Crime is committed for a variety of reasons. However, it is necessary to denote the fact that most of those reasons pertain to pecuniary affairs. For instance, indigent individuals are more likely to commit crimes than those who are affluent. Similarly, there is a propensity for people to commit more crimes during periods of economic depression and recession (such as that in which we are currently living through). Poor people believe that they have limited means to achieve the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter. Therefore, they may commit crimes just to obtain those necessities, whereas an individual who has those necessities would be less likely to commit crimes for this particular purpose.

Another fairly eminent reason for why people commit…. [read more]

Crime Reporting Essay

… 9% and arson was down 5%. The only category not to decrease was burglary which increased 0.3% ("Crime Rates are Down, 2012"). In many categories these numbers differ significantly from the NCVS report. The NCVS found forcible rape to be down 9.2%, robbery to be down 2.1%, aggravated assault to be up 22.7%, burglary to be up 13.8% and motor vehicle theft to be up 3.5% (Truman & Planty, 2012).

These differences are the result of a number of factors. Each program collects data from different sources and each program uses different terminology for labeling crimes. According to Schmalleger (2009) these definitional and procedural differences can account for many of these discrepancies. The UCR and NCVS numbers cannot be correlated using the same standards applied…. [read more]

Crime Delinquency Teenagers Adolescent Terror Term Paper

… However, most gangsters largely tend to join gangs when they are young, as teenagers. Quite frequently, adult gang members of notorious street gangs such as Crips and Bloods (which originated in Southern California and now can be found throughout the continental U.S.) were 'jumped in' to gangs as teens and have merely continued their membership into their adult lives. Furthermore, older gang members typically look to young members to recruit to preserve the vitality, youthfulness, and ruthlessness of their particular sect.

However, adolescents do not necessarily have to be in a formal street gang to feel the effects of the gang or mob-like mentality that plays such an influential role with peer pressure. Even the most virtuous teenagers endure a period in which they strive…. [read more]

White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society Economic Regulation and Social Essay

… White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society Economic Regulation and Social Regulation

Social regulations and economic regulations are branches of regulations that govern a society. Both groups of regulations ensure that the policies implemented by a business are in accordance with economic regulations and social regulations. Economic regulations govern the economic aspect of the nation while social regulations govern the social aspect of the nation. White collar-crimes are becoming a menace that threatens the economy of many nations. There are many challenges that the prosecutor faced in prosecuting this type of case. The function of the office of the attorney general is to prosecute cases after ensuring that adequate evidence is collected.

Distinguish between economic regulation and social regulation. What were the original objectives of regulation,…. [read more]

Crime Data Sources Essay

… Similarly, the National Incident-Based Reporting System has attracted huge concerns on data accuracy. While NIBRS does not involve the application of similar methods to aggregate crime count totals using its data, the data from this method has been criticized for being non-representative and incomplete. Therefore, both UCR and NIBRS have significant data quality and accuracy issues in measuring and dealing with crime.

Rules in Classifying and Scoring of Offenses:

There are some similar rules that are applied in both UCR and NIBRS with regards to the classification and scoring of offenses when reporting. Even though NIBRS has extended its definition of the hotel rule, this rule is applied in both methods of crime reporting. The second rule applied in both systems when classifying and scoring…. [read more]

Strategies of Tackling Crime in the Society Term Paper

… Violent Crime

How to Prevent Violent Crime in My Personal and Professional Life

The recent past has witnessed a significant increase in the rates of insecurity and violence across different global societies. In response to this, communities have adopted different strategies that aim at preventing the losses brought by the violence and enhance social security. Among the strategies adopted in the past, include investing in investigations and police patrols in efforts to curb the effects associated with violence. However, the strategies have been futile because there has been an increase in the violence rates irrespective of the strategies adopted. As such, it has led to a shift in the focus of the strategies adopted in response from patrol and investigations to the development of crime…. [read more]

Crime Watch Research Paper

… Crime Watch

Violent Crime Trends: Analysis of Resources

While statistics show a general decline in serious violent crimes such as homicide in the United States since 1991, the homicide rate in the country is remains one the highest in the developed world. There were, for example, 17,034 murders in the United States in 2006 (Deaths by Mass Unpleasantness: Estimated Totals for the Entire 20th Century).

However, according to a CBS report entitled Eye on Crime in America (2006) there has in fact been an increase in the incidence of violent crime in the United States in the last decade; but that this increase is not uniform for every city or area. This report refers to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, which indicates an…. [read more]

Evolution of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 Case Study

… The office of COPS needed to monitor a number of things. First, that in line with the requirements of grant allocation, police departments retained the new officers hired under the '100,000 Cops' initiative even after the lapse of the three-year period of federal funding (Marion & Oliver, 2012). Secondly, that the beneficiary police departments only used the grants for officers hired under the initiative (Marion & Oliver, 2012). This was probably the greatest failure of the COPS office if the numbers of agencies purported to have adjusted their budgets so as to paint a false picture of having hired new officers is anything to go by (Marion & Oliver, 2012).

