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Group Therapy Case Study

… Group Therapy Case Study

John is the group leader during week three of an eight-week psycho-educational group. Until now, the group has been quiet, but John has been setting the scene by providing them with relevant information. John has been told that his role as leader is to inform the group members of strategies and skills that can be used in order to manage their lives. At the beginning of this week's session, there is a palpable sense of unease. The group members seem highly unsettled and eventually, one of them states: "We are not happy being lectured each week." This outburst surprises John, but he continues on with little acknowledgment of the event. Several minutes pass before another group member states: "Well, if you…. [read more]

Group Addiction TX Theory Selection Term Paper

… For strict behaviorists addiction or compulsion are simply a terms for an operantly conditioned behavior. Other compulsive behaviors follow the same line of reasoning. The inability to refrain from using a drug or engaging in a compulsion merely indicates that a sufficient history of reinforcement has been acquired to drive a high rate of the behavior. Therefore, physical dependence, as in the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria, is neither sufficient nor necessary to result in a diagnosis of an addiction (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000). Physical dependence is just a result of the overuse of certain drugs according to this view (McAuliffe & Gordon, 1980).

Behaviorists offer many different techniques that can applied to group counseling. Typically contingency management (CM) techniques are applicable behavioral for group counseling…. [read more]

Behavior? Prejudice and Social Psychology Essay

… Thus, we all tend to fulfill our psychological need of belongingness and distinction that is reflected in the amount of influence that we absorb from societal factors such as peers, parents, figures of authority, and other factors that shape behavior.


As quoted by renowned researcher Milgram, "Psychiatrists predicted that only a pathological fringe of about one in a thousand would administer the highest shock on the board" (Milgram, 1973; Pg. 62). With such popularly held notions and general perceptions regarding individual's behavior, Milgram refuted that we only act morally in given situations and held true that obedience to authority plays an important role in shaping behavior of individuals. The self-argued plausible explanation individuals such as Adolph Eichmann after committing crimes, provide is that they…. [read more]

Group Develoment Theory Term Paper

… Therefore, Cognitive Behavior Therapy has a greater influence in perceiving and developing the possible attributes of change within every scale of performance in a group (Forsyth, 2010).

Techniques and application to specific populations

According to the Cognitive Behavior Therapy of group development, change management within a group is thought to take several steps in the society. These changes are a reflection of the encampment members and connotations of management within that group. These stages of change management in group development include unfreezing, change, and freezing.


This is one of the developmental stages of growth and development that issued by the author in exemplifying his Cognitive Behavior Therapy in the organization. According to the theory, this conditional aspect of group development involves overcoming of the…. [read more]

Group Counseling Attitudes and Perspectives of Clients Research Paper

… Group Counseling

Attitudes and Perspectives of clients who Are Involved in Cancer Care Group Counseling

Organization of the Research

Group Counseling

Quality of Life

Group Counseling

Chapter-III Research Methodology

Grounded Theory Research

Participants sample


Attitudes and Perspectives of clients who Are Involved in Cancer Care Group Counseling

While survival rates have climbed due to advances in medical knowledge and technology, patients and survivors of cancer are often excluded from psychological studies as their illness and treatment modalities are interpreted as different from and more damaging than other types of illnesses (Radcliffe, 1996). This is due to both the physiological harm caused directly by the tumor, and the various treatment methods used to combat the tumor (i.e. surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and high dose medications that…. [read more]

Group Therapy Dynamics Essay

… Group Therapy Dynamics

By the very nature of culture and humanity, humans tend to be group animals -- they thrive in groups, coalesce into groups, indeed, the very process of moving from hunter-gatherer to cities was part of a group behavior. Within this essay we will first look at group normative behavior, intergroup communication and leadership, and finally the way in which group behaviors influence individuation and specific responses to that group's culture. Group norms are defined as a set of internal rulings that are followed by the group members in order to increase the overall efficiency of the group's activity. These norms usually refer to the members' behavior towards themselves, their hierarchical superior and group outsiders, as well as to their approach and attitude…. [read more]

Group Dynamics Ethics in Counseling an Analysis Research Proposal

… Group Dynamics

Ethics in Counseling

An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences in Ethics in Individual and Group Counseling Sessions

There are different ethical requirements for a counselor in individual settings as opposed to a group setting. In the individual setting when it is one on one, there are special considerations that must be made to avoid taking advantage of patient vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be in many different forms and a counselor must maintain a professional demeanor at all times to ensure they maintain an ethical position. However, in a group session, this can add to the complexity of the ethical considerations. Although the one on one potential for unethical behavior is minimized, the counselor must ensure that the group respects themselves and each…. [read more]

Behavior Therapy Research Paper

… Time out from positive reinforcement involves a temporary withdrawal from a person's access to a generalized reinforce which occurs immediately after the person performs the deceleration targeted behavior (Walker, 2004). This can be seen in the form of isolation, or a time out which can be used for children when they perform something undesirable.

