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Industrial Revolution and Its Consequences 1750-1850 Essay

… Industrial Revolution and Its Consequences, 1750-

Industrial Revolution

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Industrial revolution refers to the rapid and complex changes, both socially and economically, mainly because of introduction of extensive mechanization resulting in a change in production. Mechanization changes the formerly small scale hand-based production to a large scale production system that employs extensive use of machinery (Mokyr, 1985). Before 1750, the then population of the world depended on natural means to meet their everyday needs. All the basic needs be it food, shelter, clothing, were all obtained from the available natural resources. However, in the period 1750 to 1850, there were notable changes that affected lives of many people as a result of introduction of machinery. This paper intends to…. [read more]

Industrial Relations Employment Relationship Essay

… The traditional industrial relations practices have been altered with the rise in the global trade expansion. The industrial relations now are depending upon the market conditions and situations as the market boundaries have expanded. The flow of information has also added to the complexities of the operations. The multinational corporations are the drivers of economic growth and they have been responsible for the change in the concepts of industrial relations, these corporations are controlling assets in multiple countries. These MNC's are creating complexities in the industrial norms. The production processes have been distinguished by the global demand of the products.

Globalization has broken the status quo of "labor" and "capital" across all the countries. Capital is mobile in an open free market while labor is…. [read more]

Industrial Relations A2 Coursework

… Industrial Management

Industrial Relations in the United Arab Emirates

Industrial Relations is a field of critical importance in terms of understanding and refining how labor and workplace issues are defined. This has never been truer than today, when the deconstruction of global trade barriers is leading to new and unforeseen economic partnerships between developing nations and multinational corporations. These relationships require constant evaluation if we are to understand their implications for labor and management on a global scale.

Role and Function of Managers in Industrial Relations:

In a general sense, "beyond leadership skill, one must have the leadership vision to lead properly." (Reh, 2) More specifically, in the context of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is a particular imperative for management to understand the…. [read more]

Industrial Relations Term Paper

… Industrial Relations

The purpose of this work is to document in chronological order the major events in Australia industrial relations and both Federal and State form 1980 to the present. Each event will be described and the objective stated. Each will be analyzed as to the impact on the construction industry.

The collective and/or enterprise agreement that may be advantageous to both workers and management in large construction companies will be discussed as well as any disadvantages noted in this area. Secondly the object of the Act will be summarized and the options and limitation under the act if not satisfied with the payment schedule received in response to payment will be discussed as well as detailing how the Act may benefit every sub-contractor.

Introduction…. [read more]

Industrial Relations Term Paper

… Industrial Relations

Discuss the applicability of the systems theory of industrial relations to the present day industrial relations environment.

According to the systems theory of industrial relations an industrial relations system is an abstraction comprised of "certain actors, certain contexts, and an ideology" that bind a particular community system together that is defined through an agreed-upon "body of rules that govern the actors in the workplace" and "the work community." (Black, 2006, p.6) For example, the United States might be defined as a capitalist system that contains certain actors such as labor and management that must come together to negotiate mutually beneficial solutions within a particular industrial context. It is agreed by these actors to proceed legally, according to certain accepted guidelines, and certain principles…. [read more]

Industrial Revolution in England Essay

… Industrial Revolution in England

The internationalized financial crisis is the main subject of any news report. Yet, one must not overlook other important events and coverage, such as technological breakthroughs. Information Technology and Communication represents a pivotal component of our contemporary society, with more and more developments being made on current basis. One could go as far as to wonder when and where did it all start. The most plausible answer is that it started in late eighteenth century, in Great Britain, under the generic name of the Industrial Revolution, which set the trend for developments, eventually leading to the current Technological Revolution. This report strives to explain the Industrial Revolution, in terms of its occurrence and manifestation in England, but also the national advantages…. [read more]

Industrial Organization vs. Resource-Based View Essay

… (2011). The Future of Resource-Based Theory: Revitalization or Decline? Journal of Management, 37(5), 1299-1315.

