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Branding Affects the Buying Decision Thesis

… Then, the telephone numbers of fifteen hundred people was randomly generated from the national directory. Telephone interviews were conducted with three hundred and eight people, deeming a response rate of 20%. (Weiping, 2008)

A highly structured questionnaire was designed to decrease time spent on the phone for both the interviewer and the respondent. This allowed the interviewer to take notes accurately whilst letting the person on the other end relax and answer questions comfortably. A statistical analysis was done to ascertain the validity of the gathered results. The independent variables included brand trust, brand loyalty and product familiarity. The dependent variable was the future purchase intention. The 7 point Likert scale was applied for data collection. The analysis illustrated a support for the direct, positive…. [read more]

Influence of Branding on Consumer Purchasing Behavior Research Proposal

… Branding Strategies

Assessing the Influence of branding on consumer purchase behavior is begins with an analysis of how the accumulated effects of marketing strategies contribute to the permanency of branding and their accumulative effects on consumers. The impact of Web 2.0 technologies (Bernoff, Li, is re-ordering the dynamics of branding on a global scale based on social networking. Broader still is the cultural assimilation of branding on a global scale. Learning and cultural assimilation is actually becoming more pervasive as a result of more effective branding strategies that are being implemented. This cultural assimilation and focus isn't at the expense of cultural richness and identity at a local level however. Research completed in this dissertation shows that branding and messaging is interpreted and synthesized…. [read more]

From Thai Consumers Perspectives What Criteria Influence Consumers Purchasing Behavior Towards Green Product Dissertation

… ¶ … consumers' perspectives, what criteria influence consumers' purchasing behaviour towards green product?

This dissertation could not be accomplished without Professor Sarah hypes, research method lecturer who is my supervisor at Coventry University. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor for her recommendation and her advices. She encouraged and guided me throughout this dissertation.

Special thanks to all lecturers who taught me in MA Marketing Management course and fulfilled me the knowledge.

In addition, thank you very much to all questionnaire respondents that spend their precious time and information to be a part of my survey and become this dissertation. Thanks you all of my dear friends who always support me and thanks all of Coventry University's Thai society (ThaiCov) that made…. [read more]

Global Consumer Buying Behavior Research Paper

… Global Consumer Buying Behavior Research

When consumer behavior is analyzed in the context of global markets, much greater complexity, constraints from a cultural, legal and political standpoint, and uncertainty over marketing strategies is present. No longer can the assumptions inherent in regional or national market be applied to a given international market. This would be, according to the vast differences found in cultures by Dr. Geert Hofstede and his Model of Cultural Dimensions, an ethnocentric assumption (Belal, Shirahada, Kosaka, 2013). The intent of this paper is to analyze four specific studies of consumer behavior, evaluating their study methodologies, data collection instruments, organizational and individual demographics of study participants, and assessing their findings as well. Limitations of each study are also provided as well.

Assessment of…. [read more]

Consumer Subjective Personal Introspection Essay

… However, I am also very aware of the fact that image can be false and deceptive.

In the final analysis, what this introspective paper has taught me is that very often we are unaware of the way that advertising and branding influences our buying behaviour. More importantly, I have also become more aware of the connection between my personal values and desires and my buying behaviour.


Bloom P. et al. (2006). How Social-Cause Marketing Affects Consumer Perceptions. Mit Sloan Management Review, vol.47, no.2, viewed 28 February, 2012,,%20Hoeffler,%20Keller,%20Meza%5D.pdf.

'Brand image: definition', viewed 28 February, 2012,

Burnett, J 2008.CoreConcepts of Marketing, viewed 28 February, 2012, Date of access: 1 Nov. 2011.

Copely, P 2004. Marketing communications management: concepts & theories, cases & practices,…. [read more]

Brand Effect on Consumer Behavior Research Paper

… g., higher price = higher quality). For the Chinese, the brand effect is very important. In China, brands accounted for one-third to one-half of all consumers' expressions of intent to purchase (2004). As an indicator of the importance of a brand name, Chinese culture has allowed for Chinese to wear the makers' tags on the sleeves of their suits and the brand name stickers on their sunglasses -- even though Western practices would be shun this (2004).