Overcorrection is seen as decelerating maladaptive behaviors by having individuals correct the effects of their actions and later practice an appropriate behavior (Walker, 2004). This is when the individual makes amends for the wrong behavior or any damage done. This can be done through positive practice where the individual performs the appropriate behavior in an exaggerated fashion; this is usually seen in the repetition of the behavior.

Physical aversive consequences are…. [read more]

Individual Development Plan My Current Essay

… I want to be able to press hard for my ideas, recommendations and decisions to be accepted by other team members especially when I feel it is very relevant. I also look forward to proactively be in charge of as many situations as possible and be the first to give recommendations where group of decisions are being made as opposed to just being in agreement with every opinion given by others. I want to say no firmly to lousy and unethical decisions imposed on me and avoid being easily swayed or controlled by others.

There is also need of being calm when assessing a situation before reaction to it to avoid making unsound judgments. I want to look for positives in any given circumstance so…. [read more]

Creating a Proposal for a Counseling Group Research Paper

… Counseling groups give members the opportunity to share experiences, discover new viewpoints, and experiment with the new behaviors in a relatively safe and supportive environment. A professional counseling service provider leads the group in its endeavor to satisfy demands of the members. This paper is a proposal that creates and illustrates a counseling group. In particular, it discusses into details the goals and objectives, evaluation plan for total group experience, logistics of group program, a comprehensive description of ten group sessions, description of group activities, and evaluation of the group. This evaluation will take into account the various copies of tests, rating forms, and questionnaires that are culturally appropriate.


Purpose and Rationale

The counseling group intends to provide members majority of which are teenagers…. [read more]

Behavior Therapy Essay

… There are members who are slow at doing their take home projects. Once this problem was identified, it was given priority in order to identify the obstacles that brought the delay. By use of problem-solving techniques, the group leader can help the member. It is important to encourage the member especially when they feel that nothing they do is right or matters. The leader can also ask the other members to assist in problem solving. Members are likely to volunteer with helpful information to assist their colleague. The group leader can also make sure that the project is finished within the session just to show the seriousness in it.

Effect on the group

Instead of giving up as a group, we found the need to…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Book Management Book Review

… ¶ … Organizational Behavior

Book review of a management topic of your choice

The book chosen for review in this paper is 'Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations' published in 2011 and written by Ricky W. Griffin, Gregory Moorhead. A number of definitions have been given for the term organizational behavior. The most important definition argues that organizational behavior deals with the effects and impacts that the groups and individuals within the organizations have on overall behaviors within an organization. Thereby, it can be argued here that organizational behavior is a multifactorial dimension of a workplace. The book deals with important aspects of organizational behavior, how overall environment of an organization affects behaviors in an organization and how interpersonal relationships affect the behaviors within the…. [read more]

Ethical Issues in Group Counseling Research Paper

… Ethical Issues in Group Counseling

Any counseling scenario introduces a variety of ethical issues because counseling involves human beings who are frequently at their most vulnerable, seeking help and advice from human beings who are fallible. What complicates the ethical rules and norms that surrounding counseling scenarios is that the relationship between the counselor and the client is central to the efficacy of the counseling. Rules that stifle the development of an organic, helpful relationship can stifle the goal of counseling. However, there are clearly rules that must be followed to ensure that the client is protected from counselors who may act in an unethical manner. The very fact that counselors and clients enter into unique, personal relationships as part of the therapeutic process can…. [read more]

Group Project Participated, Effective Essay

… The positive contribution of members involved in the discussion need inclusion while drawing of conclusions.

Difference between constitution of a project team and a problem solving team

The composition of a project team heavily relies on the expertise and experience each member has. As such, project team members exhibit more and related professionalism in carrying out their works (Susan, 2010). On the other hand, a problem solving team involves members with an understanding of situations and circumstances most relevant to the occurrence and solution of a problem. This implies that problem teams thrive on circumstantial occurrences as opposed to planned activities in project teams.

Cause-and-effective relationship

The behavior and character of managers and those in leadership positions cause other staff to behave and carry out…. [read more]

Behavior Social Influences Research Paper

… , 2010; Voncken et al., 2010). Severe cases of the disorder lead to a complete shut-down of social interactions, with behavioral changes in the way people hold themselves, make eye contact, speak, and even think, all based on a social context of unfamiliarity or in encountering unknown people, or simply a lack of control (Kashdan et al., 2010; Voncken et al., 2010).