Cao, G., Wiengarten, F., & Humphreys, P.. (2011). Towards a Contingency Resource-Based View of IT Business Value. Systemic Practice and Action Research, 24(1), 85-106.

Conner, Kathleen R.. (1991). A Historical Comparison of Resource-Based Theory and Five Schools of Thought Within Industrial Organization Economics: Do We Have a New Theory of the Firm? Journal of Management, 17(1), 121.

Jeffrey H. Dyer, & Kentaro Nobeoka. (2000). Creating and managing a high-performance knowledge-sharing network: The Toyota case. Strategic Management Journal: Special Issue: Strategic Networks, 21(3), 345-367.

Michael E. Porter. (2000). Location, competition, and economic development: Local clusters in a global economy. Economic Development Quarterly, 14(1), 15-34.

Michael E. Porter, & Scott Stern. (2001). Innovation:…. [read more]

Industrial Relations Government Business Relations and Market Characteristics of China Term Paper

… Industrial Relations, Government-Business Relations, And Market Characteristics of China

The reforms that the Chinese government introduced in the last couple of decades or so has brought about a tremendous change in the Chinese economy, to the extent that a major reduction of poverty and a quick increase in income levels are experienced. From Deng Xiaoping in 1978 to the current leadership level, the Chinese have shown a firm commitment towards economic reforms and opening the Chinese economy to the outside world. (Background Note: China) Hence the business environment in China is considered to be very attractive and there are many multinational companies that have already made use of the opportunities offered and many others are venturing to enter the Chinese business market. (Understanding Eastern &…. [read more]

Industrial/Economic Regulations Essay

… A natural monopoly is a monopoly that are caused by the nature of an industry meaning is that these are unprofitable services to repeat costly communications such as electricity, water, and gas that consumers feel these goods and services are necessities to everyday living ("Natural monopolies," 2011). There is usually only one facility that has these services where customers do not have a choice who to do business with, and there are antitrust laws that have been passed by Congress as far back as the Sherman Act in 1890 where they quote created these "preserving free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade" quotes the Department of Trade. (2011). they also recognize two more laws passed in 1914 as the Federal Trade Commission Act…. [read more]

Industrial Organization Psychology Scenario the Proper Response to Workplace Conflict Research Paper

… Industrial Organization Psychology Scenario: The Proper Response to Workplace Conflict

The case study of the call center brings to light a number of industrial/organizational issues in the interaction between the coworkers. There are numerous underlying issues that undermine the progress and the cohesion of the work group. Although not mentioned, there seems to be a lack of raw IQ as well as a minimum level of common sense that is required just to have a job within the walls of a post-modern organization. Given the confluence of events described within the scenario, what theoretical and practical approaches best address the symbiotic nature of the issues at hand?

Alternatively, the issues present within the organization give rise to a quandary that is often faced within many…. [read more]

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Research Proposal

… Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Current trends in industrial/organizational psychology center on the evolution of companies from being profit-oriented to becoming socially responsible and ethical business organizations. Inherent in this evolution is the need to develop a more ethical work practices within the company and a more socially responsible approach to marketing strategies towards the consumers. The following discussion highlights findings from three (3) articles focusing on the themes of social responsibility and ethical work behavior in business organizations. To make these themes more relevant, each article's main thesis and argument will be applied in the context of the multinational company (MNC), Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Pastorizo et. al.'s (2009) study centered on the role that ethical work behavior plays in 'generating' social capital for business firms and…. [read more]

Industrial Revolution in Britain Essay

… Industrial Revolution in Britain

With all additional arguments that will be presented further below, the reason that modern economic growth emerged first in Britain and not somewhere else in Europe was that the economic, political, institutional, cultural and geographical conditions had only occurred in Britain at that moment of time. At the same time, through comparison with the other European countries of that time and with the United States, this paper will also aim to prove that the first modern economy could only develop in Britain out of all countries in existence at that point, because of cumulative conditions becoming true.