For Chinese in Ireland (or other Western countries), consumers are less likely to view the brand as the most important aspect of a product. Factors for Chinese living in Ireland may pay more attention to style, quality, cutting and fitting, color, ease of maintenance, the customer service in…. [read more]

Consumer Bahavior Behavior of Customers Essay

… Consumer Bahavior

Behavior of Customers

The needs and requirements of customers have significantly diversified, determining companies to develop innovative strategies that allow them to increase their market share, to increase their number of customers, and to build competitive advantage. In addition to identifying and addressing these needs, companies must study customers' behavior. Different types of customers have different types of behaviors, and companies must identify them in order to develop and implement successful strategies.

Business dictionaries define motivation as the internal and external factors that stimulate desire, and that sustain individuals' continuous interest in certain subjects, or in expressing the efforts required for reaching the objectives they establish. Motivation is the result of interactions between several factors, like intensity of desire and need, incentives or…. [read more]

Consumer Choice Factors Influencing Essay

… Consumer Choice

Factors Influencing Consumer Choice and the Companies that Use These Factors Well: A Research-Based Comparison

There are many different factors that can have an impact on the decision a consumer makes to purchase a given product. Simple things like placement in a store, such as products that are placed on shelves at eye level or the racks of candy and magazines at most grocery store checkout lanes -- products that are called "impulse buys" for a reason -- can have a huge influence on consumer choice and purchasing behaviors. Other influential factors are more complex: manipulating price might seem to be a good way to affect consumer choice, and it works to some degree, but it does not work in a linear or…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior From a Cultural, Social Research Paper

… ¶ … consumer behavior from a cultural, social, personal and psychological standpoint are analyzed in the context of globalized brands, social media and the counterbalancing effects of ethnocentrism globally. The implications of social media including Facebook's effects on how brands are presented by actual vs. ideal selves is also included in this analysis (Hollenbeck, Kaikati, 2012). The accumulated effects of social media, the Internet and its acceleration of communication and collaboration, and the continual expansion of brands and their effects on consumer behavior are also discussed throughout the six peer-reviewed articles analyzed. All of these factors together show that the cultural, social, personal and psychological factors influencing consumer behavior are more volatile and quickly changing than ever before, making marketing and selling strategies increasingly difficult…. [read more]

Shopping Behavior the Shopping Experience Essay

… This indicates the government's role in the overall shopping behaviors of society. While the government is well intentioned with its dramatic spending increases, this action is only increasing the short-term pessimism present within the market as a whole.

How shopper's behaviors have changed over time

Shopper's behavior changes almost exclusively due to the prevailing economic uncertainties of the time. This is indicated by the cyclical nature of the retail and auto industry. During periods of mass euphoria, individuals purchase more goods and services and the economy therefore continues its upward trend. Many shoppers during these periods are not worried about short-term economic uncertainties as their jobs are believed to be secure and the economy is going smoothly. As such, many individuals purchase products they might…. [read more]

Brand Equity and Customer Purchasing Term Paper

… While concentrating on the function of giving knowledge, a primary feature concerns with building the expectations of quality. Quality expectations impact first-time buyers, and by means of their task in establishing satisfaction and recurring buys. Moreover, while increased preliminary expectations might end up in preliminary buys, exaggerated expectations result in displeasure and thus lower buyers in the years to come. As a result, the maintenance of expectations prior to buying as also following buying is a crucial element of marketing technique. (Dube; Chattopadhyay; Letarte, 1996, p. 82)

Customizing advertisements, which means handing out audiences with messages which will suit according to their taste, presents marketing personnel the chance to enhance the precision of their goal, while simultaneously presenting audiences with interactions which enhances their contentment…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior and Purchase Decisions Essay

… Actually, customers would consider the pricing of a brand as fair depending on their knowledge about the brand's quality.

