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China: Inflation and Unemployment Correlation Data Analysis Chapter

… 9 / -5.26 Oct 1.8 / -5.26 Nov1.8 / -5.26 Dec 1.8 / -5.26




Jan 2.2 / 11.1 Feb 2 / 11.2 Mar 2 / 11.1 Apr 2 / 11.1 May 2 / 11.2 Jun 2 / 11.1 Jul 2 / 11.1 Aug 2.2 / 11.1 Sept 2 / 11.1 Oct 2.1 / 11.1 Nov 2 / 11.1 Dec 2 / 11.1



Jan 2.2/0.0 Feb2/0.0 Mar 2.1/0.0 Apr 2.2/0.0 May 2/0.0 Jun 2.2/0.0 Jul 2.1/0.0 Aug 2/0.0 Sept 2.1/0.0 Oct 2/0.0 Nov 2/0.0 Dec 2/0.0



Jan 2/0.0 Feb2/0.0 Mar 2.1/0.0 Apr 2/0.0 May 2.1/0.0 Jun 2.2/0.0 Jul 2/0.0 Aug 2/0.0 Sept 2/0.0 Oct 2/0.0 Nov2/0.0 Dec 2/0.0



Jan 2.6/3 Feb 2.6/3 Mar 2.6/3.2 Apr 2.6/3 May…. [read more]

Inflation Unemployment and Phillips Curve in China Dissertation

… Inflation, Unemployment and Phillips Curve in China

Research particularities

Inflation, unemployment and their definitions

The problem of inflation

The definition of inflation

Measures of inflation

How inflation is measured

Global values of inflation

Types of inflation

Issues raised by inflation

The problem of unemployment

The definition of unemployment

Measures of unemployment

How unemployment is measured

Global values of inflation

Issues of unemployment

The Phillips curve

Defining the Phillips curve

The original Phillips curve

Mathematics behind the original Phillips curve

The modified Phillips curve

Mathematics behind the modified Phillips curve

Two Phillips curves

The Phillips curve in China

General information about China

People's Republic of China interest rates

Phillips curves in China

Relationship between inflation and unemployment in short-term and long-term

The real estate bubble in…. [read more]

Economics A) I View the Current Unemployment Essay

… Economics

a) I view the current unemployment rate of 10% as being higher than the natural rate. Unemployment rose rapidly as the result of expectations of a slowdown and economic contraction, rather than as a return to equilibrium. Unemployment in the U.S. has held in a relatively stable range between 4-6% since the early 1990s (, 2010). The increase to 10% represents an outlier created by unusual economic conditions.

b) The Phillips curve has showed to hold in the short run, so in the short run the government could trade inflation for less unemployment. The current Fed policy is to hold down interest rates to stimulate growth. This will bring inflationary pressure on the economy, but it will also create jobs. If rates were increased…. [read more]

Demand Macroeconomics 'It's an Ill Wind Research Proposal


macroeconomics 'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

According to the standard, textbook economic definition of a recession, overall macroeconomic demand will decrease as individuals lose jobs. Inventories will grow as a result and production will decline in response. Eventually, prices go down as firms engage in bidding wars, and consumers begin to buy again (Haltiwanger et al. 1991, p.89). However, as the current recession demonstrates, the effects of a contraction upon specific niche demographics…. [read more]

Soft Drink and Automotive Industry Research Paper

… These figures are some of the first hard spending data for any month; comparing these derived rates to those from months and years prior is a big help when it comes to formulating a consumption forecast for the month." (FOREX brokerage firms, 2006)

FOREX brokerage firms does bring to light a critical aspect of the automotive market. The supply chain costs are a major cause of concern with regard to the operating profit and net revenue figures generated by the firm. Knowing the supply chain costs via an effective forecast can enable the firm to plan accordingly to procure the necessary metals and materials necessary to produce their signature brands.

Without proper planning, the cost of a particular brand over its production run for the…. [read more]

Money and Exchange Rate Multiple Chapters

… Money & Exchange Rate

There are a number of considerations that a country must take into account when setting monetary and exchange rate policy. The country's exchange rate impacts the price of its export goods on world market and the price of import goods in the domestic market. Relative price is a driver of demand, so the exchange rate drives demand for domestic goods internationally and imported goods locally. Thus, current account is a significant consideration for government when setting monetary and exchange rate policy (Pugel, 2007).

Another consideration is internal issues such as inflation and unemployment. The current account is one of the factors that influences employment. For an economy to reach full employment, the country must have the correct balance of exports and…. [read more]

Macroeconomics -- Review of Age-Old Term Paper

… Fortunately, this did not occur.

On the other hand, if an economy is booming, the Fed may actually attempt to stem the expansion and reduce the supply of money in the economy. Again, one might ask -- why is it bad to have nearly full employment? (Full employment may be defined as when all individuals looking for work, have work) However, inflation can skyrocket during a sharp period of boom, causing inflation to go rapidly up, spending to go down, production to halt, and thus causing a sharp boom followed by a precipitous bust in the business cycle. The Federal Reserve must cushion the ebbs and flows of the business cycle as much as possible

Today's International Economy -- Conclusions and Speculation for the Future…. [read more]

Decision Whether to Internationalize Research Paper

… Decision Whether to Internationalize or Not?

Companies competing in the oil and gas extraction industry are faced with some unique challenges and opportunities as the demand for energy increases and the inexorable march to peak oil continues. Emerging economic powerhouses such as China, India, Brazil, and Malaysia will need ever-increasing amounts of energy to fuel their economic development and consumer demand, and it is becoming apparent that companies that can extract oil and gas efficiently and reliably enjoy a competitive advantage. Not surprisingly, the oil and gas industry is highly internationalized, with a global supply chain and customers. One company that has experienced success in this environment has been RBG Limited, a UK corporation created in 1995. This company forms the focus of this study…. [read more]

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