Moreover, the COPS office failed to consider the rates of crime in an area, and…. [read more]

Low Crime Community Essay

… Low-Crime Community

An Analysis of the Elements of Crime and how they can contribute to Harmony

A low crime community is the goal of every neighborhood and city in the world, but achieving it is unquestionably one of the most puzzling problems to solve for local governments and police forces. The problems of crime in some of the country's most dangerous communities are never-ending, and every additional crime begets more crime, creating a dangerous compounding effect. The motivations for an individual or group to commit a crime are many, from pure economic reasons, down to the most arcane violent acts that shock neighborhoods by the displayed malicious intent.

There are some communities that have significantly reduced crime, however, by adopting some common sense rules and…. [read more]

Crime Statistics Term Paper

… Crime Statistics

The five cities selected for crime-rate comparison were Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado, Palm Beach County, Florida; Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina; and Austin, Texas. Of those cities, Charlotte-Mecklenburg had a much greater incidence of violent crime than the other cities, while Tucson had a greater incidence of property crime than the other cities. Denver's property crime rate was the lowest, while the property crime rate in Denver and Palm Beach County was lower than the other cities, depending on the year. The violent crime rate appeared relatively steady in the cities, though Denver saw a tremendous increase in violent crime in the year 2004. The property crime rate saw a general increase in the cities, except for Palm Beach County, which demonstrated a significant drop…. [read more]

Crime in Chicago Research Proposal

… Crime in Chiccago

Organized Crime in Chicago

Starting with the middle of the twentieth century, the city of Chicago has been confronted with increasing criminality rates. The efforts of the police department have materialized in some control over the situations, but drastic improvements have yet to be achieved. In the month from February 27, 2009 to March 29, 2009, 32,554 crimes were registered in Chicago, with a peak on the 6th of March, when 1,258 crimes were committed in a single day. 36% of all crimes refer to battery and theft, followed by criminal damage and narcotics with 12, respectively 10%. In terms of the place where they occur, 25% of the crimes take place in the street, followed by residential areas with 18%, apartments…. [read more]

Crime Detection and Prevention Essay

… This is why it is important not only for criminologists, but also for sociologists to investigate the reasons and provocations behind such crimes. According to the Crime in America (2011) Website, there are several factors that contribute most to violent crimes in the country. The top three include: gangs, juvenile delinquency, and poverty/unemployment. When using the crime triangle, one can identify the underlying non-criminal factors that contribute to violent and lethal crimes. Most perperators in the first two factors, for example, are youthful offenders. They are often subject to peer pressure, creating a social situation in which they would engage in activities that they might not engage in outside their circle of friends. In terms of poverty or unemployment, perpetrators are older, and often driven…. [read more]

Crime Prevention and Control Term Paper

… Crime Prevention and Control - U.S. Justice System and Proactive Policing

The prevention and control of crime have hounded American society despite the expanse of its economic and political power in the world. Stanford Professor Friedman traces the failure of the efforts of the U.S. criminal justice system in curbing or preventing crime to the Americans' well-entrenched cultural taboos of their Manifest Destiny as a superior people and their demand for individual freedom and rights. From these taboos grew out prison buildings, the police, the courts, more severe court sentences and the celebrity culture. With the persistently increasing crime rates, preventive measures, like preventive detention, were tried. But preventive detention did not work. President Johnson believed that the root causes of crime were racism, poverty…. [read more]

Crime as Schmalleger Term Paper

… 5. a) The site labeled ":Criminal Justice Statistics ( offers links to many different criminal justice websites, with a large section headed "Foreign Web Sites." The sites linked cover much of the world, notably Canada, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine. The section headed "International Web Sites" covers sites dealing with crime in Latin America and Europe and different police organizations, including various UN crime control programs.

b) The website for the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime ( discusses the UN program, its history, and the importance of crime prevention when it comes to the drug issue, an international problem. The site also covers topics such as terrorism, organized crime, corruption, and trafficking in human beings. The site also offers…. [read more]

Crime Statistics in America Essay

… Crime Statistics in America

Over the last several years Clark Country, Nevada has been through a tremendous amount of highs and lows. With the principal city (Las Vegas), experiencing massive boom and bust cycles. As far as crime is concerned, the underlying amounts of volatility and the lingering effects of recession have caused these statistics to vary. To understand these effects requires examining: the current statistics, the underlying amounts of growth / declines that are occurring and what crimes are most significant. Once this takes place, it will provide the greatest insights as to how various economic forces have been impacting crime statistics.