Lessons Learnt:

These observations have clearly demonstrated that customer behavior and purchase decisions are factors that are influenced by the attractiveness of the store, sales person, pricing, branding, and characteristics of the specific brand. Customers generally spend a lot of time evaluating these factors before making their purchase decisions. These findings relate to marketing and consumer behavior theories in marketing research. One of the major theories that relate to the observations is the concept of marketing mix. Consumer behavior and purchase decisions are basically influenced by product, place, promotion, and pricing of the specific brand they seek to purchase. Therefore, marketing initiatives should place a greater…. [read more]

Brand Equity Measurement Consumer Perceptions Term Paper

… Managers and executives in the hotel industry should strive to influence their customers' perceptions by exploring the relationship between the four fundamental concepts. According to Kayaman and Huseyin, 2007, a combination of the four concepts is adequate to measure the customer-based brand equity for use by strategists in the hotel industry.

Customer-satisfaction measurement system used in the hotel industry is valuable in determining brand equity. Keshav and Chekitan, 2000, theorize that a large number of customers shall have a strong perception of quality towards a brand in the industry when it has high equity. High customer satisfaction, admirable guest retention and price premiums are symbols of high brand equity. High brand equity also creates high profits because of good customer loyalty. Computation of customers' ranking…. [read more]

Consumer Attitudes Towards Green Packaged Products in the UK Research Proposal

… Consumer Attitudes towards Green Packaged Products in the UK

The concept of green packaging is increasingly gaining much importance in the current modern world. The term green packaging has been used to imply planning, developing and promoting services and products that fulfill consumer needs without affecting the environment. This study has made an effort towards knowing the level of consumer and retailer attitudes towards green packaged products in the UK. This paper will study the levels of attitudes towards green packaged products amongst consumers and retailers, factors that affect consumer-purchasing behavior of green packed products. Finally, the paper will offer some recommendations to promote green packaged products amongst consumers and retailers in the UK (Verghese, Lewis & Fitzpatrick, 2012).


Gelinas (2006) has provided a…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Emotion Term Paper

… Consumer Behavior

Emotion and consumer behavior

The study of consumer behavior is essential to the contemporary business advertiser and marketer. It is essential to determine the way that consumers perceive products and make decisions based on feelings and emotional perceptions. While targeting consumers is usually based on information and logical choice theory and analysis, modern marketers and psychologist have also began to realize the importance that emotional responses and "feelings" play in this form of behavior.

Marketers and business researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the way that emotional factors effect and influence consumer behavior. However, the term 'emotion" brings with it a great degree of ambiguity and misunderstanding, which often confuses the way that this aspect is seen to relate to consumer behavior. This…. [read more]

Consumer Buying Behavior Research Paper

… Consumer Behavior Research

The multi-generational aspects of buying behavior are significantly re-ordering the growth, structure and long-term potential of all industries. Implicit in multi-generational shifts occurring in markets is the rapidly changing series of customer expectations, demands for more unique and differentiated customer experiences, and the need on the part of marketers to seek out differentiation in every aspect of their business models. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate four scholarly articles and their contributions to the field of consumer behavior. Study methodologies, data collection instruments used, organizational and individual demographics, and study limitations are all discussed. This analysis concludes with discussion and recommendations for how to gain greater insights and performance from marketing and sales strategies using consumer behavior as their foundation.…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Essay

… It is in the company's best interest to not only lure new customers into its fold, and get them to be loyal to the brand, it is imperative that the advertising message put out by the company or its marketing component to "…retain the old ones through advertising and fulfilling of promises" (Abbasi 6).

Health-Related Advertising

Jeremy Kees and colleagues point out that the various differences in consumers' "temporal orientation" to advertising must be understood in order to understand the risk perceptions, the attitudes, and the behavior intentions of that consumer (Kees, et al., 2010). This particular study us aimed at understanding the most effective way to reach people that are overweight in America. The article asserts that 33% of Americans are not just overweight,…. [read more]

Brand Equity Essay

… Brand equity has been defined as the power generated by a given brand in the market over the years. A product, which has a powerful brand name, normally experiences higher sales and profit margins than other players in the market. Brand equity can also be defined as the impact a brand has or the perception it has on its customers that make it sell more. Brand equity is built on the foundation of customer attraction and retention. Many companies are very keen on maintaining their brand equity; they would go to greater extent to make sure that their brand retains its value in the market share Chen, Chen, & Huang, 2012()