The precursors of true social anxiety disorder can vary greatly, though many cases are brought on by histories of specific instances of trauma or ongoing environmental forces that lead to a reduced ability to make and maintain social connections or simply engage in social interactions (Kashdan et al., 2010). Consequences of social anxiety disorder, on the other hand, are fairly well documented, with…. [read more]

Polish Culture Group Essay

… The phenomenon impedes the recovery and rehabilitation of the mentally ill individuals in a significant trend. Mentally ill individuals in Poland are subject to negative treatment by the general society. Consequently, these individuals respond in a high tone of aggression (Michlic, 2006, pg). They are perceived as defiant and harsh due to the negative treatment. The methodologies of treatment are also a key contribution to the negative behavior of the mentally ill individuals. The mentally challenged undergo treatment in isolated hospitals. These huge psychiatric hospitals map at segregated locations. In this case, they do not have an attachment to the general society. They feel abandoned and secluded in the isolated confinements of the hospitals. This factor contributes to the behavioral characteristic of the Polish.

Mental…. [read more]

Group Therapy: Stages and Process Essay

… The termination stage involves reinforcement of lessons learned and progress made, guidance from the leader in terms of gaining "closure" in relationships, and help from leaders and other members in preparing for issues that may arise once treatment is over. In addition, proper leadership at this stage can facilitate the cementing of individual triumphs and an internalization of the entire process and experience. It is also critical that group members leave the process with a sense of accomplishment and optimism for the future (Brodsky, 1999); this can occur only after any unresolved or underlying conflicts are brought to the surface and dealt with.

The termination stage may also need to be considered from different angles, such as: was the time boundary sufficient? Do individuals feel…. [read more]

Group Motivation Inventory Essay

… This is because, when a group decides to convene without other members' approval, even if they attend the group meeting, their inputs will be low since their concentration will not be at the group's activity.


All in all, group motivation is paramount when it comes to success realization. Since groups are made up of different people with different traits, finding a way to maximize their abilities for the group's projects while maintaining their interest in the group and the task carried out is important. Incentive provision is one way of achieving motivation among group members and each of them should be motivated uniquely since not all of them are motivated by the same thing, therefore, knowing the group one is on a personal level…. [read more]

Group Observation the Breaking Down Borders Term Paper

… Group Observation

The Breaking Down Borders Group meets twice a week at the Ambrose Psychological Clinic. Led by two counselors, one male and one female, the group serves persons diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Eight out of the ten members were recently diagnosed with BPD and this was their first group therapy experience. The other two had undergone group therapy but for related disorders. By the time I arrived for observation, the group had met for seven sessions, over the course of almost one month.

The formally stated goals of the group include the following. First, the group will offer members a supportive, safe, secure environment for healing. Second, the group will encourage the development of trust and security, allowing members a safe forum…. [read more]

Group System Exam Questions: Rationales and Materials Thesis

… Group System

Exam Questions: Rationales and Materials

How does a group influence individual perception and behavior?

This question is highly pertinent to an understanding of group behavior regardless of the setting, be it a given society (or the global society) at large or a specific subset of people or group scenario within that society, be it a corporate organization, religion, or family unit. The study of psychology has done a great deal in expanding human understanding of individual behavior, and to some degree of explaining group behavior, but rather than exploring the two dynamics as separate phenomena in human behavior they must be seen as intimately linked and mutually affecting circumstances (Omran & Van Etten 2007). This understanding of group and individual behavior as twinned…. [read more]

Group Counseling Intervention for Sarah's Case Case Study

… This would involve discussing the goals of the counseling process, discussing limitations of confidentiality, and developing a code of ethics to govern the group. Some of the legal and ethical concerns related to working with a client like her include maintaining confidentiality, promoting the client's well-being and safety, protecting the client's rights during the group experience, informed consent, and potential consequences of not adhering to treatment. The other concerns include cultural and diversity factors during group therapy and developing appropriate diagnosis ("Chapter 10," 2011).

Sarah's Honest Open Communication:

Group counseling environments are usually characterized by the need for honest open communication. Sarah's involvement in her group during the counseling process requires open honest communication in order to achieve the goals of the therapy. Despite avoiding…. [read more]

Facilitating and Experiencing a Psychotherapy Group With Disruptive Adults Term Paper

… ¶ … Group Counseling" by Jacob and Spadaro is to help introduce those who are working in a correctional setting to the concept of leading a group in a correctional setting. Because the article being discussed is a book chapter it does not describe a single research design, methodology, or results. However, it does engage in a discussion of some of the basics of group counseling. It focuses on skills and techniques used in group counseling sessions, rather than focusing on the theory behind group counseling. Moreover, they focus specifically on groups in a correctional setting. By correctional setting, the authors are referring to counseling occurring in any location where the members are there because they have been instructed to be there, rather than there…. [read more]

Group Addiction Counseling Research Paper

… Group Counseling Using Client-Centered Therapy / Adlerian Group Therapy

There are a number of theories in use in the psychological / therapeutic milieu when it comes to working with addictive behaviors, substance abusers and others, but for this paper client-centered group therapy and Adlerian Group Therapy will be reviewed and critiqued.