One of the most important condition that needed to be fulfilled for a modern economic growth was legislative and institutional and was in fact…. [read more]

History Industrial Revolution What Impact Essay

… As the standard of living of most people rose, there were some people whose standard of living declined and these were the ones who had to lose their jobs to the machines. Also, as the cities expanded there was considerable increase in pollution as well as significant decline in the health of the people. The cities started to become overcrowded and the chances of spread of contagious diseases and infections also increased until the healthcare department worked day in and day out to resolve and prevent these issues.

There were also some developments in the American colonies that cannot be discretely categorized as being economic or social as they can be considered in both the categories. After and during the Industrial Revolution there was considerable…. [read more]

Industrial Revolution and Beyond Term Paper

… Modern style was viewed as simple, practical, convenient, and sanitary.

Modernism was a mirror-image of the Arts and Crafts Movements -- as well as a mirror image of the virtues practiced and praised by artist and artisan from the Ptolemaic period to Impressionism. As Walter Benjamin argues, before the age of mechanical reproduction in art (and the age of machine-made everyday and decorative objects) each object was valued for its individuality. But with the rise of Modernism, every object became valued because it was like all the other examples of its type. While difference had once been the measure of the worth of an object, now lack of difference became that measure.

Rationalism and Other Aesthetic Philososphies

The changes that occurred in art and design…. [read more]

Industrial Structure and Specialization of the EU Essay

… ¶ … Industrial Structure and Specialization of the EU:

Central and Eastern Europe

In contrast to the past, today's globalization is distinctive as a micro-phenomenon that enables production integration and networking and, as such, creates deep international integration at firm level. There are high expectations that EU enlargement will lead to deep integration of central and eastern Europe (CEE) into pan-European industrial networks. It is certain that the extent and nature of the linkages that emerge between the east and the west of Europe will strongly shape the competitive dynamics and industrial development not only in CEE, but also in individual sectors in the EU. However, whether east-west industrial networks will act to improve the growth prospects of the enlarged EU or whether they will…. [read more]

Industrial Capitalism in the U.S. the Nature Term Paper

… ¶ … Industrial Capitalism in the U.S.

The nature of business and society was dramatically altered by the development and maintenance of capitalism here in the United States and abroad. After centuries of living within a purely agricultural sphere, industry was brought to American cities in full force through the driving elements of industrial capitalism. What resulted was an entire new type of workforce, one which worked within the context of the factory structure, and not the family owned business structure. This style of business only expanded as capitalism brought wealth and power to businesses working within the United States. Now, the modern American family structure has been taken from its original roots and permanently transformed into a single, nuclear family unit where individualism and…. [read more]

Industrial Age, Sparked by Innovations Term Paper

… The poor environmental conditions in factories and low wages gave rise to the labor movements in the early twentieth century. The Industrial Age also did away with the traditional artisan system of labor, in which an individual would train as an apprentice. Factories made the employer-employee relationship far more impersonal.

The Industrial Age led directly to urbanization, as droves of people sought work in the cities. Urban living differed dramatically from rural life. Class divisions became highly visible, as urban slums sprouted up. However, the Industrial Age also led to the creation of a sizeable working class and the rise of the entrepreneurial spirit. The Industrial Age gave way to population growth in the United States domestically and due to immigration, which was both a…. [read more]

Russia NATO Relations Essay

… On the other hand Russia insisted that this recognition was done based on the situation on the ground and it was in accordance to the UN Charter. NATO had taken an initiative to suspend t6he relation between them, and Russia completely terminated the cooperation agreement that existed. All this happened after the events of Georgia 2008 and they really had an impact on the negative views that Russia had on NATO (Vasilenkov, 2012).