When a company wants to value its brand equity, it will focus on the…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior: Self-Image Congruence Affects Essay

… Products and brands that the consumers consider to hold any symbolic images that are similar or complement their self-image are purchased by them to attain image congruence. The concept self-image congruence mainly refers to the psychical match amongst the consumer's self-concept (e.g. actual, social and ideal self) and a product, brand image, store image, destination image or user image of product, brand or service in consideration (Sirgy & Su, 2000). This idea plays a huge hand in the decision to purchase luxury items for ones' self. Individuals tend to go for products or brands that they consider will match their image they have built for them in the society. A CEO of a multinational enterprise will opt to purchase a Rolls Royce, a luxurious and…. [read more]

Branding, and Branding Management Brands Essay

… Apparently, in a case, where the management and consumers' objectives fail to coincide, this would result to ignorance from the consumers. In so doing, the efforts of the management, in terms of brand communications, would fail. This means that the brand management is inclusive of the consumers.In the past, the companies' management failed to focus on the brand. This was due to the hindrance in legislation, and the lack of concern from the consumers. Prior studies suggest that the brand was not an important consideration in purchasing behavior. The consumers felt that the price was the most important factor in the purchasing behavior (Shocker, Srivastava, Ruekert, 1994).

However, brand management evolved and in the 21st century, concepts of brand and branding have become crucial in…. [read more]

Branding in Service Markets Dissertation

… Consequently, the message starts to stimulate customers starting to consider making a purchase.

The brand also serves as a substantial financial and political power in the macro-level focus of culture; particularly as it relates to issues and discussion regarding globalization concerns. As noted in the first chapter of the AMP, just as the growing impact of marketing touches most aspects of the consumer's lives, brands and branding have likewise become "an increasingly dominant market economic and commercial ideoscape" (Heding, Knudtzen, & Bjerre, 2009, p. 210).

With organizations like WTO implementing branding in its marketing and management practices, branding will likely remain central to structuring commercial and economic activities -- in large as well as in small countries globally.

Branding Evolution

The process of branding reportedly…. [read more]

Online Consumer Behaviors Research Paper

… However, there is room for further research to provide insights into exactly what relationships might be present regarding these factors.

Research was conducted through a self-given online questionnaire. Data was collected concerning the scale items of attitude, motivations and searches of information. The group consisted of students in three different age categories. The first grouping consisted of individuals between the ages of 15 and 24, the second group was between 25-34 years old, and the last group fell between the ages of 35 and 44. The 35- to 44-year-old group was rated as first in Internet buying. The 25- to 30-year-olds were next, followed by the younger group. Further data was also collected through email and administered questionnaires. A sample of two hundred students was…. [read more]

Brand Loyalties in Alcoholic Beverage Markets Thesis

… Brand Loyalties in Alcoholic Beverage Markets

Brand Loyalty Analysis

The perception of alcoholic beverages depends, to a great degree, on the personal experiences with alcohol consumption. Had the observer witnessed a family tragedy created around alcohol consumption, then his perception would be a strongly negative one. If on the other hand, the individual consumer has not had a negative experience with liquors, then he might consume the beverages as a means of recreation. But there is also the third category -- the alcohol addicts, whose numbers are increasing at a global level and who lose their lives, and those of the others, for a drink or because of a drink.

In a context of the recognized disastrous impacts of excessive alcohol consumption over the life…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Nearly Every Society Essay

… The theory of status consumption is utilized to comprehend and gauge a person's tendency to buy goods and services for the position afforded by the products ownership. The degree to which a person seeks status will persuade the degree to which they show and connect in the expenditure of status symbols. Independent of both earnings and social class, it has been established considerable levels of status consumption in neighborhoods all through the world where the value of products is calculated in terms of the social benefit their purchase offered.