Client-Centered Counseling / Therapy

Mary Law, associate professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University in Canada, gets right to the point about client-centered therapy in her book Client Centered Occupational Therapy. A characteristic of the client-centered strategy -- setting it apart from other approaches -- is "…based on an invitation from the client to the therapist to participate in a relationship" (Law, 1998, p. 115). Law states that there should never…. [read more]

Group Dynamics and Leadership Group Work Thesis

… Group Dynamics and Leadership

Group work is often used in business and educational settings in order to take advantage of the fact that individual excellence can be optimized by working in a team with others. It is however important to recognize that specific group dynamics could adversely affect the optimal functioning of the group. In order to avoid this, an understanding of group dynamics is vital, along with good leadership skills in order to optimize the group.

Group Dynamics

The best way to understand group dynamics is to examine groups in a variety of settings. Gerard M. Blair for example examines groups within the engineering field. Blair notes that internal conflict is often the main problem in groups that do not function effectively. In order…. [read more]

Group Counseling Term Paper

… Group Counseling

This work explores group counseling and examines what group counseling actually is and what the purpose of group counseling is. Secondly, this work examines ethics in counseling and specifically those ethics of the Christian counselor in maintaining Biblical principles in counseling and what the ethical requirements of the Christian counselor are. Findings in this work include the important and key role of the group leader or facilitator in keeping the interactions and communications positive in order to avoid harm to group members.


This work will first compare/contrast views on what current literature states on group counseling in what it is and what it is not within professional view of group counseling. Attention will be given to ethical considerations including how professional…. [read more]

Group Cohesion Term Paper

… Group Cohesion

Discussing Group Cohesion

Cohesiveness is regarded as one of the crucial elements in the growth of a group and a prominent aspect for different groups and various kinds of group processes. In reality the expediency of cohesion, taken to be the negotiator for formation group, sustenance as well as productivity has given rise to certain social scientists to reckon it as the most significant variable of a small group. (Glass, Benshoff, 48) Cohesion is one element that is frequently linked to group outcome and has been interpreted as a sense of integration with a specific group and his or her sentiments linked with membership in the groups. (Turman 88) Cohesion has been indicated to be the complete field of forces that is exerted…. [read more]

Group Dynamics Term Paper

… Group Dynamics

The objective of this study is to analyze the dynamics of a 3-person task group and integrate the idea of group structure and group interaction. Included will ideas from the social work field and discuss and each of them and professional roles and boundaries will be described as well as professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and communication. The issue of sufficient self-awareness to eliminate the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse groups will also be addressed as will engagement of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Additionally addressed will be assessment and interventions.

It is reported that a group may range in size from two to thousands of individuals and that "very small collectives" referred to as dyads may…. [read more]

Behavior Modify Development Essay

… According to this theory, expectations, self-ef-cacy, and intentions are also important determinants of behavior development. The social and environmental factor involved in my case was the constant observation of individuals who smoke. Expecting a sense of belonging and feeling older were perhaps the personal factors that led me to smoking for the first time. Fulfillment of these expectations led to the maintenance of such a habit. (Dunmount, 2010)

First, I would only smoke socially with my group of friends. Eventually I became tolerant to the effects of nicotine, thus requiring an increased dose to produce the same effects. The number of cigarettes I smoked increased gradually, from one a day, to a few packs a day. This behavior pattern eventually became so strong that I…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior an Examination Term Paper

… In the team described above, the four males have achieved stage 3 previously, yet due to the need to hire more staff, they are back at stage 2 while training the two newcomers. However, it is predicted that because of the stability that stage 2 offers, this team will once again reach the most optimal, stable, high performance stage in a matter of months.

Having now examined the various stages of development, as well as their predicted trajectory for the future, it is also important to study the structure of the group and the effect that structure has on the effectiveness of the group. This is always a facet that must be understood in order to be improved, for an efficient organization means good, fluid,…. [read more]

Individual-Level Attributes or Aggregate Characteristics: Which Offers Essay

… Individual-Level Attributes or Aggregate Characteristics: Which Offers a Better Explanation for Crime

There are a variety of different theories purporting to explain how criminal behavior occurs in society. While these different theories are more sophisticated than the basic nature vs. nurture debates, they do look at whether certain groups are biologically more likely to commit crimes or whether criminality is an individual choice. Each of the theories has merit, and, though it seems unlikely that any single argument can describe criminal behavior on its own, when taken together the theories do a good job of explaining individual and group criminal behavior. In other words, they not only explain why a particular individual might be more or less prone to criminality, but also why criminality is…. [read more]

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