The relations between NATO and Russia were further strained when Russia diplomats were expelled by NATO in 2009.They were expelled on the basis that they were on a spying mission and were not genuine diplomats. This intensified the tension which was already created by the NATO military exercises in Georgia as proposed…. [read more]

Family Relations as Portrayed Research Paper

… The dominant family of this ad is a nuclear to an extended family. The ad influences social construction in how it depicts the essentiality of insurance in aiding family development.


My Wish: Seattle Seahawks Grant, Kevin Lee's Wish

This commercial advertises Seattle Seahawks

The protagonist Kevin has a heart problem at a tender age. However, Seattle Seahawks aids the treatment of Kevin, and later Kevin registers a contract with Seattle hawks

The family type in this ad is a nuclear family. The ad influences social construction in explaining corporate social responsibility.


Fisherman's Friend TV commercial for U.S. market. Q4 201

This commercial advertises fisherman's friend tranquilizers.

The protagonist of the ad, a sea navigator female partner is seen advising the fisherman…. [read more]

Business Law Essay

… Novel Legal Issues have been materializing

The environment of a working place is changing due to the advances in technology and adaptation of different economic and social ways. All of these have an effect on the law that foresees no one is treated unfairly due to age. The cost of health insurance is ever rising and this has led the employers to hold back on covering the health cost of their workers. This is raising questions on the link of ADEA and the policies regarding health care (Sargeant, 2006).

Today, employers that are experiencing diversified workplace along with the legal trends are trying to move towards the future with the help of certain policies, procedures and laws. All these measures are planned keeping in view…. [read more]

Industrial Revolution Changed the World Term Paper

… The economic development triggered by the industrial revolution, thus, made the European nations and the United States, the most powerful in the world in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Industrial Revolution in some European countries and the U.S. And the surplus goods produced by them as a result created the need for global markets. The accompanying military power of the industrialized countries enabled them to dictate terms on a global level and the European imperial expansion in the 1800s was one of the consequences of the Industrial Revolution. (Stearns 56) The effect of the Industrial Revolution is amply illustrated in the following example. Until the late eighteenth century, India was one of the largest exporters of cotton textiles and was famous for the fine…. [read more]

911 Recovery Health and Safety Case Study

… Significant quantities of asbestos had remained in the Twin Towers despite asbestos abatement programs."

The fact that such incredibly potent chemicals existed in an area where dozens of people worked, and the fact that this was not analyzed by hygienist and not publicized by the government is deeply disappointing. Due to the age of the World Trade Center towers, many should have realized how these were built (i.e. A mixture of asbestos and cement would have been sprayed on as fireproofing material) and the potential health hazards they would constitute, especially in the form of fumes still given off.

Occupational Medical Surveillance of Recovery Workers

It did not take long for recovery workers to report health problems. Yet it was not until November 2005 that…. [read more]

Industrial Expansion and Dispered Racial Essay

… The author emphasizes the fact that the racial antagonism that ensued was a result of this competition (Wilson 83). Such racial antagonism was not simply confined to the realm of competition for particular resources, but also came to encompass copious amounts of violence such as the numerous race riots that plagued the country for a substantial period of the 20th century.

Yet, since these race riots were merely the effect of a class struggle between the exploitive business elite and the lower working class -- in which the struggle of African-Americans against Whites was most salient, it is important to realize the role that the business elite played. Wilson stresses the fact that industrial owners purposefully utilized African-American labor as an inexpensive resource. It enabled…. [read more]

Forms of Industrial Finance and Corporate Governance Strengths and Drawbacks Term Paper

… ¶ … Industrial Finance and Corporate Governance: strengths and drawbacks

Forms of Industrial Finance and Corporate Governance

When discussing the subject of industrial finance and corporate governance, one must focus the discussion around the core of the subject, which is related to the protection of shareholders and creditors by the legal system. Each country's financial system follows a different approach to the subject, approach that has its advantages and its disadvantages. Corporate governance, in general, has become more and more important, becoming an actual part of a company's management process. The importance of this matter is conferred by the fact that, if used in a suitable manner, corporate governance is able to solve problems regarding the financial, legal, and administrative systems (Sapovadia, 2003).