Recent status consumption research supports the idea of adding people' social networks largely decide status consumption, with status conscious consumers more socially conscious and more interested in social relations. Status seeking consumers fail to notice the…. [read more]

Consumer Behaviour Is a Matter of Fundamental Term Paper

… Consumer behaviour is a matter of fundamental interest in nowadays business environment. It helps companies get an idea about the preferences that the present and potential customers may have, as well as about their acquisition patterns. In addition, it helps them understand through what means it might be possible to influence these preferences and patterns. One particular customer who is considered to be extremely interesting for most of the companies trying to sell something out there, is represented by the person who has a financial power which allows him to acquire high-end goods. In other words, we are speaking about people who buy Mercedes cars, Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton bags and diamond rings.

Creating the profile of such a customer is not difficult, although influencing…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior - Branding the Importance Term Paper

… Consumer Behavior - Branding

The Importance of Branding, Labeling, and Peer Pressure to Teenage and Other Consumers

Consumer purchases are made to satisfy a need: physical or psychological; business-related or for pleasure; imaginary or real. While no consumer's purchasing needs or desires, or purchasing attitudes, priorities, or behaviors will ever likely be identical to those of any other consumer, it is nevertheless true that particular consumers will tend to behave (and spend) similarly, based on demographic factors such as gender; household income; occupation; hobbies and interests; age group; image consciousness; susceptibility to peer pressure, etc. (Kanner & Kasser, October, 2003; Toynee, 2004; Grimaldi, 2005). Moreover, it is a sad fact of contemporary American life that so many of today's consumers, of every age, increasingly believe…. [read more]

Thai Consumer Perception Toward Using Mobile Phone Research Proposal

… ¶ … Consumer Perception Toward Using Mobile Phone

Thai Consumer Perception on Mobile Phones

The mobile phone market has significantly developed in the past few years. The trend characterizes developed countries, but developing regions also. Technological development has a significant impact on the activity of individuals and of companies.

Mobile phones have practically revolutionized communication. The role of mobile phones has significantly developed since the initial types of mobile phones were introduced on the market. This is because in the beginning, mobile phoned were used only for communication among individuals.

Then, people started listening to music on their phones, taking photos or video recording aspects that interest them. The mobile phone became popular for the entertainment purposes it also served.

In addition to this, mobile…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Ireland Hospitality or Irish College Students Online Purchasing Research Proposal

… Irish Consumer Behavior

Investigation of how the brand effect influences Chinese consumer behaviors within the luxury products offered in the Irish market.

The Irish luxury market has a long and dotted past. It was completely ruled and depleted by the English for centuries. In 1698, the English Parliament enacted an Act "to forbid the export of Irish wollen goods to any country whatsoever," (Markham & Markham 2010). This forced the Irish merchants to first export to England where they had to pay heavy duties and taxes. The English stifled the Irish marketplace for centuries. Only recently has it begun to pick up great speed with modern developments. In fact, the Irish economy was almost entirely dependent on Great Britain up into the twentieth century (Wilson…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior Analysis Essay

… For this organization, addressing need recognition would be geared towards showing the extent of differences between the desired state and actual state of the individual with regards to the use of these products. The company will stimulate need or problem recognition among its targeted male customers or audience through constant reminders of the availability, accessibility, and benefits of the products. The reminders i.e. advertisements will focus on showing how these personal care products solves some of the major problems men experience with regards to their looks and appearance. In addition, the advertisements will highlight these problems and how the use of the products addresses the problem.

In relation to searching consumer behavior, the company will conduct internal search and external search of the men personal…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior in Travel Literature Review

… Familial determinants of buying behavior are even stronger than a trusted relationship forged between a merchant and a client (Davidow). Because of this link to the social background of the consumer, a seller can either make many customers through one transaction, or defeat that possibility completely (Salegna & Goodwin). How a buyer views a transaction can have myriad rippling effects.

Consumer Behavior in Travel

The travel market is one of the largest in the United States. The billions of dollars spent every year in the travel industry is a result of factors that range from the adventurous nature of consumers and world-wide availability of destinations to relationships that have been cemented between certain agencies, destinations, and travelers (Schor). Literature is rife with examples of what…. [read more]

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