Current Crime Statistics

Clark Country has been experiencing a divergence in crime statistics. Where, certain categories are higher, while others are lower.…. [read more]

Crime Scene Investigation: Homicide Term Paper

… The children were not more than a year old. Both were tiny and innocent victims and for moments I considered these parents unworthy of such blessings. Emotionally I wondered what such a tragedy might do to my own family, possibly destroying my motivation for living. There is some indication that the father in this case might be placed on suicide watch, suffering psychologically from these deaths and the death of his wife (who it seems from the investigation took a lethal dose of prescription pills after suffocating the children). The individual lost his life partner but also his children.


This crime is in no way justifiable and reveals just how cruel the world can sometimes be to even the most innocent of victims. Even…. [read more]

Crime and Gender Essay

… Crime and Gender

First Document

More than any other minority group, blacks remain residentially segregated. That is, they tend to live together in small areas away from other ethnic groups. The segregation is a result of discrimination toward blacks in rental agreements and mortgage loans, in addition to neighbors' desire to keep blacks from moving into their neighborhoods. When this occurs, only the middle class, or the relatively wealthy, can afford to move, leaving a concentration of poverty. The effects of this poverty concentration, or concentration effects, include an increase of poverty rates since more impoverished people are concentrated in one area, the decline of places of business, social services, and other properties, and general decline of political or social awareness and power. These neighborhoods…. [read more]

Crime Increase in Houston TX Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Term Paper

… Crime

Hurricane Katrina was the worst natural disaster in American History. Although the storm itself was a destructive force, the social and political issues that arose in its wake are likely to go down in history as even more destructive. One of the most discussed social issues has to do with the increased crime rates that have occurred in cities that absorbed large numbers of Hurricane Katrina Evacuees. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the impact of citizen displacement on cities such as Houston and San Antonio, Texas. In particular the discussion will focus on the rising crime rate in Houston and the theory that may explain why there has been such a significant increase in the amount of crime in the area.…. [read more]

Crime and Gender as Steffensmeier and Allan Essay

… Crime and Gender

As Steffensmeier & Allan (1996) point out, "men offend at much higher rates than women for all crime categories except prostitution," (p. 460). Official crime statistics substantiate the universal truth that men commit more crimes more frequently than women. The gender gap in crime is more pronounced for violent than for property crimes. Criminological statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reporting Program are shocking, showing a definite, distinct gender gap in criminal behavior. Psychological and sociological theories including social control theory and routine activities theory explain core variables that impact the gender gap in criminal behavior. Social control theory presents crime and deviance in terms of how individuals perceive and react to social norms. The pressure to conform…. [read more]

Crime Prevention, Design Most of the Crimes Term Paper

… Crime Prevention, Design

Most of the crimes one hears or reads about are violent in nature: In 2005, there was an estimated 1.3 million violent crimes in the United States (UCRP website). However, the number of property crimes is not something to ignore. For the same year, 10.2 million property crime thefts were reported. Although most of these crimes involve little financial loss -- the average amount stolen only $1,725 -- the emotional damage because of personal invasion and fear, especially by older individuals and the disabled, is considerable. In addition, only a low percentage of burglers are found. In the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCRP), property crime includes the offenses of burglary, arson and larceny and motor vehicle theft, with the main object of…. [read more]

Crimes in the Bay Area Research Paper

… But now, "they have turned on each other," the chief continued. The victim killed in August, 2012, was 26-year-old Edmundo Sandoval, who was killed in a drive-by shooting; his uncle, a 53-year-old man, was also shot in that drive-by incident and suffered a serious bullet wound to his chest and was in critical condition (Derbeken, p. 2).

Plausible Solutions to Gang Violence in the Bay Area

Journalist Jeff Adachi offered a ten-point plan to reduce gang violence (Adachi, 2008). One, police should form close relationships with ex-gang members and with probation officers that are very familiar with the dynamics of gangs. Two, authorities should build strong alliances with schools, combating bullying, stealing, and misbehavior in classrooms because schools are often places where gangs recruit their…. [read more]

Uniform Crime Report Thesis

… Uniform Crime Report

"UCR is not reporting total crime, but, rather, a select list of crimes reported to the police"

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (2008) concludes that again,

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

(Understanding Florida's UCR data 2008)

Uniform Crime Reports

According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR)… In the newspaper article, "Naperville's crime rate up, but still low," Matt Hanley (2009) concurs with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement quote introducing this paper that statistics, "According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, may not be deemed as conclusive as a number of various factors may impact the reported crime numbers. The FBI report stresses: "For example, one city may report more crime than a comparable one, not because there is more crime,…. [read more]

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