There are…. [read more]

Employee Relations: Industrial Conflicts Essay

… The major difference between employee relations and industrial relations is the fact that industrial relations are mainly based on the treatment of employees by their employers.

There are various arrangements made by organizations to involve their employees in decision-making processes ranging from delegation of responsibility to consultation services to the formation of project teams. When an organization settles for project team arrangement, it assigns various tasks or projects to specific employees to work on them. To ensure that these employees in the project team are involved in the decision-making process, the management delegates considerable responsibility to these employees. Another organization involves employees in the decision-making process through consultation exercises and meetings. In this case, employees become part of the decision-making within the organization by being…. [read more]

Changes in the Standard of Living During the Industrial Revolution Term Paper

… Standard of Living Industrial Revolu

The industrial revolution is a foundational period in human history. There is really nothing about society before the industrial revolution that has not changed in some fashion as a result of it. To some degree, everything that we consider "modern" be it lifestyle or means of production has in some way been influenced or even created by the industrial revolution. The revolution changed the face of society, on an international scale unlike almost any other economic/social change in history and the effects of it are global and can be seen even today on a global scale as the revolution continues to spread to nations that avoided it in the past but now see it as the only way to compete…. [read more]

Employment Relations Essay

… Employment Relations


The origins of the labor movement lay in the formative years of the American nation, when a free wage-labor market emerged in the artisan trades late in the colonial period. The earliest recorded strike occurred in 1768 when New York journeymen tailors protested a wage reduction. The formation of the Federal Society of Journeymen (shoemakers) in Philadelphia in 1794 marks the beginning of sustained trade union organization among American workers. From that time on, local craft unions proliferated in the cities, publishing lists of "prices" for their work, defending their trades against diluted and cheap labor, and, increasingly, demanding a shorter workday. Thus a job-conscious…. [read more]

International Employment Relations Essay

… International Employment Relations

Globalization is a phenomenon that has increasingly influenced the world of business and work. This includes the relationships among employees, employers and business partners throughout the world. Several interesting phenomena have resulted from globalization, particularly when comparing the industrialized world with developing countries.

Women and minorities have for example received increasing opportunities to become prominent members of the workplace. The exploitation of children for cheap labor has diminished, and general workplace abuses have become subject to regulation and investigation.

On the other hand, some researchers have also found that, in many cases, the workplace has become an issue of greater uncertainty than was the case before globalization. Globalization meant a differentiation not only in the employer-employee relationship, but also in the relationship…. [read more]

Employee and Industrial Relations Case Study

… ¶ … employee and industrial relations and strategic human recourse management (HRM) is rooted in the alignment of goals, visions and belief systems between the employee and the organization. An organization's human resources have always been a critical asset, however employee relations is becoming increasingly valuable in the hypercompetitive marketplace of the 21st century. As such, "a firm's internal resources and intangible capabilities are the primary source of value creation for the future, since they offer a more reliable and controllable foundation for strategy making" (Burke & Cooper, 2005, p. 35).

Essentially what this means for the employee-HRM dynamic is that employees are intangible assets because they are not easy to quantify. Each employee has his or her own unique way of thinking, behaving and…. [read more]

International Employment Relations Essay

… Human Resources

International Employment Relations

Describe the pressures that globalization has placed on the Australian automotive assembly industry since the late 1980's.

Globalization is a procedure of dealings and mixing among the people, companies, and governments of different nations. It is a process motivated by international trade and investment and assisted by information technology. This progression has consequences on the environment, on culture, on political systems, on economic development and prosperity, and on human physical well-being within societies around the world. This present flourish of globalization has been driven by strategies that have unlocked economies domestically and internationally. Since the Second World War, and particularly during the past two decades, many governments have taken on free-market economic systems, greatly increasing their own productive potential and…. [read more]

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